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24. The Ark of the Covenant


tl by danluffey





1: The books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deteuronomy chronicle the rest of Moses' journey to the promised land. Within them, examples of sin and punishment as well as the LORD's promises to his people are depicted in great detail. The stories and chronology can get very confusing, so I've merged the three books together to make things easier to follow. The Book of Joshua describes part of what happens before the Israelites reach the promised land, so I included that part too.

1. The Ark of the Covenant
*Exodus 25 ~ 29, 35 ~ 40, Leviticus 1 ~ 27

1: The LORD taught to Moses the many laws and regulations that he required the Israelites to follow. It contained everything from religious codes to what they could and couldn't eat.
2: The design and materials needed to create the Ark of the Covenant, in which Moses was supposed to store the Ten Commandments, was also explained.
3: The LORD required this sacred ark to be gold, along with all things that are used to make offerings to the LORD, such as bread plates, cups, utensils, and candlestick holders. And so, the Israelites handed in all the gold items they possessed.
4: Here are my wife's earrings.
5: Here is my granny's bracelet!
6: Since the Israelites had yet to reach the promised land, they still could not make a temple out of stone, so the LORD commanded them to create a scared site using a tent that surrounded boxes and the altar. What sort of blankets, animal skins, materials, wood, colors, and measurements to use were all designated by the LORD, so the people handed in all their linens.
7: A curtain of blue, purple, and scarlet
8: The outer curtain had to have one post every five cubits. *One cubit = 45 cm
9: 100 cubits (45 m)
10: 50 cubits (22.5 m)
11: An altar to burn the sacrifice
12: Embroidered curtains of blue, purple, and scarlet

1: The LORD then commanded Aaron to become a priest,
2: A vest spun from gold, blue, purple, and scarlet threads
3: A solid blue robe
4: On the head garment is a plate of pure gold reading HOLY TO THE LORD
5: and even explained how his uniform was to look.
6: Stones to represent the 12 tribes
7: Pomegranates of blue, purple and scarlet yarn around the hem
8: What sort of things to offer, how to bleed the animals, how to split up intestines, fat, meat, and how to cook them, how to bake their bread, how much to bake, how much wine to drink, and how to use chrism.
9: Powdered incense
10: An unscarred male lamb exactly one year old.
11: An unscarred male cow
12: Unleavened bread baked with olive oil
13: Sweets made from the same materials
14: Everything down to the last detail was explained.
15: The descendants of Levi took over the responsibility of working as priests, while the descendants of Dan and Judah took over the responsibility of building and preparing the altar and Ark of the Covenant.

1: As this went on, Moses organized his people more and more.
2: Please listen to me! My husband is so horrible!
3: He stole my sheep!
4: If you try to deal with everyone's arguments and problems, it'll never end!
5: No, he stole from me!
6: Father...
7: How should we split up our property?
8: Moses has given you the basics, so you need to decide the rest for yourselves!
9: And so, Moses chose the most honest and loyal men from all the Israelites and split the men into groups.
10: 100-Man Captain - 10 in a Group - 1000-Man Captain
11: 50-Man Captain - 2 in a Group - 100-Man Captain
12: 10-Man Captain - 5 in a Group - 50-Man Captain
13: 10 in a Group - 10-Man Captain
14: These captains became judges over everyday happenings, and only large cases were brought before Moses.

1: Moses taught the Israelites the word of the LORD so that they would also learn to discern right from wrong. Over time, the LORD revealed detailed teachings for every facet of life.
2: For example, if someone buys a slave, they can have them work for six days, but must give them freedom on the seventh day. However...
3: if the slave's master has bestowed him with a woman, then he must leave the woman and child with his master before leaving.
4: I don't want to leave my wife and child! I'll remain here!
5: In this case, the master can take the slave to court and make him promise to work for his master for the rest of his life. As a symbol of this vow, the master may then pierce his ear.

1: If a man buys a woman with the intention of making her a concubine, he must promise to take care of her, even if he ends up not liking her. And if his son takes a liking to the woman and lays with her, then her owner must begin treating her like a daughter.
2: If one man kills another, he must be put to death! If the death happens to be accidental, then the killer may survive, depending on the circumstances.
3: But if someone plans a murder, they must be put to death, even if they end up failing!
4: If a child beats his mother and father, he must be put to death!
5: If someone kidnaps a child, they must be put to death!
6: If someone injures another in a fight, they must pay that person's damages and medical fees.

1: If a pregnant woman is beaten and gives birth prematurely, then damages must be paid to her husband.
2: Even if the child ends up being born in fine condition, if the woman dies in childbirth or there are problems with the birth,
3: then the perpetrator must be put to death! If the baby ends up having trouble with its eyes, then the perpetrator must hand over his eyes. The same goes for teeth, hands, and legs!
4: If a master ends up damaging a slave's eyes or teeth, then the slave must be freed.
5: If a cow kills a man, then kill the cow, but do not eat of it.

