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29. Ruth


tl by danluffey

2. Ruth
1: Naomi was a widow from Bethlehem who lived in Moab after her husband and sons died.
2: The only remnants of her family were her dead sons' wives, Orpah and Ruth.
*Ruth 1 ~ 4

1: I'm returning to Bethlehem.
2: The both of you need not feel any more duty toward my sons. You may return to your own families.
3: But mother... we're your daughters-in-law. That will never change.
4: My life is going to become very meager and harsh now. I couldn't possibly tie you both to that.
5: Return to your families and take care of your parents.
6: And, if the chance presents itself, remarry and become happy. You still have a lot of life left to live.
7: But mother...

1: Alright. I'll return to my family.
2: I will stay with you, mother.
3: Ruth!
4: Thank you for everything.
5: I'll be praying for both of you.
6: Farewell, Orpah. I'll pray for you as well.
7: Ruth... are you sure about this?

1: We may end up dying out here.
2: Mother...
3: Please let me serve you in place of your late sons.
4: Why would the LORD give such a gentle soul like you such a cruel fate?
5: Why...?
6: Humans are always being tested by the LORD, so long as they are alive.
7: There is no "why."

1: We simply need to work as hard as we can to fulfill the destinies we've been given.
2: Ruth...
3: We've reached Bethlehem, but now what should we do?
4: I'll work for us. First, I'll go and find some food.

1: What are you going to do? Search for excess crops left after harvesting?
2: If you're going to beg, then I can...
3: It'll be fine. I'll be back soon.
4: According to one of the laws of Moses, landowners must not collect fallen crops when harvesting, as they are to be left there for the poor and foreigners who have no other place to go. In reality, scrambling to collect every fallen crop was considered a humiliating act for any landowner.
5: Excuse me,
6: but may I collect the fallen crops?
7: Hm? Oh, sure.

1: It's so odd to hear one of them ask for permission like that, master. And she seems so open and unashamed...
2: Mmm.
3: Tell everyone to let a little more drop down than usual.
4: Yes, master.
5: Mother, look how much I collected!
6: Sorry for making you work so hard.
7: It was nothing!
8: I had my own land in Bethlehem once, but only my parents have the right to buy it back. Being a widow is such a pathetic thing...

1: Mother...
2: I can't give you any groundless encouragement like "Something good will surely happen to us eventually," but I'm just happy to have enough food to eat like this.
3: Ruth...
4: Look!
5: She's a foreigner, and yet she's working so hard for her mother-in-law. What a wonderful daughter. Why doesn't someone wed her already?
6: Thank you very much!
7: You're joking, right, master?
8: Here...

1: Really, sharing your fallen crops with us is more than enough!
2: Take this to your mother-in-law.
3: What a blessing!
4: It was given to us by a very generous man named Boaz.
5: Boaz?! But...
6: that's one of my family members!
7: Ruth! The LORD really has been watching over us!
8: Mother...
9: Listen carefully, Ruth, and do exactly as I say.

1: Wh... why?
2: My mother-in-law cleaned my body and gave me this special garment to wear,
3: in the hope that you, Boaz, would make me your wife, so that my mother-in-law Naomi may buy her land back,
4: in order to rebuild our family.
5: I...
6: don't mind, but...

1: I'd like to gather up the rest of our family, and earn their approval before we continue. Since you're a foreigner, this will help you better situate yourself in our land.
2: We have no objections!
3: Thank you very much.
4: And so, Naomi and Ruth began their new life.
5: Ruth... I was always interested in you, but... I'm so old...
6: Boaz...

1: You're the kindest, most generous man I know.
2: I love you.
3: Ruth...
4: Boaz...
5: Soon, they gave birth to a son.
6: They named him Obed, and he became an ancestor of the famous King David, who was in turn ancestor of Jesus Christ.
7: Boaz
8: Ruth
9: Obed
10: David
11: Jesus
12: Over roughly 1,000 years


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