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Beast of the Tower

Chapter 1 003
Chapter 2 043
Chapter 3 051
Chapter 4 059
Chapter 5 075
Appendix 172

Chapter 1 - April 2003 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 38
Chapter 2 - October 2003 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 40
Chapter 3 - January 2004 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 41
Chapter 4 - April 2004 - Biblos Publishing - MAGAZINE ZERO Vol. 42
Chapter 5 - Drawn for this volume

Chapter 1

1: Get out of here! You think I'm gonna employ a sick person at a tavern?!
2: Ahhh... I'm so hungry...
3: Then please... At least bless me with these so I may have something to eat...
4: Tch. Fine, fine...
5: So hungry...
6: Here! Now hurry up and go somewhere else!
7: I could die...

1: Go and through those dirty shoes in the river, why don't you?!
SFX: rattle x4
SFX: wham
2: Now hurry up and get outta here!
SFX: rattle x2
3: Ahhh!!
4: It's going to run me over!!
SFX: gallop x2
5: No!
6: I don't want to die!
SFX: grab

1: Are you all right?
2: Y-yes...
3: Oh. Good!
4: It-it's a noble!

1: He has such a beautiful face...
2: Ahh...
3: Compared to him, I'm just...
4: Sorry...
SFX: grab
5: But let me take a closer look at your face.
6: Ahh... No, I...
7: I'm embarrassed!
8: Heheh... I thought so!
9: You have emerald eyes, just like my mother's.

1: Just looking at them brings back memories...
2: What's your name?
3: Lucca.
4: I'm Edgar.
5: Seems like you're in need of some food. If you don't have anywhere else to go, then why not come to my mansion?
6: What?! O-OK! Are you sure it's all right?
7: I'm alone...
8: Perhaps having you nearby may give me some salvation.

1: Alone?!
2: He calls this being alone?!
3: Yes, that'll be fine. Give him the same.
4: Yes sir.
5: What's wrong? You don't look too well. Is the food not to your liking?
6: Oh, I see... He only invited me in for supper...
7: No... I merely thought you had brought me here so I could be one of your servants.
8: Just when I thought I'd found a new job...

1: Don't be silly.
2: What was I thinking?
3: Things never go that easily...
4: I'm sorry... You're right. A sick boy like me would never...
SFX: fidget fidget...
5: What? That's what you were thinking? I didn't bring you here due to some caprice.
6: Lucca, you...
7: Well...
8: I want you to say here permanently. As my 'friend.'
9: Edgar!!
10: I can't believe this!!
11: Remember what I said? I'm alone.
12: He's such a mysterious man...

1: Edgar never gave me any work to do.
2: Edgar!
3: Instead, he treated me like his own little brother.
4: Hm?
5: Isn't there anything I can do?
6: You just stay by my side and talk to me...
7: But it makes me feel like I'm not doing enough...
8: Hmm.

1: Do you want to work?
2: Yes! I want to come in handy for you, Edgar!
3: OK.
4: Then... I have one request for you.
SFX: pitter patter
5: What sad eyes!
6: Then,
7: I remembered that which I had forgotten...
8: I'm alone.

1: Every month, I must leave this mansion for 3 days and go somewhere far away.
2: During those three days, I want you to take care of the beast in the tower...
3: The... beast?
4: Yes. I've been taking care of it on my own so far... It's my pet.
5: But you must only tend to it at night. Don't go near it in the daylight.
6: After the moon comes out, go and take food to it.
7: Lucca...
8: No one knows about the beast. They mustn't know.
SFX: touch...

1: It's our little secret.

1: In the tower
2: stood a jet black beast,
3: with azure fur and sapphire eyes.
4: Wow! I didn't know beasts like this even existed!

1: It's so beautiful!
2: After seeing it, I could understand why Edgar wanted to hide it from everyone and keep it for himself.
3: One day, I really wanted to go and look at it again,
4: so I snuck out to the tower during the afternoon. But strangely enough,
5: the door had been locked from the inside,
6: and I wasn't able to get in.

1: Several months later...
2: OK now, tend to it as usual while I'm gone.
3: I will! Um... Edgar...
4: Thank you very much.
5: For what?
6: For showing me the beast...
7: Lucca... What do you think about it?

1: Umm...
2: I think... it's very beautiful.
3: Beautiful?
4: You're a strange one, if you think that's beautiful...
5: Huh?
6: That beast is so ugly...
7: it makes me want to kill it.
SFX: shiver

1: Heh... Just kidding.
2: Edgar?
3: He was smiling when he said it...
SFX: clang
4: But it looks so pretty...
5: How could he call it ugly? And if it is, then why is he hiding it in here?
6: Ahh... I wish I could touch its fur...

1: Your eyes really resemble your master's...
2: Edgar...
SFX: throb
3: A beast with eyes just like Edgar's...
4: Ahhh!! I want to get closer and touch it...
SFX: cling
SFX: throb x2
5: Grr...
SFX: creak

SFX: tok
1-2: Grrr...
3: Ahh...
SFX: leap
SFX: crash
4: Oh no!!

1: What have I done?!
2: crack
3: snap
4: squeaaal
5: That noise... Is it coming from the pig sty?! Oh no!
6: Grrr
7: It-it's like a slaughterhouse...
8: Grrr...
9: Ahh...
10: Waaauggh!!

