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36. The Splendor of Solomon


tl by danluffey



*1 Kings 1

1: As David grew older, he started to feel cold no matter how many blankets he wore over his body. Worried about him, young concubines stayed near him, but no matter how hard they tried, his body temperature would not increase.
2: Seeing that David's days were numbered, his fourth son Adoniyya started to claim that he had taken control of the throne, and General Joab joined him.
3: Heeding the prophet Nathan's counsel, David instated Solomon, the son of Bathsheba, as his rightful heir.
4: After some chaos, Solomon was accepted as the new king, and inherited the kingdom just before David breathed his last.


*1 Kings 3 ~ 7, 10 ~ 12

1: O LORD, I will build a temple here for you and place the Ark of the Covenant inside it.
2: I will work my hardest to protect my kingdom as its ruler.
3: Solomon... I will bless you and give you anything you desire. What do you want? Property? Military might? A long life?
4: Ahh...!
5: As king, what I want most is the power to make clear, just decisions!
6: I understand. Then I will bless you with wisdom. And not only that, but property, military might, and a long life as well.

1: Equip the port and increase our trade with foreign kingdoms.
2: Instead of winning battles with foreign kingdoms,
3: we will rule the world through economic power!
4: Create an efficient factory so that we may stand on the top of the world through metalworking.
5: The leaders of each of the twelve tribes will become governors who bear political responsibility,
6: and they will be required to make reports to the central government, which I control.
7: Create ships! Create towns!
8: Create a massive temple for the Ark of the Covenant!

1: Finally... the temple is complete!
2: It's the largest temple in the world! Our capital is the greatest city in all the land!
3: We've become the finest kingdom there is! Long live King Solomon!

1: We're having trouble judging this case, your majesty. Two women who live together woke up one morning...
2: and found this woman's child dead!
3: No, she's wrong!
4: Her son is the one who died,
5: but she's trying to say that my son is really hers!
6: Her son is the one who died!
7: Give him back to me!
8: Let go!
9: Bring the child here.

1: Cut this child in two, and give a half to each of the women.
2: Fine...
3: No!
4: I'll just give the child to her!
5: Please don't kill him!
6: Now I know who the true mother is.
7: You!
8: Aaahh!
9: Amazing! King Solomon is such a genius!

1: I have come to meet the uncannily wise King Solomon, who has put capital and energy into state-of-the-art industrialism, increased his kingdom's trade and economic output, and who some say will soon rise to rule the world.
2: This is the Queen of Sheba.
3: I've come to greet you as a token of my good will.
4: Please accept these gifts.

1: Welcome to Israel!
2: I expect great things from you, King Solomon.
3: Do you wish to live in Israel?
4: No...
5: Your God, the one you call LORD, forbids the worship of all other gods, correct?
6: Because of that, you can hardly call this an international city!
7: She was a beauty unlike any other! I never knew the world had so many different kingdoms in it.

1: We need to internationalize ourselves more, so that our name can ring out louder throughout the world.
2: First, we'll make friends with Egypt.
3: I'll make the Pharaoh's daughter my wife as a symbol of our bonds.
4: The leaders of other neighboring kingdoms have offered up their daughters in order to create good bonds wit us!
5: They won't stop asking!
6: Accept all of the offers.
7: We need to further internationalize ourselves!
8: The king has taken so many wives...

1: He already has 700 wives, and those are only the official ones! Woaaahh! And he has 300 courtesans!
2: King Solomon...
3: I really want to keep praying to the gods that I prayed to when I was little girl.
4: But only prayers to the LORD are permitted here.
5: I promise not to get in the way of your worship, so can I just pray to my gods in secret?
6: Hmm...

1: Wow, really? Thank you!
2: I want to pray to my people's gods too!
3: I don't mind if it's in secret! I just want to worship an image of my own god!
4: Let us worship this idol outside of town!
5: Sure! I'm willing to accept people from all walks of life.
6: I want to keep promoting international friendship!
7: I'm not sure how the LORD would feel about this...
8: Jerusalem is being swallowed up by a strange aura...

1: Let's have a festival in honor of Ashtoreth!
2: Pray to Baal, and he'll bless us with a better harvest!
3: Thank you, Baal!
4: Allowing pagan religions in to our city will corrupt it!
5: Our LORD strictly commands all people to live by his commandments,
6: while other guards promote perversion and require compensation for blessings!
7: Hmm... that is true...

1: But it's important to internationalize and keep good relations with other kingdoms.
2: Please, you don't need to worry. I will never bow down before a pagan god.
3: King Solomon...
4: Solomon, I blessed you with unparalleled wisdom!
5: I believed that you would become the ideal king for the entire world...

1: I am appalled at you! I hereby confiscate all the glory of Israel!
2: What...?!
3: Solomon! Eventually, your sons will come to split Israel apart!
4: The land of Israel will be stolen by other kingdoms, and your people will be scattered!
5: O, LORD...!

1: Please forgive me! I did something very foolish! Please...!
2: It's too late now!
3: Suffer for your sins!
4: And so, after finally being secured and prospering, after all the struggles from Abraham to Moses, Israel suffered yet another tragic fate.

1: In the generation following Solomon's reign, Israel split up into the Kingdom of Israel, which contained ten of the tribes of Israel,
2: Solomon's subordinate Jeroboam
3: The ten tribes of Israel excluding the tribes of Judah and Benjamin -> Kingdom of Israel
4: Solomon's son, Rehoboam
5: Tribes of Judah and Benjamin -> Kingdom of Judah
6: and the Kingdom of Judah, which contained the other two.
7: Roughly 200 years after this split, the northern land of the kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrian Empire, who arrested many Israelites.
8: Assyria
9: Israel
10: Judah
11: Occasionally, a ruler who was obedient to the LORD appeared in the kingdom of Judah in the south, so it existed for 300 years longer than the kingdom in the north...
12: Neo-Babylonian Empire
13: Capital of Babylon
14: Kingdom of Judah
15: But after amassing great strength, the Neo-Babylonian Empire conquered the kingdom of Judah and took its people to Babylon.
16: By 586 BC, the Israelites no longer had any land to call their own.

1: About The Splendor of Solomon
2: Israel saw the height of its prosperity during Solomon's reign,
3: which made it troubling to neighboring kingdoms.
4: The Israelites ran away to Egypt years ago!
5: Ammon
6: Moab
7: Dead Sea
8: Edom
9: Jerusalem
10: Phoenicia
12: Philistine
13: Mediterranean Sea
14: Then they were brought back here by Moses, and all of sudden, they started talking about this land being promised to them!
15: How selfish can they be?! We've lived in this land for a long time too, you know! The Israelites are the ones who should leave!
16: And so, the battles between the Israelites and the neighboring kingdoms went on and on...

1: The Philistines, a group of people who constantly antagonized Israel later became the Palestinians.
2: Which means that their battle for territory has continued for thousands of years, and still continues even today.
3: Palestine
4: Modern Israel
5: The Philistines were conquered by Israel during King David's reign,
6: Phoenicia
7: Jerusalem
8: Ammon
9: Moab
10: Edom
11: Philistine
12: Mediterranean Sea
13: King David's Territory
14: Sinai Peninsula
15: Red Sea
16: but after the death of Solomon, and the split of Israel, the Philistines recovered...
17: Phoenicia
18: Israel
19: Jerusalem
20: Ammon
21: Moab
22: Edom
23: Judah
24: Philistine
25: and after thousands of years...
26: Why can't people just get along?
27: Reconciling history is harder than it seems...


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