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33. The Trials of David


tl by danluffey

4. The Trials of David

*1 Samuel 19, 23 ~ 26, 28, 31, 2 Samuel 1 ~ 4

1: I defeated Goliath, so please allow me to marry Michal.
2: I think I'll wait until you gain a bit more prestige before I present her to you.
3: Now go to the southern lands and defeat 100 Philistines!
4: ...as you wish.
5: I'll have him die with glory on the battlefield!

1: David is so amazing! He was able to defeat the Philistines with hardly any soldiers!
2: I know you said 100, but I ended up defeating 200.
3: Alright... I'll give you Michal.
4: Thank you very much.
5: Congratulations!

1: I love you, David.
2: I love you too, Michal.
3: I want you to wait until his guard is down... and then kill him!
4: Yes, your majesty!
5: Shall we take a rest?
6: Okay.

1: Ah...
2: It's father's advisors! They've come for you!
3: What?
4: Run!
5: I love you, no matter how far apart we are!
6: Princess Michal! It's an emergency! Please open up!

1: You let him get away?!
2: Search every nook and cranny until you find him, and kill him!
3: Yes, your majesty!
4: King Saul is searching for you, David!
5: Please escape! We'll hold him back for you!
6: I'll protect you, so please take me with you!
7: Thank you, everyone.

1: King Saul is leading a great force out...
2: All in order to kill David...
3: Oh my!
4: Chaaarge!
5: Where do you think he is now?
6: I heard he was collecting soldiers who agreed to serve him. He's only rounded up around five to six hundred, though. Do you really think he can defeat Saul's army with that many?

1: Father, why do you hate David so much?
2: Shut up!
3: He's after my throne!
4: Split up
5: and find him! No matter what it takes!
6: Okay...

1: If he were to seriously attack us, we'd be wiped out in an instant. They all followed me because they believe in me, but...
2: should I really sacrifice them all for my own sake?
3: If we have no chance of winning, then maybe it'd just be better if I turned myself in.
4: Who goes there?!

1: David, you're all right!
2: Jonathan!
3: Something's wrong with my father. Please forgive him.
4: He's only afraid of you because he knows how capable you are. I'm sure he'll wake up... soon.

1: Jonathan!
2: David, I vow to let you become the next king. I don't intend to take over for my father!
3: Jonathan... I was just about to lose my confidence.
4: Thank you. I won't give up just yet!
5: I know my father will calm down eventually.
6: Please just try and bear it until then.

1: We can't find David,
2: and there's no end in sight for the war with the Philistines.
3: If only David was here, we'd be able to win!
4: Sshhh!
5: Are you sure it's okay to keep following King Saul? Why, what's wrong with him? The LORD ordered Samuel to anoint him as king, remember?

1: Help! We've got trouble! Saul's brought an army to attack David!
2: They found us?
3: Come inside!
4: It's time to make some preparations.
5: This cave should serve us well.
6: Here he comes!
7: He's all alone!

1: Now's our chance. We should do it now!
2: Hmm...
3: Hoo.
4: No...
5: Wait.
6: What?

1: Hoo...
2: Please wait, your majesty.
3: Wh... what?!
4: David!
5: Please look at this.

1: This is proof that I had a chance to kill you.
2: You'll believe me, won't you?
3: Uuu...!
4: You were anointed by the LORD, so I respect you. I will not turn against the LORD. Now please believe me, and accept me!
5: David...
6: Please realize that I am not your enemy!

1: Ohhh...
2: David...
3: I was in the wrong... forgive me! You are my ally!
4: Let's work hard together and defeat the Philistines!
5: Yes, your majesty!
6: You're going to marry me to another man?!

1: That is an order!
2: Aaahh!!
3: Father! I thought you had accepted David?!
4: That was a mistake...
5: He really is trying to steal the throne after all! I'll never trust him again!
6: Father...!
7: We'll just have to fight against him now!
8: No...

1: The Philistines are tenacious,
2: but the problem is that they aren't the only enemy we're facing. All the kingdoms surrounding Israel hate us!
3: But I won't lose... because the LORD is watching over us!
4: Is he, though? Really...?
5: I was chosen and anointed by the LORD... and yet I've never felt true peace of mind!

1: This is King Saul's encampment.
2: There aren't many guards around his tent...
3: We can do it...
4: Hmm...