1: Gunshots?
2: It can't be!
3: What were those gunshots just now?!
4: Are you OK?!
5: Urgh... H-he got me!
SFX: drip x2
6: A huge black beast attacked me!
7: Hey! Everyone, get over here!
8: It left a trail of blood behind!
9: IF we follow this...

1: M-Master!!
2: Edgar's come home!!
3: What should I do? How can I tell him...
4: Edgar?!
SFX: haa
5: Master, what are those wounds from
6: Just settle down... Get away from me!! Lucca... Take me to my room.
SFX: haa x2

SFX: haa x2
1: I'll call a doctor at once!
2: ...No need.
SFX: haa x2
3: A wound like this will heal in no time...
SFX: slide
4: He's right. It looks like it's healing right before my eyes!
5: Lucca!
6: Why did you unlock the cage?!
7: H...
8: How did you know?

SFX: stomp x2
1: St-stop!!
2: Our master is resting right now!!
3: Get out of the way!!
4: Ahh!
5: Bring out the monster!!
6: We know it ran in here!!
7: What are you talking about...
8: Please, you must leave tonight!!
9: We're not going anywhere! That monster attacked us and our livestock!!
10: It attacked...
11: a person?

1: Yeah! Then we chased it here! You're keeping it in that tower, aren't you?!
2: Where are you hiding it?!
SFX: grab
3: Urgh...
4: Please stop!! Edgar is injured!
5: Tch...
6: We're going to search the entire mansion! And as soon as we find it, we're gonna shoot it dead!!
SFX: slam
7: It's pointless... No matter how much they search, they won't find anything.
8: Edgar?
9: Lucca... Will you pledge your loyalty to me?

1: Yes...
2: As he said, the beast was missing... But where could it have gone?
SFX: creak
3: Time for me to show you the truth.
SFX: pitter patter
4: Lucca, come in here with me.

1: Full moons happen for three days at at time...
2: But I undergo the same transformation when I'm extremely excited...
3: Edgar! What are you...
SFX: clang

1: Lucca...
2: Y-yes...
3: When I start to writhe, I want you to leave the cage and lock it tight. Understand me?
SFX: creak
4: Mm... Urgh...
5: Wh-why are you doing that?
6: To show you the other side of me!

1: Ahh...
2: Edgar...
SFX: throb
3: Urgh...
4: Uu... Ahh...
SFX: shiver x2
5: Ahh... Aaahhh...
SFX: throb
SFX: crack
6: Ahh... Ahhh...
7: It hurts...
SFX: scratch x2
8: Ed...
9: Ah...

1: Uuu...
SFX: rip x2
2: Lu... cca... Hurry up and run...
3: Edgar!!
SFX: throb
4: Hurry... Ggh... Uuu...
5: R... Run!!
SFX: snap x2

1: Edgar!!
2: Gah uuu
SFX: crack
3: Gaaahhh!
4: Edgarrrr!!
5: Edgar!!
SFX: grab
SFX: twitch
6: Lu... cca...
7: Why aren't you running away?!
8: Ahh
SFX: twitch x2
9: Ahh
10: Edgar?!

SFX: twitch x2
1: Ggggghh...
2: Ahh... Oogh
3-5: haah
6: It can't be... Edgar...
7: Edgar is the beast?!
8-10: haa

1: What... should I do now...
2: I attacked someone...
3: It's my fault...
4: This happened because I disobeyed him...
5: I can't control the beast!
6: I'm the one who made him get that horrible wound!
7: And I can't remember anything that happens when I'm in that form...
8: Edgar...

1: Now...
2: It's my turn
3: to protect you.
4: I promise I'll protect you...
5: Lucca...

1: How long is he going to keep us waiting?!
2: What in the name of...
SFX: click
3: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
SFX: murmur
4: I took care of the 'beast.'
5: Proof! Show us proof!!
6: Bring it in...
7: Yes sir!

1: Wha...
2: It's huge...
SFX: murmur x2
3: If something like that attacked you, you wouldn't last a second!
4: This beast...
5: was my master's beloved pet.
6: But I opened its cage...
7: and because of that, you villagers suffered a great deal.
8: Get out...

1: Get out of this village right now!
2: If that
3: will allow you to forgive me, then...
4: Hey... Lucca. Where are you planning on going?
SFX: clop
5: Well...

1: I haven't decided yet!
2: It'll be fine.
3: No matter where we go, I'll protect you.
4: What... What if I attack you?

1: Go ahead.
SFX: clop x2
2: I was only kidding...
3: Back there... When I called your name...
4: I'll keep calling your name...
5: You heard me, didn't you?
6: so that you never suffer from loneliness ever again.
7: "Edgar..."
8: Yeah...
9: I'll just keep calling your name.

Chapter 2
1: Lucca. Let's get out of this forest before it gets dark.
2: OK!
SFX: clop x2
SFX: smack x2
SFX: whinny
3: H-huh?!
4: Edgar! What should I do? The horse... It won't move!
5: Mmm...

