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Beast of the Tower [sample]

Chapter 1 003
Chapter 2 043
Chapter 3 051
Chapter 4 059
Chapter 5 075
Appendix 172

Chapter 1 - April 2003 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 38
Chapter 2 - October 2003 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 40
Chapter 3 - January 2004 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 41
Chapter 4 - April 2004 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 42
Chapter 5 - Drawn for this volume

Chapter 1

1: Get out of here! You think I'm gonna employ a sick person at a tavern?!
2: Ahhh... I'm so hungry...
3: Then please... At least bless me with these so I may have something to eat...
4: Tch. Fine, fine...
5: So hungry...
6: Here! Now hurry up and go somewhere else!
7: I could die...

1: Go and through those dirty shoes in the river, why don't you?!
SFX: rattle x4
SFX: wham
2: Now hurry up and get outta here!
SFX: rattle x2
3: Ahhh!!
4: It's going to run me over!!
SFX: gallop x2
5: No!
6: I don't want to die!
SFX: grab

1: Are you all right?
2: Y-yes...
3: Oh. Good!
4: It-it's a noble!

1: He has such a beautiful face...
2: Ahh...
3: Compared to him, I'm just...
4: Sorry...
SFX: grab
5: But let me take a closer look at your face.
6: Ahh... No, I...
7: I'm embarrassed!
8: Heheh... I thought so!
9: You have emerald eyes, just like my mother's.

1: Just looking at them brings back memories...
2: What's your name?
3: Lucca.
4: I'm Edgar.
5: Seems like you're in need of some food. If you don't have anywhere else to go, then why not come to my mansion?
6: What?! O-OK! Are you sure it's all right?
7: I'm alone...
8: Perhaps having you nearby may give me some salvation.

1: Alone?!
2: He calls this being alone?!
3: Yes, that'll be fine. Give him the same.
4: Yes sir.
5: What's wrong? You don't look too well. Is the food not to your liking?
6: Oh, I see... He only invited me in for supper...
7: No... I merely thought you had brought me here so I could be one of your servants.
8: Just when I thought I'd found a new job...

1: Don't be silly.
2: What was I thinking?
3: Things never go that easily...
4: I'm sorry... You're right. A sick boy like me would never...
SFX: fidget fidget...
5: What? That's what you were thinking? I didn't bring you here due to some caprice.
6: Lucca, you...
7: Well...
8: I want you to say here permanently. As my 'friend.'
9: Edgar!!
10: I can't believe this!!
11: Remember what I said? I'm alone.
12: He's such a mysterious man...

1: Edgar never gave me any work to do.
2: Edgar!
3: Instead, he treated me like his own little brother.
4: Hm?
5: Isn't there anything I can do?
6: You just stay by my side and talk to me...
7: But it makes me feel like I'm not doing enough...
8: Hmm.

1: Do you want to work?
2: Yes! I want to come in handy for you, Edgar!
3: OK.
4: Then... I have one request for you.
SFX: pitter patter
5: What sad eyes!
6: Then,
7: I remembered that which I had forgotten...
8: I'm alone.

1: Every month, I must leave this mansion for 3 days and go somewhere far away.
2: During those three days, I want you to take care of the beast in the tower...
3: The... beast?
4: Yes. I've been taking care of it on my own so far... It's my pet.
5: But you must only tend to it at night. Don't go near it in the daylight.
6: After the moon comes out, go and take food to it.
7: Lucca...
8: No one knows about the beast. They mustn't know.
SFX: touch...

1: It's our little secret.

1: In the tower
2: stood a jet black beast,
3: with azure fur and sapphire eyes.
4: Wow! I didn't know beasts like this even existed!

1: It's so beautiful!
2: After seeing it, I could understand why Edgar wanted to hide it from everyone and keep it for himself.
3: One day, I really wanted to go and look at it again,
4: so I snuck out to the tower during the afternoon. But strangely enough,
5: the door had been locked from the inside,
6: and I wasn't able to get in.

