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Chapter 6


Table of Contents

Extra Page
After-School Agent

1: Shiou...
2: Kiri...
3: ko...

1: You don't need to worry...
2: When night comes, I'll go back to normal...
3: When night comes...
4: We'll be together again...
5: Shiou!
6: Wait! Please! Wait!!

1: But...
2: Shiou!
3: Aaahh!
SFX: brring
4: Yes? This is the Kaneda Detective Office.
5: Can you put Kiriko on?
6: Huh?
7: I want to talk to Kiriko. Now.
8: I know that you're taking care of her.

1: Who are you?
2-3: Hello?
4: Hello? Umm...
SFX: click
5: Who were you calling,

1: Grandfather?
2: Kiriko's new home, right?
3: She is a girl who you and this family abandoned.
4: What could you possibly have to talk to her about?
5: Tsukito...

1: I told you to stop trying to replace Kiriko with that monster who calls itself Itsuko.
2: We need to stop meddling with them. And stop trying to use Gekki.
3: For Kiriko's sake?
4: I've known for a long time, grandfather... that you've secretly cared about Kiriko.
5: The reason you tried to get me to marry her was just so that I would hopefully start treating her a little better, wasn't it?

1: I suppose even a man like you
2: can care about someone if she's his real granddaughter.
3: It isn't just for Kiriko's sake.
4: It's for yours as well, Tsukito.
5: Trying to use Gekki any further than this won't help you in any way.
6: How many people have you killed so far? How many people do you need to kill before you're satisfied?

1: Why are you so obsessed with Gekki and her power?
2: You think I don't know what you've been doing?!
3: If you don't do as I say, then I'll disinherit you!
4: Then you won't be able to succeed our house. Are you going to force me to do that, Tsukito?!

1: Tsuki...?!
2: Grandfather...
3: Itsuko's Gekki told me something.
4: She said that someday, you'd betray me... for Kiriko.
5: Tsukito...
6: I'm taking this estate, grandfather.
7: That's the sole reason I've gone on living up until now.

1: Tsukito...!
SFX: blam x3

1: The moon on the 15th night
2: shadowed by the clouds
SFX: tok
3: When I go to become a bride
4: whose bride will I be?

1: Mother?
2: Hey...
3: Do you know the answer, mother?
SFX: snicker x5
4: Unless the moon is out, she's just another crazy person.
5: Kiriko... If only you'd become like that sooner...

1: You wouldn't have had to suffer so much.

1: You're going to become even deader...
2: Is this what it means?
3: You're going to grow farther from Heaven...
4: Is this what Gekki was talking about?
5: Shiou changes... more and more, whenever he makes a wish to Gekki...
6: He's growing farther and farther from the light... farther and farther from a human being...

1: No!
2: No! I don't want him to suffer any further!
3: I won't let Gekki speak to any more people! I won't let her eat any more lives!
4: And if I don't have the power to stop her... If she won't disappear as long as I'm alive...
5: Then I'll make her disappear along with me.

1: Disappear!
2: Kiriko!
3: Stop it, Kiriko!!

1: Grand...
2: father?
3: What are you doing here... Please, let mego!
4: Kiriko...
5: Let me...
6: I'm sorry.
7: Kiriko... I'm sorry.
8: Grandfather?

1: Please let me go.
2: Grandfather...
3: Grandfather! Grandfather!
4: Grandfather...

1: You'll catch a cold.
2: I don't care.
3: Kiriko...
4: Dying won't save his soul.
5: In order to lift his curse, you need to live on and erase Gekki from inside you.
6: Grandfather...
7: But I...
8: I know you can do it.

1: My dead son... Your stepfather...
2: was actually your real father.
3: 16 years ago...
4: I sent my son to the Kuchinashi main house in order to investigate Gekki. There, he found a girl who had been raised to give birth to Gekki.
5: She was adopted, married, and gave birth to a daughter...
6: But I didn't learn that this child was my son's until she began living with us.

1: The Tokitsukasas have always been controllers of magic.
2: That's why we were able to force Gekki into our possession... Your father was especially skilled.
3: My son said he promised your mother... that he would change Gekki's fate.
4: That he'd erase the Gekki inside his child.
5: Did you ever dream about her? A Gekki who looks just like you?
6: Ah...
7: You mean... you saw it too?
8: Yes. Your father showed it to me.