1: Neither of them will... I wonder what's wrong?
2: OK! I'll just have to ask them directly.
SFX: fwish
3: Ask them?
4: The horses?
5: Umm... Could you mean...
6: I suppose you'd call it... homesickness.
7: No way!
8: H-How do you know?!
9: These horses have left their homeland and joined us on our goalless journey, after all.
10: Hahaha! I get it now! But that isn't what this is.
11: Huh?!
12: You found out already?!

1: Yeah...
2: The horses are being cautious about the deeper area of this forest.
3: Ahead of here, wolves gather in packs.
4: Wolves?!
5: Oh... I get it.
6: Edgar is a beastman, so he's sensitive to the auras of other beasts.
7: Th-then let's look for another path!
8: Lucca... This is the only way to get out of the forest.
9: Or maybe...
10: You can climb up one of those mountains?
SFX: fwooosh...
11: ...No...

1: Don't worry.
SFX: fwoosh
2: We aren't completely defenseless.
3: Oh... One more thing.
4: Be sure to grip the reins tightly so that you don't fall off.
SFX: squeeze
5: O-OK! What are you planning to do?!
6: A tried and true method... Talk to them.
7: Huh? Umm, what do you mean...
8: We'll convince them to take us through.
9: Huh? Convince them?
10: Just watch...

1: Listen up,
2: you two...
SFX: twitch
3: Don't be afraid.
SFX: whinny
SFX: clop x2
4: I'm not your enemy.
5: Are they afraid of Edgar's "beast aura?"
6: I-Is this really going to work?
SFX: whinny
7: Don't be afraid!!

1: No matter what kind of beast appears, I promise I'll protect you!
2: Now go!!
3: Waaah!!
SFX: neiiiigh

1: W-wow, Edgar!!
2: He really did convince them!!
3: Looked more like he threatened them, though...
4: Heheheh...
5: Wow... That really felt good.
6: I bet the horses wanted to try running through the forest at full speed, too!
SFX: clop x2
7: Pfft... Pfffft...
8: Edgar...
9: Why do you keep laughing?
10: In a creepy voice...
11: Heheh... I just didn't think it'd go this well!
12: What do you think, Lucca? Maybe I've got the talent to become a sheepdog!
13: Huh? What in the world are you talking about?!

1: Oh, I know! Then you could be the sheperd, Lucca!
2: Heheh! It's perfect!
3: Yeah! Let's do that! It'd be so funny!
4: What are you agreeing with yourself for?
5: Explain it so that I can understand too!
6: Oh, right.
7: I was just imagining
8: the happy end to our journey.

Chapter 3
1: Lucca. I'm sorry... But can you go into the town ahead of me?
2: Huh?
3: I won't be long. Just go find an inn and rest...
4: Edgar...
5: You don't really think I'd do that, do you?
6: And besides...

1: I know what you're thinking.
2: Tonight is a full moon.
3: Edgar still can't control his "transformation." That's why he's afraid of being in a village during a full moon.
4: But...
SFX: drip
5: Ah...
SFX: fsssh
6: Oh boy...
7: Looks like we're stuck here either way now.
8: I have a simple question.
9: Edgar... Can you transform even if the rain is blocking out the moon?
10: Hm? Uh...
11: I don't think the weather has anything to do with it.
12: Now that you mention it...
13: Wooow.

1: What do you mean 'wooow?'
2: You're really a strange one, Lucca.
3: Huh?
4: Why?
5: You're not the least bit afraid of me...
6: Of course not!
7: You look sooo beautiful in both your forms!
8: No... That's not what I mean...
9: I was right. You really are strange...
10: Edgar... Maybe...
11: You're the one who's afraid?
SFX: crackle x3
12: Yeah...
13: I'm afraid of losing control of myself...

1: And most of all,
2: I'm afraid of never being able to turn back into a human... That I'll just keep attacking people forever, without any way to stop...
3: But...
4: I...
5: If morning came and you were still in your beast form, I'd still wait.
6: I'd wait until the next morning... And then the next...
7: I'd wait forever.
8: So Edgar...
9: So what?

1: Please just relax and transform!
2: Pfft!
3: Ahahahaha!!
4: Where did that come from? Pffft...
5: Pff...
6: I-I'm serious!
SFX: rattle x2
7: Pff...
8: Ffggh...
SFX: tap...
9: Lucca!
SFX: squeeze
10: It's OK.
11: I'll stay by your side forever.
12: Yeah...

1: So beautiful...
2: Ahh...
3: I can't even describe it...
SFX: shiver
4: Grr...
SFX: clink
5: Huh? He's pretty calm today...
6: He's asleep...
7: Maybe because it's raining? (Just like a cat?)
SFX: shiver
SFX: Wachoo
8: Ahh!
SFX: sniff
9: Did he laugh?
10: Must just be me...

SFX: chirp chirp
1: Hey, Lucca! Do you have a cold?
2: No, I'm fine...
3: But you sneezed last night, didn't you?
4: Oh! You mean you really were...
5: Yeah. Just a little... Seems like I can remember some things from my beast form now.
6: Someday... I might be able to completely control my beast self...
7: Then you'll become a sheperd and I'll be your sheepdog! (Heheheh...)
8: Again?!
9: What is it with you and that?!
10: OK now,
11: let's go!
12: Yeah!

