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#15. Sword of Hundreds, Sword of Thousands [1]


tl by danluffey

Mane of the Wind [5]
Sword of Hundreds, Sword of Thousands

box 1: Sakurako, you said that you wanted fangs that were stronger than any other's. Fangs as strong as the steel of a sword, cold and sharp.
box 2: You said this, and then you turned your eyes away from me.

box 3: I am a huge glutton

I like all yummy food, regardless of price. I especially love rice. On my days off, I easily eat 3 or 4 bowls. Being able to eat and sleep is enough to make me happy.

SFX: Eeheh

I'm so glad to be alive!

SFX: clang
1: Someone,
2: help!
3: Help me! Someone! Mad dogs!
4: Waaaaaugh!

1: Kyaaah!
2: Hey! Someone call a doctor! Call the police!
SIGN: Wild Dog Accidents Continue
text: A widescale wild dog hunt expected to happen, run by the police and the pound.

SFX: bark bark
SFX: whine
1: Sakurako...
2: Yes.
3: Did your group really have nothing to do with the recent dog attacks?
4: Yes, elder. Naturally, even we understand full well what would happen if we started to attack people indiscriminately.

1: The ones behind the attacks are probably the people who are trying to get a hold of our clan's secrets as well as the red stones.
2: They've run out of patience.
3: They're using dogs to attack people on purpose, so that they can start a dog hunt,
4: when in actuality,
5: they'll use this as a chance to hunt us werewolves, in a top secret manner, of course.
6: And what do you intend to do, Sakurako?
7: I need to do something.
8: I'm a warrior, after all.
9: Sakurako.

1: Don't overdo it.
2: You're the only one I'm worried about.
3: Elder...
4: The elder doesn't
5: have much time left.
6: We need to find a new, powerful leader, or we'll never be able to take them on.
7: Sou...
8: I want you... no matter what it takes,
9: I'm going to steal you away from Hazumi.

SFX: caaaw
1: Come here.
2: Come!
SFX: caw
3: Over here.

1: It's strange.
2: Hm?
3: The fact that the crows are being so friendly with you.
4: They're cute.
5: Lately, they've been following me around wherever I go. Maybe they're trying to protect me?
6: Hmm...
7: caaw
SFX: peck

1: Hey, Sou...
2: Aren't you glad
3: that Dr. Kitou let us stay here?
4: We might put him in danger as a result,
5: but if that happens,
6: let's protect him, together.
7: No matter what may come.
8: Yeah!
9: Sou...

box 1: He said... "together."
box 2: That's what I need to hear most right now.
box 3: I don't want to lose that. It's more precious to me than anything.
SFX: flop

1: Sou...
2: Is there something in that newspaper? You've been staring at it for a while...
3: No... It's nothing.
4: Let me see.
5: Forget about it. There's nothing you need to read in here.
6: Ah! Now you've got me even more curious!
7: Let me see it!
8: Stop it, stupid! It's not a big deal!

SFX: Snap
SFX: rustle...
1: Oh...
2: Sorry.
3: It was just such a nice scene, I couldn't resist.

1: Shouldn't I have?
2: ...Seems that way.
3: Here's the film. I think it came out well, tough.
4: In exchange, if you could keep the fact that I came here
5: a secret from old baldy, then I'd...
6: Ahem.
7: And just who are you calling old baldy?
8: You good-for-nothing goon of a grandson! It's been three months since I saw you last!
9: Oh!

1: That's why I was apologizing, grandpa. Anyway, the important thing is I'm back now!
2: Enough of your blabbering, you hooligan! If I didn't stop you, you would have just changed your clothes and been back out the door again!
3: You're 20 years old now, but what have you done? You dropped out of the university I got you into just so you could gallivant around with your camera all day! Do you know how many excuses I've had to make to your parents in New York?!
4: His grandson?
5: Seems that way.
6: And one more thing!
7: Hi there.
8: My name's Issei. Kitou Issei. Are you two the new part-timers?
9: Yes, I suppose you could call them that.
10: Oh!
11: I'm Akiyama Hazumi.
12: I'm Akiyama Sou.

