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I'm a Nintendo Fanboy

I'm a Nintendo Fanboy


Table of Contents

3: I'm a Nintendo Fanboy
8: Why I Became a Fanboy
12: I'm a Nintendo Shareholder
16: Good Stories about Nintendo
20: I Lined up for the PS Vita
24: I Lined up for the PS Vita [Truth Version]
28: My Visit to the Sony Shareholders Meeting
32: I Lined up for the WiiU
36: My Visit to the Nintendo Shareholders Meeting

42: (Best Selection 1) The Famicomplete Man
46: (Best Selection 2) Pictochat on the Go
50: (Best Selection 3) I Lined up for the Wii
54: (Best Selection 4) The Miraculous New Famicom Game
58: (Best Selection 5) Pokemon Stamp Rally

NOTE: Read from left-to-right

I'm a Nintendo Fanboy
(Published on 1/25/2011 in Oreteki Game Sokuho@Jin)

1: Hi! I'm Pyocotan!
2: I'm an unpopular manga artist!
BOOK: Idiot Juice 666 - Pyocotan
3: And...
5: Hey, hey, did you watch the latest "Iwata Asks?*"
6: A series where CEO Iwata speaks with different creators, on the Nintendo homepage.

bottom: Iwata Asks: Nintendo 3DS

1: These three had a discussion about the 3DS...
2: Miyamoto
(Father of Mario)
3: Itoi
(Father of Earthbound)
4: Iwata
(Nintendo CEO)
5: And guess what?!
6: They referred to the Virtual Boy!!
7: The 3D game machine that went on sale in 1995, and ended up a total failure that hardly sold at all...
8: So horrifying...
9: But they referred to it on purpose!
10: Because accepting mistakes from the past can continue you to the future!
11: What an excellent stance to take!
12: I have one too, of course!
13: Even now, I still play it sometimes!

1: This game's the best one!
2: Red Alarm!
3: It's a 3D wireframe shooting game!
4: If only three more games this good had come out...
5: history would have been changed!
6: The truth is, I like the Virtual Boy more than I should.
7: My love toward Nintendo went absolutely berserk...
8: and drove to take these pictures.
9: I've kept them secret for 15 long years...
10: I suppose you could call them a youth mistake.
11: But now! I am going to muster up my courage and reveal them!

1: Me, sitting on my knees on a train platform playing Virtual Boy!!
2: Laying down on a bench in a park playing Virtual Boy!!


Why I Became a Fanboy
(Published in May 2013 in Game Lab)

1: I love Nintendo!
2: And I trust them unconditionally!
3: But the truth is... I wasn't ALWAYS faithful to Nintendo.
4: When I was in middle school, I became obsessed with the PC Engine...
5: Nintendo's for little kids!
6: I even went around saying stuff like that...
7: Nintendo's games never disappoint, though...
8: But then, in 1994, destiny struck Pyocotan... during his 11th grade field trip,
9: when he went to Kyoto!

1: When my group was discussing the route we would take...
2: Wanna go to Kiyomizu Temple?
3: I want to go to Kinkakuji Temple too!
4: I don't care about temples!
5: Isn't there anything else good in Kyoto besides temples?
6: Ahh!
7: Nintendo's here!
8: Let's go to Nintendo!
9: When you think of Kyoto, how could you not think of Nintendo?!
10: What?
11: What are you, retarded?
12: Think seriously about this!
13: Wait, I am!
14: From this point on, the video game industry is going to grow even larger!
15: We need to be looking not toward old relics of the past, but toward the future!
16: A-actually, you know, it might be fun to go to Nintendo after all.
17: Should I ask them if they'll let us come take a tour?
18: My passionate speech succeeded in convincing them!
19: And so, I sent a letter to Nintendo asking them if I could take a tour!
20: After a bit, we got a reply!
21: "By all means, please come visit us!"
22: Wow! We can go into Nintendo!