1: Several months later...
2: OK now, tend to it as usual while I'm gone.
3: I will! Um... Edgar...
4: Thank you very much.
5: For what?
6: For showing me the beast...
7: Lucca... What do you think about it?

1: Umm...
2: I think... it's very beautiful.
3: Beautiful?
4: You're a strange one, if you think that's beautiful...
5: Huh?
6: That beast is so ugly...
7: it makes me want to kill it.
SFX: shiver

1: Heh... Just kidding.
2: Edgar?
3: He was smiling when he said it...
SFX: clang
4: But it looks so pretty...
5: How could he call it ugly? And if it is, then why is he hiding it in here?
6: Ahh... I wish I could touch its fur...

1: Your eyes really resemble your master's...
2: Edgar...
SFX: throb
3: A beast with eyes just like Edgar's...
4: Ahhh!! I want to get closer and touch it...
SFX: cling
SFX: throb x2
5: Grr...
SFX: creak

SFX: tok
1-2: Grrr...
3: Ahh...
SFX: leap
SFX: crash
4: Oh no!!

1: What have I done?!
2: crack
3: snap
4: squeaaal
5: That noise... Is it coming from the pig sty?! Oh no!
6: Grrr
7: It-it's like a slaughterhouse...
8: Grrr...
9: Ahh...
10: Waaauggh!!

1: Gunshots?
2: It can't be!
3: What were those gunshots just now?!
4: Are you OK?!
5: Urgh... H-he got me!
SFX: drip x2
6: A huge black beast attacked me!
7: Hey! Everyone, get over here!
8: It left a trail of blood behind!
9: IF we follow this...

1: M-Master!!
2: Edgar's come home!!
3: What should I do? How can I tell him...
4: Edgar?!
SFX: haa
5: Master, what are those wounds from
6: Just settle down... Get away from me!! Lucca... Take me to my room.
SFX: haa x2

SFX: haa x2
1: I'll call a doctor at once!
2: ...No need.
SFX: haa x2
3: A wound like this will heal in no time...
SFX: slide
4: He's right. It looks like it's healing right before my eyes!
5: Lucca!
6: Why did you unlock the cage?!
7: H...
8: How did you know?

SFX: stomp x2
1: St-stop!!
2: Our master is resting right now!!
3: Get out of the way!!
4: Ahh!
5: Bring out the monster!!
6: We know it ran in here!!
7: What are you talking about...
8: Please, you must leave tonight!!
9: We're not going anywhere! That monster attacked us and our livestock!!
10: It attacked...
11: a person?

1: Yeah! Then we chased it here! You're keeping it in that tower, aren't you?!
2: Where are you hiding it?!
SFX: grab
3: Urgh...
4: Please stop!! Edgar is injured!
5: Tch...
6: We're going to search the entire mansion! And as soon as we find it, we're gonna shoot it dead!!
SFX: slam
7: It's pointless... No matter how much they search, they won't find anything.
8: Edgar?
9: Lucca... Will you pledge your loyalty to me?

1: Yes...
2: As he said, the beast was missing... But where could it have gone?
SFX: creak
3: Time for me to show you the truth.
SFX: pitter patter
4: Lucca, come in here with me.

1: Full moons happen for three days at at time...
2: But I undergo the same transformation when I'm extremely excited...
3: Edgar! What are you...
SFX: clang

1: Lucca...
2: Y-yes...
3: When I start to writhe, I want you to leave the cage and lock it tight. Understand me?
SFX: creak
4: Mm... Urgh...
5: Wh-why are you doing that?
6: To show you the other side of me!

1: Ahh...
2: Edgar...
SFX: throb
3: Urgh...
4: Uu... Ahh...
SFX: shiver x2
5: Ahh... Aaahhh...
SFX: throb
SFX: crack
6: Ahh... Ahhh...
7: It hurts...
SFX: scratch x2
8: Ed...
9: Ah...

1: Uuu...
SFX: rip x2
2: Lu... cca... Hurry up and run...
3: Edgar!!
SFX: throb
4: Hurry... Ggh... Uuu...
5: R... Run!!
SFX: snap x2


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