1: If the cow had always been violent, but its owner neglected to tame it, and the cow ends up killing someone, then its owner must be put to death!
2: If the family of the dead merely require reparations, then he may pay them and keep his life.
3: If someone digs a hole and leaves it open without filling it, and livestock falls in that hole and dies, then reparations must be paid to the owner of the livestock.
4: If two cows fight and one dies, both owners must sell the cow and its meat and split the profits.
5: If someone steals a cow or sheep and sells it or eats it, he must pay back what he stole fivefold for cows and fourfold for sheep.
6: If the stolen livestock is returned alive, the person who stole it must still pay the owner back twofold.
7: Finding the thief and killing him is not a sin.
8: However, if the thief is a poor man without a coin to his name, then do not kill him, and instead make him a slave so that he can repay what he stole with his wages.

1: If you entrust your property to someone, and they steal it,
2: that man may have a chance to prove whether or not he took something unjustly.
3: If he is found to be lying, then he must pay back what he stole twofold.
4: If entrusted livestock is attacked by a wild beast, then no man is required to pay any damages.
5: If an accidental fire damages something, then the one who set it must pay damages.
6: If a man violates a virgin, he must marry her. If the woman and her father are against the marriage, then a sum equal to the betrothal money must be paid in silver.
7: Fortune telling and other divination are not to be acknowledged.

1: Be kind to passers-by. Those who are cruel to widows and orphans will be punished and killed by the LORD, and their wives will become widows, and their children will become orphans.
2: If you lend money to a poor person, do not harass them to pay you back, and do not collect interest from them.*
3: If you strip a poor man naked because he has incurred a debt, give his clothes back to him in the evening, otherwise he will be cold when he tries to sleep.
4: Do not spread unbased rumors.
5: If a large number of people do or say something mistaken, do not change your own beliefs to go along with them when you know they are wrong.
6: If a poor person does something wrong, do not turn a blind eye out of sympathy.
*: This law was restricted to other Israelites only.

1: Work six days and rest on the seventh. This goes for cows, donkeys, and slaves as well.
2: Land that has been cultivated for six years must also be rested on the seventh. It too needs time to restore its strength.
3: What land? We haven't even reached our destination yet! Or is this the promised land the LORD was talking about?
4: We still haven't reached it.
5: We will stay here for several years, and then we will continue our journey.
6: The LORD will guide our journey and lead us to our destination.

1: We are to follow the shining clouds!
2: Two years after Moses and his people left Egypt, the holy area was completed.
3: Now we can finally worship the LORD as we please!

1: Aaahh! The shining clouds have come down!
2: The LORD is floating above Moses!
3: He's floating above our holy space!
4: Moses...
5: Follow the clouds and journey forward...
6: If the clouds stop, then stop with them.

1: As long as you keep your faith in me as you continue this process, eventually, I will bestow you and your people with the promised land.
2: But your elder brother Aaron will not make it to the end,
3: Wha...
4: for his sin of creating a false idol was far too great.
5: Moses!
6: What did the LORD say?
7: To follow the clouds...

1: I will pray my hardest so that we can reach the promised land soon.
2: Aaron...
3: Yes... that's a good idea.
4: And so, they continued their journey, starting and stopping along with the clouds. They repeated this for many, many years...

1: About the Ark of the Covenant
2: The Israelites split up into twelve tribes, each led by one of Jacob's sons. If you can remember, the LORD also ordered Jacob to change his name to Israel.
3: This number appears a lot!
4: Reread the "Israel" chapter of Volume 1 if you can't remember.
5: Jacob (Israel)
6: Joseph
7: Reuben's tribe
8: Simeon's tribe
9: Judah's tribe
10: Issacar's tribe
11: Zebulun's tribe
12: Ephraim's tribe
13: Manasseh's tribe
14: Benjamin's tribe
15: Dan's tribe
16: Asher's tribe
17: Gad's tribe
18: Naftali's tribe
19: Levi's tribe
20: The number of adult males who led groups (armies)
21: 46,500
22: 59,300
23: 74,600
24: 54,400
25: 57,400
26: 40,500
27: 32,200
28: 35,400
29: 62,700
30: 41,500
31: 45,650
32: 53,400
33: Levi's tribe was composed of priests, so they led no armies, and were special among the twelve tribes
34: 1000-Man Group Captains
35: Elizur
36: Shelumiel
37: Nahshon
38: Nethanel
39: Eliab
40: Elishama
41: Gamaliel
42: Abidan
43: Ahiezer
44: Pagiel
45: Eliasaph
46: Ahira

1: Among the Levites, there were some who were in charge of the altar, some who were in charge of protecting the holy space, some who were in charge of maintaining the holy space and the tent, and some who were responsible for building.
2: The other tribes aren't allowed near it!
3: Okay!
4: You can't peek inside, either!
5: Others were in charge of doing everything necessary to make sure that Aaron and his children could continue their service as head priests.
6: That ends all the data there is on the adult male Israelites. If we were to add in the women and children, their number would multiply. It's easy to see, then, how the arrival of this many people to what they believed was the "promised land" would create friction with the people who were already living there.


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