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#10. Lamentation


tl by danluffey

#10. Lamentation

1: I want to be happy! That's why I have to kill you - the demon, the source of all this misfortune!
2: The knife dug deep into Gamon's stomach...

1: Spouting ideals is useless. Just let me hold you in my breast. Love isn't logical. It's an act that overflows with tenderness...
2: The demon was dreaming... About the women he had known thus far...

1: There was a woman who was drowning in lust...
2: And another who submerged herself in sacrificial love.
3: He saw glimpses of motherly love...
4: It all brought back such memories, and tugged at his heart...
5: As of now, he was hungry for love. Not in order to take the women back to Hell with him...
6: He merely wanted to immerse himself in their warmth and kindness.
7: To this demon, love now meant kindness and warmth...

1: Here, eat this. I got you some bread.
2: You can have some too. There are also apples inside.
SFX: cough x3
3: Are you homeless too?
4: Please, eat this.

SFX: cough x3
1: Don't touch me! I'm fine, really!
SFX: blech!
2: This woman... her mortal flame is about to be extinguished...

1: Ahh... No! Stop it!
2: Ahh...
3: Ffh...
4: Hoo...

1: Miyu!!
2: Miyu, are you alright?!
3: He brought me home.
4: Where's her bed?
5: Thank you! This way!
SFX: swoon...
6: What an unsettling power... I'm losing my strength...

1: Ggh...
2: Thank you... I went to go help people, only to be helped myself...

1: They... told me I have terminal cancer.
2: I don't have many years left to live...
3: When I die, I want to go to Heaven... So I've been helping people in trouble... purifying my heart and praying.
4: You're... homeless, aren't you? We have an open room here, so you're welcome to use it to rest.
5: My mother will prepare it. You don't need to worry about when to leave. Just... Don't worry about me anymore. This pain is a trial from God... I want to bear it on my own.
6: Also... men invite unseemly desires. And I don't want to go to Hell.

1: Good night... May the Lord protect you.
2: Hell is a world overflowing with evil energy...
3: I suppose the opposite exists as well...
4: I feel like I'm going to puke. I need to get out of here as fast as possible...
5: But... I can't get that dying girl out of my mind.

1: O Lord... please guide me to Heaven. I am your servant for eternity.
SFX: cough x3
2: I'm sure the Lord will hear your prayers, Miyu.

1: Father Michael...
2: Oh, how I've missed you, Father...
3: I thank God every day that I can hear your voice and experience the joy of knowing you...
4: Let us continue to purify our hearts together, so that we can be pure and beautiful servants of the Lord forever and ever.

1: So she has a thing for that priest... That's why she doesn't want me to get close.
2: Miyu, I am very grateful for your help with tomorrow's charity bazaar. I'm sure the Lord will be watching us.
3: And he will surely answer your prayers.
4: Father Michael... My only prayer is to be loved by you...
5: I'm not afraid of death. All I want...
6: is your love...

SFX: tap
1: Let us pray, and purify our hearts.
3: Father Michael...

1: I love you...

1: Miyu... I think that's enough bread baking for now. You should go out for a walk.
2: No... This bread is for the bazaar. I need to make it with my own hands...
3: But... the church is the only place you ever go. You'll never be able to make friends that way.
4: There's no point in making friends now...
5: I have Father Michael... And I adore him with all my heart. He taught me the happiness of adoring someone.
6: But Father Michael's promised his body, mind, and soul to God... I wish you could just find a normal... even if you don't get married, just a normal, you know...
7: This is all I could find. Will it do?

1: What?
2: While that man's in the shower, your father went to find some clothes that might fit him. This should do, right?
3: Yes, they're still new, after all. I'll...
4: Miyu... We don't know a thing about that man. Are you sure it's OK to let him stay here?
5: He doesn't have anywhere else to go. He's a poor soul in need of help... We're happy enough as it is. We should share what we have wit hothers.
6: Miyu... How can you call yourself happy? God is so cruel!
7: Stop that talk!

