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#75. Farewell


tl by danluffey

1: We interrupt your regular programming
2: to bring you emergency news.
3: Are you...
4: OK?
5: Yes...
6: This is my duty...
7: The Sea Swallow, a helicopter belonging to the The Trench, a Coast Guard patrol boat that was engaged in group training in Singapore,
8: discovered pirates who had taken a hostage and were escaping in the Singapore Strait, this afternoon.
9: After a firefight, they succeeded in rescuing the hostage,
10: click...
#75. Farewell
11: but we regret to report that one of the Coast Guards was shot and killed afterwards.

1: The Coast Guard who died in the line of duty

#75. Farewell
1: was First Mate Ikezawa Masaki, 33 years old, from the Fukuoka Coast Guard.

SFX: tok...
1: That's the bullet.
2: It completely passed through his skull and reached his brain.

1: Is this...
2: really... happening?
3: Please... come inside.
4: click...

1: The Malaccan and Singapore Straits make up one of the most important oil roads for Japan.
2: There's been a lot of pirate activity there recently.
3: Over the past several years, there have been over 200 reports of damages every year.
4: Which means that realistically, several times that amount are actually happening.
5: We are deeply sorry to announce that there was a sacrifice made in this recent incident.
6: But it was an accident waiting to happen.
7: Ikezawa...
8: screech
9: He's here!
10: died?
11: Just now...
12: The Minister of Transport and the Director General of the Maritime Safety Agency have arrived at the prime minister's official residence!

1: They need to clear out of there at once!
2: There is a possibility that what the Trench is doing right now is both an international and domestic violation.
3: Piracy is an absolute evil. The entire world agrees on this.
4: It's strange that there haven't been any measures taken until now.
5: Well, this has really gone south.
6: We just need to continue doing our duties.

1-2: Forward!
3: Apparently they're going to take it to a maintenance area at the airport...
4: We probably won't get back to the Trench until at least the day after tomorrow.
5: I wonder what's going to happen?
6: Apparently chaos has erupted back in Japan...
7: Who cares?

1: Senzaki...
2: Aihara...
3: You came here too?
4: Yeah...
5: Come over here for a minute...
6: After I got the castaways back on land, the SPCG took over... then I got roped in by the SPCG's translator to help with the captain.
7: Here...

1: Please leave me alone with him.
2: (replace) Please leave me alone with him.

1: Thank you very much.
2: You saved my life.
3: I just did my duty...
4: Just what I was supposed to.
5: I'm sorry...
6: Your ally died because of me.
7: It's the pirates' fault.
8: Please don't blame yourself.
9: They were suspicious of me...
10: What?

1: They thought I might be...
2: working with the pirates...
3: Why did the pirates let the crew members go without killing them? Did you make a deal with the pirates so that they'd let the crew go free?
4: You took out insurance on the cargo, didn't you?
5: How much did the pirates pay you?
6: Why...
7: would I do something like that?

1: What should we do, boss?
2: Should we kill 'em all and throw 'em away?
3: That'd be a pain in the ass.
4: Just put them in a boat and send them off.
5: We'll keep your captain as a hostage just in case.
6: Once we get somewhere safe, we can just kill him then.
7: They... had no intention to let me live from the very start...
8: They spoke about where they were headed in loud voices, right in front of me...

1: They're heading to Kochi...
2: Then, in a few days, they'll sail for Medan.
3: Please...
4: Please... catch them!
5: I've lost all sight of everything...
6: What are we doing... and for whose sake?
7: Why did Ikezawa have to die...?
8: Death is death... You could have easily died out there too, Senzaki...

1: It pisses me off...
2: I can't forgive those pirates...!
3: I can't forgive myself...
4: for being so powerless...!!

1: The Trench is requesting cooperation from the KPLP and the SPCG!
2: We received information that the Tristana is traveling on the Indian Sea, heading for Kochi.
3: We intend to strengthen our watch there!!

1: Ikezawa died and left behind...
2: his pregnant wife...
3: He died... and now, his family...
4: is going to be sad...
5: Ikezawa... Did you forget the iron rule
6: of the Coast Guard?
7: No matter what...
8: We must return alive...

1: Hello?
2: Quiet down...
3: Yeah... I'm fine.
4: What are you saying?
5: Daisuke...

1: Let's break up...
2: Miharu...


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