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21. Passover


tl by danluffey

5. Passover
*Exodus 12 ~ 13

1: Promises are made so that people keep their words... but the Pharaoh always breaks his.
2: All of the terrible disasters that have befallen the Pharaoh represent the wrath of the LORD.
3: I didn't cause them myself. They are the will of the LORD. He has been sending signs to all of you.

1: All of you, please heed what I am about to tell you.
2: First, you must prepare all of your families and one baby sheep over the next ten days.
3: The sheep will be consumed for dinner on the 14th of this month.
4: After bleeding it,
5: take its blood and paint it on the door frames of your houses.
6: The sheep's meat must not be boiled. Roast it,
7: and consume every piece of it.

1: Additionally, by the seventh, you are to remove all the yeast used in baking from your houses.
2: Do not put any yeast in your bread, and only eat unleavened bread.
3: We must make great haste with our preparations, for the day on which we will return to our homeland draws near.
4: Collect all your belongings and prepare for a journey. On the night of the 14th, a horrible disaster will defeat the Pharaoh once and for all!

1: Prepare the baby sheep!
2: Get ready for the journey!
3: Eat only unleavened bread and consume all of the baby sheep's meat!
4: Paint your door frame with the sheep's blood!
5: And no matter what happens outside, stay indoors and wait for dawn.
6: A terrible angel of death will visit Egypt tonight, but He will not visit the houses of any who have painted their door frames in sheep's blood.

1: All the first born sons of the Egyptians will die.
2: Every eldest human son, and every eldest calf.
3: It... it's horrible!
4: What happened?
5: The Princes...!
6: The first born son of every family has died! Even the first born calves!

1: All of Egypt is crying out in pain...
2: My son!
3: But nothing has happened to the homes of the Israelites. The angel of death passed right over their houses!
4: Aaahh!
5: Aaiiiee!
6: The angel of death had mercy on the Israelites...
7: Yes, sire.
8: Fine... I understand! Call Moses here!

1: Take all your women and children, oxen and sheep, all of your belongings, and go from here.
2: Yes, sire!
3: The time has come, everyone.
4: We are returning to the promised land!

1: About Passover
2: Many people think that the Pharaoh who argued with Moses was Ramses II.
3: A wall painting depicting Ramses II in battle
4: He was said to be the strongest Pharaoh in all of ancient Egypt, who possessed great military and economic strength. The statues in the front of the famous Abu Simbel temples are supposedly sculpted to look like Ramses II. Well, he built them himself, so is it really that much of a surprise? He built a lot of other stuff too...
5: So big...

1: The word "Passover" comes from the story of how the LORD's wrath passed over the Israelites on that fateful night. From that day on, "Passover" became a cultural ritual for them.
2: It is performed as a memorial to their liberation from Egypt, as well as to give thanks to the LORD for leading them.
3: He will pass over all houses with sheep's blood on the door frames...
4: The first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox begins the month of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, and on its 14th (or 15th) day, Passover begins. The Passover ritual begins on the evening before, and continues for seven (or eight) days. During this period, lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs are mainly eaten.
5: The first Passover happened over 3,000 years ago.


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