1: Siblings, huh?
2: No... Actually, we aren't.
3: So Sarukako quit, huh?
4: Guess I shouldn't have been gone for so long. I didn't even get to say goodbye.
5: We have received an update regarding the recent wild dog attacks.
6: At the beginning of this month, the number of deceased victims rose over 20.
7: The police and the pound have quickly started strengthening the wild dog hunt...
8: Wild dogs again?
9: It couldn't be Sakurako, could it? Not even her group would do something so stupid...

SIGN: Darkroom
SIGN 2: For Issei
Grandpa's not allowed inside!!
SFX: knock knock

1: Issei, I brought you some dinner. May I come inside?
2: Oh! Sure, thanks!
3: Come in and look at the photos.
4: I just finished developing them.
5: Ah...

1: Sakurako...
2: Did you know Sakurako?
3: Yes... But we weren't together for very long.
4: Her eyes always looked like this, right?
5: That's why this photo is so precious. She rarely ever made these kinds of faces...

1: Yes. It's really beautiful.
2: I've never seen her make this sort of expression either.
3: She looks a little lonely, though...
4: Were you close with Sakurako?
5: Hmmm... I guess I'd put it like this...
6: Ever since she came to work here two years ago, I've had it for her. It was always one-sided, though,even now.
7: Every time I confessed my feelings for her, she'd stare at me with those sharp eyes and give me the cold shoulder. It's actually pretty pathetic.
8: I don't care about her clan, or whether or not she can turn into a werewolf... And I told her that, many times.

1: ...Issei?
2: I know.
SFX: rattle
3: Here.
4: You're
5: one of Sakurako's allies, right?

1: What?
2: I saw the red stone around your neck.
3: Issei, um, that's...
4: Hazumi.
5: If you know where Sakurako is,
6: would you tell me?
7: I want to see her.
8: There's something I need to find out. And I want to know that she's safe.
9: I thought you might be able to tell me...
10: Issei, I...

1: For the grandson of Dr. Kitou,
2: you're pretty dense.
3: What?
4: I guess you were right not to become a scientist.
5: Hazumi isn't on Sakurako's side. She doesn't know where she is.
6: Also, just so you know... Searching for any more information on Sakurako could mean putting yourself in great danger.
7: She isn't the tender woman you see in your photos.

1: She attacks the people who know her secrets,
2: then kills them with her fangs. She's a guerrilla wolf who loves blood.
3: Wait... Hold on!
4: If you really don't know, then just give me a clue! Anything you find!
5: I'm worried about her!

1: I heard something troubling from a friend of mine who's working on the wild dog hunt.
2: They say that the 'wild dog hunt' is only what it's being called in public.
3: That the hunters are really looking for something else...
4: A group of wolves that aren't supposed to exist in Japan anymore.

1: Sou...
2: If what Issei said is rue, then Sakurako...
3: This is good for us. Now she and her group will be too busy running around to think about us.
4: Just let it be.
5: It has nothing to do with us.
6: That isn't what your face is saying,
7: Sou...

1: Yeah. Of course he's worried.
2: No matter what happens, he's still one of them.
SFX: caw
SFX: caw
SFX: flutter

SFX: clench

1: Strange...
2: I thought I saw the crows fluttering around here a moment ago.
3: Perhaps a cat passed by.

1: You followed me all the way here?
2: It's alright. I'm just going out for a little shopping. I won't go far.
3: caaaaw
SFX: slice

1: Huh...?

SFX: crash

1: What the hell?!
2: Wait. Don't get any closer. He has something in his mouth...
SFX: tok
3: Sou!
4: That's the stone that Hazumi had on...

1: You're one of Sakurako's allies, aren't you?
SFX: crash
2: Sou!

1: Where's Hazumi?
2: What did you do to her?
3: Sakurako!!

SFX: Huh?!
1: Sou...
2: You...
3: Search for them. I know they're nearby.
4: The wild dogs or the wolves?

1: Sakurako!
2: Sou!
3: Stop! Run!
4: The hunters are here!!


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