1: My son's dead now, but you've inherited his abilities.
2: Your strength, and the fact that you haven't gone crazy even though Gekki's inside of you, is proof of that.
3: I want you to erase Gekki. For your sake, and for your parents' sake.
4: And...
5: If possible,
6: I want you to save Tsukito.
7: Grandfather...
8: Kiriko!

1: There you are! What are you doing over there?!
2: Phewwww!
3: Kazaha!
4: 'scuse me!
SFX: slid
5: Can you help me out on an investigation? Oh, I looked ALL OVER for you!
6: Grandfather...
7: This is...
8: Huh?

1: Grandfather?

SFX: crash

1: What the?
2: Woah! This looks like the Yamata no Orochi!
3: Is he just possessed by a snake god or something?
SFX: hisss x3
4: This is my money.
5: I won't hand it over to anyone. It's mine...
SFX: slither

1: Hieee
2: eeeeeee
SFX: thud
3: What a relief!
4: That didn't kill you.

1: Whew...
2: Got the wrong one again. This is really turning out to be a harder than I thought it'd be...
SFX: thud
3: What is?
4: What have you been searching for
5: night after night?

1: You were watching me?
2: Are you really that interested in what I'm doing?
SFX: snicker x3
3: Yeah...
4: Shiou...
5: When night comes...
6: We'll be together again...

1: What's wrong?
2: What are you staring at?
3: N...
4: Nothing.
5: I'm looking for
6: my father.
7: At least, that's what I call him. Apparently he kidnapped me when I was really young.
8: Then he forced me to be his kid.
9: He wanted a kid to help him out.

1: To help him find demons like you...
2: and send them to people in need.
3: Gekki... My father was the one who arranged you to come here
4: from Yodo Village.
5: I've never once seen my father. I don't even know his real name.
6: All I know is that he's Baron Torinobe. At least, that's what he makes everyone call him.

1: And you
2: helped him?
3: I did. Many times.
4: I didn't know any other way to live, after all.
5: And because of that, many people either died or went crazy.
6: I don't ever want to do that kind of work again.
7: I want to find my father and make him stop.

1: I'll do anything it takes. I'll suffer anything it takes.
2: Shiou...
3: Wait.
4: Could you be...
5: Want me to tell you
6: where your father is?

1: If I do that, then what will happen to me?
2: You won't be able
3: to stay human in either daytime or night time.
4: And it'll be the last wish I grant for you.
5: I'll miss seeing your smile... But there's nothing I can do about it.
6: It'll make you mine forever, after all.
7: Wait!
8: Shiou!
9: No!
10: Don't wish for anything else!

1: My last wish,
2: huh?
3: Shiou!
4: Stop!

1: What are you looking at?
2: Who
3: are you looking at?

1: Lately I've been engaging in garden art (if you can even call it that) But I'm an amateur, so I keep screwing up.

Screw-up (1)
It begins when I spread out seeds randomly in the hopes that they'll all grow.
SFX: ta-da

Then I get this sort of bud mountain sprouting up.

1: Where am I going to plant something like this?

1: I've only ever wanted one thing.
2: In order to find my father... I'm willing to us ethe power of the very demon my father found.
3: That's why I approached Kiriko.
4: And now, my last wish is...
5: Gekki...

1: When the time comes,
2: I'll give you my last wish.

SFX: beep beep
SFX: chirp chirp
SFX: sigh
1: Shiou...
2: intends to make another wish to Gekki... No matter what.
3: He's intended to from the very beginning. He knew about everything. He just wanted Gekki's power.

1: He didn't care about me...
2: Kiriko...
3: Ah!
4: Sorry! I overslept!
5: That's OK. Just look at this.
paper: On the 4th, at 2:10 pm, Baron Tokitsukasa passed away in his Azabu estate due to poor health. There will be a funeral on
6: Wha...

1: Baron Tokitsukasa... He's your grandfather, isn't he?
2: He died?
3: At 2 PM yesterday?
4: But...
5: I met with him after that...

1: Grandfather...
2: Kiriko...
3: In order to lift his curse, you need to erase Gekki.
4: And, if possible,
5: I want you to save Tsukito.
6: Grandfather....

1: Hmmmm?!
2: What did you just say? I couldn't hear you...
3: I...
4: I want to go to my grandfather's funeral.
5: Hmmmm?
6: Kazaha...

1: Kiriko...
2: Have you lost your mind? Just when you finally managed to escape from that house...
3: Do you have any idea what'll happen if you go back?
4: You may not be able to get out again! And not only that, you might die! And just when we finally found a cheap source of labor! You're really creating problems for us!
5: Kiriko...
6: If you insist, I won't try to stop you...
7: We can't really do anything like that, but...
8: But... If we find out later that something happened to you,
9: we're going to let the police know everything about Tokitsukasa and Gekki.

