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The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast - Vol. 1

End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

Kusumoto Hiroki


#1. The Silver Wedge

#2. Encounter

#1. The Silver Edge... Published in the June & July 2008 issues of Wings
#2. Encounter... Published in the August, September, and October 2008 issues of Wings

End of the Line for the Sinister Beast
#1. The Silver Wedge

1: Ahh...
2: Ahhhh...
3-5: splitch

1: splitch
2: splitch...
SFX: splat

1: Father! Grandfather! Please watch over me!
2: Please let me use my power to help people...
3: Thank you, Jess!
4: Don't mention it...
5: Eek...
SFX: slip

1: Arya!!
2: Are you OK?
3: ...Yes.
4: I-I'm fine... You can let me down now...

SFX: pitter patter

1: If you get wet, you'll catch a cold, Arya.
2: Hurry up and raise your umbrella...

1: Umm...
2: Do you...
3: need one?
4: Is he angry because I stared at him?
5: No... It doesn't seem that way.
6: Huh?

1: I was... just thinking about something.
2: Please excuse me.
3: I'm sorry.
SFX: bow
4: Please, take this!
5: Thank you.

1: This is such a terrible rainstorm.
2: Thank you for taking the time to come here.
3: Central Police Station #4

1: I am the superintendent of this station,
2: Cecil Poissy.
3: I'm Arya Christ.
4: The Christs... I owe your grandfather a great deal.
5: When we heard that you had inherited his 'ability,' we felt truly blessed.
6: Oh... Well, I'm not sure if I'm as capable as my grandfather was..
7: But...
8: I'll work my hardest on this investigation!

1: Excellent! Thank you so much!
2: Um... And who might you be?
3: Excuse me...
4: I'm Jess Christ, Arya's protector.
5: Protector? Do you mean guardian?
6: I suppose I'm something like that. Just think of me as her assistant.
7: I see. Understood.
8: Nice to meet you...
9: Well then, I suppose I'll give you the grand tour at once.
10: This way, please...

1: Central Police Station #4 Hospital B1
2: creak...
SFX: fwoom
3: Wow... I'm getting kind of nervous...
SFX: pitter patter
4: Hey! What's the meaning of this?!
SFX: click
5: We still have more investigating to do at the scene, don't we?!
6: But Inspector...
7: Ahh...
8: Thank you.
9: The man I saw this morning...

1: Now that all our members are here,
2: I'd like to perform a test to see whether we can rely on Arya Christ's spiritual divination.
3: Spiritual divination? Hold on a moment.
4: You're going to rely on the occult for this?
5: Wha...
6: That'll only be a waste of time.
SFX: chatter...
7: You should just leave the body to the coroner.

1: Thoroughly investigating the scene should be our top priority right now!
2: Inspector!!
3: Mr. Inspector... Arya will solve this case, no matter what it takes.
4: Jess!
5: Inspector Langston!
6: That's exactly why I want to perform this test... To help us decide whether or not we can trust this girl.
SFX: spin

1: tok
2: Huh. I thought he was going to leave... Is he curious to see how it goes?
3: Now, Arya... I understand that we may be offending you by requiring this test, but I humbly ask for your cooperation.
4: I need to do my best... so that Mr. Langston will trust me too!
SFX: nod
5: I understand.
6: We will provide you with no information.
SFX: fwish
7: First, please begin by divining the victim's identity.

1: Take off the face cloth as well...
SFX: urgh...
SFX: Mmgh...
2: slip...
3: I will begin now.
SFX: tap
SFX: pop

SFX: murmur
1: Please be quiet!
2: His name...
3: is Basil Reno.
4: He was born... in Lyon.
5: He's 25 years old. He worked in an ice cream shop on Rue Saint-Jacques...
6: As you can tell from the body, this was an extremely rare type of murder.
7: It automatically limits the possibilities as to who the victim could be.
8: His name was also released by the media this morning.
9: Anyone could find out that much after a little investigating.
SFX: murmur x2
10: Hmm... He's really got a lot to say. Is he getting nervous?

1: Arya!
SFX: whisper...
2: Seems like he's getting interested. Keep doing your best!
3: OK...
SFX: nod...
4: Now, Arya...
5: Please divine what happened three days ago, on the day of the crime.
6: It happened that evening... in the Luxembourg Garden... under the full moon...
7: At 11 PM, this person was sitting next to another person...
8: On a bench...
9: Trying not to say goodbye.

