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After-School Agent

After-School Agent

SFX: snap

SIGN: Sayama-cha Municipal Middle School
SFX: snap x2
1: I've never seen flowers like these before...
2: Since when have these been in our greenhouse?

1: Hey... Kubota Mai.
2: I can't believe you never get bored of that.
3: Staring at things through that lens day after day..
4: Kashima Kotarou... I'm busy right now! Don't bother me!
5: If you keep taking all those pictures, eventually, your face will turn into a lens!

1: How about doing something more girlish once in a while?
2: Like going on a date or dressing up or something...
3: You don't have any natural sexiness, you know...
4: Kashima...
5: What did you come here for?! If you're just going to stand there and say sarcastic things, then just get out! I can't concentrate!
6: Well...
7: The truth is...
8: Would you mind
9: taking my picture?

1: My parents have been in the US for work for over three years now.
2: I want to send them a picture to put them at ease.
3: You're the best photographer in the photo club, and that's really the only skill you've got going for you...
4: So I just thought you'd be the one to ask.
5: Are you complimenting me or making fun of me?
6: I'm the president of the newspaper club, so I know how to tell a good photo from a bad one.
7: Just one photo will be fine. Please.

1: Ask someone else.
2: I'm taking the flowers' pictures now.
3: Well I don't mind waiting a little.
4: No. I'm busy!
5: What's the big deal? Just one picture! I'm asking you because I think you're good!
6: Some way to ask me! After saying I'm not sexy and photos are all I have going for me...
7: I only take pictures of what I want to take pictures of.
8: And I don't want to...

1: take pictures of you!
2: Fine.
3: I'll just give up, then. I don't feel like asking anyone else.
4: Kashima...

1: But... How could I take such an important photograph like that?
2: It seems like he really wanted one...
3: Why do I... always react this way?

1: Things always end up like this. I can never be honest around Kashima... The truth is, I really like him...
2: I like him, but...
SFX: snap...

1: I wasn't trying to take a picture of him!
2: I was just aiming it at the flower!
SFX: bzzz...
SFX: tap
SFX: bzzz bzzzz
SFX: thud
1: The bug's
2: dead!

1: If he finds out I took a photo of him without asking, he'll probably get really mad...
2: But if it turns out nice, I should just muster up some courage and give it to him...

1: Hey! Hey!
SIGN: Photo Club
2: Mai! Come over here!
3: I saw the newspaper club's bulletin board!
4: Huh?
5: I never knew you took those kinds of photos!
6: Bulletin board?
7: Oh, come on! Stop playing dumb!
8: Your picture of Kashima and the flower!
9: It looked so good!
SFX: chatter x3
SIGN: Sayama-cha Weekly

1: What...
SFX: fwip
SFX: fwish x3
1: Why are you taking it down, Mai?

1: Kashima...
2: Where... did you find this?
3: Just get in here.
4: Here are the rest of the flower photos
5: and the negatives.
6: Apparently our film got mixed up in the film
7: that we get weekly from the photo club.

1: So what? That still doesn't give you the right to stick it up there for everyone to see!
2: You're the one who took someone's photo without their permission.
SFX: blush
SFX: spin
3: I was taking a picture of the flower.
4: Not of you, Kashima!

1: Excuse me!
2: Hey! Wait, Mai!
3: The only reason I put it up there
4: was because it looked so good!
5: I just felt like
6: showing it off to people!
7: She's gone.
SFX: sigh...
8: Hey, Kashima...

1: That flower she took a picture of is in the greenhouse, right?
2: Yeah.
3: I've seen it before in some book.
4: It isn't the kind of flower that should be in school...
5: It's a poisonous one, I think.
6: Just touching it can kill someone.
7: Maybe we should ask the teachers about this...

1-2: Good morning!
3: Good morning, Mai!
SFX: sigh
4: What's eating her?
5: Seems like something happened yesterday.
6: Kubota...
7: Yes...
8: You've got a phone call.
9: From who?
10: I don't know. They didn't say their name.
11: Hello?
12: It's me...
13: Where
14: is the negative?

1: Huh?
2: The negative of the flower. Where is it?
3: Umm... Who are you?
4: click
SFX: boop x3
5: Are you done?
6: Seems like they got the wrong person.
7: Who was that? I'm not in the mood for this...
8: Kubota...
9: Kubota, we've got a problem! Come here!

SIGN: Photo Club
1: The club room...
2: Mai!
3: Our club room got hit too.
4: Is there anything missing?

SFX: rustle x3
SFX: fwap
1: It's gone...
2: What is?!
3: The film from yesterday.
4: My photos and the negatives...
5: It's all gone.
SIGN: Newspaper Club
6: Poison?!

1: It's a rare poisonous flower from South America.
2: Just touching it can poison someone. Then, they'll die from cardiac arrest.
3: It's one of the best ways to kill someone.
4: Good thing you didn't touch it, Mai.
SFX: sigh
5: Hey! Kashima! Don't scare her like that!
6: That flower was in every single one of the missing pictures.

