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19. Moses and Aaron


tl by danluffey

3. Moses and Aaron
Exodus 3 ~ 4

1: Moses worked hard and honestly in the land of Midian, so as not to stand out to anyone.
2: Eventually, a priest of Midian named Jethro gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses to become his wife.
3: Why can't we have children? Perhaps I'm not praying enough?
4: Maybe this is my divine punishment for killing a man...

1: Eventually, once Moses became an elderly man, his wife was blessed with a child.
2: Come back safely, dear.
3: Mmm... uh-huh.
4: Oh, come on now, Moses.
5: The least you could do was say "I will, Zipporah."
6: Ah...
7: I will.

1: Oh, relax. You don't need to be so rigid all the time.
2: I know you're a man of few words, so I was just teasing you a little. Take care now.
3: Mmm... uh-huh.
4: The reason I'm a man of few words... is because no matter how long I try, I can't seem to learn any new languages.
5: I've been nothing but afraid my whole life. I killed a man, then ran away... and that's always been weighing down my heart.
6: Then I met my wife and had a child... I never planned for things to end up this way.
7: Hm...?

1: What... is that? A thorn bush is on fire!
2: What the?
3: If it's blazing this badly, it should have burned to ash by now.
4: Yet it just keeps burning!

1: Ahh...!
2: Moses, heed my words. I am the one who led your forefathers.
3: The time for you to rise up for your brethren has come. You should understand by now that you are truly an Israelite!
4: Ahh! I knew it!!
5: I am who I am. The LORD.
6: It is time for you to take your brethren from Egypt back to their homeland.
7: Um... but... how?

1: Are you sure the Israelites will follow me if I return to Egypt?
2: And would the Pharaoh easily part with such an important part of his work force? Who would believe me if I said a voice from Heaven told me all this?
3: Moses. Throw down your staff on to the ground.
4: Huh...?
5: Waahh!

1: H... hiieee!
2 Grab its tail.
3: Y-yes, LORD!
4: Ahh...
5: I will show my power to the unbelievers and support you. Now go! Free all your brethren from Egypt!
6: B-but why...
7: Why me? I'm a poor talker, and not good at convincing people...
8: Your elder brother Aaron is a good talker. Work together to complete your mission!

1: A family's duty is to follow where their father goes.
2: We'll go with you to Egypt, Moses.
3: Thank you, Zipporah.
4: Huh? That's...
5: Hey! Are you Moses?!
6: The voice of the LORD came to me,
7: and commanded me to meet with my younger brother and help him.
8: You're my older bother?
9: Ohh, Moses! Yes! We are of the same blood!

1: Mother! Thank you for raising me as my wet nurse!
2: Ohh, Moses...
3: The elders of our people have also gathered here.
4: Ohhh!
5: Now, let's all work together to restore the pride of our people!

1: But still, how are we going to get every last Israelite out of Egypt?
2: I just can't see how it's possible, Moses. We've been living here for hundreds of years, after all...
3: We're a major work force for Egypt as well. The Pharaoh will do everything he can to keep us.
4: But... the LORD...
5: commanded us to return to the "promised land."

1: Did He really say that?
2: And why did he say it to you?
3: Are you sure you weren't just dreaming things up?
4: No, it's true...
5: I also heard the voice of the LORD. That's what led me to Moses!
6: You two brothers may believe it, but...
7: Moses! Throw down your staff!
8: Hm?
9: Wa... aahhh!!

1: Hiiieee!
2: How can this be?!
3: A-alright, Moses!
4: This must be the power of the LORD!
5: We believe you!
6: Leaving Egypt and returning to the promised land... must truly be the will of the LORD!

1: But it won't be easy. First we need to convince the Pharaoh.
2: We'll leave the talking to you, Moses. You have the power of the LORD on your side, after all.
3: From here on out... will I be forced to display the LORD's power to everyone I meet in order to make them believe me?

1: About Moses
2: In "The Birth of Moses," there's a scene where baby Moses floats down the Nile River in a basket. It's said that this basket was made waterproof by asphalt.
3: You'll remember that in the story of Noah's Ark, the ark was also said to have been made waterproof by asphalt. This shows us how petroleum was often used in the Mediterranean during those times.
4: When Moses was young, he killed an Egyptian... there are some versions of the Bible that leave out this episode altogether. Did it really happen, or not?

1: When the LORD first spoke to Moses, he tells the LORD that he isn't a good speaker. But the LORD was trusting him to take charge of an entire people, so I kind of find this hard to believe...
2: When he was young, he fled from Egypt and began living in Midian. Everyone there spoke a different language, so I bet it was hard for him to get used to life there.
3: Sinai Peninsula
4: Midian
5: Egypt
6: Who knows what the truth really was, though...
7: Apparently, the distance from Egypt to Midian is over 1,500 kilometers, although it depends on the route taken.
8: I really ran far... so far, in fact, that I don't understand what anyone is saying any more.
9: Whatever the case, the fact remains that Moses had a pretty crazy life.
10: You've really got a lot of energy!
11: The LORD kept me in good health.
12: But actually, the true craziness has yet to begin...


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