1: Yes, she's right.
2: The victim's family requested us not to release this detail, but there was another victim.
3: She was his lover...
4: Her stomach's big. She was pregnant.
5: Then, all of a sudden...
6: a large shadow comes down from above...
SFX: murmur...
7: From above?!
8: In a flash, it knocks them both down... The woman is attacked first... Reno can only stand and gape in shock...
9: Arya! The killer... Tell us more about the killer!!

1: The killer...
2: rips open her stomach with sharp nails...
3: He pulls out her organs... as well as the fetus... and eats them!!!
4: Nails?!
SFX: murmur
5: H-he didn't use a knife?!
6: He...

1: isn't human!!

1: Ah...
SFX: twitch
2: Oh no!!
SFX: snap x2
3: She's getting sucked in!
SFX: yank
4: Arya!!
5: It's OK... I just let my guard down for a moment.
6: Wh... What just happened?
SFX: murmur x2
7: Who's the killer?!
8: It wasn't...
9: a human?
SFX: shiver
10: Th...

1: That's utterly ridiculous!!
SFX: bwap
2: You think we'll just believe whatever you tell us now?!
3: Inspector!!
4: Calm down, Leon!
5: Strange...
6: Why does he look so scared?
7: But for now...
8: I'm sorry, but it seems like she's gotten exhausted. She must rest for a while.
9: Oh... OK!

1: What?!
SFX: fsssh
2: Y-you're going out to investigate again?! Hold on...
3: I didn't ask you to accompany me.
4: Inspector!
SFX: dash
5: But the incident happened three whole days ago.
6: And it's been raining the whole time since then... Nothing new is going to turn up.
7: haa
8: According to the superintendent...

1: Exactly one year ago,
2: that inspector lost his wife...
3: in an incident just like this.
4: What?!
5: Then that grave he saw him in front of this morning...
6: was his wife's?!

1: His wife was also pregnant at the time,
2: just like this victim's wife was. When they found her body, it hardly resembled anything human at all...
3: So...
4: that's why...

1: I feel so pathetic. It's only my first day, and I'm already like this...
2: No... You did your best. It was your first time divining a victim who had been murdered so cruelly, too.
3: But...
4: Because I was unable to follow it completely through, Leon probably doesn't trust me at all now...
5: knock knock
6: Yes?
SFX: click...
7: Excuse me for intruding...
8: No, come on in.
9: How may I help you?

1: The... 'spiritual divining' you demonstrated earlier...
2: What exactly is it?
3: As you saw, my ability allows me to use spiritual power to trace from the past to the present.
4: If my subject is alive, I can divine a bit of their futures as well.
5: Is something like that really possible?
6: If you don't believe me, I could always try to divine your past.
7: No... That's impossible.
8: According to the people around me, there are holes here and there in my memory.
9: Even if you divined the truth... It'd be hard for me to accept it as such.
10: You suffer from amnesia?
11: Yes. But I don't know why...

1: I see...
2: Is it some kind of affliction?
3: If so, I wish I could just divine his past and help him out a bit, then...
4: Besides, I don't care about my past.
5: But... what happened one year ago...
6: I saw...
7: with my own eyes... the person wo killed Kristia, my wife!

1: That's the one thing I wish I could remember!
SFX: squeeze...
2: He saw the killer?!
3: What do you say, Arya?
4: Mr. Langston...
5: If it would help you in any way...

1: Please let me divine your past.
2: Whew... He's definitely a tough nut to crack.
3: Really?
4: He's sort of awkward... I'm not quite sure how to put it...
5: Yes. But I'm so glad
6: that he believed me in the end...
7: Meet me here tonight...
8: As a work partner, I suppose things are heading in the right direction...
9: But something rubs me the wrong way about him.

1: Huh? What do you mean?
2: I was watching his reactions during your divination...
3: He seemed unusually frightened by what was happening.
4: Maybe he's retained pieces of his memory of the killer?
5: It can't be just that. Maybe he has an idea of who the killer might be.
6: An idea?
7: Maybe the killer... is another person like me.

1: No... That couldn't be...
2: W...
3: Welcome...

1: Oh. (Good.)
SFX: blush
2: This is the first time I ever bought a ake...
SFX: come on...
3: Don't you think you're getting a little too excited?
4: Now...
SFX: Huh?
5: I'd like to begin by asking you a question.

