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20. The Pharaoh's Resistance


tl by danluffey

4. The Pharaoh's Resistance
*Exodus 5 ~ 11

1: You lived in Egypt for hundreds of years and became a part of our kingdom, yet you never came to worship our gods.
2: And now, you wish to leave our land in order to worship your own god? Unfortunately, I don't believe in the one you call "LORD."

1: This is Egypt! And you will behave as Egyptians do!
2: Now begone!
3: Pharaoh...
4: You heard him! Leave at once!
5: Attention!
6: Up until now, the kingdom has provided the straw needed for your brickbuilding,
7: but from now on, you will be required to use your own! And the number of bricks you will be required to produce will not change! That is all!
8: Wh... what?!

1: But we were already barely making our quotas in time! We don't have enough resources to go collect straw on our own!
2: If you have complaints, say them to Moses and Aaron!
3: This is all a punishment for the impudent things they said to the Pharaoh!
4: Who asked you to take us out from Egypt?!
5: What would be the point in that?! There's no proof that life'll be any better somewhere else! Now stop making our lives even worse!
6: B-but...

1: Wait! Are you truly satisfied with the lives of slaves? Working hard day after day, just so you can barely have enough to eat?
2: Aaron!
3: Well yeah, it's hard!
4: But there's nothing we can do about it!
5: Don't you want to work and claim all the rewards for yourselves? Eat enough to fill your stomachs,
6: and sleep soundly without the fear of being whipped?
7: Well... yeah...
8: if possible... but...
9: Don't you want to proudly worship your own God?
10: He is watching you right now and awaiting your decision!

1: Uuu... aahh... mmm...
2: Yeah... I'm sick of this life! I don't want to live my whole life just like some work horse! And I don't want to have to worship the Egyptian gods!
3: If you can really help us, Moses, then we'll follow you! Yeah!
4: Save us!
5: Don't you know when to give up? It doesn't matter how many times you come to visit me!
6: If you won't permit us to leave...

1: then I'll show you a sign that will help you understand.
2: When I smack the water with my staff,
3: the Nile will turn into a river of blood and die. Are you ready?
4: Hah! Preposterous.

1: Aaahhh!
2: What manner of sorcery is this?!
3: Begone!

1: Oh no! The Nile has turned into a river of blood! All the fish have died!
2: This must be some kind of coincidence.
3: A change in weather must have caused some sort of transformation upstream!
4: If you will not permit us to leave, then next,
5: frogs will rain down on your kingdom.
6: So what?
7: Why should I care? Just leave already!

1: Mmm...
2: What's all that noise?
3: Frogs...
4: Everywhere!
7: Frogs, everywhere you look!
8: The people can't sleep, and some have even slipped on the frogs and injured themselves! It's madness!

1: Sometimes, there are large influxes of animals like this.
2: Calm down, all of you!
3: Have you changed your mind?
4: Do something about this!
5: Fine! But if I stop the frogs, then will you allow our people to leave your kingdom?
6: Yes! I'll allow it! Just do something already!

1: Thank you very much.
2: Tomorrow, the rain will stop.
3: Look at all these dead frogs... we'll have to bury them all.
4: Bleccch! They smell disgusting!
5: Look at all the clean up work we have to do! How can I let you do as you please when you've left such a mess for us?!
6: If you won't listen to us, then a greater disaster will come soon.

1: What is that?
2: Hiieeee! A swarm of gadflies!
3: Owwww!
4: Mooo!
5: Baaah!
6: All our animals are being stung!
7: Hiiiee!
8: Baohh!
9: Enough! I will let you worship as you please! You can pray to your own god!
10: Pharaoh...

1: If we worship the LORD in this land,
2: the Egyptians who worship other gods will not stand for it.
3: That is why we want you to please allow us to leave this land.
4: You can leave the capital... but only when you worship your god! At all other times, you must continue working!
5: It's horrible! A mysterious plague is killing off all our livestock!

1: They just keep dying!
2: The land must be cursed!
3: Stop panicking! The Israelites must have fed them poison!
4: Go and find proof!
5: But sire...
6: But what?!
7: Umm... uuu...
8: What's wrong?!
9: His whole body is breaking out in bumps!
10: And me! Oh no! Me too!

1: What?!
2: Hail! It's so powerful that it's splitting the earth!

1: If you still insist on feigning ignorance,
2: then next, a plague of locusts will swarm over every inch of your land.
3: Your Majesty! Please! We can't take any more of this!
4: Please allow the Israelites to leave!
5: Our land...

1: has been protected for thousands of years by our gods.
2: Allowing our ways to be swayed by the strange curses of heretics would be blasphemous!
3: Understood. Goodbye then...
4: Your Majesty...

1: A swarm of locusts!
2: They're devouring everything!
3: They're going to eat every last blade of grass in our land!

1: Call Moses here...
2: I will allow his people to leave.
3: Take only the men. Leave your women and children here.
4: I cannot accept that.
5: Our original request concerned all of the Israelites!
6: We also need property to begin our new lives in another land, as well as cows and sheep so that we may make offerings to the LORD.
7: What?!

1: I will stand for no more of your insolence!
2: Begone at once!
3: So be it.
4: Farewell...
5: What?
6: It's pitch black...

1: Hey! Someone!
2: It's so dark, I can't see a thing!
3: Oww!
4: I'm scared!
5: Calm down! The light will return eventually!
6: Eventually...
7: Water... I need water!
8: BAM!
9: Hey! Is anyone there?
10: Y-yes?
11: THUD!
12: Ah!
13: When will the light return?
14: Has a day... or two days passed?
15: Has the whole world fallen asleep? Or...

1: I can see a faint light...
2: The light is surrounding all of the Israelites!
3: Moses! Come here!
4: You may take all of your women and children and leave this land.
5: We need cows and sheep as well,
6: to make offerings to our LORD.
7: Absolutely not! Your offerings have nothing to do with me!

1: We need livestock to make offerings to our gods too!
2: I just want all of you to leave here at once! Is this understood?
3: I don't ever want to see any of you again!
4: Moses!
5: Now, something even more horrible will happen...


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