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Chapter 3

Table of Contents


Extra Page

1: One day after the girl named Tokitsukasa Kiriko disappeared from the office, Kazaha had become livid, but I - Kaneda - was secretly relieved.
2: I felt bad for her, but I was also praying that she would never return.

1: Honestly, I didn't want to get involved with her any further than I already had.
2: I want you to find someone for me... The child in this picture.
3: She's the lone daughter of a big landowner named Kuchinashi, from Yodo Village in Kumano... 12 years ago, she disappeared from the village along with her mother.
4: Her name is Kiriko.

1: Kiriko?
2: Have you seen her?
3: Oh, no... I just know someone with the same name.
4: Her family members have all passed away, but the leader of the Kuchinashi branch family is searching for her.
5: Even though it's been 12 years?
6: They don't have an heir, you see. They could adopt, but they would like to have a blood relative succeed their family if possible, I think.
7: They've done a lot of asking around, but no one's been able to find her.
8: I brought this
9: as an advance payment.

1: Uu....
2: Uuuu... Uuuu...
3: You don't need to cry, Kazaha!
4: But... Mr. Kaneda...
5: This is the first time I've ever laid my hands on such a large sum!
6: Now we can have electricity! And water! I'm so glad this job found its way to us!
7: both shut off
8: The girl in this photo...
8: Don't you think she resembles Kiriko?

1: Maybe a bit, but it couldn't be her. C'mon, Mr. Kaneda, let's wor hard here!
2: If we find her, we'll get even richer!
3: Do you have any way to get in touch with Shiou, Kazaha?
4: Of course not.

1: I really don't want to get involved with this...
2: Hmmm...
3: Tokyo Station
SFX: haa

1: No need to run, little girl...
2: We just said we'd be willing to help you out.
3: And I said no thank you! I'll ask someone else instead!
4: C'mon now. No need to be like that...
5: You're in trouble, aren't you? Come with us. We'll help you.

1: Youuu...

1: Aaaahhh!!
SFX: rattle x3
2: Amazing! Bravo!
3: I thought you could only do mundane things... But you surprised me.

1: Ah...
2: you little brat!!
3: Shiou...

1: Do you recognize this face, men?
2: Sorry, but she's with me.
3: I can't give her to you. Sorry.
4: Let's go.
5: OK...

1: What are you doing here?
2: Mr. Kaneda says you were going to your mother's hometown,
3: Kiriko.
4: I was trying to...
5: But I don't have any money... So I thought I could take the pearl, my mother's memento that was on my wedding kimono, and sell that...
6: That's what you told them?
SFX: Yeesh...
7: Shiou...

1: I'm sorry for running out all of sudden.
2: But I have to go.
3: I can learn more about Gekki there, so...
4: please let me go!

1: Show me that pearl.
2: If a girl like you tries to sell something around these parts, more guys like them will come up and try to buy your entire body.
3: I'll go and sell it for you.
4: Follow me.
5: Shiou...
6: And your clothes...

1: We'll have to do something about that, too.
2: can't have you walking around in Mr. Kaneda's old clothes forever...
3: Shiou!
4: It really is you!
5: Hello, ladies...

1: What are you doing out here at this time of day? How unusual!
2: Shiou! It's been so long!
SFX: Yaaay!
3: What are you dragging that little girl around with you for? You shouldn't play tricks on children!
4: Children...?
SIGN: Western Imports
Kashima Clothing Store
5: I had her try this piece on. How's it look, Shiou?

1: Kiriko...
2: Here's the money I made. That pearl seemed to be really valuable, so you should be able to live off it for a while.
3: I already took out what I needed for your new clothes.
4: And here's a ticket to Kumano.
5: You're really going to let me go?
6: In exchange, you need to let me come with you.

1: I also want to learn more about Gekki
2: just as much as you.
SFX: whistle

SFX: rattle x3
1: Shiou...

1: He cut his hair for me... but I should try and keep a level head.
2: I'm not the most important thing to him...
SFX: nod...

SFX: rattle x4
SFX: tooooot

SFX: fsssh
1: Aahh...

1: It's not her...
2: I got the wrong one again.
SFX: stab x2
3: Where in the world are you, Kiriko?
4: Where are you?!

SFX: smack
sign: Bus Stop
Yodo Village
1: Mr. Kaneda!
SFX: vroom
2: What's gotten into you?! Why do we have to go all the way out to this village just because the girl in that photograph looks kind of like Kiriko?!
3: If that girl really is Kiriko, then she's probably already here!
4: That means we don't need to waste time searching for her! We won't need any search NOR transportation funds!

1: Mr. Kanedaaaa!
2: Err...
3: Excuse me, may I ask you a question? Do you know if a girl named Kiriko
4: went to visit the Kuchinashi estate?
5: Kiriko?
6: She's 16, and is about this tall.
7: Hmm... I dunno.
8: Usually everyone notices when an outsider comes to the village, but I never saw anyone like her.
9: Why don't you go to the Kuchinashi branch family and ask them yourselves?
10: Nah... But thank you. That'll be all.