SFX: cough x3
SFX: twitch

1: I've never seen a man's naked body before. It's so beautiful and masculine...
2: Is that... how Father Michael looks too?

1: Oh no! What was I thinking?!
2: Oh God! Please forgive me!!
3: I did something so disgraceful! How could I have left myself feel lustful toward a man?!
4: God! I'm praying to you!
5: Please, give me your forgiveness!
SFX: cough x3

SFX: ding dong x2
SFX: chatter... x2
1: No need to be bashful. Go on, take it.
2: God always provides for the needy.
3: Does everyone have enough? We still have warm soup here!
SFX: cough...
4: Oh, Father Michael!
5: Ooh! Father!

1: Thank you so much for your service, everyone.
2: Today is such a fine day. I'm sure the Lord is overjoyed as well.
3: Thank you for everything, Father.
4: Did you fill your stomach? You should be thanking God, not me.
SFX: blush...
5: He's so beautiful!
6: What a man...

1: That's right... I'm beautiful. My mind, my body, my knowledge...
2: Pure, beautiful, and righteous... I'm so beautiful!
3: I am God's... a servant of God...
4: I will never fall prey to temptations of the flesh... I will never be corrupted...
5: Father Michael...
SFX: cough x2
6: Are you OK? Please don't push yourself.

1: God is always watching you. I'm sure he'll take you up to Heaven with Him.
2: Father Michael...
3: I...
4: Purify your heart... I'll be praying for you.
5: Praying that you can overcome the trial God has given you... And so that you may continue to walk the path of forgiveness...
SFX: cough x3

1: Hoo...mmph

1: You followed me? Please... don't touch me...
2: This is the second time you've held me...
3: Your breast is just... too comfortable... too warm...
4: It'll make me want to stay here forever... But lust is a sin...
5: Miyu...
SFX: crunch
SFX: drip...
6: Kiss me... and then drink my blood. It'll make you feel better...

1: Kiss...?
SFX: squeeze...
2: Ahh...

1: Wh-what is the meaning of this?!
2: How wretched!!

1: He's overflowing with evil!
2: It's a demon! A demon has appeared!!
3: He can see me? Looks like he's the real thing, then... He possesses power...
4: A demon! A demon has invaded our realm! Someone, bring out the holy water!!

1: I can't believe one would appear in front of me in broad daylight like this!
2: It was a demon! It had to be!!
3: Is this another trial from God?! Has he seen through to the conceit, lust, and idleness that dwells in my heart?! Did he send that demon here to make me repent?!
4: Is he telling me to fight? To save that woman from the demon's temptation?!
5: I need to be purer... more noble... in order to walk closer to the path of forgiveness! I need to fight!

1: No! Stop it!!
2: Let me go!!
3: Miyu! I'm not trying to attack you! Stop resisting!
4: Just be quiet and let me do this!
5: Let me embrace you!!

1: Then... kiss me and drink my blood!
2: I'll share my blood with you...
3: It'll make you feel better... I promise.
4: But how... how could that be true?
5: Miyu... I learned about love from many human females...
6: I still remember how warm, gentle, and relaxing it felt...
7: I want you to feel it too.

1: You can't... escape death...
2: Which is why you deserve to know pleasure! Happiness! It'd simply be too sad if you died without knowing these things! Far too sad!
3: I know about your lust. Want me... It's only natural.
4: Gamon!

1: Begone, demon!!

1: Miyu... That's a demon! Get away from him!!
2: A-a demon?! He's a demon?!
3: That's right, he's a demon! Their sweet temptations corrupt humans and ensnare them within sinful traps!
4: He'll take you to Hell!
5: Father Michael... I'm sorry, but not even you can convince me of that...

1: Ahhh!
SFX: fzzz x2
2: Gggghhh!

1: Ohh... So grotesque! Turn your eyes away, Miyu!
2: That's what a demon really looks like!
3: Gamon?
4: Gggghhh!
5: Gaaahhh!

1: Gamon!!

