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Summer Once Again


Summer Once Again

1: It's so close to summer vacation,
SIGN: Tokito Private Middle School
2: yet I feel...
3: terrible.

1: Heeey! Takehara Tomoka! Sasaki Natsuo!
2: How long are you going to keep your backs to one another? We're never going to be able to finish homeroom like this!
3: Here. Copy this on to the board.
SFX: skritch
SFX: spin...
4: Hey...
5: Tomoka...
6: is totally ignoring Sasaki!
SFX: fwip
7: You just noticed that? They've been acting like this for a year now!

1: And they used to get along so well, too...
2: I wonder what happened?
3: Ahhh... I'm doing it again!
4: I know there's nothing cute about how I'm behaving now. I know that, but...
5: I just can't take it! Not in front of him!
6: I just... can't... act normal!

1: Hey! Takehara! Why are you up in that tree again?
2: Get down right now!!
3: Why don't you just leave her alone? She always climbs the tree when she's depressed.
4: She said it makes her feel better.
SFX: sigh...
5: Get down,
6: Tomoka.
7: Natsuo...
8: That's an old tree, so its branches are weak.
9: You could fall.

1: C'mon.
2: Enough already!
3: It's been a whole year!
4: How long are you going to keep this up for?
5: Don't you get it,
6: Tomoka?!

1: Geez!
2: I'm so...
3: stupid!
4: It happened exactly one year ago...
5: around this season.

1: On that day, I got asked out by Tomita, the shallowest guy in class.
2: Wanna go out with me?
3: Give me a reply at 4 PM. I'll be waiting inside the Abe Shrine grounds. Bye.
4: Wait...
5: Of course, I never intended to say yes...
6: Because
7: I liked Natsuo...
8: Where is he?!
9: I went to the shrine so I could turn him down properly, but then it started raining, and Tomita never came.
10: Then, just as I was starting to worry, the one who ended up coming...
11: was him.

1: Hey! Why are you here?!
2: You idiot!!
3: Tomita's long gone! He forgot what he said to you!
4: He was just playing around with you!
5: Oh... That's good, then!
6: I never intended to go out with him in the first place!
7: Liar!
8: You came all the way out here
9: because you actually like him, right?
10: Woah...
SFX: slap

1: Idiot!
2: Tomita's a total loser,
2: but he's still better than you!
3: I hate you,
4: Natsuo!!
5: I just couldn't forgive him. I couldn't forgive the fact that he thought I liked Tomita...
6: I want to make up, Natsuo...
7: But...
8: I can't find a chance to apologize!

1: I don't want to stay like this forever!
2: If only that day had never happened... If I could go back and change things...
3: I would!
SFX: fsssh x3
4: I want to go back!
SFX: crack

1: Tomoka!

1: Hey...
2: Tomoka!
3: Want to go out with me?
4: Owww...
5: No way! Tomita, you've gotta be joking!
6: I'm serious!

1: This...
2: is one year ago!
3: Hey!
4: I went back one year in the past!
5: Owww!
6: My butt!
7: I'm not dreaming... I'm not dreaming!
8: Did I travel through time?

1: I've seen this scene
2: somewhere before...
3: And not only that...
4: Think it over.
5: Give me a reply at 4 PM. I'll be waiting inside the Abe Shrine grounds. Bye.
6: I've heard these lines before too!

1: God... Will I really get to do things over again?
2: Will I really be able to do this day over again?
3: I'm not here...
4: I need to find my old self!

1: I can't let myself
2: go to that shrine!
3: The meeting time's at 4!
4: I'm running out of time!
5: Oh... Hey!
6: Do you know where Takehara Tomoka is?

1: Natsuo...
2: You're Tomoka. What is this, some kind of joke?
3: Huh...
4: How did your hair get so long?
5: Owwwww!
6: I... I...
7: I'm not Tomoka! I'm her sister! I'm one year older than her!
8: You've got to be kidding me.
9: Really! See? This is a second-year uniform!
10: See, see?
11: That's it!
12: I don't need to worry about stopping myself from going to the shrine!

1: Umm...
2: Hey, Natsuo...
3: I heard that Tomoka
4: is planning to meet this guy named Tomita at the Abe Shrine at 4.
5: Yeah, I know.
6: Someone who saw them talking told me.
7: Great! That'll make things easier!
8: Don't go to the Abe Shrine!
9: What? Why would I ever wanna go there?
10: It's no fun watching someone else go on a date.
11: No...

1: It's not a date...
2: Anyway...
3: No matter what happens, just promise me you won't go...
4: OK?
5: ...I won't.

1: Good. Now I'll go there alone,
2: and we won't get into a fight!
SFX: rumble x4
3: I feel a little disappointed by how quickly he told me he wouldn't go, though...
SFX: drip
4: Woah!
5: It's raining!
6: Let's hurry home.
7: Yeah! It looks like it's gonna pour!

1: Let's play Necromancer!
2: Yeah!
3: That's Tomita!
4: It's 4...
5: Wait...
6: How am I gonna get back?
7: do I need to fall off the tree again?
8: What are you doing, Tomita?
9: Didn't you have plans to meet Tomoka?
10: Huh? Oh...
11: Oh, that?
12: Well, it started raining, so...

1: Not like she's gonna actually go, anyway. I just tried asking her for the heck of it.
2: That idiot! I'm gonna punch him once before I go back! This is all his fault, anyway!
3: Punch...
4: Natsuo!
SFX: rumble x3

1: No way...
2: She didn't actually go, did she?
3: Natsuo?!
4: Wait...
5: Where are you going, Natsuo?
6: Stop!
7: Natsuo!

1: Wait!
2: Wait!!

1: I hate you,
2: Natsuo!
SFX: splish x5

1: I'm so stupid!
2: You followed me here?!

1: Why did you come here, Natsuo?
2: Why? But...
3: I told you not to!
4: Why are you getting so mad?
5: I was just worried...
6: How could I let a girl
7: wait alone in the rain like that?
8: If that's how you really feel, then why did you speak to me that way?!
9: I like Tomoka!

1: What?
2: I never thought Tomoka would actually come here to meet a guy like Tomita!
3: I'll apologize tomorrow.
4: Seems like I'm the one at fault here, anyway.
5: Tomoka's mad.
6: So I'll wait for her to cheer up.
7: She may not be able to speak to you for a while.
8: Will you still like her, even then?!
9: Won't you regret getting into a fight with her?!

1: There's no point in crying
2: over spilt milk.
3: Besides,
4: these sorts of things teach us lessons.
5: I'll still
6: like Tomoka...
7: Yeah...
8: That's right!

1: Thank you,
2: Natsuo!
3: I couldn't change the past, but...
4: Just wait for me! For one year!
5: I feel like...
6: Are you...
7: Tomoka?
8: I'm going back...
9: Tomoka!
10: Back to my
11: future...

1: Tomoka...
2: Tomoka!
3: I love you,
4: To...
5: Natsuo...

Summer Once Again / END


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