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Green Message


Green Message

sign: Kusanagi Housaku
1: Wow.
2: This ancient-looking house is covered in vines.
3: Kusanagi Housaku. This cutting edge biotechnology scholar
4: is living in quite the unusual place...

SFX: ding dong
1: You foooool!!
2: What?! Just what right do you have to call me that?!
3: You wanna go?!
SFX: crash
4: Kyaaaah!

1: A-are you OK?! Ummm...
small: Handkerchief, handkerchief!
SFX: fidget
2: Oof... that moron and his stupid strength...

1: Masumi?
2: Uhh...
3: Mizuta Mari!
4: Yes!
5: The girl from the biology dept?
6: Yes!
7: Long time no see! Oh, um...
8: I came here to meet your father, Professor Kusanagi.
9: Hey.
10: You've got a guest, dad.

SFX: lick (x2)
1: Do you know her, Masumi?
2: She's a year younger than me, and was in the biology department the same time that I was. Her name's Mizuta Mari.
3: Nice to meet you...
4: That really surprised me... Do they always fight like that?
5: Umm, Masumi? Are you taking time off from college right now?
6: Yeah. My dad's forcing me to work as his assistant... for no pay!
7: You got any complaints?

1: I came to have a meeting about the lecture your father has graciously agreed to give at the end of winter break.
2: Lecture?
3: You agreed to that, dad?
4: Uh... Yeah...
5: I didn't know that.

1: Your mother asked me to. How could I refuse?!
2: You idiot! I don't care who asked you!
3: Just forget about that, Mizuta! He doesn't have the time for something like that right now!
4: Oh, and come with me. Since you came all the way here, you might as well look at what we're working on.
5: What? Uhh...
6: Masumi...
7: Just get back to work!
8: Whaaat?!
9: Hold on!
10: Ma... Masumi!

1: This is a special lab my dad built.
2: Consider yourself lucky!
3: If your father's busy, I wouldn't mind delaying the lecture.
4: No. I'll call the school.
5: But--
6: No.

1: Do you know what this is?
SFX: knock (x2)
2: What is it?
3: A pomato.
4: A pomato?!
5: A fusion between a tomato and a potato! Wooow! It's my first time seeing a real one!
6: I can't believe things like this are actually possible! This'll start a selective breeding revolution!!
7: Oh no...
8: I sort of lost control of myself...

1: The number of successes among the Solanaceae family is increasing, though. They're just haven't permeated to important crops like rice and soybeans.
2: It'll still be some time until the technology is properly established.
3: Right now, my dad's working on a new breed.
4: It's his dream...
5: I want to see it come true for him.
6: That's why... I'm sorry.
7: I'm sorry...

1: Hmm...
box 2: Masumi was always a bit of a blunt person, but he was also passionate, always focused on his beakers and his books.
box 3: But...
box 4: That special smile of his... and the unexpected way he laughs. The way he fights with his father surprised me, too. And despite that, he still chose the same path as his father, and respects him.
box 5: He must love him...
box 6: I think that's so nice...

1: Masumi...
SFX: clink (x2)
sfx: ding (x2)
sfx: hoo (x2)
1: Mizuta!
2: Huh?
3: Masumi?

1: What's up?
2: H-hello!
box 2: So we meet again! I'm kinda happy...
3: Were you shopping?
4: Yeah. Our housekeeper got a cold and took the day off.
5: Where's your mom?
6: She passed away.
7: A long time ago! You don't need to worry. I don't really remember her.
8: Oh, um, Mizuta... How do you cook rice?

1: Huh?
2: Don't tell me... You've never cooked before?
3: Well... With rice, what you do is...
4: Hmmm...
5: ...this, then that...
SFX: FSSH (x3)
6: Sorry... All I meant was for you to explain it to me.
7: It's fine. Winter break has left me with nothing to do anyway.

1: What am I doing?
box 4: I just felt... like it'd be a shame if we said goodbye back there.
2: Ohh, Mari!
3: Sorry for causing you all this trouble!
4: Professor?

1: Wh-what are you doing? Are you sick?
2: Oh, it's nothing to worry about.
3: Masumi!
4: Dad, look at this.
box 5: Oh, I see. They're at a tough stage right now.
5: Masumi.
6: If you don't mind, I'll fill in for your housekeeper until she gets better.

SFX: klak (x4)
1: ...such a good kid...
2: Me?
3: Mari, of course!
4: She really seems worried about us.
5: She's always been a nice person.
6: I'm surprised about you, too. I thought you didn't like having people care for you like that.

1: I guess... it was when I showed her the pomatos.
2: The way she reacted...
3: I dunno how to say it, but... I don't dislike people like her.
4: ...Are you working?
5: Yessiree!