1: Ahhh... But how...
2: Gggh...
3: What else could he be but a demon?! Miyu, you were just about to become a victim to his temptations!
4: Demons dwell in the hearts of weak, ugly humans!
5: Even if it was just for a moment, you fell prey to his temptation! You must repent for your weakness!
6: Ahhh...

1: Father Michael!
2: Miyu! Take this blade, and use it to send the demon to Hell!
3: Destroy him! Destroy him and the Lord will reveal the path of forgiveness to you!!

1: Take it!
2: Miyu, you must feel ashamed at yourself! You lost to his demonic wiles! Repent! Swing down the blade!!
3: Ahh...
4: Stop, Miyu!! Drop the blade!!

1: I am a demon!!
2: Which means... that stabbing me won't kill me!
3: Even if you rip my body into shreds, my soul will merely be reborn in a new body!
4: Demons are eternal!!
5: Ahh... Nooo!
6: You need... to kiss me! Suck the blood from my lips! I want to share with you the blood of resurrection! It'll make you feel a little better!

1: Miyu, what are you waiting for?! That is the very temptation I'm talking about!
2: Do you want to corrupt the body that the Lord gave you with demonic blood?!
3: Gggh!
SFX: cough x3
4: Fight the temptation!! Achieve a righteous victory!
5: Do that, and you will surely go to Heaven!!
6: Heaven...

1: Heaven...
2: Ahh...
SFX: stagger...
3: Miyu...
4: Gggh!!

1: Ohhh! Black wings! The symbol of the demon!!
2: St... stop! Stop, Miyu!
3: Destroy the demon, beg for forgiveness, and you will go to Heaven...
4: Never making love with the man you love... Never knowing the joy of love...
5: It's too lonely... too sad!

1: Miyu! You lusted for me...
2: I... want to make love to you!
3: It may send you to Hell... But it will also give you joy!
4: The joy that I've felt! Love! I want to make you feel it too!!
5: Miyu... Suck my blood... Just kiss me!
6: What are you waiting for?! Stab him in the heart! Finish him off!!

1: Miyu! Stop it! Throw down the blade and suck my blood!
2: Lust for the joy!!
3: Don't... let yourself die like this!!
SFX: clink...

1: Wha...

1: Ahh...
2: Miyu...
3: That's it... suck more! More! Embrace me!
SFX: bite x2
4: I'm giving you life!!

1: Ah... Ahhh!
2: H-how shameless is she? How could she let that demon corrupt her blood?!
3: How could she forfeit herself to demonic lust?!
4: This is an insult to God!!
5: Out of the way, you traitor!!
6: I'll finish him off myself!!
SFX: grab

1: Father Michael!!
2: Ahh...

1: Miyu!
2: Ahhh...
3: Father Michael... He isn't a demon...
4: Wha...
5: Demons... Don't cry for humans, do they?
6: He... cried for me... He cried tears that you never showed me...

1: Miyuuuu!
2: Suck my blood once more!!
3: Miyuuu!
4: So warm... It feels so good... Yes... Hold me more... More...
5: Miyuuu!
6: Ahh... So warm... I'm so happy...

1: Ahh... Ahhhh...
2: Michael...
3: Gaaaahhh!
4: Gwahhh!
5: You're the one who's going to Hell!!
6: Ggggghhhh!!

1: Uu...
2: Miyu said you weren't a demon...
3: We feel the same way.
4: Miyu surely died a happy woman... But if you kill Father Michael, then Miyu will be...

SFX: touch...
1: It's real... But the wings must be fake, right?
2: Please go.
3: We'll handle the rest...
4: Yes... Miyu stabbed herself with the blade.
5: And Father Michael tried to stop her. That's what happened.

1: Our daughter learned about true happiness for the first time when you held her...
2: Even if she didn't make it to Heaven, I'm sure she's happy now...
SFX: stagger...
SFX: flap...

1: Since when... had he been able to cry like this? Since when had he learned that this warmth was love?
2: The demon was confused...
3: Trapped within emotions that even humans have forgotten...

#10. Lamentation / END


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