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Chapter 1

Gekki #1

Table of Contents

Gekki Vol. 1
Yuureizaka Kasuga Clinic

1: How long are you going to keep me in here,
2: Tsukito?!

1: Kiriko...
2: Sorry, but you need to stay in there until the day of the ceremony. Can't have you running away from home again, after all.
3: Why do you wish to escape the Tokitsukasa family so badly? And at a time like this, when grandfather's finally agreed to marry us...

1: I can't understand what's going on in your heads!
2: My mother brought me here from a previous marriage! I'm not part of your family! Why do you need to marry me?
3: Besides... you hate me, don't you?
4: My feelings don't matter here. This is an order from our grandfather.
5: If this is what he wishes, then I'll do it.
6: I'd marry a monster if he told me to.

1: A monster...?
2: As the next heir to the Tokitsukasa family,
3: it's all sure to help me in the end.
4: Keep a close eye on her,
5: Kajii.

1: Mother...
2: Why did you die? Why did you leave me here all alone?
3: This family is hiding something from me... I'm scared, mom... I don't want to get married like this!

1: November 1920 - the Imperial capital of Tokyo

SFX: wachoo
SFX: klak x2
1: Such sadness in the glimmering moon
2: as it passes through the inky black night mist...

SFX: fwooosh...

SFX: whistle whistle
1: We found him! It's Kokusei!
2: Catch him!
3: Don't let him get away this time!

1: Tch.
2: I really seem to be sticking out lately...
3: This is going to make things difficult.
4: Could my long hair have something to do with it?
5: Hey... What did he do this time?
6: Fraud!
7: I know about that...
8: He dressed up as a woman, then went to a hardhearted, rich old man who was on his deathbed and said "I'm the daughter you never knew about."
9: Yep, then he ran off with his fortune...
10: That's right!
11: The old coot probably died of shock...
12: Far from it! He's back in good health now, and vowed not to die until he takes it all back!

SFX: fwoosh x2
SFX: sigh
1: This is bad... They've got me surrounded.

1: I can't let them catch me just yet...
2: Want some help?
3: You're in trouble, aren't you?
4: If you want, I'll lend you my strength.
5: What'll it be?
6: Whether or not you want to listen to me is your choice.

1: Who are you?
2: It doesn't matter.
3: Where are you?
4: Look up at the moon.
5: That's a weird place to sit.
6: Waste too much time here, and they'll catch you.
7: I'm hearing a voice in my head...
8: What should I do? At this rate, they really will catch me... In which case...

1: You'll really help me?
2: Go right.
SFX: tok
3: You'll be able to make it through that way.
4: Really? I'm pretty sure there were police over here too...
5: Just go.
SFX: spin
SFX: whistle
6: There are police over here!
7: I knew it!
8: There he is!

1: Ahh... I knew I shouldn't have trusted her! I'm done for!
2: Waah!
3: Woaaah!
4: Aaahhh!

1: Gwaaaaahhhhh
SFX: crackle x3

1: What did I tell you?
2: You can make it through now.

1: You...
2: saved me.
3: I'll be safe
4: out here, right?
5: Hey... Don't you think it's about time you showed me who you are?
6: I'm not about to believe that you did all that for free...
7: They say that monsters dwell in the capital at night...
8: But I guess you were the one who's been following me all this time.

1: What
2: do you want with me?
3: I was just looking for someone
4: who can talk with me.
5: Huh... So not everyone can?
6: That's right.
7: Why can I talk with you, then?

1: Because I think you're lovely.
2: I'm deeply attracted to people who have deep darknesses in their hearts.
3: It makes me want to do anything I can for you.
4: Anything...?
5: That's right. Anything. There's nothing I can't do.

1: Try wishing something to me...
2: OK...
3: When you've decided on your wish, visit the Tokitsukasa estate at Yuureizaka.
4: But make sure it's on a moonlit night...

1: The Tokitsukasa estate...
2: I'm pretty sure the head of that family is a baron...
3: Most of the people around here who call themselves nobles are just poor wannabes... But I'm pretty sure I heard about how their family's done surprisingly well over the past few years...
4: Hmm...

1: Why not? I just want you to leave me alone for a bit!
2: Master Tsukito ordered me not to take my eyes off you.
3: I won't run away! You have to do it, or I refuse to wear my wedding kimono!
4: I'll never wear it! You hear me?!
5: Kajii...
6: There isn't much time left until the ceremony. Make it quick.

