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34. The Glory of David


tl by danluffey

5. The Glory of David

*2 Samuel 6 ~ 7, 11 ~ 12

1: And so, all of Israel accepted David as their king, and he began to rule them with Jerusalem as his headquarters.
2: As time went on, David took many wives. One was Abigail, a woman who supported him during his wanderings,
3: Ahinoam, whom he also found during his wanderings,
4: and Michal, whom he took back from Saul's forces.

1: What's going on?
2: Yay! Yay!
3: Hooraaaay!
4: It's been a nonstop streak of victories!
5: Now Israel's grown even larger!
6: And we can finally put the Ark of the Covenant in the center of our land!
7: Long live King David!
8: Long live Israel!
9: All hail King David!

1: Yaaaay
2: Hooray!
3: How indecent!
4: How could a king dance naked alongside his own people?!
5: But... I've never been this happy before!
6: A ruler must be dignified!
7: Dignified?
8: There's something that's more important than my dignity...

1: The dignity of the LORD! Since the olden days, the Ark of the Covenant has always been contained within the designated holy space, but...
2: Nathan, you are a prophet, so I want you to ask the LORD a question. Now that the Israelites have gained more land and become a kingdom,
3: I'd like to create a temple to keep the Ark of the Covenant in.
4: You still have no need of such a thing yet.
5: Someday, a descendant of David will build a proper temple.

1: A descendant of David, the man I chose, will build up an eternal kingdom, and my name will live on forever.
2: ...this is the word of the LORD.
3: You mean...
4: My kingdom will continue to grow, without dying,
5: and my descendants will prosper?!
6: That means I don't have to be scared of anything any more!
7: I can develop my kingdom as much as I please!

1: General Joab! The LORD is on our side.
2: Rabbah has been antagonizing us. Subjugate them!
3: Yes, your majesty!
4: Chaaaarge!
5: Attaaaack!
6: We bring you news that Rabbah has been completely surrounded. They are strong, however, so it will take more time to completely subjugate them.
7: I see.

1: Defeat is an impossibility. We just need to have faith and keep doing our best.
2: Yes... we will surely win!
3: There is nothing more reliable than the LORD's promises!
4: Hm?

1: This is Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, who has surrounded Rabbah along with General Joab.
2: Come this way.
3: But I'm married.
4: But I'm the King!

1: You don't need to worry... come.
2: Aahh...
3: I'm so frightened. I've become pregnant!
4: Bathsheba...!
5: What should I do?
6: Call back Uriah from Joab's army!
7: I want to hear a current report from him!
8: I hear the war is dragging on. Thank you for your hard work, Uriah. It's your first time back in a while,
9: so please, take leave and spend some time alone with your wife.

1: If Uriah sleeps with Bathesheba, then she can use that as an excuse for her pregnancy.
2: Please, take your time and enjoy yourself.
3: I'm sorry, your majesty, but if I did that, I would not be able to face the men who are still fighting on the front lines.
4: If I were to remain back here while everyone else is still camping out on the battlefield...
5: He's so stubborn... er, I mean, diligent... I suppose I have no choice now.
6: Deliver this to the general.
7: Yes, your majesty.

1: Forgive me, Uriah.
2: From King David?
3: Send Uriah to the front lines and let him die in battle.
4: But why? I suppose it doesn't matter. I can't defy the will of my king.
5: King David has left the front line in your hands.
6: I will fight to the death for Israel!
7: Your majesty! Uriah has died in battle!

1: King David has taken a new wife - the widow of Uriah, Bathsheba! Is he saving her because her husband died in battle? Who knows...
2: The LORD has spoken,
3: and demanded that you hear his words, King David.
4: Once, there was a poor man who treated his only sheep like his child. Another rich man had many sheep, but didn't want to use up his own sheep to serve his guest, so he took the poor man's sheep and offered up that instead.
5: What do you think of this story?

1: It's horrible!
2: How could that rich man be forgiven?!
3: King David! The story is about you! The LORD has seen what you did to Uriah!
4: You have everything in the world,
5: yet you stole Uriah's only wife and killed him! That is a grave sin!
6: And the LORD has decreed that children of sin must die!

1: The prince has been born!
2: But... he's barely breathing. He hasn't even cried.
3: Haa...
4: Is the LORD's punishment?! But my child didn't do anything! It was all my fault!
5: King David has begun to fast.
6: He isn't sleeping or eating... he's doing nothing but praying for the prince's recovery.
7: O LORD, please forgive me! Please save the life of my son!

1: David, you did not protect the commandments I gave to Moses - "Do not steal," "Do not kill," and "Do not lie." You stole a man's wife, allowed your enemy to kill Uriah, one of your loyal subjects, and then took Bathsheba as your wife as if it was your right. You have committed a grave sin!
2: Someday, your family will kill one another, you will give birth to adulterers, and your wives will be raped in broad daylight.
3: This is the full weight of your punishment!!

1: King David... your son is dead.
2: The LORD chose me, promised me victory and glory... and I became arrogant.
3: Who did I think I was? I've always been such a small, puny human. I should have remained humble no matter how much the LORD blessed me!

1: I must live humbly, obey the will of the LORD, fight, and attain victory!
2: I also need to expand the land of Israel so that my people can live abundant lives.
3: Long live Israel!
4: Long live King David!
5: That is my duty as a king!


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