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Chapter 4


1: Now... If you'll excuse us.
2: We will take Lama Dorje home.
3: Thank you all so much for coming.
4: Be careful now!

1: Dakini... We wish to help you.
2: If you call us, we will come to you at anytime... Let us protect you from Yama.
3: Dakini...

BOOK: Temples
MAP: Eastern Japan
1: What the... Just where is that temple, anyway
2: West from here...
3: Ryuukeiji Temple...
4: Sugaru's guide...
5: So this person
6: will be able to lead us to him?

1: Using an actual human as a guide... sure sounds like a god to me.
2: He said the one at the temple is the third one, right? Then who are the other two? Dorje, and...
3: Tagawa, the girl who killed herself.
4: I see...
5: Seems like you aren't too excited
6: about traveling with me.

1: Yeah.
2: Not anymore.
3: I thought that you only killed monsters, not people.
SFX: snicker x2
4: You thought too highly of me.
5: Anyway...
BOOK: Temples
6: Regardless of how you feel, I'm taking you with me.
7: That's what I said, remember?
8: I know where we need to go. We're leaving at once.
9: I'm not going.

1: Wha...
2: Kashima...
3: I'm in a hurry.

1: What...
2: are you doing?!

1: Wow...
2: So you can finally use your power now.
3: What a pain!
4: I'm taking you with me even if I have to knock you out!

1: Sugaru...
2: What's wrong?

1: If you're gonna do it, now's your chance.
2: Shut up!
3: What is it?
4: What was that just now?
5: Just because Kashima's acting like an antenna for Sugaru's voice, that doesn't mean...
6: I need to see them as the same person!
7: Natsuki.
8: You're...
9: really making this hard for me.

1: I have no idea what's going on with you.
2: Of course you don't.
SFX: pat
3: Fine.
4: I'll go.
5: But I don't like the way you just tried to resolve your problem.
6: And if you kill another human...

1: Then I'll really leave.
2: Even
3: if it makes you kill me.
SFX: rattle
4: We're off, Takejo, Umejo..
5: Shinobu!
6: Come back soon!

1: I wish you'd at least let me pack a bit.
2: You don't need to worry about that. I have money.
3: So...
4: do I...
5: Living expenses... and a credit card...
SFX: fwooosh

1: Yama...

1: Hey!!
2: What's wrong?
3: What is this? Look!
4: Geez... Is this some kind of prank?
5: Who knows. We need to call the office.

1: Hiee...
2: Gggh!
3: You're the wrong ones.

1: You're the wrong ones.
2: Where... are the children who killed me...

1: Where are they?!
SIGN: Ryuukeiji Temple

1: Miya...
2: Hey...
3: Miya...
4: Kumi...

1: Let's run a race.
2: Stop it...
3: Please! Just go away!
4: Please... That happened 7 years ago...
5: Why are you coming back now?
6: Hey...
7: Let's run a race again...
8: Noooooo!!
9: Go away! Go awaaaay!!

1: Yes, that's right. We're part of a local history club at our local high school.
2: We've been researching the history of various regions, and this week he and I were partnered up and tasked with this spot. There seems to be a lot of valuable historical artifacts in this temple, after all.
3: Here's a letter from our advising teacher.
4: Hmmm...
5: School's closed today,
6: so we were hoping you'd let us stay the night so that we could get ample research done.
7: Stay the night? Here?
8: Yes.
9: It's OK, right?

1: Yes.... It's fine, I suppose. Come in.
2: Our old texts are all we really have to be proud of, though...
3: There's inside here.
4: You used hypnotic suggestion...
5: Got any other ideas?
6: Is this really the right temple?
7: Yes... Probably.

1: Natsuki?

1: So many spirits...
2: Even for a temple, this is horrible. Is Sugaru's darkness also causing this?
3: What's that monk doing with this place?!
SFX: shiver
4: Shinobu?
5: Is that what you're going to call me now?
6: Yes. You're my classmate, after all.
7: I pulled out a mountain of ancient texts here. Stop playing around with spirits and act like you're reading through them.
8: Umm...

1: Wow... You're a middle schooler?
2: My name is Torii Miyako.
3: Thank you for all the help. I'm Kashima,
4: and she's...
5: She's...
SFX: ahem
6: Natsuki... Hey, Kamishiro!
SFX: Errr...
7: What are you looking at?
8: A little girl...

1: There's a little girl
2: over there.
3: Is that
4: your little sister?

1: You can see her?
2: Yes, why?
3: Hey!!
4: Why did you scare her like that? She went as pale as a sheet!
5: Aww, come on. You could see her too, couldn't you?

1: I could.
2: But that wasn't a monster. The guide is a human that's been possessed by a monster, right?
3: Not a monster,
4: and not a mere spirit.
5: Let's run a race...
6: Hey... Let's play it again...
7: Kumi!
8: Stop it! Stop it already!
9: What do you want with me? What 'race?'
10: Miya...

1: You know the answer...
2: When we ran our last race, you pushed me.
3: You cheated.
4: That was...
5: No! I didn't push you on purpose!
6: I just hit you by accident!
7: Because you did that...
8: He
9: killed me.

