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#10. Hero


#10. Hero
#11. Capsized
#12. Screams
#13. Prayers
#14. Witness
#15. Y Tide
#16. Coincidence
#17. Pros
#18. Limit
#19. Plan

#10. Hero
1: One huuuundred.
2: Reaaaady?
3: Nooot...
4: yeeet.
5-6: oof
7: Reaaaady?

1: Reaaaady!

#10. Hero

1: Enough.
2: Honoka...
3: I've told you over and over not to bring your little brother out with you, right?
4: ...Yeah...
5: Let's go to the field!
6: Ahh!
side: This is fiction. Any connections to real people, groups, or places are strictly coincidental.

1: The Current!
2: It's back!
3: I wonder if I'll get to see Daisuke today.
4: If I do...
5: I'm gonna make him tell me a bunch of sea stories!
6: I always hide in the same place...
7: How come she never comes to find me?
8: I'm...
9: right here.

1: Current bridge, reporting in.
2: We'll dock in 30 minutes, coming in from the port side.
3: Hello? Umm...
4: I'm Senzaki Daisuke, from the Fukuoka Coast Guard...
5: Is Urabe Miharu there?
6: Huh?
7: I see.
8: She's out gathering data?
9: What is it, Daisuke?
10: They keep giving me the same story.

1: Did something happen between you two?
2: ...She hasn't spoken to me since then.
3: You have clearance to dock at 15:00.
4: Return to the ship by 8:00 tomorrow morning.
5: Good work everyone!
6: Urabe Miharu is still out?!
7: Miharu...
8: This is you, isn't it?

1: Remember that little hill by my parents' house?
2: There's a little park on top of it.
3: I'll be there.
4: Waiting for you. I want to apologize to you in person.
5: Bye!
6: Hey, wait!

1: Sis... I'm...
2-3: zzz
4: right here.
5: Wheee!
6: Hurry up, Honoka!
SFX: skritch

1-2: zzz...
SFX: slam...
SFX: vrooom
SFX: klak
SFX: klak
3: Miharu...

1: Phew!
2: I was starting to worry that you wouldn't come...
3: You are suuuch...
4: an ASSHOLE!!
5: How many times did you have to call me?
6: I didn't get any work done because of you!
7: I know you want to apologize,
8: but why did you have to call me all the way out here?!
9: Umm... Because it's easy for me to go home from here.
SFX: blink...
10: How selfish ARE you?! Do you even care about apologizing?!
11: Ahh...!!

1: Wow...
2: Knock it off already!!
3: Stop mixing public with private!
4: Wow!!
SFX: clang clang clang
5: It's Daisuke!!
6: Take...

1: Wooooow!!
2: I didn't know you were a heroooo!!
3: What are you talking about?
4: Only heroes can stand in the center of the circle!!
5: If someone else tries it, they die!!
6: Who's this kid?
SFX: drip drip
7: A neighbor.
8: Take, explain it to us so we can understand.
9: I saw something.
10: What?
11: A lot of people come here, right?

1: But no one ever stands in the center.
2: Really?
3: I swear on my life!!
4: That's how I figured it out.
5: If someone who isn't a hero stands in the center, they'll die.
6: Ohhh...
7: I think I understand now.
8: This circle is surrounded by benches, right?

1: I bet that if someone stands in the center, they draw everyone else's eyes toward them.
2: So usually, people probably try to walk through without crossing over the center.
3: I doubt they think about it that deeply, though.
4: Let's try it out, Take.
SFX: lift
5: The time has come to see whether you're a hero or not!
SFX: flail flail
6: Waaahh! Stooop!! I don't wanna diiie!!
7: Please, I'll do anythiiiing!!
8: Nooooo!!
SFX: tok

1: Woah!
2: Congratulations.
3: You're a hero.
4: Haha!
SFX: hop
5: Woaaah!!
6: Wooooow!
7: We're all heroooes!!

1: Mo... Lady.
2: Mom...?
3: Let's go home!
4: I'm gonna go fishing with my mom soon.
5: Wow, sounds fun.
6: What were you doing out so late by yourself?
7: Playing hide-and-sick. I'm good at hiding, so no one ever finds me.
8: Takehikoooo!

1: Takehikoooooo!
2-3: haa
4: I'm sorryyyyy!!
5: Daisuke, I'm sorry for all the trouble my little brother caused you!
6: I'm really sorry.
7: No... You don't need to apologize.
SFX: clench...
8: Daisuke...
SFX: drip drip
9: Did I... cause trouble for you?
10: What's wrong?
11: Don't cry...
12: No crying.
13: Let's go home.

1: Bye bye,
2: Daisuke...
3: What just happened? Why did he cry?
4: Their mother ran out on them...
5: He must just be lonely.
6: I'm sorry, Miharu.
7: Why all of a sudden?
8: I'll forgive you.
9: Because Take cried.
10: That was the first time I met Take, the little hero.
11: Will I...
12: ever be able to see him again?

1: I'm...
2: right here...


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