Chapter 4

1: Wachoo!!!
2: A-are you OK?
SFX: sniff
3: I'm shorry, Edgar...
4: We're just an inn here. Shouldn't you go and see a doctor?
5: Your face looks red. You might have a fever, too.
6: A fever?!
7: Oh, no, I'm fine. I just need a little rest...
8: Lucca!!

1: E-E-E-E-Edgar?!
SFX: blush
2: Yep! It does feel warm!!
3: Hm?
4: Th-this is bad. Your face is getting redder...
5: Why?!
6: It's not what you think!!
7: Hahaha! You two are so funny!
8: Hmm... Is that a compliment or not?
SFX: Oh, come on
9: That's not what you think either.
SFX: hahaha
10: Oh, be sure to sign your names on the list.
SFX: gulp...
11: Huh?
SFX: sniff
12: That reminds me, where are your things, Edgar?
13: Huh? I left them on the horse.
14: On the...
15: ...horse?

SFX: dash
1: Ah...
2: Aaaahhh!!
2: Wait!!
3: It's OK, Lucca. You don't need to chase him.
4: Huh?
5: Look.
SFX: stagger x2
SFX: thud
6: See?
7: Damn! What a heavy bag!
8: What the... A chain?!
SFX: clink
9: It wasn't money?!
10: Too bad, eh?

1: Now... How about giving it back?
2: It may just be a chain to you,
3: but it's something very important to me.
SFX: blush
4: Y-you don't need to ask for it! Here!
5: Who would want some junk like that anyway?!
6: Hey!!
7: Wh-what?!
8: I gave it back, didn't I?!
9: Here.
10: Would you like some?

1: Ahh...
2: Hell no, stupid!!
3: I don't need your sympathy!!
SFX: dash
4: Lucca... Let's hurry back to the inn and get some rest.

SFX: fwip
SFX: growwwwwwl
SFX: glance x2
SFX: bwap

SFX: slam

SFX: clink
SFX: clang
SFX: hoo
SFX: throb
SFX: creak x2
1: ...ggh
2: Ggh...
3: Uu... uuu...
2: Ahh... Aaahh...
SFX: rustle

1: Ughaaahhh
2: Hiee...
3: Waaaauggh!!

1: M-Monster!!
2: There's a person here?!
3: Urgh...
SFX: clink
4: Oh no!! My mind is fading away...
5: Ggh... The chain!
SFX: clank
6: I can't stop the transformation... Someone, help!
7: Help him! I could start attacking him at any minute... Lucca!!
8: Ahh... Aaahhh...
9: Edgar!!

1: Edgar!!
2: Lucca?! Urgh...
3: Edgar!! Are you OK?!
SFX: slip...
4: It's strange... Whenever Lucca calls my name, I turn back into a human!
5: All of a sudden
6: you disappeared, so I got worried and came out to look for you.
7: Then I heard a voice...
8: Yeah. You saved me.
9: Ahh... Aahhh... Who are you two?!
SFX: clink...
10: You're... that kid from this afternoon.
11: Sorry for scaring you...
SFX: lift

1: Because of me,
2: that cute little face of yours got all upset.
SFX: rub...
SFX: blush...
3: Wh... What are you doing, you idiot?! (I'm taking this with me!!)
SFX: dash
4: Lucca...
5: Once the sun rises, let's leave this village.
6: Huh?
7: O...
8: OK...

1: Umm...
SFX: dash
2: I came...
SFX: fwish
3: To return this!!
4: Oh, you washed it for me?
5: Huh?! Don't tell me you're the kid from yesterday?!
6: You're a girl?!
7: I could tell.
8: ...Besides!!
9: It's not like such a pretty handkerchief would ever fit me!!
10: That's not true.

1: Look.
2: It fits you perfectly.
2: It's OK for me to have this?
3: Then...
SFX: rustle rustle... x2
4: I'll give you this marble in return!
5: Thank you.
6: I'll take good care of it.
7: OK, Lucca, time to go.
8: Oh... right.
9: What? You're leaving already?! (You should stay for a while longer!) I-is it because I saw you last night?
10: It isn't your fault.
11: ...We're just in a bit of a hurry.

1: I-I...
2: I won't tell anyone about what happened! So don't worry!!
3: OK! Thanks!
4: Hey, Edgar... She really accepted you, didn't she?
5: Maybe we should have stayed in that village a bit longer.
6: Ed...
7: ...I don't agree with that.
8: Huh?

1: Even though she's very small, now that she's seen my other form, I can't trust her.
2: Not all people are like you...
3: Edgar...
4: But I know the truth...
5: Deep down, you want to trust people... That's why you keep me by your side.

1: I thought we'd be together forever...
2: That as long as we stayed together...
3: Someday...
4: we'd reach the end of our journey...

1: to a safe haven...

Final Chapter

SFX: poof x2

SFX: poof x2
SFX: wooow
1: Wow!
2: What a huge town!!

1: Edgar! I'm sure this town must have a blacksmith in it!
SFX: staaare
2: Huh?
3: Oh... Right.
4: OK! Let's hurry up and unload our stuff at an inn and then go find it!
5: On that day...

