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Yuureizaka Kasuga Clinic


Yuureizaka Kasuga Clinic

1: 1920

1: She's...
2: dead...
3: Po...
4: Police...
5: Help...

1: Help...
2: Please take the thing that fell behind the tree near my right leg...
3: And give it to my son...
4: Please, I beg you...
5: Help...

1: Give it
2: to my son...
3: The night was still dark in Tokyo...
4: Especially on Yuureizaka Hill in Yamanote...
5: I always felt like whenever I passed through it, the darkness here was trying to pull me into the world of the creatures of the night...

1: The Kasuga Clinic that my great-uncle owns is at the top of the hill,
2: and across from it is a big mansion.

1: Woooow...
SIGN: Kasuga Clinic
2: Yeah, I remember you! You're Kaoru, you came to play here all the time! Now you're the young doctor of this place, eh?
3: He's a newbie who just finished his internship. From this day forward, I'm going to have him helping out here, so watch out for him!
4: It's nice to meet you all.
5: That's wonderful! You've got a splendid heir now, doctor! We were worried that this place would close once you retired!

1: But since you're related to the doc, that means you must be a bit of a duckling as well!
2: Do your best, though!
3: A duckling...?
4: He means someone who's on their way to becoming a quack.
5: A quack-in-training, basically.
6: Enough, Tome!
7: Duckling, duckling!
8: Hey!
SFX: cough
9: Um, doctor...
10: I heard that last night, you found a woman's corpse on Yuureizaka...
11: And that she was murdered... That there were blades sticking out of her throat and her chest... and they haven't found the killer, have they?

1: It's always so dark there, I find it hard to believe you even found her!
2: Yes...
3: I just felt like I heard a voice, so I took a peek.
4: A voice? You mean she wasn't dead when you found her?
5: Yes.
6: Yes...?
7: Eww! Doctor, please don't scare us like that! We have to go through there every day in order to come here!
8: Sometimes ghosts appear there, and all sorts of other strange things happen...
9: You know! Like what happened with your younger brother a long time ago...
10: Hey now!

1: Sometimes, I can hear the voices of things.
2: I see them sometimes too.
3: I think it all started back then...
4: What should I do about this, though?
5: I missed my chance to hand it over to the police...

1: Kaoru! Seems like we won't have any more patients tonight. Let's close up.
2: Oh, ok!
3: By the way, Kaoru...
4: yes?
5: You came here to replace your brother, didn't you?
6: You're the eldest Kasuga son, so I thought you father wanted to make you into an official just like him.
7: I was hoping he'd give me his second son Tooru so I could have someone to take over this place...
8: But we all know what happened to Tooru. So is that why you...
9: Uncle...

1: I didn't come here just to replace my younger brother.
2: I like this clinic, and I wanted to become a doctor like you, so I convinced my father to let me come here.
3: Hmph. You really want to be a quack that badly, huh?
4: Eventually. But I'm still a duckling for now!
SFX: grab

1: Don't make a sound.
2: You picked up something where she died.
3: Give it to me.
4: Now.
SFX: clang
5: Owww!

1: Doctor...
2: What's wrong? What are you doing in here?
3: Doctor...
SFX: dash

1: Help...
2: Please...
3: I beg you...
4: Help me.
5: You're... the woman from last night...
6: Hey...

SFX: fsssh
1: Hey!
2: You!
3: You should be careful about listening to things that aren't human.
4: Otherwise, you might die.

1: Wha...
2: Are you... from across the way?
3: Umm...
4: That's dangerous. It you fell from there, you could hurt yourself.
5: Woah...
SFX: fwoosh

1: I was looking
2: for someone who could hear my voice.

1: Is there anything you want to ask me? Anything you want to know?
2: About the future or the past...
3: I know all. I can teach you whatever you like.
4: You don't even need to trust me.
5: But if you feel like asking me something, then just wait for me here, on a moonlit night.

1: I'll be waiting
2: for you too.

