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31. Saul


tl by danluffey

2. Saul

1: As Samuel grew older, he made his own sons become Judges.
2: But... unlike their father, his sons were dishonest men who worked only for their own desires and profit.

*1 Samuel 8 ~ 11, 13 ~ 15

1: The tribes of Israel have all been led by different Judges...
2: but other tribes aside from Israel have appointed a unified king.
3: Perhaps we should also appoint a king to solidify ourselves, High Priest Samuel.
4: A king...?

1: If we appoint a king, that means our armies will begin to rally under him.
2: It will rob the tribes of Israel of their freedom.
3: Still...
4: we need to unify ourselves so that we may stand against other kingdoms!
5: As you wish... I will appoint a king for us.
6: Samuel! I have chosen the man who will become your king.

1: A man named Saul from the tribe of Benjamin will soon appear before you. Crown him as king!
2: Umm... I seem to have lost my donkeys...
3: I thought if I asked a prophet, I might be able to find out where they went.
4: You... what is your name?
5: My name is Saul,
6: of the tribe of Benjamin.
7: Saul, son of Benjamin?!
8: You are our king!
9: Huh...?

1: But I'm the weakest man in my entire tribe!
2: I'm not even from a distinguished family. I'm just a farmer!
3: Good, you're humble. That is how a ruler must be.
4: This way, Saul.
5: I was worried when I first heard the news as well, because to us, the LORD is our only king, but the LORD has commanded us to crown a king, so that is what we shall do.
6: In the name of the LORD, I hereby anoint you with this olive oil and crown you as king.

1: Aahh...
2: What's wrong?
3: I heard a beautiful sound around my head just now...
4: Saul!
5: You truly are the man who has been chosen to become our king!
6: Have confidence and lead us.
7: As long as you do not forget your humble nature and your role as king, I am sure you will be a fine ruler.
8: High Priest...
9: My role as king? But what is it?

1: The LORD has given Israel a king!
2: The king has been crowned!
3: Yay!
4: clamor
5: The LORD chose him?
6: Wow!
7: Who is it?
8: Saul, from the tribe of Benjamin!
9: The tribe of Benjamin? That tiny tribe? But Saul's just a common man! Why was he made king?
10: Uh-oh... I had a feeling this would happen...
11: Saul, come out! I know you're in there!

1: Wow... he's beautiful and tall!
2: And he has a reserved disposition.
3: He looks like a good enough king to me! Yeah, I think we'll be able to trust him! Yup!
4: I hereby instate Saul as Israel's first king!
5: Long live the king!
6: Hooray!
7: Who died and made him king?
8: He's just some kid without any true power! Peh! You said it!

1: Nearby was the town of Jabesh, which housed many Israelites.
2: Accursed Israelites! All you ever do is invade other people's land!
3: Raaah!
4: No one really promised this land to you! You're just saying that so you can take it for yourselves!
5: The Ammonites are attacking!
6: Please stop! We do not wish to fight!
7: Then let us gouge out all of your eyes!
8: Either that, or we're attacking!

1: What?! The Ammonites are attacking Jabesh?!
2: But if they only gouge out one of each person's eye...
3: it'll still be better than everyone dying.
4: As the king, I have a duty to protect every last Israelite!
5: And not just their lives, but their pride, and the land that the LORD has promised us!

1: The Israelites are charging at us! They have a king now?! When did they crown themselves a king?!
2: It's the king!
3: King Saul!
4: Long live Israel!
5: Thank you so much!
6: I was just serving my duty as your king.
7: You are the savior of Jabesh!
8: Our descendants will remember what you've done forever...

1: All hail King Saul!
2: I'm so glad we have a king now!
3: Saul really does have what it takes to be our king!
4: Who was going around earlier and saying they wouldn't accept him?!
5: You're the king now! You should put to death anyone who doesn't accept you!
6: Yeah! He's right!
7: No, I can't do that.
8: What?
9: Every last one of you is my ally.
10: All you must do is accept me, and you will be forgiven.
11: The LORD really did make the right decision! He chose the perfect person to become our king!

1: Everything is going well. I need to keep working hard to answer the LORD's expectations!
2: No... perhaps the LORD chose me because I'm simply more talented than most?

1: That's right! It's because I'm so strong that all of this is possible!
2: I'm the only one in all of Israel who can unite the twelve tribes!
3: We need to make a sacrifice to the LORD before our battle...
4: but High Priest Samuel hasn't arrived yet!

1: We can't waste time waiting for him. I'll perform the ritual. LORD, please bestow us with victory!
2: What are you doing?!
3: Oh, Samuel!
4: The high priest is supposed to perform that ritual!
5: What's the big deal? I'm king, after all!
6: Now charge!
7: Yes sir!

1: Are you going to offer up all the spoils of war to the LORD?
2: All the good sheep, too?
3: That law only mattered in the olden days.
4: You can share the spoils of war as you please now.
5: The king also has a duty to increase his soldiers' morale!
6: Alright!

1: Saul has changed...
2: But he is the king that the LORD chose...
3: Samuel! I chose the wrong man!
4: Wh... what?!
5: But that can't be! You're incapable of making a mistake!

1: No... I merely misjudged what sort of man he would become.
2: Saul was not fit to be king after all...
3: O, LORD! What shall we do, then?!
4: I will choose another to replace Saul.
5: And this time, he will be the proper king!
6: Samuel, go to Bethlehem and meet a landowner there named Jesse. That is where you will find your new king!


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