1: And so... we went to the Nintendo HQ!
2: So this is where the Famicom was born!
3: I can't wait to start the tour!
4: We casually walked inside...
5: only to encounter a magnificent-looking reception room!
6: And then Imanishi Hiroshi appeared!
7: Welcome from afar!
8: Ahh! I've seen this man's face before!
9: Of course I did! Because at the time, Imanishi handled all of Nintendo's announcements!
10: There were only six of us high school students there,
11: but Mr. Imanishi, the Director of Public Relations, took time to talk to us!
12: (We make these hanafuda cards too.)
13: He even told us about new hardware that hadn't come out yet.
14: We're developing a new console right now.
15: It's tens of times more powerful than the Super Famicom! It's a 64-bit machine!
16: Woah! 64 bits?! That really is next generation!

1: And one more!
2: The other console we're working on is going on sale next year: the Virtual Boy!
3: It's a 32-bit portable device that you can pay 3D games on!
4: Portable? 32-bit?!
5: That's so awesome!
6: But... no matter how good the hardware may be, we need good games to go with it, or else it'll just end up as a useless box!
7: We need to make good games that anyone can play and enjoy!
8: This is always the most important thing!
9: That's the Nintendo I love! I'll follow you for the rest of my life!
10: And that brings us to today!
11: The reason Nintendo's games are always so much fun is because they're built on that philosophy!
12: They're the best!
13: Ah, except that one thing...
14: Imanishi... the Virtual Boy wasn't really that awesome...

I'm a Nintendo Shareholder
(Published in Oct 2011 in Game Lab)

1: I love Nintendo!
2: And I will forgive NO ONE who speaks badly of them!!
3: But it's true that right now, Nintendo is in a dangerous spot...
4: This story takes place right after the Wii U was announced in June 2011 at E3...
5: Heeey! Pyocotan! They just announced the Wii U, yet their stock still plummetted!
6: The administrator of "Oreteki Game Sokuho," JIN (A Sony Fanboy)
7: The 3DS isn't selling at all, either!
8: Nintendo's finished!
9: Gunununu... the Sony fanboys get more and more annoying with each day...

1: Right now, their stock's at 15,000 yen!
2: (When just yesterday, it was around 20,000!)
3: So, how do you feel right now? Pgyaaah!
4: Shuddap, you crappy pighead!
5: Right now they're just preparing for the future!
6: The same thing happened before the Wii and the DS came out!
7: But when the Wii came out, their stock skyrocketed!
8: Which means...
9: that the Wii U is going to totally revive them!
10: True, it is possible...
11: Right?
12: Phew! I managed to survive this somehow with some made up prediction!
13: That night...
14: So, Nintendo's stock is at 15,000 right now, huh?
15: Just a few years ago, it was at 7...
16: It must be super cheap right now...
17: Got a little brainwashed by his own made up prediction
18: No! Nonono! Mixing personal tastes with stocks is dangerous!
19: Besides, I don't even have that much money!

1: The next morning...
2: 150,000 yen from Mizuho Bank...
3: 180,000 yen from Yuucho Bank...
4: 240,000 yen from Mitsui Sumitomo Bank...
5: 500,000 from my piggy bank...
6: 180,000 that I hid in my house...
7: 270,000 from my FX account...
8: 450,000 from my lock-up stocks...
9: I just barely have 1,500,000 yen!
10: If I bought Nintendo stocks with my life savings...
11: then if Nintendo works hard, then my life savings will grow!
12: I'll be able to share in the happiness...
13: Nintendo and I will become one!
14: Perhaps this is the TRUE way to enjoy stock trading?
15: And check this out!
16: Shareholders get all sorts of direct announcements from Nintendo!
17: Heck yeah I want that!
18: I'm gonna brag to everybody!