1: Let's do it over.
2: I always
3: beat you at racing, anyway.
4: I was always the one who survived.
SFX: yank


1: Miyako?!
2: Honey! Get in here, quick!
3: Miyako...
4: Miyako!
5: Don't move her!

1: She might have just hit her head. I'll watch over her, so go ahead and call a doctor.
2: OK...
3: Thank you.

1: That little girl from earlier?!
3: Kashima...

1: Don't do anything yet.
2: Let's just watch and see what happens.
3: But...
4: Trust me.

SFX: snicker...
SFX: snicker x5

1: What was that little girl spirit doing here? She went inside Miyako's body!
2: Yes...
3: Why would she do that?
4: Natsuki... What are you doing?
5: Asking the spirits here
6: if there are any demons about.
7: Why don't you try talking to them too? You could find something out if you really put your mind to it.

1: No thanks.
2: What are they saying, anyway?
3: That there aren't any here right now.
4: But
5: one's drawing close.
6: One who has been asleep for a long time.
7: Shiva's slumber has allowed it to summon power and awaken.
8: Natsuki...

1: What?
2: Tengenji...
3: Er, Yama...
4: Why was he reborn in the human world?
5: Someone called him here.
6: Someone?
7: Humans are the only ones who ever summon gods.
8: Who else would?
9: Who... did it?
10: Is there really someone out there who would want to call a dark guardian to swallow the world in darkness?

1: I mean... no one would be able to survive in only darkness.
2: This person was OK with that.
3: I don't know who it was.
4: Yama's been keeping it hidden.
5: But isn't it amazing?
6: This person wished for both themselves and the entire world to sink into darkness.
7: That may be what you call a true demon.

1: A true
2: demon...

1: Get out of here.
2: Hey...
3: I want you two to get out of here right now.
4: This voice...
5: Miyako?
6: I know what you're really after. I know you aren't just students...

SFX: rattle
1: Get out of here right now...
2: Miyako?
3: This isn't Miyako.
4: It's the little girl who went inside her.
5: You're...

1: Otsuki Kumi, right?
2: Natsuki...
3: Inside those ancient texts, I found a scrap from an old newspaper.
4: 7 years ago, this girl was kidnapped by a serial kidnapper and murdered,
5: the poor thing.
paper: Otsuki Kumi's body found

1: Look at me.
2: Why are you trying to chase us out?
3: Why did you go inside her body?
4: Ahh...
5: Ah...
6: Huh?
7: Stop it...
8: Stop it!
9: Don't kick me out of this body! Please!

1: Don't kick me out...
2: Don't scream so loud. You might wake someone up.
3: Come inside here.
4: Where's Miyako?
5: She's here...
6: Inside this body. She's still asleep, though...

1: Please! I don't want to do anything bad!
2: I just want to borrow her body and live for a little!
3: I... might not have died.
4: If Miya hadn't done that to me. I might have survived...
5: We were in the same class,
6: and we always did everything together.
7: Seven years ago,
8: we were stopped on our way to school by a stranger.
9: No, Miya! We should keep going to school!
10: But he said my dad went to the hospital in an ambulance...

1: I need to go and see him! Come with me, Kumi! Please!
2: It didn't take us long
3: to realize that something was wrong.
4: I have to pee...
5: Stop the car, mister!
SFX: screech
6: I have to pee!!

1: C'mon, Miya, let's go!
2: Run!
3: But Kumi...
4: Just do it, Miya!
5: Run!

1: Kumi!!
2: Run!
3: Wait, Kumi! Don't leave me here!
4: Don't leave me heeere!

1: Miya...

1: Miyaaaa?!
2: She
3: tripped me on purpose.
4: She made me fall,
5: so that she could escape!
6: If I wouldn't have fallen,
7: I would have been able to keep running,
8: and I would have survived.
9: She would have died instead of me!

1: So?
2: What does that have to do with you wanting to live again?
3: Kumi,
4: you died.
5: Stop wasting time here and go upward already. He'll help you get there.
6: Just for one day!
7: Please... Just let me stay in this body for one day!
8: Then I'll give up! I'll go wherever you want me to!

1: Please...
2: Fine.
3: Just one day.
4: If you stay too long, that'll make you more attached to this world, so I'm going to make you keep your word about just one day.

1: Natsuki...
2: What are you doing? Why are you wasting so much time dealing with that spirit?
3: Well...
4: Because
5: she's planning something.
6: You really think she just wants to spend a day in that body?
7: She's planning to do something during that time.

1: The demonic presence feels stronger now.
2: It'll be here soon.

1: What should I do?
2: Those two
3: are going to get in the way... I waited so long for this chance, and yet...
4: No! I don't want to get out!
5: I need to take Miyako's place!
6: I need to kick Miyako out and...

1: Hey.
2: Kumi... No need to be afraid.

1: Well?
2: If those two are in the way...
3: Let me lend you some power.
4: You don't need to worry. Just do as you like.
5: Who... are you?
6: I
SFX: flap

1: am the brethren of Yama.
2: Natsuki...
3: Kumi!

1: What?
2: Just now...
3: It disappeared?
4: I could have sworn
5: I felt Yama here...



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