1: Which means
2: that the person who accidentally left that flower there
3: is trying to erase
4: all evidence of it.
5: When I went to go check it in the greenhouse,
6: it was already gone.
7: Well, for now,
8: all the photos are gone, so we don't need to worry about any danger.
9: It's too bad that we lost my photo too, though...

SFX: pitter patter x5
1: Kubota?
2: You're looking pale.
3: Huh?
4: Are you OK?
5: Did something come to mind?
6: N-no! Nothing...
7: Where
8: is the negative?
9: Nothing...

1: The negative of the flower.
2: Where are they?
3: Mai...
4: Just in case,
5: let me walk home with you for a while.
6: Sure.
7: You know,

1: I'm kind of feeling
2: responsible for this.
3: Because I kept bugging you to take my picture, I basically showed the criminal where the flower pictures were.
4: Kashima...
5: Umm... I... I...
6: I can't say it...
7: Nevermind...
8: I can't tell him
9: that I still have the negative of his photo...

1: I kept it on me
2: as a keepsake...
3: The criminal knows...
4: He knows I have it!
5: But I can't tell
6: Kashima...
7: Then he'll find out
8: how I really feel...
SFX: rattle

1: Mai!
SFX: push

sfx: RATTLE X3
1: Are you hurt?
2: No...

SFX: fwish...
SFX: pat x2
CAR: Police
1: Is that your house?
2: Yeah... I'll be fine from here.
3: There's a police car parked there.

1: Mom, what's wrong?
2: Oh, welcome home, Mai.
3: It seems like a thief got into our house.
4: He went through all our things.
5: It's strange, though... All our money's still here.
6: What could he have been after?
SFX: twitch
7: Yes, this is the Kubota residence.
8: Please hold on one moment.

1: It's for you, Mai.
2: What's wrong?
3: Yes?
4: The negative.
5: Where is it...

1: Tomorrow afternoon, at 4 PM,
2: take them to Sayama-cha Bridge and leave them there.
3: Don't say anything to the police.
4: Tell them you don't have anything.
5: Or else I'll take more than your things next time...
SFX: clang
6: Mai!

1: I'll hand it over...
2: I want to tell the police...
SFX: rustle x2
3: But I feel like if I do, he'll kill me...
SFX: flip x2
SFX: fwap x2
4: It's gone?!

1-2: It's gone!
3: This can't be...
4: Someone
5: tell me this is just a nightmare!

SFX: ding dong
SFX: tick x2
SFX: tick x3
1: I stayed up all last night looking for it... but I never found it.

1: What should I do?! He won't believe me if I told him I lost it!
2: It's going to be 4 soon...
3: Help me, Kashima!
4: Help me,
5: Kashima!
6: Kashimaaaaaa!

1: Hey, Mai...
2: Kashima's in the photo club room.
3: He's been working frantically on developing those photos in the darkroom...
4: Thanks!
SFX: rattle
5: Kashima...
6: Are you there?
7: What is it?!
8: I need to talk to you.
9: You're the only one I can count on.
10: I...
11: What is it already?! Geez!

1: I stayed up all night last night!
2: I'm in a hurry, so don't get in my way, or I'll kill you! Go away!
3: Kashima...
4: Talk to me later! I can't concentrate with you here! Now get out!
5: Kashi...

1: I had to muster up so much courage...
2: to even approach you...
3: Stupid!
4: Kashima,
5: you're so stupid!

1: Huh?
2: What the?
3: Kashima...
4: What did you make Mai cry for? She ran out sobbing...
5: You mean...
6: That was Mai just now. See, that's why you shouldn't just start screaming at people for no reason.
7: Where did she go?!
8: Outside.
9: Don't worry.
10: I sent one of the photo club people after her.

1: I guess...
SFX: pitter patter
2: I should just go
3: home...
SFX: klak
4: Don't turn around.
5: Where's the negative?

1: Hurry up and give it to me. I know you have the last one.
2: I...
3: I don't.
4: Umm...
5: It seems like I lost it somewhere...
6: Liar...
7: I'm telling the truth! I don't have it!

1: You don't know what I went through to get that poison flower...
2: I stayed up all night for so long thinking about how I could kill this boss of mine who keeps pissing me off...
3: But that stupid courier! He delivered it to your middle school instead!
4: And now some stupid kid's photo is going to ruin my entire plan!
5: Now where is it?! Where are you hiding it?!
6: Eeeek! Aaaahhh!
7: If it's photos you want, I have a ton right here.


1: Here they are! All over the place!
2: You can have 'em all if you want, mister!
3: Waah!
4: Waaahhh!!
SFX: weeoo x4
SFX: thud...
5: Kashima...

1: The negative... You took it...
2: I just borrowed it, after I found out you were taking such good care of it.
3: Can I have one of the copies?
4: Look how many I developed!
5: I
6: really like this photo,
7: you know.
8: I like the photos you take...
9: and I like you as well, Mai...

1: Mai!
2: I felt so relieved
3: that I couldn't even speak.
4: Hopefully this photo
5: can express my feelings instead...
6: I like you too, Kashima...
7: I like you so much...

After-School Agent / END


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