1: Was that... a dream?
2: Or a demon... in the darkness of the moon?

1: Hmm...
SIGN: Kaneda Detective Office
2: You... You want me to investigate this stone?
3: I'm not much good with things that look dangerous like this, y'know... This is why that woman's chasing you, right? Why don't you just leave things to the police?
4: I just felt like that was the wrong thing to do. That's why I came to you.
5: Isn't there anything you can do? I don't have anyone else to go to.
6: I dunno...
7: Well, I do know someone who's much better than me at these kinds of things...
8: Right, Shiou?

1: I'm expensive, though.
2: I can't really recommend him, though. He doesn't exactly work here...
3: And he's a swindler.

1: Mr. Kasuga, was it?
2: If you don't mind, I'd be happy to take this job.
3: Huh?
4: Don't worry... I 'm a swindler, but I don't just swindle every person I see.
5: Really now?
6: Just be quiet, you.
7: But I couldn't possibly ask a lady to do such a job...
8: Oh? Are you just going to keep that stone forever, then?
9: Well...

1: Is there any way I could take out a loan on the payment?
2: I'm a newbie, and my clinic's poor, so...
3: ...Sure.
4: Well, that settles it.
5: Umm... Shiou...

1: Isn't there anywhere else we can go?
2: Hm? But it's better to talk about secret things in these kinds of places...
3: Thanks, girls. You can leave us alone now.
4: I dug up some info on the woman who died.
5: As you might have read in the newspaper, her name was Yagi Sodeko.
6: She was the lone daughter of a Tokyo landowner named Hasumi.
7: But after eloping with a man who her father didn't approve of, he disowned her. She has a single son who's 10 years old.

1: Her father recently died from some disease.
2: I'm wondering if that might be what caused all of this...
3: His legal wife is long gone, but he also had a mistress who bore him another son.
4: Now that he's gone, that son is the only one capable of succeeding him.
5: It should have had nothing to do with Sodeko, since she was disowned... But someone still killed her.
6: Then, immediately afterwards, her son disappeared.
7: That stone's all that remains now,
8: I suppose.
9: Shiou...

1: Do you think...
2: Yes.
3: Her father may have changed his mind right before he died.
4: Perhaps he wanted his own daughter to succeed him in the end... And perhaps he gave her that to prove it.
5: This?
6: Anyway...
7: This is what you call an internal disturbance.
8: The Edo Period is long gone... When will people get beyond the whole clan mindset? They just can't seem to separate themselves from their families...
9: Do you have any idea where Sodeko's son might be?
10: I've got a pretty good one.
11: I just hope he's still alive.

1: You're really a nice guy, Kasuga.
2: You don't really have any reason to do all this, even if Kasuga's ghost did ask you to...
3: A long time ago,
4: on the hill where Sodeko was murdered,
5: my younger brother of eight years disappeared into thin air.

1: I just feel like this is something that was meant to be.
2: Still, doing it isn't going to bring your little brother back, you know?
3: You're right.
4: But I just can't seem to help myself.
5: I'm not doing it for Sodeko... I may just want to do something for my brother.
6: I still wait for him... on that hill, at night.
7: I'm still waiting for him to come home.

1: Kasuga...

1: Sh...
2: Shiou... What are you doing? Umm...
3: Sshhh.
4: Just stay quiet. When I give you the signal, turn around and run straight away.
5: What?
6: We're being followed. Probably by the ones who attacked you.
7: Don't worry.
8: I'll protect the stone.

1: Run!
2: Shiou!

1: I've got the ruby
2: right here!
3: Shiou!

1: Kaoru...

1: Don't let go of my hand no matter what, OK?
2: It's dark and scary here...
3: Don't worry, Tooru.
4: I won't let go.
5: I promise.
SFX: fwsssh x2
SFX: twitch
6: Kaoru...

1: Tooru...?
2: Tooru?!

