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Chapter 5

1: Kiriko.

1: Are you still asleep? It's been two days already.
2: Time to wake up!
3: Wake up, or I'll kiss you.
4: I think I saw a commercial like this once... Oh wait, This is set in 1920, isn't it?
SFX: thunk

1: I...
2: really slept for that long?
3: Time to eat...
4: Yep. the moment we reached Tokyo Station, you hit the ground hard.
5: A lot happened in Yodo Village, though, so I can understand.
6: Is this... Kazaha's...
7: Yes. It's my apartment.

1: Only Aunt Kayako's body was found in the remains of the branch family mansion...
2: The other Gekki... Itsuko... Where did she disappear to?
3: I came here to find out about Gekki... But in the end, I didn't really learn anything at all.
4: Kiriko...
5: Yes?
6: You didn't forget, did you? You promised to work here in exchange for only food and a place to sleep!
7: Kazaha... But I...
8: I have to go out and run some errands right now.
9: If you're rejuvenated, then you need to get out of here. Got it?!
10: Kazaha?

1: Shiou! Teach Kiriko how to get to the office!
2: OK!
3: What are you doing, Kiriko?
4: Leaving. I can't cause any more trouble for Mr. Kaneda.
5: But you don't have anywhere to go.
6: I'll think of something!
7: Kiriko.

1: Do you know that you transformed into Gekki over the past three days as well?
2: What...?
3: Gekki spoke to me.
4: She said that now, Itsuko's Gekki is going to possess a Tokitsukasa.
5: A Tokitsukasa?

1: You mean that Gekki's in Tokyo now? At the mansion in Yamanote?
2: Probably.
3: Itsuko wants to kill you.
4: Tokitsukasa knows that,
5: so he's switched over from you to Itsuko.

1: I told Mr. Kaneda this already
2: But if you don't mind, they want you to stay with them at the office.
3: No matter where you go,
4: you'll have to interact with someone.
5: I don't know what's going to happen from her on out, but why don't you stay here and see how things go for a little while longer?
6: In exchange, they'll protect you, Kiriko.
7: I'll help out too.
8: I'm the one who took you there, after all.
9: Kiriko...

1: Want me to guide you to the office?

1: Shiou?
2: Yeah?
3: I usually work in dim places, so getting some sunlight for the first time in a while has sort of blinded me.
4: Just walk straight from here, and you'll reach it in no time. Sorry, but I have some work to take care of, so I'll be leaving you here.
5: Shiou...
6: You borrowed some power
7: from Gekki again, didn't you?
8: You did, didn't you? Otherwise, Gekki would have never told you where Itsuko is!
9: Just like...

1: Just like when you saved me, you wished for Gekki's power, didn't you?
2: Kiriko?
3: I
4: know...
5: You're dead. No matter how much you wish to Gekki, you'll never disappear.
6: But in exchange... You'll just become deader and deader.
7: Stop
8: doing it!
9: Don't make wishes to Gekki! Don't listen to her voice!

1: Has something about me changed?
2: Look closely. I haven't changed at all, have I?
3: How could I get any deader? I'm the same.
4: See you later...

1: Shiou...

1: If only
2: these hands were a little bit warmer...
3: I'd probably be able to hold you tighter.

1: Am I finally feeling some regret about dying?
2: Oh, there you are?
SIGN: Kaneda Detective Office
3: Are you OK now, Kiriko?

1: Mr. Kaneda! Kazaha! I...
2: Now would you just take the money already?!
3: But... In the end, we didn't fulfill our end of the deal...
4: This advance pay..
5: But the woman from the branch family is dead now! And think about all the trouble we went through! No one would blame us for accepting it!
6: Mr. Kanedaaaa! Do you know what happens if you lose that money?
7: You'll become a pauper again!
8: Over these past three days,
9: we've gotten a lot of work.
10: I'll do my best!
SFX: bow
11: Kazahaaa!

1: Itsuko went to the Tokitsukasas...
SFX: cough
2: I just hope nothing happens. And that I can protect Mr. Kaneda and Kazaha...
3: And Shiou too...
4: My mother said I could change Gekki... What did she mean?

1: I still don't understand anything. I'm powerless.
2: Come...

1: Come to me...
2: Listen to my voice...
3: You...
4: Huh? You're just a kid.
SFX: hic
5: What are you doing out here? Are you lost?
6: Listen to my voice...
SFX: stare...

1: I'll give you power.
2: I'll grant any wish you have.
3: Hmmm...
4: She's even copying how you lure people in...

1: Hey...
2: You sure it's alright to leave her alone out here?
3: Of course not.
4: I won't let her get her way.
5: Just as she said... The world only needs one Gekki.

SFX: snicker x2
1: Although... Why are you hopping around town every night, acting so busy?
2: If there's something you want done that badly, then all you need to do is wish to me...
3: Hm...
4: Smiling again, are we?
5: Your face is my favorite thing to look at...

1: Help me!
2: Someone! Help!
3: They're going to kill me! Please! Let me out!
SFX: blech
SFX: splat

1: Kaneda Detective Office Case File (and Diary) - January 20, 1921
newspaper: twenty disappeared this month
2: Lately, there have been a lot of missing person cases in Tokyo...
3: Mr. Kaneda...
4: We've got another person who's looking for someone!
5: Due to that, we've been getting a lot of work requests.

1: And so, we've become uncharacteristically busy.
2: Kazaha... Don't look so happy in front of a client!
3: I'm sorry! (I just...)
4: Aside from that,
5: things have been rather peaceful, including Kiriko.
6: The only thing I'm concerned about
7: is how Shiou
8: rarely ever shows himself to us when it's light out.

1: At night time, he comes now and then... and I guess he's never been one to walk around in broad daylight...
2: But...
3: Shiou...
4: I miss you. Why do you only come at night time now?

1: Why do you only meet with Gekki?
2: Is she really all you need? Shiou...
SFX: wham

1: What is the meaning of this,
2: Itsuko?!
3: You killed this many people and ate their lives...
4: Yet you still haven't even granted half of my wish!

1: ...Is this the limit of your power?
2: In that case... I'd much prefer the Gekki inside Kiriko!
3: Kiriko's Gekki
4: is interfering with me.
5: What did she say?
6: Hieee...
7: Help... Help me...
8: I take it all back...
9: Did you say something?

1: Kiriko's Gekki is interfering with me...
2: Tsukito.
3: You want to know something interesting?
4: If the person who Gekki possesses decides to kill herself, not even Gekki can stop her.
5: If the body she possesses dies, so does Gekki.

1: Luckily,
2: Kiriko hasn't gone insane yet.
3: Insane people can't kill themselves, you know.
4: Will she go crazy... or die first?
SFX: snicker x3
5: Shall we try and see?

1: Ummm...
2: How many I help you?
3: I'm looking for someone. Have you seen him?
4: Never seen that face before... Is he your father or something?
5: No. My job is to find this missing person.
6: Job? But you couldn't possibly be a police officer. Stop playing games.
7: I'm from a detective office.
8: A detective office?
SFX: wahahaha

1: Oh, hold on a minute.
2: You're the girl that Shiou brought around that one time, right?
3: Isn't he with you today?
4: This is one of Shiou's friends...
5: What should I do? I'm supposed to be working now... But she might know where he is...

1: I miss him...
2: Umm...
3: I have to see him!
4: Shiou? We may be friends, but I actually dont know much about him.
5: I'll ask around for you, though.
6: Come with me.

1: Shiou...
SFX: jerk

1: Kiriko!

1: What are you...
2: doing here?
3: Stay out!
4: Close the door! The light...
5: Shiou?

Gekki [2] / END


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