1: I bought them on June 17, 2011!
2: 100 Nintendo stocks, for a total of 1,515,000 yen!
3: I've finally become a shareholder!
4: For a while, I just sat and basked in the superiority I felt at becoming a shareholder.
6: Until one day...
7: July 28, 2011!
8: The price of the 3DS dropped down to 10,000 yen! Pgyaaah!
9: Whaaat?! That isn't something a sane company would do!
10: And they're 35 billion yen in the red!
11: And the next day, Nintendo's stocks fell down to their maximum allowable single-day loss!
12: Gyaaaahhhh!!
13: I just lost 300,000 yen all at once!
14: Soon, my anger at losing my life savings transformed into anger toward Nintendo...
15: I feel like I'm going to puke... my money...
16: Unforgivable... Iwa... ta...
17: How could you think the 3DS would sell without any good software?!
18: You were way too naive!
19: The age in which it was OK to spend 25,000 yen on a portable device is long gone!
20: That's why you shouldn't buy stock in a company you like...

Good Stories about Nintendo
1: The Nintendo stocks I bought with my life savings keep going down...
HAT: Nintendo
HAT circle: STOCKS
2: I've already lost over 600,000 yen...
blue chart:
Bought at 1,500,000 yen
Currently at 900,000 yen
(on 9/1/12)
3: As my stocks lowered, so did my sense of loyalty toward Nintendo...
4: The Wii U will be out at the end of the year!
5: What are they thinking?
6: No! No! I can't let myself get like this!
7: I need to believe in Nintendo!
8: In order to boost my loyalty, I went to go meet someone.
9: And that someone was...
10: Hashimoto Toru, the director of Sarugakucho!
11: Sarugakucho is a company that tunes games, and they've worked on a lot of Nintendo products!
green (left to right, top to bottom)
Custom Robo
Animal Crossing
blue sign: Sarugakucho

1: Also! Director Hashimoto was once an employee at Nintendo!
2: From 1984 to 1995
3: He was there during the same period as Takashi Tezuka, who created Mario and Zelda, and Koji Kondo, who worked on the music for those games! (The golden age!)
left to right green:
4: He should know a LOT of good stories about Nintendo!
5: Please tell them to me!
6: O-ok...
7: This is a story I heard from one of my seniors.
8: Before the Famicom came out, Nintendo mainly produced only playing cards and Hanafuda cards...
9: They had a small printing company nearby print all the cards for them.
10: But at the time, business wasn't going too well for Nintendo, and sometimes they asked favors of the printing company.
11: And when they did, the printing company was very patient, and waited for them, even though the printing company surely had its own problems to deal with.
blue building: Nintendo
12: (Wait!
green building: Watada Printing
13: And after that, the Famicom became a huge hit!
14: They needed a lot of boxes and direction booklets!
15: At the time, due to scale and facility problems, it was normal to ask a larger printing company to do those kinds of things...
16: But Nintendo continually requested that Watada Printing handle it all!
17: Ohh!

1: Watada Printing answered all their demands and made preparations so that they could handle it all...
2: and soon they grew into one of the biggest printing companies in Kyoto!
3: Even now, Watada Printing handles all the printing for Nintendo!
4: The boxes, booklets, and even all of their merchandise!
5: ...the end!
6: What a great story!
7: What a marvelous company! They never forgot their debt to Watada!
8: That's the Nintendo I know!
9: Oh! I remembered another one!
10: Oooh!
11: It happened while we were working on Metroid for the Famicom Disk System...
12: We were so busy developing that we didn't even have time to eat...
13: And there wasn't a single convenience store or restaurant around Nintendo at the time...
14: There was just Benkei, this take-out place.
15: This funky-looking middle-aged man would always deliver the food to us.
16: (Here's your pork cutlet rice bowls!
17: (You know, if you guys keep eating this stuff every day, you'll get sick!
18: Every department would order stuff from Benkei, so the guy had to go back and forth multiple times a day.
19: Soon, they didn't even stop him at the entrance.
SIGN: Nintendo

1: But about ten years ago, that man passed away...
2: But we made sure to etch the name of Benki in a place where it would last forever!
3: In the staff credits for Metroid!
4: One of the staff members at the time was clever enough to stick Benkei in the credits!
5: We would have never completed Metroid if it hadn't been for Benkei!
~According to the staff members at the time~
6: Now isn't that a good story?
7: Yeah! It totally moved me!
8: The passion! The spirit!
9: It's burning! IT's the best!
10: Thanks to you, I love Nintendo even more now!
11: Well that's just great, because I love Nintendo too!
12: And so, with my loyalty restored, I went home.
13: But the hard truth was, even though my loyalty went up, the stocks didn't go up at all!