1: we said farewell to that girl and made our escape from the village...
2: As Edgar said, we had a reason to hurry along.
3: You want to fix a chain?
4: Yeah... This chain.
SFX: clink
SFX: konk x3
SFX: clink x2
5: Well? Do you think you can fix it quickly?
6: Yeah. Probably by tonight...
7: We'll leave it to you, then.
SFX: glance x2

SFX: glance...
1: Umm... Excuse me. What is this for?
2: Hm? That?
3: It's for a wild beast.
4: The circus that came here for the carnival entrusted it to us.
5: They actually look a lot similar to yours. Are you keeping a wild beast too?
6: Yes,
7: something like that.
SFX: pitter patter...
8: If it was able to break this chain, then it must be a pretty violent one.
9: Yeah...

1: It's hard one to keep under control.
2: It'd be better if we could just get rid of it, but unfortunately, that's not an option.
3: Right, Lucca?
4: Uh...
5: At times like these,
6: Uh... Yeah...
7 I just don't know what to say.

1: Edgar still hates
2: the beast inside him.
3: And every time I see that, I feel crushed by my own silent weakness.
4: I know!
5: While you're waiting for me to fix it,
6: how about going to check out the carnival?

1: I have to deliver that one to the circus, so I'll just take yours along with me.
2: Oh. OK then, that should work.
3: Yep!
4: That's so nice of him to deliver it!
5: Yeah.
SFX: chatter
6: I like how bustling big towns are.
7: Yeah... Our village only ever had small festivals...

1: Festivals?
SFX: rub rub
2: Yeah.
3: Like the autumn harvest festival.
4: Right...
5: I'm always excited for them because there are always coins scattered on the ground in the morning!
6: That's kind of a pathetic reason...
7: Hahaha! I guess so, now that you mention it.
8: Back then, when I was alone... I had to work my hardest just to eat...
9: Umm... Every once in a while, I mean! Not all the time!
10: R... Really?

1: But now,
2: I have you, Edgar...
3: I've never had so much fun at a festival before!
4: Ever since I met Edgar,
5: I've never felt alone...
6: I'm not alone anymore.

1: What about Edgar?
2: It'd be better if we could just get rid of it,
3: but unfortunately, that's not an option.
4: Nothing's changed about his condition.
5: Even now...
6: Does he still feel alone?

1: OK...
SFX: twitch
2: It still isn't too late, Lucca!
3: Huh? What? What are you talking about?!
4: You need to eat more!
5: You're too small!!
6: Wait! What?!
7: Just when I was wondering what he was so deep in thought over...
8: This, and this, and this, and this, and that!!
9: Here! Eat!!
10: What's that? I dunno...
SFX: mmmmpgh
11: Whaaaat?! Hey, hold on, Edgar!! (People are looking at us weird!)
SFX: Noooow, grooooow!
SFX: staaare
12: Don't stare!

1: AHh...
SFX: toot toot x2
2: Come one, come all!!
3: Once the sun goes down, the entrance to our circus goes up!!
4: Edgar, it's about time we went to the circus to pick up the chain.
5: Yeah...
6: I guess... all the excitement just made me forget.
7: If only he really could forget about the chain forever...
8: Let's go, Lucca.

SFX: chatter x2
1: Oh...
2: So the chain hasn't arrived yet?
3: But
4: we already got our tickets, so let's just wait in here.
SFX: cheer
5: Yeah. Might as well enjoy it while we're here!
SFX: cheer
6: Ladies and gentlemen!
7: I now present to you what you've all been waiting for!!
SFX: clink...

1: Tonight's
2: main event!!
3: Look veeery closely at this man!!

SFX: throb
1: Upon first glance, he looks no different from all of us...
2: But! Howeeever!! Inside his body lurks a violent beast!!

1: Now!!
SFX: fwish
2: Show us your true form!!
SFX: whap x2
3: Hrah! Hrraaahh!!
SFX: whip x2
4: How cruel! He's torturing him!!
SFX: whap
SFX: clamor
5: Eeek!
6: Woah!
7: Why is he doing that?
8: Ah...
9: Ahhh...

1: Ahh... Aggh... Uuu...
SFX: murmur
2: Ggh...
SFX: crack
3: Uooohhh
4: He's transforming?!
5: It can't be!!
SFX: crack

SFX: chatter x2
1: Ladies and gentlemen! Listen very closely!
2: It's so frightening...
3: Nah, this is interesting!
4: Eww... He's so gross...
SFX: burp
5: Wahahaha!!
6: There may be another evil beast like this lurking in the person sitting beside you, or even inside your closest friend!!
7: No way!
8: That's just an illusion, right?
SFX: murmur x2
9: It's a pretty good one!
10: A beastman!
11: Eeeeek!!

1: Edgar?
2: Ahh...
3: That beastman called out Edgar's name?!
4: That was just a fake, right
5: It scared me!
6: They really went all-out tonight...
SFX: clamor x2
7: He knows Edgar?!

1: Edgar!!
2-3: haa
SFX: fsssh
4: That was a beastman just now, wasn't it?
5: Do you know him?
6: Hey...
7: Ed...
8: Heeeey!
SFX: fwish

1: You two were my customers this afternoon, right?
2: Oh... Yes.
3: Heres your chain! I brought it with me.
SFX: clink
4: I'm going back to the inn...
5: Lucca, can you take it for me?
6: Huh?!
7: What's wrong? Did he hurt himself or something?
8: Edgar...?