1: Who's there?
2: Ah...
3: What are you doing? I told everyone to get out!
4: I'm sorry...
5: It's just so beautiful... It mesmerized me.
6: It's amazing, though... I wonder how much something like this costs?
7: The rumors about this family doing well must have been true...

1: Are you a new hire?
2: Yes. I just started yesterday.
3: I'm sorry. I'll leave at once.
4: It's OK.
5: Brooding all alone isn't going to solve anything.
6: I would run if I were you, Miss Kiriko.
7: I could help you if you like.
8: You don't want to get married, do you?

1: I mean, these people
2: are just too cruel...
3: Why don't they ever ask you what you want?
4: It's supposed to be your wedding, but you don't seem to be enjoying a thing about it.
5: How about running away?
6: I don't mind sacrificing this job for it. I'm not confident that I'll be a good maid anyway.
7: Miss Kiriko?

1: Who
2: are you?
3: Uh...
4: It makes me very happy to hear how you feel, but...
5: You don't really work here, do you?
6: There's no way that Kajii would ever hire someone
7: who would want to help me.
8: I don't know how you got in here, but you need to escape at once. I won't tell anyone.

1: Kiriko...
2: Why don't you escape with me?
3: C'mon...
4: I'm just trying to help you!
SFX: fsssh
5: I suppose I might as well ask...
6: Do you remember me?
7: Uh...
8: We met last night, remember?
9: In Ginza.

1: Ginza?
2: Do you have a twin sister or something?
3: No! Who are you, anyway?
4: I guess it really was someone else...
5: Oh well.
6: If you want, I'd be happy to whisk you away from here.
7: However...
papers: MONEY

1: Money?
2: I have to making a living too, y'know.
3: You'll... You'll really help me?
4: Yeah.
5: But..
6: I don't have any money.
7: Sure you do! Right here.
8: This wedding kimono will do.
9: I can't give you that!
10: Grandfather bought that... I didn't pay for it.

1: Will you accept this in place of money?
2: Hey... Wait!!
3: Oh boy...
4: Let me see that.


1: I'll lend you
2: my hair.
3: But you can't cut yours.
4: My name is Shiou...
5: But I'm known around these parts as Kokusei. (*Black-Blue)
6: Let me change my clothes.

1: Ah...
2: I'm a guy.
3: That's why I'm not really going to miss my hair.
4: It was starting to become a problem anyway...
5: Shiou...
6: Here. C'mon.

1: Kiriko...
2: Where are you taking her? She's my guest.
3: She's not allowed to leave until I say so.

1: Tsukito!
2: Kiriko... I brought someone for you to meet, you know. And I'm going to explain everything to you now.
3: The person's inside that cage.
4: Look!

1: Help... me...
2: That girl... She's the one...
3: She told me to come here...
4: You... You said you'd grant one of my wishes...
5: That's why I came here... But you never mentioned anything like that ever again...

1: I can't breathe...
2: I can't move! Please... This is all your fault, you know!
3: It's your fault! Understand?!
4: It's your fault for talking to me!
5: Tsukito...

1: Do you know her?
2: No... I've never met her!
3: But she says she spoke with you...
4: Just let her out!
5: She looks like she's in pain! Why did you shut her up in there?!
6: You ate me...
7: didn't you?
8: You ate
9: my life!

SFX: cough...
1: Help me! Give me back my life!
2: I know you ate it!
3: Tsukito!
4: Give it...

1: Look closely at her. You've met her before, Kiriko...

1: You spoke with her in some place that you don't remember.
2: She was telling the truth.
3: You probably don't remember,
4: but your mother came from a family who owned a very large piece of land. And with every new generation, a guardian for their house would possess one of their newborn girls.
5: The guardian's name is Gekki - "Moon Demon."
6: She borrows girls' bodies on moonlit nights, flies around in the sky, protects the family, and gives them prophecies.

1: But only people from your family can hear her voice.
2: But if someone listens to her for too long, they die, so she hides her voice from them.
3: Instead, she flies around and looks for non-relative sacrifices.
4: Like that woman there.
5: The head of your family would simply wait for Gekki to bring a sacrifice.
6: Then they'd be able to hear Gekki's prophecy.

1: Gekki's inside you now, Kiriko.

1: My grandfather wanted Gekki,
2: so he bought you and your mother from your family.
3: You're lying... I don't believe you...
4: Who's he, then?
5: He spoke with Gekki. That's the only reason he's here now.
6: Shiou...
7: Is it true? Did you really meet me?
8: Was I really the one you spoke with?!