1: Hieee!
2: Mr Kaneda!!
3: Oh, it's Grandma Taki!
4: Stop scaring our guests!
5: She loves to come out and meet the outsiders.
6: Let's go home, Mr. Kaneda!
7: Right now!
8: Ummm...
9: There won't be another bus until tomorrow.

1: You see, I'm a local history researcher.
2: If possible, I want to learn about the main branch of the Kuchinashi family... Are there really no more living relatives?
SFX: hmph...
3: Well...
4: Technically, there's one left.
5: You saw her at the bus stop, didn't you? Grandma Taki.
6: She spent her entire life working as the family's maid. After they all passed away, she shifted over to the branch family.
7: You won't be able to speak with her, though.

1: She's mute.
2: The main family had more power than anyone else around here,
3: but 12 years ago, everything they had burned up in a fire. Everyone says it's because they lost their god.
4: Their god?
5: The god that protected their family.
6: It possesses one of their daughters every generation.
7: But in order to keep living, it needs to keep taking the lives of people outside the family. So on every moonlit night, the girl with the god inside her flies out and finds the right life to take.

1: She...
2: flies?
3: I don't know if it's all true or not... But people have always disappeared around these parts, since long ago.
4: Ever since we were little, our parents always told us never to talk to any women we meet on moonlit nights.

1: Why are you so hung up on Kiriko and this village, Mr. Kaneda?
2: I... can't really put it into words. Even to myself.
SFX: rattle...
3: A missing god...
4: Who's actually a girl who flies with the moon...

1: A missing mother and daughter...

1-2: Mr. Kaneda!
3: Umm... Your partner went outside a while back.
4: What?
5: He said he was going to take a look at the remains of the main family's estate.

1: Oh, give me a break already... What's gotten into him?
2: Just when we finally got a new job...
3: At this rate, he might even want to stay here all day tomorrow!
4: I need to convince him to go home somehow!
5: Oh, wait... Which way was it to the main family's house again?
6: Mr. Kanedaaaa!

1: What should I do now?
2: Oh no... I think I'm lost!
3: Mr. Kanedaaaa!
4: Is there anyone out here?!
SFX: rattle...

1: Aaaaaiieeee!
2: Keep her away.
3: Keep Kiriko away from the branch family...
4: Wha...

1: Granny?!
2: Where am I? Did you save me?
3: I heard you were mute... But you can talk!
4: You know Kiriko, don't you?
5: I overheard you talking about her.
6: Wait, Granny!

1: I do know a girl named Kiriko, but I'm not sure if she's the Kiriko you're talking about.
2: Whoever she is, you can't let her go to the branch family.
3: That woman can't get any crazier...
4: Kiriko will make her go crazy.
5: Just like the main family did... You need to keep her away. We don't need a god anymore.
SFX: roll...

1: I never knew... that the house had ended up like this...

1: What should we do now?
2: There's also a branch family in this village. Let's go there next.
3: Kiriko?!
4: Mr. Kaneda!

1: Kiriko...
2: So you really are here...
3: Mr. Kaneda! What are you doing here?!

1: Mr. Kaneda! Mr. Kaneda!
2: I found your partner!
3: Apparently she collapsed in the woods!
SIGN: Sakata Inn
4: She must have been wandering in the mountains all night. I'm just glad she doesn't seem to be too injured.
5: I'm very sorry for all the trouble she caused.

1: Oh, boy... I'm just glad she's safe.
2: Someone from the Kuchinashi branch family
3: is looking for me?
4: Yep. I wasn't sure if the Kiriko they were talking about was really you or not,
5: so I decided to come here and find out the truth.
6: Mr. Kaneda...
7: You came all the way here just for that? You could have found it out easily from Tokyo...

1: Well...
2: Yeah, I guess you're right...
3: The branch family...
4: Why would they want to make me the heir?
5: I suppose...
6: I'll go and talk to them, then.

SIGN: Kuchinashi

1: Aunt Kayako?
2: It's been 12 years, I believe.
3: It's me... Kiriko.

1: Kiriko?

1: Kiriko...
2: Where's Shiou?
3: Ah...
4: Leave this to me. I'll go in your place and scope the place out.
5: Shiou...
6: You're suspicious of them, aren't you?
7: They may be your relatives... But being careful never hurt anyone.

1: Perhaps... They're just after Gekki?
2: Maybe.
3: Well, if something happens, you won't need to worry about me. I'm already dead, after all.
4: Don't say it like that!
5: I should be the one to go!
6: Kiriko?!
7: Wait! What gives? Why don't you trust me?
8: It's not about trust! I can't just leave this to you, Shiou!

1: It doesn't matter whether you're alive or dead! You're Shiou!
2: If something were to happen to you... Even if you don't mind, I still would!
3: Kiriko...

1: Shiou!!
2: His breath is so cold...
3: I can't move...

1: If Gekki were to be captured, I'd be in trouble,
2: Kiriko.
3: Shiou...
4: What are you trying to do?
5: What are you trying to
6: use Gekki for?
7: Kiriko...

