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Chapter 2

1: Sh...
2: Shiou?
SFX: rattle x2
3: Who's that? She looks like someone's bride!
SIGN: Kaneda Detective Office
4: Where did you find her?!

1: Get her out of here! I'm tired of hiding you from the police!
2: Mr. Kaneda...
3: Could you lend me a rag and a change of clothes?
4: I said get out! Shoo, shoo!
5: Ah...
6: Achoo!!

1: It's cold...
2: His chest... is so cold...
3: And it isn't from the rain... The rain isn't what's keeping me from hearing his heart beating...

1: He isn't alive.
2: I'm very sorry,
3: Master Tsukito...

1: ...What are you standing around for?
2: Hurry up and find her!
3: And find out
4: who that Shiou guy is!
5: She disappeared with a man who should have been dead?

1: Find her!
2: Bring her back to us at once!!

1: Sorry,
2: but this is all he's got.
3: It looks good on you, though. Way better than that wedding kimono!
4: Well excuse me for having clothes that are up to snuff... I don't understand why you always start acting like a girl whenever you wear women's clothes, though...
5: What do yo ucare?
6: Kiriko, this is Mr. Kaneda. This is actually his office.

1: My name is Tokitsukasa Kiriko.
2: I'm very sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.
3: Oh, don't worry about it...
4: It's my first time meeting a detective...
5: We're pretty much the rubbish of society, little lady.
6: I wouldn't say that...
7: But maybe your low opinion of yourself is the reason why you only ever get rubbish jobs? Look how poor you've gotten!
8: Hey, wait... Tokitsukasa... I've heard that name before.

1: that's the name of the family of nobles who live in Yamanote, right?
2: Ah well. Shiou, I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat.
3: Mr. Kaneda,
4: it's still raining outside...
5: Yeah. But it'll stop soon.
SFX: click...

1: Not used to seeing the outside?
2: Nope... and I'm not used to seeing this kind of office either.
3: I hardly ever got to go outside back there...
4: Hey, Shiou...
5: Yeah?
6: Umm...

1: It's my fault, isn't it?
2: I had a dream last night.
3: A girl who looked just like me was holding your head.
4: If that's Gekki,
5: then that means she...

1: She's the one who did this to you.

1: Umm... You know, I'm glad this happened to me, Kiriko.
2: I didn't want to die that quickly.
3: There are still things I have left to do.
4: So you shouldn't really blame yourself.
5: The reason I came to see you and took you out from that house might be because I just wanted to use you.
6: I thought that might be so...
7: But I didn't care...

1: I was just happy
2: that you came to take me away.

SFX: stomp x4
SFX: wham
1: Mr. Kaneda!!

SFX: haa x3
SFX: stomp x3
SFX: click
1: That idiot...
sign: Telephone Company
2: He fell behind on his phone payments again!
3: And look how dirty he's let this place become! There's a mountain of invoices here!
4: How many times do I need to tell him to start looking for higher paying jobs?!

1: Hey you! Give me a hand here!
2: Huh?
3: Stack these up and move them out of the way!
4: Oh hi, Kazaha...
5: Doing well? (Guess so)
6: Oh, Shiou! Long time no see!
7: Mr. Kaneda...
8: Do you know how many times I called you?!
9: I brought you a good job! A GOOD one!
10: And you need to do it this time, or else they'll kick you out of here for getting too behind on your payments!

1: Hey, you!
2: I'm Mr. Kaneda's secretary...
3: But would you like to become his assistant?
4: Assistant...
5: It's plain to see that Shiou dragged you in here because you've got nowhere else to go... We'll give you a place to sleep and feed you... How about it?
6: We need help, and we're in the red... We're in a lot of trouble here!

1: Kiriko...
2: You're still here?
3: Wow... You really cleaned up the place nicely!
4: Mr. Kaneda...
5: You're a young lady from a noble family! How do you know how to do something like that?!
6: Ms. Kazaha taught me. It's actually quite fun!
7: You can go now. You're going to stay at Kazaha's place starting tonight, right?
8: Yes.
9: Umm... Is Shiou...
10: Oh.

1: He went out. I know it may sound strange, but he's a swindler.
2: He's probably out making evil again.
3: Although... It doesn't seem like he's doing it just for the money.
4: Kiriko?
5: Kiri...

1: Kiriko...!

1: A stranger case has never befallen my office...
2: Nothing stranger than watching that otherworldly girl leap out the window...
3: toward the pale moon, over the night capital...

1: Oh... It's that dream again...
2: Gekki? Is that Gekki?

1: I'm not afraid...
2: I'm not afraid of her! I'm going to get closer to her!
3: Closer...

1: Give Shiou back,
2: Gekki!
3: Leave my dreams!
4: And leave my body!

1: Gekki!!

1: Huh?
2: I can see the city...

1: Is this
2: what Gekki's seeing?
3: I can see what she sees too?

1: The moon...
SFX: tap x4
2: Were you looking for me, Kajii?

1: This body is pretty convenient, you know.
2: It tells me exactly when someone's chasing me.
3: Kajii...
3: I remember when you worked at my father's house.
4: He's the one who's responsible for giving Gekki to the Tokitsukasas, isn't he?

1: And he ordered you to watch over Gekki.
2: Young Master Shiou...
3: Please return Gekki.
4: No.
5: I will not.
6: At long last, I finally found a way to throw a wrench in my father's gears...
7: Tell him that.

1: You poor thing...
2: If you had never left your home like that,
2: you probably would never have been murdered... and you probably would never have ended up like that.
SFX: rattle
3: But if your body gets ripped into pieces, you won't be able to come back to life.

1: I'll take care of things for you.
2: Ahh!

1: Gwaaahhhh
2: Ahhhh
3: Aaaaahhhhh

1: Shiou!

1: Since you took out Kiriko, I don't have a home to protect anymore.
2: Now I won't have to look for someone who can hear me for a while.
3: As of now, you're the only one I have to talk to, so I'd be happy to make your wish come true.
4: Can I wish for someone's death?
5: Sure. But in exchange...
6: You'll become even deader.

1: You'll fall even farther from Heaven.
2: But I'd prefer it that way...
3: Because that means you'll be mine forever.
4: Wish for whatever you like...
5: Stop it, Gekki...
6: Stop it!
7: I don't want to watch that happen to Shiou!

1: He's the one who saved me...
2: I want to see the smile he showed me when he was alive...

1: I want to save him...
2: What should I do?
3: What's the answer?

SIGN: Kaneda Detective Office
1: Oh my...
letter: I've gone to my mother's hometown. I'll be back soon. -Kiriko

Gekki [1] / END


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