1: click...
2: Edgar. Here..
3: clink

1: Lucca...
2: Let's leave this town
3: at once.
4: ...Why?
5: I don't want to say.

1: But the sun's already gone down.
2: We can't just leave all of a sudden...
3: slip...
4: Please, wait!!
5: Are you... just going to keep running like that?!

1: ...What...?
2: Whenever
3: you start to think that people might find out about your true form, you run away from them...
4: Is this really how you want to live?!

1: That beastman at the circus called your name, didn't he?
2: Who is he?
SFX: smack
3: That has nothing to do with you.
4: You just need to stay by my side!!
5: Now let's go, Lucca.

SFX: bwap
1: I'm not going.
2: What?!
SFX: throb

1: Why...
2: Why... won't you answer me?!
SFX: throb
3: Uuu...
SFX: thud
4: Ah... Aggh
SFX: throb x2
5: What could you possibly have to hide from me at this stage?!
6: Who was that beastman?!
SFX: haa x2
7: St...
8: Stop...

1: Don't say another word...!!
SFX: throb
SFX: crack
2: Ahh... Ggh...
3: Lucca...
4: Call my name...
SFX: snap x3
5: It hurts...
6: It hurts!!

1: Call my
2: name!!
3: Stop... my transformation... Lucca!!
SFX: crack x2
4: Help... me...

1: Lu... cca...!!
SFX: clink
2: Please just stay here.
3: Lu...

1: I can't
2: stay with you anymore.

1: Lu... cca!!
SFX: slam
2: Aah... Ah...
3: Aaaaagggggh!!

1: "You just need to stay by my side."
2: I just got so angry all of a sudden and attacked him... Just like a child having a temper tantrum.
3: I'm still a weak child.
4: That's why... Edgar only looks at me that way!!

1: I just need to stay by his side...
2: Maybe I'm the one who really believed that.
3: But just staying with him won't be enough to erase Edgar's loneliness. In fact, it only seems to have made him weaker...
4: It may be bad for me to stay with him any longer!
5: But...

1: Even if I'm not by his side...
2: I still...
3: want him to be happy
4: I'm alone too.
5: Perhaps having you nearby may give me some salvation.
6: At the very least,
7: so that he doesn't have to say he's alone...

1: Which means
2: I have one thing left to do!
3: What?!
4: You want to see the beastman?!
5: No way!
6: Get outta here!!

1: Please, I insist! There's something I have to ask him...
2: Heeey.
3: What's all the fuss?
4: Oh... Ringmaster!
5: He might let me talk to the beastman!
6: Hi there... What was that about the beastman, boy?
7: Ringmaster?! Then maybe if I ask him...
8: My name is Lucca. Umm...
9: I'd like to meet the beastman...
10: Yeah.
11: I'm the beastman.

1: What?!
2: I'm the ringmaster...
SFX: slip
3: and the beastman.
4: Ahh!!
5: But you were being whipped!
6: Oh, yeah.
7: It was all just an act! It's more exciting that way isn't it?

1: My wounds always heal up so quickly anyway.
2: Oh... Thank you.
3: Here you are.
4: Look.
5: There's nothing left.
6: That reminds me...
7: The wound that the villager gave Edward healed up quickly too...
8: I...
9: see...
10: By the way, kid...
11: You were the one sitting next to Edgar, right? Don't tell me...
12: you're his son?!
SFX: pfffft

1: N... No!
SFX: cough x2
2: Thought so.
3: There's no way he'd be that reliable.
4: For a moment though, I thought I might have a grandchild, and got a little panicked!
5: What?
6: A grandchild...
7: Huh? Didn't Edgar tell you?
8: I'm his dad.

1: What? What?! But...
2: You look like you're the same age as him...
SFX: Ohh, come on.
3: You don't know anything, do you?
4: Ah well. He isn't the type of guy to go on and on about himself.
5: Their personalities are practically opposite. But this man is Edgar's father...
6: Perhaps beastmen don't age?
7: So Edgar won't either?
8: And?

1: Lucca... What did you come here for?
2: Uhh...
3: Well...
4: You two have the same condition, so I wanted to know how you were related.
5: And I understand that now...
6: Mm-hmm?
7: Is there anything else?
8: Also...
9: If you know... I wanted to learn how to control a beastman.
10: Why do YOU want to learn?

1: Huh?
2: Edgar just needs to come here and ask me himself. Stop babying him.
3: Have I really been babying him?
4: I understand that he's taken a liking to you,
5: Your eyes... Really look at look like my wife's... Edgar's mother.
6: Mm...
7: Edgar said the same thing.
8: Oh.

1: Anyway...
2: I know how a beastman can control himself,
3: but I have no intention of teaching you.
4: Tell him that if he wants to know, he needs to come to me himself.
5: ...So you do know.
6: Yep.
7: Also, I want to warn you.
SFX: pitter patter
8: Do you know what the cruelest thing to a beastman is?
9: What?

1: Half-hearted kindness...
2: Fickle sympathy.
3: Unless
4: you're prepared to risk your life to stay with him, you should leave his side.
5: Lu... cca...
6: Help... me...
7: I'm

1: not kind.
2: That's why
3: I'm going to end this now.