1: Come back.
2: We'll be waiting for you.
3: Mr. Kaneda...
4: I will.

SFX: snap
1: Wow...
2: There are VIPs all over the place.
3: Even for a noble's wedding, this is quite the turn-out.
4: Now the Tokitsukasas will prosper even more.
5: His grandson Tsukito is going to take over things, right?
6: This way, please. The ceremony will be held in the other wing.
7: Ahh...
8: It's been a while,
9: Tsukito.

1: Tsukito... I want to see grandfather's face.
2: Kiriko...
3: I'd like to show you, but I can't. It's against the family rules.
4: And more importantly...
5: Now that you're here, let's have ourselves a little chat.

1: This sort of brings back memories...
2: It's been three months, I suppose.
3: Grandfather's in here.
4: Huh?
5: You wanted to see his face,
6: right?
7: The moon on the 15th night
8: shadowed by the clouds

1: When I go to become a bride
2: whose bride will I be?
3: This is Itsuko.
4: Walking alone with an
5: umbrella...

SFX: Thud

1: Ahh!
2: Ahh! Aahh!
3: Grandfather...?
SFX: roll...
4: Grandfather! Grandfather!
5: Grandfather!
6: Why...

1: Why did you do this, Tsukito?!
2: Itsuko wanted a new doll,
3: so I killed him for her.
4: That story about his poor health was just a lie I told to the doctor.
5: He was getting in my way, so I killed him.
6: You're really something, though, Kiriko...
SFX: slam
7: In the end,
8: Itsuko's Gekki wasn't able to kill you.

1: What?
2: No matter what happened, you never died nor went crazy.
3: What did you come back for?
4: Or did you finally realize that you could never get away from me?
5: I don't need you anymore.
6: You're in my way, just like grandfather was.
7: I could kill you now,
8: but considering how you were nice enough to come back...

1: Let's wait until the moon comes out.
SFX: fwooosh

1: Aahh...
2: A toad this time? Ah geez... What am I doing?
3: Oh well.
4: I'll just have to clean this up and hurry on to the next one.

1: Huh?
2: I can't move?
3: I can't shake his power off me...
4: Why?
5: I'm something that Gekki created. This shouldn't be happening...

1: Unless Gekki
2: somehow got weakened...
3-4: Kiriko!

1: It reeks of blood...
2: and the grudges of people who were unable to have their wishes granted...
3: It smells worse than when I was here last...
4: Kiriko.
5: It's my first time seeing you not transform into Gekki
6: on a moonlit night.
7: As I'm sure you know, at night time, this house becomes protected by Itsuko's Gekki's barrier. Sadly, as long as you're in here, you won't be able to transform into Gekki.
8: That's a good thing.

1: If it'll keep me from transforming into Gekki,
2: then I'd like to stay here forever.
3: But... I know you'd never be that nice to me,
4: Tsukito.
5: What are you planning to do to me?

1: I just thought I'd have you listen to her.
2: You've had Gekki inside you for so long, but you've never heard her voice, have you?
3: This is how I'm planning to kill you.

1: Just like all ones who became blinded by desire and came here to die.
2: You'll die hacking up your own blood, just like they did.
3: It's the perfect way for you to die.
4: Fine, Tsukito...
5: As you wish.
6: I'll do as you say... But in return...
7: Do you want Gekki's power?

1: Do you really want that demonic power so badly... even if it means death?
2: Is it really that important to you?
3: Yes.
4: It's the most important thing there is to me.

1: Then..
2: Make that wish
3: to Gekki.
4: Make your wish to her, so that you can kill me!
5: Tsukito!!

1: Kiriko!
2: It's no use! I can't break through the barrier!
3: There's only one thing
4: I want...

1: Tsukito!!

1: Say this to Itsuko, Kiriko.
2: The world doesn't need
3: two Gekki.
4: The world doesn't need you, Itsuko.

1: Tsukito...
2: You're...
SFX: hiieeeee...
3: You're...

1: Kiriko!
2: Hang in there,
3: Kiriko!

1: Don't worry. She isn't dead yet.
2: The fact that you, a corpse that Gekki reanimated, is still moving around,
3: is proof of that.
4: Shiou...

1: Shiou...


1: You're such a fool, Shiou...
2: I knew what you really wanted the whole time.
3: I have no more use for you.
4: Take your soul and go somewhere else.