1: How about waking up already?
2: Did you think of anything you want to ask me?
3: I must be dreaming... Or maybe I'm not.
4: Who cares?

1: I don't know... where else to go.
2: I can't find Shiou. I tried to going around to his friends or any other place I could think of, but I couldn't find him.
3: And he hasn't contacted me.
4: If you know anything, could you tell me?
5: Tell me where Shiou is... At least tell me if he's safe or not.
6: That's all I need to know... I don't care about getting the stone back.

1: That dead woman
2: asked me to help her...
3: My little brother is always calling for help too... in my dreams...
4: And he's always trapped in the darkness of the night...
5: That's why... I at least wanted to save her!
6: But the same thing happened again! And I wasn't even able to save Shiou!

1: I'll give you the answer in exchange for your life.
2: Didn't I tell you? Listening to things that aren't human could kill you.
3: I live by eating human lives. Do you still want to hear the answer?

1: Shiou...
2: Yes.
SFX: fsssh

1: Then I'll tell you.
2: Your brother is alive.
3: You're the one who can't escape the darkness of the night.

1: Wait. The one I want to know about is Shiou...
2: I already answered.
3: Wait!

1: My brother's...
2: alive?
3: That demon of the night
4: may have known
5: what I really wanted to ask...

1: It's what I've always wanted to know.
SIGN: Hasumi

1: This is the son of the late Sodeko, and the grandson of the late Mr. Hasumi.
2: I found him hiding out with a friend of Sodeko's.
3: Hey...
4: Why did you bring him here all of a sudden? His mother was disowned from this family!
5: I told him to bring the boy here.
6: His grandfather... my older brother...
7: wanted him to become the heir to our family.

1: That can't be.
2: My husband said the heir was supposed to be the son that I gave birth to!
3: If he really wanted that boy to be the heir, then you must have some kind of proof!
4: I do. Right here.

1: This ruby has been passed down through the generations by the heirs to this family.
2: Before Mr. Hasumi passed away, he gave it to Sodeko.

1: Shiou?!
2: I made it just in time.
3: Sodeko was murdered after she came here to discuss the issue with you all.
4: I'm pretty sure you're aware of that...
5: You're right.
6: This really is the ruby...

1: This belongs to you. Your mother asked me to give it to you.
2: You can have it back.
3: Wha...
4: I want to be the heir to the Yagi family.
5: I already told my mother that, and she said if that was the case, then I would need to return this to you two.

1: That's what she said.
2: So I don't need this anymore.
3: Do you think the mistress was the one who killed her?
4: Probably.

1: I'm surprised, though. I didn't expect the kid to give the stone back.
2: At least no one will want to kill him now, though.
3: Sodeko probably wanted him to give the stone back
4: so that he would be safe.

1: Shiou...
2: What?
3: Are you actually a guy?
4: Yep. You've got pretty bad intuition for a doctor.
5: See you later! Come back when you find another good job for me.
6: Shiou...
7: What?

1: About the payment...
2: Oh, don't worry.
3: I already got my payment.
4: Shiou! That's...
5: You'll be better off without something like this.

1: Were you planning this from the beginning?!

Your brother is still alive...
2: Tooru...
3: It can't be...
4: That night,
5: I suddenly became afflicted by a terrible fever and collapsed...

1: I knew it happened because I listened to that creature of the night.
2: But on my deathbed, I was saved.
3: I could feel Tooru tugging my hand, in my dreams...
4: Ever since then, for some reason, I've been able to hear the voices of things that aren't human.

1: Huh?
2: Tome... Does the family next door have a daughter?
3: Yes, they do.

1: Didn't you know? She seems to be sick, though. She rarely goes outside.

1: What a shame.
2: He was weaker than I imagined. He's already become unable to hear me...
3: His younger brother
4: is the powerful one.
5: Someone... listen to me...
6: I know all... I'll give you all the power in the world...

1: Just listen to me...

Yuureizaka Kasuga Clinic / END


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