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#7. The Book of Burning Passion (1)

Flames are Like the Wind #7

tl by danluffey

#7. The Book of Burning Passion (1)
#8. The Book of Burning Passion (2)
#9. The Book of Burning Passion (3)
#10. The Book of Burning Passion (4)

#7. The Book of Burning Passion (1)

Flames are Like the Wind
1: Wh-what is that?!
2: Hiuri!!

1: Hiuri?!

1: Where are we....
2: Hey, wake up!!
3: We're near the village.
4: But how did we get back here?!
5: Shirou!!
6: Wh... Where's Hiuri?!
7: Hiuri? What are you talking about?
8: Did you see something, Shirou?
9: ...No.
10: Nothing...

1: What happened to Takeda's army?
2: No one's gonna believe this...
3: Where's my partner?
4: What are you talking about? You were on your own in this mission.
5: Oh... really?
6: Get it together, man!
7: Were you seeing things?
8: We'll just have to return to the village for now and regroup.
9: That's strange... Was I daydreaming?
10: I feel like Jousuke was in my dream too...

1: After the failure of their plan to stop Shingen from reaching the capital, the Kiriba Clan became even more panicked.
2: They tried everything they could, but none of their plans seemed to work on Takeda's army.
3: As the missions became more and more outrageous and extreme, the lower-class ninja became more and more exhausted.
4: It was the first strong feeling of indignation that the Kiriba ninja had ever felt.
5: Whew...
6: And you call yourself a ninja?!

1: I need a break from this, or I feel like I'm gonna go crazy!
2: I'll go get Kazanagi...
3: Shirou!! Where are you going?!
4: Um, just taking a break.
5: You haven't completed your mission yet! Save the breaks for after you finish your work!
6: Tch! Aren't you fed up with this, Jitoumaru?
7: Y-yeah...
8: Hey, come spar with me for a bit. Let's sweat a little!
9: No, I, um...
10: Jitoumaru?!
11: What's with him?
12: He's been acting really distant lately...
13: But Uncle...

1: Regardless of what kind of plan you may have... Many people believe that our recent actions have been very unlike typical Kiriba conduct.
2: That may be true.
3: I simply realized that due to how harsh conditions have become, the half-baked plans we usually use just won't cut it. Please, don't worry yourself.
4: Umm, incidentally, whatever happened with the rumors about the traitors?
5: Huh?! What are you talking about? Traitors?
6: You've got a twisted sense of humor, Lady Mitsuyu.
7: There's no way the Kiriba clan would ever let a traitor in their midst! Hahaha...

1: Something's wrong!!
2: Who's there?!
3: Heheheh...
3: Shirou?!
4: What are you doing here?
5: I just came to see you! It's been a while!

1: I love this place. It's the one place in the village that feels like it's somewhere else.
2: Shirou...
3: Hurry up and get back.
4: You can't leave the village when it's in such a crisis...
5: Hmph! Every single one of them are second-guessing each other. And when it's not that, all they talk about are missions, missions, missions!
6: It's only right that your responsibility has increased. People are expecting great things from you...
7: Great things, huh?!
8: Deliver this package! Bring me this! Make sure this guy gets away!
9: I'm just being used for the stuff that no one else wants to do!
10: That's what it means to be a ninja!

1: What's wrong, Shirou?
2: It's tough for everyone right now.
3: But if we can overcome it...
4: What about you?
5: Doesn't this bother yo, princess? How can you stand being cooped up in these fields all day?
6: If it was me, I'd go crazy!!
7: This has nothing to do with you.

1: You need to think more about your own position.
2: If only a little bit of turmoil makes you want to run away, then you are a failure as a Kiriba ninja.
3: Additionally, just because you have some free time, it doesn't mean you should always come up here!!
4: Now go back to the village!!
5: ...You're right.
6: I no longer have any reason to come here.
7: Sorry for the intrusion.
8: Excuse me!!

1: Shirou...
2: Goddammit! Every single person here is...
3: Jitoumaru...?

1: Odd...
2: Where's he going?!
3: Jitoumaru...
4: Kei!

1: I missed you...
2: Sorry. I didn't have a chance to sneak out for a while.
3: J-Jitoumaru...
4: What the?!
5: Who's there?!
6: Shirou...

1: You're one sly dog, you know that?!
2: I have to say, you surprised me!
3: So, what's it going to be?
4: Are you going to tell our leader?!
5: No.
6: We met a long time ago.
7: By coincidence, when I was patrolling the mountains...
8: Does she know you're a ninja?
9: I told her.
10: So they're serious.
11: But what are you going to do now? Marriage with people outside of the clan is forbidden, isn't it?

1: There's... nothing I can do.
2: I can't break the rules.
3: Nothing you can do? You mean you're going to keep meeting her in secret like this?
4: You're just going to hide for the rest of your life?!
5: What do you know?! Like you're in any position to give ME advice!
6: Well you don't need to yell at me!
7: It just pissed me off that you'd give up so easily...
8: What can I do, though?
9: Well... I'm sure if we think a little, we can...
10: So naive.
11: If you really love her, then think a little harder!
12: Easy for you to say!!

1: Ninja must obey the rules!
2: You need to hurry up and realize that!!
3: Don't get cocky just because you've gotten a little strong, Shirou!
4: You're still nothing but an ignorant little brat!!
5: And what about you?
6: You act like the perfect ninja on the outside. Seriously, is that all that matters to you?
7: Fine! What do I care?
8: If you wanna give up that bad, then just give up!!

1: Dammit...
2: Dammit!!
3: This whole day has been a total nightmare.
2: You're still nothing but an ignorant little brat!!
3: He may
4: be right...
5: His problem must have caused him a lot of pain so far...

If you wanna give up that bad, then just give up!!
2: I shouldn't have said that...
3: ...to her, either.
4: I want to see her again...
5: I want to see her face...
6: What's wrong, Shirou?
7: Shirou...
8: and talk to her...

1: Shirou!
2: Your next mission has arrived. Go to Echizen.
3: As you may already know, Echizen is on the verge of becoming a bloodbath due to the Asai-Asakura battle. You must go and assist Lord Nobunaga....
4: Wait...
5: For how long?
6: There's no telling. After the battle, you'll most likely continue working for Lord Nobunaga.
7: I'd estimate three or four years.

1: That's right...
2: My body doesn't belong to me anymore.
3: You're sending to Shirou to Echizen?! Who decided that?!
4: It was me, sir.
5: Eventually, he will become a vital member of the Kiriba clan. We need to give him war experience while we have the chance...
6: Are you mad?! How could you decide something so quickly without consulting me?!
7: Sir... if you wish to make the clan stronger, you should do as I say. Your years have exhausted you...
8: You're tired.
9: Soujin...?!

1: We're counting on you, Shirou.
2: Yes, sir.
3: Shirou...

1: Take care of yourself.
2: You too...
3: We'll miss you...


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