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30. Samuel


tl by danluffey


1: Now, we begin the Book of Samuel.
2: This book chronicles a major turning point in the history of the Israelites.
3: So far, the Israelites were only governed by the Judges chosen by the LORD, but in this book, they will crown their first King.
4: The King is a human, which means...
5: power struggles between humans begin!
6: Here ye, here ye!
7: The characters of Saul, David, and Absalom who appear in this book demonstrate their humanity as they each strive to become kings.
8: At this point in history, they used donkeys as well as horses for fighting.

1. Samuel

1: Once, there was a man named Elkanah who had two wives, Hannah and Peninnah.
2: Peninnah could have children, while Hannah could not.
3: She can't get pregnant...
4: She's not a true woman!
5: whisper whisper

*1 Samuel 1 ~ 6

1: Here is my offering to the LORD.
2: O LORD, please hear my prayers!
3: Please give me a son!
4: I promise to offer him up to you!
5: You had a son!
6: Waahh!
7: A priest?

1: I promised to offer you up to the LORD, Samuel.
2: I need to keep my promise.
3: Okay, mother! I'll study as hard as I can!
4: I will serve the LORD now.
5: Please take good care of him, Eli.
6: After keeping her promise to the LORD, Hannah was blessed with five more children.

1: Yeah! I'm gonna eat all the good meat!
2: You should thank the LORD for the meat from offerings and spread them among everyone equally.
3: Shut up, Samuel! You're going to be assisting us for the rest of your life, so you have no right to order us around! We're the sons of the high priest, so we're the ones who are going to inherit everything!
4: Aaah! What are you doing?!

1: We serve the LORD!
2: So what?! We're going to be high priests soon!
3: I know that my sons are wicked, but I'm hoping that they'll mature someday...
4: I heard a strange voice last night,
5: and it told me to inform you, high priest...
6: "Those who turn their back on the LORD will be punished by him. You are to choose a rightful heir."
7: Wha...?!
8: Please, wake up!
9: Aaahh!

1: I was such a fool! I shouldn't have been so easy on my sons!
2: Samuel, I want you to be my heir.
3: Eli...
4: Did you hear? The high priest is letting someone who isn't even related to him become his heir!
5: You mean Samuel?
6: He's an honest, hardworking man, so I'm sure he'll do fine.
7: Is it really okay for me to become the high priest?
8: I'll just have to do my best until someone more fit comes along.

1: Samuel...
2: Samuel!
3: Wha...
4: Samuel!
5: You must become a prophet and speak my words to the people.
6: LORD...!

1: You must not underestimate your enemies. Brace your heart!
2: That is the word of the LORD.
3: You can hear him? Amazing!
4: Someday, you will make a fine hei...
5: It's horrible!
6: Our army has been defeated by the Philistines!
7: They've requested that we bring the Ark of the Covenant beside them so that they can be blessed with the power of the LORD!

1: May the LORD bless you!
2: We're gonna steal that!
3: It's the Philistines!
4: Waaahh!
5: Aaah! The Ark of the Covenant!
6: Serves ya right!
7: That'll teach those Israelites!
8: No one can beat Dagon, our god!
9: Let's present the ark to him as a war trophy!

1: The Philistines stole the ark!
2: Aaaahh!
3: No... this can't be happening... argh!
4: Eli!
5: High Priest Eli...!
6: Is this the end of us?
7: Aaaahh!
8: No...
9: If we believe that the LORD will protect us, then he surely will.

1: Hiiiieee!
2: Our Dagon statue crumbled!
3: It's a curse from Israel!
4: How frightening! Return the ark to Israel at once!
5: The cows are taking it back without even being led...
6: Maybe Israel truly does have a great power on their side?

1: The ark has been returned!
2: Just as Master Samuel said it would be!
3: Please... don't call me that. I've just been entrusted with the word of the LORD, and nothing more.
4: And so, Samuel rose to power as a prophet,
5: and soon became a leader who had gained the trust of all of Israel.


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