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#93. Running


tl by danluffey

#93. Running
1-5: haa
6: haa

#93. Running

1: Congratulations!!
2: Be happy, now!!
3: Don't cry, Kamekichiii!!
4: Takakoooo!
5: That was a great wedding...
6: Yeah...

1: Although, Takashi...
2: You're long past due for yours, aren't you?
3: What was the name of that girl...
4: Miharu?
5: Please, spare me...
6: I still have yet to forget about her...
7-9: haa

1: This is Ishihara...
2: Things are going well on the land, Kame.
3: Roger that!
4: Ready to make another lap to Kyoto, then?
5: This will the first post-marriage flight
6: flowen by Asai Kamekichi, a 40-year old J-Wing pilot!

1-4: haa
5: Hey, Iritani...
6: Senzaki's been running around the ship a lot lately... Did something happen?
7: I dunno...
8: He probably can't stay still, or else he starts thinking about the girl he broke up with...
9: Geez...
10: He really got hooked up with one heck of a monster.

1-3: haa
4: knock knock
5: What's wrong, Koji?
6: Come in!
7: Senzaki... I think it's better if you call me Iritani after all.
8: Calling me 'Koji' doesn't really fit your demeanor.

1: So...
2: How long are you going to keep running around for?
3: If you need to run around to forget that girl who broke up with you...
4: Then why not just go and meet with her again?
5: You don't get it...
6: If I chase her after she leaves... Then that'll prove that I don't understand how she feels.
7: I think that weird logic you're using is the problem...
8: And besides...
9: I'm not running because I want to forget about her.

1: Cheeeers!!
2: I was surprised when I first heard, you know.
3: I never would have thought you and Takako were involved in an office romance...
4: Gahaha!
5: Finally, at the age of 40, spring has come at last for Asai Kamekichi!
6: What a weirdo.
7: Well, he is a pilot along with Succhi...
8: At night, though, I'm the one who gets piloted!
9: Gahaha!
10: Ewww! Pervert!

1: You sure that's OK, Kame?
2: Letting your bride go home ahead of you...
3: Yeah...
4: I wanted to find out how you're doing.
5: How...
6: I'm doing?
7: Someone saw you meeting with her in the airport.

1: I may be prying,
2: but it's just hard for me to see you so unhappy...
3: Thank you.
4: You know...
5: My wife's the first girl I ever dated.
6: What?
7: I was so jealous of you, Takashi!!
8: I wanted to have a woman to worry about too!!
9: Until last year...
SFX: whisper
10: I was a virgin...
11: Wh...
12: What a wonderful story...

1: In December,
2: puhah
3: I continued
4-5: haa
6: to run.
7: I couldn't bring myself
8: to go and see her...

1: So...
2: I just kept waiting for a coincidence.
3: Just...
4: waiting and waiting...
5: Because I wanted to see her start to smile.

1: The next day,
2: I stopped running.

1: Senzaki...
2: Have you ever thought you're a genius?
3: I haven't accomplished anything...
4: yet I've come this far believing that I have some awesome talent buried deep within me.
5: Whenever something bad happened, I'd just run from it...
6: thinking that I wouldn't be able to make use of my talent there...
7: What...
8: is talent?
9: I'm...
10: just some guy...

1: On Dec. 31st,
2: the worst accident happened.


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