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25. Canaan


tl by danluffey

2. Canaan
*Leviticus 13 ~ 16, 20 ~ 24

1: It won't be long for me now... I don't think I'll be able to make it to the promised land.
2: Haa, haa
3: Aaron!
4: I know that this is divine punishment. I turned my back on god and created a false idol, after all...
5: The LORD is so strict... but that is why I know I can believe in him.
6: Elizur!
7: Father!

1: The LORD has commanded you, my son, to serve as high priest in my place!
2: Father!
3: Moses... go on without me...
4: Aaron!
5: It won't be long for me either...
6: We're leaving again?
7: When are we going to arrive at the promised land?!

1: You're not allowed on our land without permission!
2: Aaaaiieee!
3: Please, leave this to me! The LORD is on on my side!
4: Joshua!
5: We'll keep meeting resistance like this as we continue, but I know the LORD will protect us!
6: Joshua!

1: Journeying alone is tiring, now we have to fight with enemies too? I'm so sick of this!
2: I'm thirsty!
3: There's absolutely no water around here! It's all dry land as far as I can see!
4: Moses, do something about this! It's your fault we left Egypt to begin with! There was tons of water there!
5: Look at what's happened to us now! Take responsibility!

1: How can you say that?! Don't you realize that we're the chosen ones?!
2: Joshua! Enough!
3: Don't be discouraged, Moses.
4: Yes, LORD...
5: Use your staff to split that rock.
6: Ohhh...
7: Let's go back to Egypt!
8: Do something!
9: Yeah!
10: The LORD has blessed us with water!
11: Watch!
12: Huh? What?

1: What...?
2: I don't see anything!
3: Cut it out already, Moses!
4: There's no water in there!
5: W-wait!
6: Let me try once more!

1: Woahh!
4: It's turning into a river! Wow! The LORD really is watching over us!
5: Moses!
6: You split the rock twice!
7: Yes, LORD...

1: If you had truly trusted in me, you would have waited after splitting it only once.
2: The fact that you split it twice means you don't truly believe in me!
3: Ahhh...
4: Now, you must be punished for doubting me. Before the Israelites reach the promised land, you will perish.
5: Ah...
6: Aaahh...

1: Poor, poor Moses... I will give you a present before you pass. I will show you something amazing.
2: You may not reach the promised land, but I will show it to you.
3: Now, look! All the land your eyes can see belongs to the Israelites!

1: The land of Canaan - the promised land! This land belongs to the Israelites!
2: O, LORD!

1: Joshua! Take care of my people. You must keep your faith in the LORD and build up the land of Israel.
2: Moses!
3: Moses died on Mt. Nebo, which overlooks Canaan. They say he lived to be 110 years old.

1: About Canaan, Part 1
2: As he drew near to Canaan, Moses sent out twelve scouts to inspect the land.
3: One from each of the tribes of Jacob!
4: We'll sneak in and inspect the area!
5: When they returned, ten of them said this:
6: It's a horrible place controlled by giants! There's no way we could possibly attack them!
7: But the other two, Joshua and Caleb said this:
8: We should trust in the LORD and continue.
9: However...
10: the other people were swayed by the majority.
11: Moses wants to take us to Canaan! We need to make him step down! Yeah! And let's put Joshua and Caleb to death! We'll find a new leader and go back to Egypt with a big peace offering!
12: is what they preferred to do.

1: Of course, the LORD became angry... and threatened to kill every other man aside from those of Joshua and Caleb's tribes!
2: Aaahh!
3: Are you going to reject all the people you chose?!
4: Please, forgive them!
5: I will forgive them for you, Moses. However...
6: I will not allow fools to continue on to another generation in Canaan! Therefore, you will wander the wasteland for another forty years!
7: And so, their journey grew even longer.
8: It can't be helped. It's our fault for being foolish. We'll just have to have hope for the next generation.

1: About Canaan, Part 2
2: The people in the kingdoms neighboring Canaan didn't take too kindly to the Israelites either.
3: Seems like they managed to escape from the Egyptians somehow,
4: but we can't let our guard down. They're people who encroach on others' territory and try to live there!
5: They're threatening our livelihoods!
6: Especially the king of Moab, Balak.
7: Dead Sea
8: Canaan
9: Mediterranean Sea
10: Moab
11: Cursing them and wiping them out would be the safest thing!
12: Balam! You're the finest fortune teller in the land. I'm counting on you!
13: My lord, I'm sorry, but it just can't be done.
14: The voice of Heaven is telling me that the Israelites are the chosen ones...
15: We can't defy the LORD!

1: This is ridiculous! Fine then, I'll just ask the LORD myself!
2: Hey, what's wrong?! Keep moving!
3: That hurts! Cut it out!
4: The donkey spoke!
5: I only made it speak so you would believe me!
6: GOD?!
7: Bless the Israelites!
8: O LORD!
9: Many similar episodes happened along the way. The point is, the Israelites didn't make it into Canaan easily...


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