1: You don't need to worry about Shiou.
2: He's a pro when it comes to these things. If he doesn't come back in a day, I'll go and check the place out myself.
3: Mr. Kaneda...
4: Umm... I know he may be a swindler,
5: but he's really not that bad of a guy.
6: I don't know what your relationship is, but he won't do anything bad to you. That's the one thing I know for sure.
7: Mr. Kaneda...

1: Mr. Kaneda, you saw the other me that night, didn't you?
2: That's why you came out all this way to find me. Thank you so much.
3; Nooo... I didn't do anything to merit gratitude from you! I, uh...
4: was just curious, I guess?
5: If I had to say...
6: At first, I honestly didn't want to get involved... but I guess there's still some semblance of a detective left inside me...
7: Mr. Kaneda is a good person. He never looks at me with cold eyes...

1: Yodo Village... My hometown. I only lived here until I was 4, so I don't remember much... But there's one thing I'll never forget.
2: Being shut up in a dark room day after day... While my family watched me from afar.
3: Tsukito looked at me the same way, now that I think about it... With cold eyes. He only saw me as a vessel for Gekki.
4: Even my father was the same.

1: What about him? Is he only looking at Gekki too?
2: Bones...
3: A mountain of bones.
SFX: wahh
4: Kazaha! You're awake!

1: I saw bones, Mr. Kanedaaaaa!
2: Woah, woah, woah...
3: Where's Kiriko?
4: Don't tell me she's actually here?!
5: Well...

1: Thank you very much for placing my family's mortuary tablets here.
2: What are you talking about? It's the least I could do.
3: More importantly, Kiriko... I know you may have obligations to the family you live with now,
4: but I'd like you to at least think about succeeding this family as well.
5: My husband died an early death, and we never had any children...
6: so our relatives are desperately trying to get a hold of our fortune.
7: But if you succeed us...
8: No one would be able to object.

1: I want to live with you, too... Will you do me this favor, Kiriko?
2: Aunt...
SFX: Aaahhh x3
3: What's that noise?
4: Huh?

1: I've been hearing it for a while now.
2: It sounds like a child crying.
3: It's probably just one of the stray cats.
4: This is Kiriko's father?
5: He doesn't really resemble her...
6: What are you trying to do?

1: Wish for whatever you like.
2: A wish, huh...
3: Well, I have one. Just one. But...
4: Huh?
SFX: clink

SFX: drag...
SFX: drag x2
SFX: clang

1: Wow...
2: Is that supposed to be some kind of barrier to seal Gekki?
3: I figured this would be the case...

1: This is pretty small, though. There's no way it'd be able to catch her...
SFX: clink
2: Or me.
SFX: klak
SFX: aaaahhh x4
3: There there.
4: There there... Don't cry.

1: There's no need to cry so much.
2: We finally found Kiriko. The real one this time.
3: So you just need to bear it a little longer... Wait until tonight.
4: Once the moon rises tonight,
5: we'll use Gekki and fix you.
6: A child?

1: But I thought she said they didn't have any childreN?
2: Now... Let's change your bandages.
SFX: splish
SFX: aaaahhhh x2
SFX: twitch

SFX: rattle
1: Who's there?!
2: Who's there, I said?!
3: Kiri... ko?

1: No... You aren't Kiriko!
2: You're a man!
3: ...You tricked me.
4: You tricked me!
5: Why aren't you Kiriko?!
6: Why does this always happen?!
7: Why won't they give me Gekki?!
8: Why is everyone protecting her?!
SFX: stab x2

SFX: thud
1: What the?
2: What is that thing?
3: I can't move. She isn't human.
4: Why didn't I notice that there was something like that in here? Was she hiding her presence?
SFX; heh x4

1: Is she really that important
2: to you?
SFX: stab x2
3: Look at what you have. This house, this land, this fortune...
4: I gave it all to you. More than enough for the main family.
5: Who cares how your child is born?
6: Don't you think that's a fair enough trade?

1: Itsuko...
2: You can speak?!
3: I'm not Itsuko.
4: Itsuko's heart already went mad inside this rotten body.
5: I'm Gekki... The one you've been seeking for so long.

1: Gek... ki...
2: The other one,
3: Shiou.
4: I was born the same time that Kiriko's Gekki was. One for each family.
5: But the world doesn't need two Gekki.
6: I've been waiting
7: for Kiriko to come back here...
SFX: jerk
8: Waah...

SFX: fwooooosh

1: I'm pretty sure
2: it was around here...
3: I really saw it, Mr. Kaneda! If we search this area I'm sure we'll find it!
4: OK, OK...
5: Speaking of which, Kazaha... I think we already went down this path.
6: What?
7: Oh no... Did I get lost again?
8: We need to hurry up, or the sun will go down.
9: Ahhh!
10: Granny! That's her! She's the one who...

1: Taki?
2: Taki! I knew it was you!
3: It's me! Do you remember me?
4: It's me, Kiriko!
SFX: fssh
5: Taki!
6: Aieee!

1: Hey! Who are you people?! Out of the way!
2: Find Kiriko...
3: Before the moon rises... She's Gekki! The one who eats human lives!

1: Gekki must die!


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