1: That day was the first time I ever saw
2: the Tokitsukasa estate... that large mansion on Yuureizaka Hill in Yamanote.

Screw-Up (2)
I had no choice but to buy a lot of planters and fill them with buds. There were some buds where I wasn't sure what flowers they were, but I did my best to raise them all. Then...

SFX: ta-da

A few days later, the unknown ones grew... into normal weeds.

3: They really grew quite well...

1: Wahhh!
2: Three days after Kiriko's grandfather's funeral...
3: Please leave. You are not allowed to meet with Young Master Tsukito and Lady Kiriko.
4: Hey!
5: What did you do to Kiriko?! Let me see her!
6: Kiriko!!

1: Kiriko!!
2: After she went to that dark mansion, on the top of Yuureizaka Hill, which is dim even in the daylight...
3: Kiriko never returned.

1: As I promised to Kiriko, I reported to the police about the Tokitsukasas and asked them to investigate.
2: But they didn't believe me as easily as I expected they would, and wouldn't do anything for me.
3: Are the Tokitsukasas really that powerful?
4: But I just couldn't give up.
5: Dammit... I'm not gonna let this end here!
6: Shiou...
7: I wonder where he went as well?
8: The earth is quaking...
9: Two years from now, in September,
10: the earth will split, and people will die. Flames will engulf the capital.

1: That's fine. As long as I know it in advance, I can make any number of preparations as long as I cough some money up.
2: What's going to happen to the mansion? Will it burn?
3: No.
4: As long as I, Gekki, am here,
5: I will be able to protect this house and its ruler from anything.
SFX: blech

1: As long as Kiriko's Gekki is here,
2: hm?
SFX: heh...
SFX: heh x5

SFX: fwooosh
SFX: klak x2

1: With the help of Kazaha, I gathered up evidence that would allow me to sue Tokitsukasa,
2: and also searched for Shiou.
3: Two years passed... and it became 1923.
4: On September 1, the Great Kanto Earthquake swallowed the capital.
5: Then, just as winter came around...

1: And
2: you think this Shiou fellow you're searching for
3: is me, Mr. Kaneda?
4: Huh?

1: Unfortunately, you've got the wrong person. I don't know you.
2: I've never met a girl named Kiriko, either. I'm the sole son of this family, and not the person you're looking for.
3: You can cut out the act, Shiou! What are you doing here, anyway? Some new kind of swindling?
4: I can't believe you let Kiriko go for so long!
5: Kiriko's alive! A reporter friend of mine who went to interview the Tokitsukasas saw her!
6: But I need your help in order to save her!

1: Mr. Kaneda...
2: Just come with me!
3: Geez! Just when I'm finally serious about an investigation! Here you are, sitting here dressed up like a host!
4: Do you know how long it took me to find this place?!
5: Unfortunately, I can only go out at night.
6: I don't do well with light.
SFX: slip...
7: Hieee!

1: I'm really surprised
2: you found this place.
3: You may be a master detective after all...
4: This place is rather hard
5: for normal humans to find.

1: Shiou...
2: If you move, they'll bite you, and you'll die.
3: I don't know anything about this Kiriko girl, but I do know about the Tokitsukasas.
4: My father's the one who sent Kiriko's Gekki there, after all.
5: And thanks to that, the Tokitsukasas have prospered.
6: They saved their fortune fro mthe earthquake, and have even gone into the war industry lately.

1: Whenever the moon comes out, and Gekki flies into the sky,
2: someone dies, and more blood is spilled.
3: My father and I send demons to people.
4: That's how we make a living.
5: And this is our home.
6: Shi...

1: Please leave.
2: Before you lose your life here.
3: Shiou!
4: What happened to you?!
5: What...
6: Why...

1: Mr. Kaneda!
SIGN: Kaneda Detective Office
2: Were you out searching for Shiou again?
3: Yeah...
4: Sorry for making you do all the other work, Kazaha.
5: And I haven't cleaned up the office yet, either...
6: It's such a beat-up apartment, I can't believe it only got wrecked this much.
7: I don't mind.
8: Do you think you'll be able to find him?
9: I dunno...

1: I made it there once, but whenever I try to go back, I never seem to be able to make it.
2: I'm hoping it was just a dream, though...
3: One in the rift between the human and the demon world?
4: Listen to me...

1: Someone...
2: Listen to me.
SFX: haa x4
3: Shiou...
4: You're here, aren't you?
5: I can't see you, but I know this is the place.
6: I know you're here.
7: Listen to me!
8: The police have finally decided to do something.