1: Hmm... I see.
2: Lucca...
3: Be careful with him.
4: He might be the real thing...
5: No wonder he managed to get Edgar out of that tower.
6: Unlike me, Edgar's a pretty awkward guy.
7: I've
8: made up my mind.

1: Once I see Edgar gaining control over his beast form,
2: I'll leave him... As long as that will truly bring him happiness...
3: I don't mind being alone...

1: He's bound up
2: so tightly...
3-4: clink...
5: M...
6: Mo... m?

1: Ed...
2: Edgar, it's me...
3: Lucca...
4: Lucca!!
5: I thought you'd never come back...
6: I... went to see the circus beastman... Your father. I asked him to teach me how to control the beast form.
7: How to control it?!

1: But... He said that if you wanted to know, he'd teach you in person.
2: He knows how?
3: Yes...
4: Edgar. Let's go and talk to your father...
5: together.
6: ...Ed?
7: Do I...
8: have to see him?

1: Why are you so against it?
2: I... could never accept my father's way of living. Turning his own body into an attraction...
3: He had always been an entertainer.
4: He met my mother in the village we lived in, they got married, and I was born.
5: And then...

1: My mother grew old and left this world...
2: But my father and I
3: haven't changed since we became adults.
4: Are you immortal?
5: I'm not sure if we're completely immortal...
6: But I know that my father's been alive for 100 years, at least.
7: After my father got wind of my mother's death,
8: he began journeying again.
9: He asked me if I'd like to come with him...
10: But I was too afraid to leave the tower, so I stayed there.
11: However...

1: I never thought... that that was the kind of performance my father was doing.
2: ...I didn't know.
3: I knew it...
4: "Beastmen are immortal..." Which means that the longer I stay with Edgar, the more alone he'll really feel.
5: It's too cruel... It'd be so much better if I just hurry up and leave...
6: But...
7: I know there must be some reason why.
8: Let's go...
9: Edgar...

1: You look well!!
2: What am I saying? Of course you're well! You're immortal!
SFX: wahahaha
3: Dad, I...
4: I know, I know! Just relax, my son.
5: I'll teach you everything.
6: I'll teach you everything...
SFX: pat pat
7: Meanwhile, Lucca, I want you to wait in the stands.
8: Oh... OK.

1: Hey... Why are you with him?
2: Huh?
3: What are you going to do after he's gone?
4: You must understand what's going to happen...

1: He'll definitely die before you do.
2: Although... It does seem too convenient that he'd even stay with you that long.
3: Right?
4: There's no telling when he might get sick of your peculiarities.

1: He's just another human. He'll fall in love with someone eventually... In ten years...
2: In one year...
3: Or maybe tomorrow...
4: I...!!
5: Don't tell me... That's the reason why
6: Lucca left me there that night?!
7: It can't be...
8: That's why I want to control my beast form...
9: in order to prevent that from happening!

1: I see...
2: Still, that kid's really something.
3: He might actually have what it takes...
SFX: grin...
4: OK then!
SFX: fsssh
5: Guess I'll teach you now...
6: How to control
7: your beast side.

1: Once Edgar learns how to control his beast form... Once I see him do it with my own eyes,
2: I'll leave him.
SFX: cheer
3: Now,
4: ladies and gentlemen!! This is the final day of the carnival, so we've got a very special show planned for you tonight!!
SFX: cheeeer
5: Edgar?!
6: Tonight, we have TWO beastmen!!

1: There's no telling what's going to happen tonight!!
SFX; cheeeer
2: Here goes... Edgar!!
SFX: throb
3: slip...
SFX: throb
4: Two?!
5: It can't be...
SFX: crack

1: Ggh...
2-3: throb
SFX: slash
4: Edgar!!
5: throb
6: Uu...
SFX: crack
7: Uuu... ohhh...
SFX: cheeeer
SFX: crack
8: Ohh...

1: Ed...
2: No!! I can't call out his name!!
3: If I do, then he'll revert back to his human form!!
SFX: uooohhh
4: Edgar!!

1: ...d... ...Ed...
2: Edgar...
3: Dad!
4: Edgar... Can you see around you?
5: Around me?

1: The stands...
2: Frightened faces...
3: Laughing faces...
4: These are the emotions that humans bear toward us.
5: I stand in front of them and show them everything...
6: Accepting that "I am a monster" in order to keep my body balanced...
7: To me, the circus is my safe haven.
8: This...
9: is his...
10: Listen carefully, Edgar...

1: It's impossible to stop yourself from transforming,
2: but it's possible to retain your human mind while in your beast form. Do that, and you'll be able to revert to your human body at will.
3: The way to control your transformation...
4: is by
5: becoming a beast.

1: Becoming
2: a beast?!
3: Yes. Don't run from it. Accept it with a strong will...
4: Your human side and your beast side are both the same "Edgar."
5: You... are nothing but you.
6: Edgar...
7: Grr...

1: Go... to Edgar...
SFX: twitch

1: Ah...
2: Ahhh...
SFX: skritch
SFX: clench
3: No! I can't run!!
4: I can't run from this!!
5: I have to accept it in order to control it!!
6: But...
7: Am I really capable of doing that? What if it ends up devouring me and destroying my will?