I Lined up for the PS Vita
(Published in Feb 2012 in Game Lab)

1: Dec. 16, 2011
2: Tomorrow, the PS Vita finally goes on sale...
3: I'm gonna line up all night and get one!
4: 11:30 PM - in front of Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara
5: There are 50 people lined up already!
6: Immediately, I got myself situated at the end of the line!
7: I brought everything I need!
top right: Heat Tech
top left: Heat Pad
middle: Portable games
bottom right: Cushion
bottom left: Food
8: But on that day, the wind blew closer than it ever had all winter!
9: It's too cold!
10: I underestimated winter!

1: After sitting for a while, I felt like I had to go pee.
2: And so, I ran around Akihabara at night looking for a bathroom!
3: There's no bathroom!
4: It's gonna leak out!
5: Finally, I borrowed one at a convenience store.
6: Saved...
7: And then I bought some hot coffee to warm myself up!
8: Couldn't just use the toilet without buying anything, after all!
9: And so, a hellish spiral began...
10(bottom left) Use the convenience store bathroom
11(top) Buy a drink and drink it
12(bottom right) Feel like going pee again
13: I ended up having to run back and forth from the convenience store until the sun came up...
14: Finally, early in the morning, a clerk started organizing the line.
15: (Please line up in two lines over here!
16: Staggering due to the cold, sleepiness, and hunger
17: All customers who have come for the Rock Bison figure, please come this way!
18: That line wasn't for the Vita?!
19: Yay! I'm #15!
20: After that, I joined the group that had come on the first morning train and managed to make my way into the big line!

1: As time went on, more and more media people gathered.
2: Even foreign media is here!
3: The whole world's got their eyes on Nintendo!
4: Sales began at 8:00 AM!
5: I finally got a PS Vita!
6: I worked hard to get my hands on you, my sweet little Vita!
7: (That makes this even sweeter!)
8: That evening, I went back to Yodobashi in Akibahara to buy something else.
9: Hm?
RED: still in stock!
10: They've still got some left!
11: What was all that hard work for...?

1: The truth is, I drew this manga for a special feature in a magazine.
2: There's no way I'd actually want to buy a piece of shit like the PS Vita!!

I Lined up for the PS Vita [Truth Version]
(Published in Feb 2012 in Game Lab)
1: I'm going to line up all night before the day the PS Vita goes on sale!
2: I have a special philosophy that I've lived by until now...
3: and that is: "Sony hardware is not to be purchased!"
4: "It's to be won in contests!"
5: I won my PSP from a poker tournament,
6: and won a PS3 as a kiosk prize!
7: My friend once left a PS1 at my house, so I just kept it and didn't give it back!
8: I've never purchased a piece of Sony hardware!
9: Then why would I line up for a Vita?
10: Because it isn't for me!
11: There was a special contest listed in the January issue of Game Lab, right?

1: The editor-in-chief asked me to go pick one up!
2: (Go and buy one!)
3: (OK!)
4: There was only one reason I accepted this mission...
5: to save up points on my Yodobashi point card!
6: Still, as a staunch Nintendo fan, it's a bit humiliating to have to line up for Sony hardware...
7: I need to properly display my loyalty to Nintendo!
8: So, I lined up in a Mario costume!
9: I put blood, sweat and tears into customizing that piece of cardboard into blue suspenders.
10: And while I was waiting in line, I played Mario and Monster Hunter on my 3DS!
11: I even made sure to bring my Club Nintendo bag!


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