1: Wake up, daaaad!!
2: Masumi?
3: You don't have time to rest! You still have a ton of things to do!
4: Masumi! Don't be so rough! Masumi!
5: Wake uuuup!!
6: Masumi!
SFX: drag (x3)

1: Fine! You can sleep for three hours!
2: But that's the limit!!
3: Masumi!
4: This is crazy! You need to let him get a proper night's sleep!
5: The professor looks really exhausted. Can't you tell from how pale his face looks?
6: I know...
7: We're so close, though. If we slack off here, it could all be ruined.
8: But are you sure he'll even be able to make it to the end?

1: I'll make sure he does.
2: But...
3: I know you really love your dad. That's why you want his research to be successful...
4: But Masumi... Now it sounds like the research is the most important thing to you.

1: That's right.
2: Right now, to me and my dad, the research means everything.
3: I can't believe I made her say that...

box 1: Oh no... I said something horrible.
2: I said something horrible...
3: to Masumi...

1: I thought you'd given up on me...
2: I'm sorry... I stepped over the line and became a nuisance.
3: Yeah... You did.

1: If you don't want me to get in the way anymore, then please, just say so. I won't come here ever again. I'm just so worried...
2: About what?
3: You look
4: like you're in pain...
5: I'm not...
6: Mizuta, I know very well what I'm doing.
7: But this is something I've done with my dad the entire way so far. I understand too deeply how much he wants to complete this research.

1: I can't do anything else
2: except help him here.
3: If you like, Mizuta... Can you stay here a little longer?
4: We're almost done. Just a little more... I want you to see the end.
5: OK...
6: Masumi...
7: So it's OK for me to watch over you?
8: Please
9: do your best.

1: What do you think?
2: Wow... Peas on a tree!
3: It's a fusion between a potato and green peas. The potepea! (I guess)
4: I finished the dissertation, too.
5: Now we just need to announce it at a conference.

1: We did it, daaaad!
2: Wahahaha!
3: Congratulations, professor!
4: This is all thanks to me! You owe me!
5: Don't be ridiculous! This is a triumph of my brain!
6: Start the count!
7: One! Two!
8: Th...

1: Dad...?
2: Dad!!

1: Come here.
2: He says he wants to see you.
3: What's wrong?
4: I don't know how to face him...
5: I didn't know anything... about how bad his condition was...
6: If you had known,
7: would you still have watched us in silence?

1: Oh, Mari...
2: Professor...
3: Thank you... I'm glad you're here.
4: If it hadn't been for yo, Masumi may have complained too much and given up.
5: Take care of him for me...
6: Professor...
7: He's my only son.
8: We aren't related by blood, though...
9: What?

1: Why are you bringing that up now?!
2: If I wasn't your son, then I how would I've been to force you to do that work, knowing that it'd shorten your life?!
3: SFX: yank
4: Dad! You still need to go to the conference!
5: It's too early for you to kick the bucket!
6: The conference, huh?
7: Who cares about that?
8: I just wanted to complete what I set out to do.
9: Masumi...
10: You understand me better than anyone else.

1: I don't have any other sons.
2: Thanks for all your help...
3: D...
4: Dad?
5: Dad...
6: Professor!

1: Dad...
2-3: Dad!
4: Dad! Can you fuse a potato and a tomato?
5: Yeah, I think so.
box 4: That's a great idea! How about we make one together, Masumi?
6: A new vegetable!
7: Like a pomato?
8: Yeah.
9: Let's make it together,
10: Masumi...

1: My real parents died in an accident a long time ago. He was one of their best friends, and took me in when I was 10.
2: Dad...
3: had cancer. The doctor said he only had 2 years left.
4: But he told me this was the one thing he wanted to finish...
5: He begged me. So I...
6: But I don't get it.
7: Was this really what he wanted?
8: Was this the only thing I was able to do for him?

1: Who cares about a new kind of plant?
2: I wanted him to live... That's what I really wanted!
3: That's all I prayed for...
4: every single day!!

1: Masumi...
2: I don't get it either.
3: All I know
4: is that you're...
5: exactly the man I thought you were.
6: No matter what anyone else thinks,
7: I
8: love you.
SFX: clank (x4)
SFX: tonk
9: Masumi! Please don't fall!
10: I know!

1: Is he going to be OK?
2: I should climb up there too.
3: Masumi
SFX: clank (x2)
4: seems to be planning on taking over his father's research.
box 4: He said he's going to take the dissertation to the conference, but that won't happen for a while.
5: Oof!
6: Let me help!
7: Woah!
8: This is dangerous!
9: Same goes for you!
10: Are you really planning to live here all alone?
11: Yeah. Hey, Mizuta...

1: How about continuing the research together?
2: You and me this time.
3: That way, we won't be alone.
4: Masumiii!
5: Hey! This is dangerous, I said!

Green Message / END


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