1: Shiou! Say something!
2: He hasn't spoken with Gekki enough, though.
3: Soon, we'll be able to watch him die in a cage too.
4: Sorry...
5: But I don't want to die yet.
SFX: fwish...

1: Kiriko!!

1: Kajii!


1: Shiou...

1: Shiou!!

1: No...
2: Noooooo!!

1: Why don't you
2: escape with me?
3-4: Shiou!
5: He's already dead, Kiriko.

1: He's already dead.
2: Let me see him.
3: Don't touch him...
4: Don't touch him!!

1: He's dead. He died... because of me...
2: Her too?
3: Gekki... Is there really a guardian inside me who feeds on humans?
4: But I've never seen such a thing... nor even felt it...

1: Mother...
2: I saw the same dream again...
3: The one with a girl who looks just like me...
4: I wanted to know who she is, so I went closer and tried to look at her face...
5: But when I did that, she glared at me with these really scary eyes...

1: And I always shut my eyes before it's over.
2: I still see that dream a lot now... It's so scary...
3: It sounds like you're dissatisfied
4: with the way I'm handling things, grandfather.

1: Why did you tell Kiriko? And now, of all times!
2: I'm sorry for acting without telling you.
3: I simply thought she'd find out eventually...
4: So why not get it over with?
5: For some reason, my father always took such good care of her, even though she wasn't his real daughter...
6: And he tried his best to hide Gekki from her...
7: But now that he's gone, there's no need to go to such lengths, is there?
8: They usually go crazy, don't they?

1: Women who are born with Gekki inside them like Kiriko... Most of them are unable to bear their own destinies...
2: And so they go crazy... I wish Kiriko would hurry up and do the same.
3: That would be the best case scenario.
4: That's why you brought her here, right?

1: Thanks to the guest Kiriko brought here, the ceremony has been postponed to tomorrow.
2: It's already evening, after all.
3: The moon will come out soon.
4: And it's time for her to go to bed.

SFX: fwoom

1: Hey... Is this deep enough?
2: Who cares? Let's just finish this up. I wanna go home already!
3: What number is this one? If people ever found out what these Tokitsukasas were doing...
4: Hmph. Who even knows what the other ones are doing to make THEIR fortune...
SFX: fwoosh
5: Only one thing's for sure - nothing good ever happens to people who get employed by them. Who even knows what they're planning to do with us!

1: Shiou, was it?
2: Can you hear me?
3: I was supposed to take your life...
4: But you were murdered, unfortunately.
5: I still love you...
6: I won't give up on you.

1: Wouldn't you like to come out of there?
2: Wouldn't you like to become a creature of the night and stay with me?
3: Hey...
SFX: fssssh
4: Answer me.

SFX: fsssh
1: snicker
2: snicker snicker
3: snicker
4: Come on out.

1: Come with me...

1: It's that dream again...
2: I'm going to keep staring at her face this time...
3: Hey! Who are you? Who are you?!
4: Are you Gekki? Are you the one that's inside me? Answer me!

1: Shiou!!

1: Awake?
2: Did you sleep well?

1: You're all dirty. Where did you fly to this time?
2: Did I escape again last night?
3: Why are you here? Did you think I was going to escape again?
4: Well I'm not! I'm going to marry you just like grandfather ordered me to!
5: But...

1: If that Gekki thing really exists inside me...
2: The thing that you want... Then I'm going to erase it!
3: Erase it?
4: I don't know how to erase it, but...
5: I'm going to find a way!

1: It's inside me, after all. I'm sure there's a way to erase it.
SFX: snicker

1: Let's see you try.
2: Gekki has existed in your mother's line for generations...
3: Even if you manage to erase her, she'll survive on to the next generation.
4: She'll live on in your child.
5: Tsukito!
6: Why do you think grandfather wants us to get married?

1: The ceremony will start at noon.
2: Hurry up and get ready.

SFX: rumble x3
1: It looks beautiful on you, Miss Kiriko.
2: I want to escape... I really do...

1: I want to fly out of here!
SFX: rumble x4
SFX: flash
2: Kiriko!

1: Come to me!
SFX: eeeek

1: It can't be...
2: It can't be...
SFX: rattle x3
3: Shiou...

1: Come to me,
2: Kiriko!

1: Kajii!
2: Out of the way, Miss Kiriko!
SFX: blam x3

1: Shiou!

SFX: rattle x3
1: Kaneda Detective Office Case File (and Diary) - November 13, 1920
2: While we saw fair weather in the morning, it started pouring heavily once noon passed.

1: And...
2: Hmmm...
3: I guess I don't really have any case news worth writing about...
4: Gyaaaaah!


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