1: No...
2: I'll only take his spear... and that water jug by his bedside.
3: Why? You could have killed him in a single strike!
4: This is how it must be.
5: I cannot kill a man who has been anointed by the LORD.
6: I cannot defy the LORD's will!

1: What?
2: Hm?
3: Men of King Saul! Have you forgotten your duty to protect him?!
4: Aahh...
5: It's David!
6: I have taken out the spear and water jug from King Saul's bedside!
7: If we were your enemies, your king would be dead right now!
8: Aaahh...
9: They really are gone!

1: I am not your enemy!
2: Aahh...
3: Uuu...
4: Now please swear to the LORD that you will believe me this time!
5: Fine... I believe you!

1: After having his life spared twice by David, it looked as if Saul was finally going to change his ways.
2: But after several days, he seemed to forget about what had happened.
3: He really is my enemy after all! I'm going to have to kill him sooner or later!
4: In the end, David was chased out by Saul and forced to wander around the land.
5: The LORD anointed me as well... He chose me. Perhaps I need to overcome these trials to prove that I am truly worthy of becoming a ruler.

1: More and more people keep flocking to David's side!
2: Won't that just make them easier for King Saul's army to find?
3: Well, the thing is... there are actually a lot of soldiers in King Saul's army who respect David...
4: How can David be so arrogant?
5: I am the chosen one! I was the one who Samuel anointed!
6: W-we've got trouble, King Saul...
7: What?!

1: That was when the great high priest Samuel died.
2: Samuel... the man who anointed me...
3: What's going to happen to me? What should I do?
4: Find a medium that can call back Samuel's spirit!
5: What...?
6: But the laws of Moses forbid all interaction with those who claim to have unholy powers!

1: It'll be fine! Just guide me to the medium!
2: Ooh... aaahh...
3: Saul! The LORD was mistaken when he had you anointed!
4: This is Samuel's voice!
5: Listen carefully!

1: In your next battle, you and your son will die!
2: H...
3: Hiiieeeee!
4: It's all over for me! I'm done for!

1: Jonathan!
2: Aaaahhh!
3: Hiiieee!
4: Hiiiee... haaah...
5: Haaah!

1: I can't go on...
2: I'd rather die here than fall into the hands of the enemy. Kill me!
3: But I can't take the life of someone who was anointed by the LORD!
4: Please! Just kill me in a single strike!
5: No! I can't!
6: Uuu...
7: Aaaahhh!

1: Hiiieee
2: King Saul has perished. David, please stand for us as our new king!

1: Israel will unify under you, David, son of Judah,
2: so please stand for us as our ruler!
3: O LORD...
4: You anointed me through Samuel. I will do my best to live so that all can know your choice was the right one.

1: But how should a chosen "ruler" live?
2: King Saul has perished...
3: The great, powerful hero of Israel..
4: Ahh... aaaahhhh!
5: King David!
6: Aaaaaahhh! King Saul!
7: Wh... why? King Saul wanted you dead! Any other man would be happy to hear this!

1: He's mourning the death of King Saul, as the ruler of Israel...
2: David really is living for all of Israel!
3: What a magnanimous man...
4: I'm not saddened over King Saul's death... I'm just mourning his passing as an Israelite! And I will cry however much I need to in order to unify the hearts of Israel! Because I am to become its new king!

1: About The Trials of David
2: Saul's corpse was stolen by the Philistines and publicly displayed along with the corpse of Jonathan.
3: Serves 'em right!
4: But the people of Jabesh, who had been saved by Saul, risked their lives to steal back the corpses.
5: We must not forget our debt to him!
6: Following this, the people of Jabesh gave the corpses a proper burial.
7: David praised their actions and sang a song of mourning in front of Jonathan and Saul's corpses, in order to further unify the hearts of Israel.

1: But then, Saul's son Ish-Bosheth tried to take the seat of king of all the Israelites, and led an army against David. Ish-Bosheth was easily defeated.
2: When the general of the enemy forces was assassinated...
3: A great Israelite general has died.
4: David performed a somber ritual to honor the dead, and also fasted.
5: But then, when a betrayer from the enemy forces brought the head of Ish-Bosheth to David, in order to curry favor from him, David executed the man for killing his leader and gave Ish-Bosheth a proper burial. He did all of this in order to gain further trust and respect from the Israelites.


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