1: There are a few people who were taken to the Tokitsukasa mansion that managed to escape.
2: I finally got together their reports...
3: Tomorrow morning,
4: the police are going to go to the mansion.
5: But that won't erase Gekki from inside Kiriko.
6: You're the only one who can really help her!
7: Ever since you brought Kiriko to me, I've wondered if maybe you were already dead...
8: But it didn't surprise me. You didn't seem any different from when you were alive, after all.

1: You were always smiling,
2: but it was like a dead man's smile.
3: Now get out of that gloom already, Shiou!!

1: Shiou!!
2: What I remember is a dark, moonless hill...

1: Someone was pulling my hand... But then the rustle of feathers surprised him, and he let go for a moment.
2: Ever since then, I've been trapped in the darkness. I can't escape. I'm not supposed to.
3: If only the moon had been out that night...

1: But by now, I've long forgotten what moonlight even looks like.

1: What are you doing?
2: This is the woman you spoke to last night, isn't it? Hurry up and listen to her again.

1: If...
2: If you want to kill me, then just kill me.
3: But the police are going to be here tomorrow morning. Then it'll all be over for you!
4: Not it won't. Why do you think I keep Gekki here?
5: As long as she's here, this house will be protected. Nothing will ever happen to it.
6: Now hurry it up! If she's not good enough, I'll just kill her.
7: Then you'll have to go out and find a replacement!
8: Gekki...
9: What are you doing?!

1: Kiriko...
2: You?
3: You're doing this, aren't you, Kiriko?

1: I knew... That you never really went crazy.
2: And not only that... But you were inside Gekki, suppressing her power...
3: That's why the humans that Gekki brought back stopped dying, even though they could hear her voice...
4: Gekki stopped giving prophesies... she did nothing but fly around, night after night.
5: From person to person...
6: Like she was searching for someone.

1: Are you trying to steal Gekki from me, Kiriko?!
2: Are you trying to steal the Tokitsukasa estate from me?! The most important thing I have?!
3: Shoot.
4: I couldn't erase Gekki,
5: but as long as I'm here, this demon won't be able to help anyone anymore.

1: You need to erase Gekki in place of me,
2: Tsukito.
3: Kiriko...
4: Kiriko!!

1: Mr. Kaneda!!
2: Kazaha! You're still here? But it's so late...
3: I was waiting for you! Shiou came here! Shiou!
4: When I told him that I met with Gekki last night,
5: he went to the Tokitsukasa mansion in my place!

1: You're...?!
2: Out of the way!
SFX: blam x4
3: Get away from her!
4: I...

1: don't understand anything about this.
2: Not even why I came here.
3: Tooru...
4: Come back...
5: Come back to me.

1: Just when I restored your body after Gekki destroyed it... Why do you always disobey me?
2: You're dead, even though you're still alive, and yet you...
3: Father!
SFX: fsssh
4: Father!
5: Waaaugh!

1: That's it...
2: I promised Gekki... that I'd make my last with you...
3: She's lost all her power to grant wishes. But I...

1: I've only ever wanted one thing.

SFX: rumble
1: Tooru?!
2: Waaaaahhh

1: The light of the moon...
2: It's so bright... and warm...
3: Now I can climb that hill. Now I can go home.

1: Now I can get out of here.
2: Just do something! You're the only doctor around these parts! This is your friend, isn't it?!
SIGN: Kasuga Clinic
3: Still, I can't do the impossible! We can't care for such a wounded person here!

1: Kasugaaaa!!
2: Ohh! You're awake, you're awake1
3: You're really something, Kasuga! You've really redeemed yourself! I won't call you a duckling anymore!
4: Duckling = on your way to becoming a quack
5: Shiou...

1: Kiriko...
2: O...
3: Owww! Owwwwwww!!
4: Well, of course it hurts.
5: You'll just have to bear through it. Just be thankful you're alive!
6: It took us a lot of work...
7: I'm...
8: alive...
9: Kiriko!

1: Kiriko!
SFX: hug
2: eeeeeek!
3: Kiriko! Kiriko!
4: What are you doing?!
SFX: whack!
5: You're wounded!
6: And so, time hurried toward a great war...
7: Sometimes, when I walked outside on moonless nights... I could hear the sound of inhuman footsteps in the darkness.

1: But through all that, the moon continued to shine,
2: illuminating the darkness.

Gekki [3] / END


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