1: Edgar!!
2: Lucca?!
3: Lucca? Edgar... Look closely. He isn't here.
4: You and I are the only ones here right now.
5: But just now...
6: I heard his voice!!

1: Edgar...
2-3: Ed...
4: Edgar...
5: I can hear him...
6: Edgar...
7: I can hear him...
8: Lucca!!

1: Lucca's calling my name!
2: Yes... He's always been by my side...
3: Edgar!!
4: Lucca
5: accepted all of me!!

1: He's right. I am only me...
2: I...
3: am Edgar...

1: What do I have to be afraid of?
2: Grr...
3: Edgar...
4: Come here.
5: Come closer to me.
6: I'm going to
7: accept you!

SFX: cheeer
1: Edgar!! He changed back into a human by his own power!
2: I'm so glad...
3: Now...
4: Edgar
5: doesn't need me anymore...
6: Dad...

1: Wait! Lucca...
2: Where's Lucca?!
3: Oh no.
4: Were you watching?
5: I can control the beast now!
6: Lucca?
7: There's no telling when he might get sick of your peculiarities.
8: In one year...
9: Or maybe tomorrow...
10: No...
11: It can't be!!

1: He's gone!!
2: He's nowhere to be found!!
3: Lucca...
4: Lucca...!!

1: Graaaahhh
SFX: throb

SFX: twitch
1: Hey, you.
2: whinny...
3: Are you still sulking?
4: Oh, come on...
SFX: whinny...
5: We won't get anywhere at the pace you're going.
6: Edgar's horse can't travel with us anymore. I know you may be lonely, but you need to keep walking on your own.
7: I'm lonely too, you know...
8: But...

1: As long as... this will make Edgar happy...

1: Edgar!!

SFX: bwish
1: Lucca...
2: Don't go!!
3: I can control the beast on my own now!
4: I know...

1: I don't need that chain anymore...
2: I won't need to look for a haven or wander anymore... I won't even need to run from people anymore!
3: So I'm sure that...
4: From now on, you'll never have to get fed up with me!
5: Edgar...
6: I've never felt that way about you... even once...
7: That's not it!
8: I'm... just a powerless child.
9: I won't be able to help you any more... There's no need for me to stay with you any further...
10: Then...

1: What am I supposed to do now?!
2: What do I need to do to make you stop this?!
3: Edgar...
4: I... can live on my own the way I am now...
5: That's why I want to be with you... I want to live together with you as another human...
6: But if you still insist on going,
7: then I'll be alone... forever.

1: I couldn't think of living with someone else...
2: Lucca!!
3: Edgar...

1: OK!!
2: If you absolutely insist, then I guess I'll let you in to my fabulous circus!
3: We never said anything about that.
4: But he's being so nice...
5: Meanie!
6: Nice?! He's just trying to mess with us!
7: What?!
SFX: whine whine
8: Ringmaster!!
9: OK! I'll be right over.
10: Yeah! Hurry up and go!
11: Oh come on, Ed!!
12: Bye now! I hope we can meet again somewhere,
13: Lucca, Edgar...
14: And I pray that you find your own safe haven as soon as possible!

1: We already did,
2: dad...
3: Huh?
4: Hmm... (I see.)
5: Although...
6: His mother was a human,
7: so he may not necessarily be immortal...

1: Are you about ready to go,
2: Edgar?
3: ...Edgar?
4: Lucca...
5: I think I'd like to live here for a bit... Do you mind?

1: Huh?
2: Well, I'd be happy to live anywhere, if that's what you want...
3: Anywhere?
4: Yeah!
5: As long as I have you, I don't care where I live!
6: Why do you ask?
7: Ed?
8: I knew it...
9: Lucca...

1: You're my...
2: My...

1: safe haven...


This volume was published on November 5, 2004. (Currently, it's out of print due to complications.)

When turning it into this digital version, I also added the 4-koma manga and cover illustrations that were in the front and back of the volume.

I hope you can enjoy them a little.

Kusumoto Hiroki 2014

This picture was used as a comment card in bookstores.

Beast of the Tower
Kusumoto Hiroki

A story about two lonely people who meet and grow together. It's my debut, and my first published volume, so please cheer me on! I beg you!!

1: "What?! But!!"
2: Oh, the whipping?
SFX: plop plop
3: The truth is...
4: I like it!!
5: I'm... a masochist.
6: How about you, Lucca? (Wanna try a smack?)
SFX: grip
SFX: shiver...
7: No... thank... you...
8: Are beastmen... masochists?!

1: Not... Edgar to?!
1: Door
2: I guess...
3: He's tied so tightly...
SFX: shiver
4: beastmen really are masochists! (This proves it!!)

1: "Luccaaaaaaaaa"
SFX: rip x3
2: Luccaaaaa!!
3: Ahh!
4: Edgar!!
5: Stupid son!!
6: I just gave you those clothes, and now you're ripping them up?!
7: But... Lucca...

1: "Lucca... Your eyes..."
2: Now, now,
3: please calm down, dad.
4: Just leave this to me.
5: BLUSH...
6: Mom...

7: END


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