1: What?
2: Does divining
3: work the same way with a living person, like me?
4: Arya, explain the details to him.
SFX: munch
5: OK...
6: Divining is a technique
7: that brings out the 'past' from the brain
8: and the 'present' from the heart.
9: Arya possesses special spiritual power in her body
10: that allows her to make contact with the 4th dimension.
11: The 4th dimension?
12: It's the fourth dimension that exists above the three dimensions we know,
13: 3D WORLD
14: (Width, Height, Depth)
15: 4D Time-Space
16: Time Line
17: This is how you line up 3D space!
18: 4D WORLD
19: and runs on a different time line.

1: Sorry...
SFX: droop
SFX: Oops.
2: I'm not really good with that kind of stuff...
3: Don't think so hard about it!
4: Basically, in the 4D world, there exists things like spirits and souls that have no material form in ours.
5: Things that happened in the past... or will happen in the future... They have no form, but they all swirl together in that world.
6: Divining allows me to make contact with that world and acquire information.
7: Spirits and souls, huh?
8: It's hard for me to really bring myself to believe it all...
9: But let's just give it a try.

1: It's no different from divining a dead person. Relax your body...
2: My hands will actually touch your brain and your heart, but you don't need to worry.
3: There isn't any pain, and you'll be asleep before you know it.
4: So it is the same...
5: Ah...
6: Hold on a moment.
7: What?!
8: I need to check smething.
9: Excuse me.

1: Hmm...
SFX: staaaare
2: Hey... Jess?!
3: Let me see your back too.
SFX: yank...
4: ...Hmm.
5: What are you doing?!
6: Nothing, huh...?
7: Sorry... Looks like this was just my misunderstanding.
8: Now then...
9: I will begin the divination.

SFX: slip...
1: Ahh...
2: It really... doesn't... hur...
3: ...t...
4: Wha...
5: What's wrong?

1: In his heart... I touched something...
2: There's something stuck in there?!
3: In his heart?!
SFX: throb
4: But what could it be...
5: I don't now... But there really is something stuck in it!
SFX: throb
6: slip...
7: What is this...
SFX: throb
SFX: yank

SFX: glare
SFX: shiver
1: Ahhh
SFX: gggh
2: Ah...
2: Ahhh aggh

1: Ahh...
2: Ah... Ahhh...
SFX: throb
3: Mr. Langston?!

1: Arya!
2: Is...
3: Aggh
4: Is he trying to pull Arya into the 4th dimension?!
SFX: yank
5: Ggh... ggh
6: St... Stop... That hurts!! Ahh...
SFX: clench
7: Jess...
8: What power!!
9: Aaaagggh

1: Gaaaaahhh
SFX: splurt
2: No!! He wasn't trying to pull her in!!

SFX: clink
SFX: rolling...
1: He was trying to get her to pull that out...
SFX: fwoosh
SFX: wham

SFX: crash
1: Jess!!
SFX: yank
2: Aahh...
SFX: thud

1: Haaaa
2: splitch splitch
SFX: throb x2
3: Haaaa
4: Why... Why was Mr. Langston...
SFX: cough
5: glare
6: sealed?!
SFX: twitch
SFX: throb
7: Guaaahhh

SFX: uwaaaahhhh
SFX: rip x3
1: He's
2: the monster?!
3: That night...
4: I was sitting right next to Kristia...

1: Even the policemen who ran to the scene confirmed that.
2: And I was found gripping a gun that had fired all its bullets...
3: lying in a puddle of her blood and flesh...
4: No... He wasn't the killer!
5: After all, I just unsealed him... Regardless of what he may be...
SFX: gwaaahhh
6: I need to help him!
SFX: clench...
7: Jess!!

1: Jess!!
SFX: throb
SFX: clench
2: Dammit...
SFX: drip x2
3: The seal was inside his body?!
4: Don't think you've won just yet!
SFX: bwap
SFX: scratch

SFX: fwoom
SFX: pop
SFX: bwoosh
1: Arya!!

1: Jess!!
SFX: fwap
2: You piece of...
SFX: crack
3: No!!
SFX: twitch
4: Don't hurt him!!
5: B-but...!!
SFX: crack
SFX: gwahhh

1: Just hold him down like that!!
2: Arya... You can't mean...
SFX: nod
3: Don't cause him any more pain...
SFX: chatter
4: I'm going to find out the truth...
SFX: pop
5: The truth about his past...
6: and about the incident!!

SFX: munch
SFX: splurt

1: This... has to be a nightmare...
2: You...
SFX: click
3: ...monster...!
4: splitch...
SFX: stagger

1: It's a nightmare!
2: mem... ber...
3: Hoooo
4: A nightmare!
5: It's a nightmare!
6: Wake up!
7: Re... mem...
8: Now!
9: ber... everything...
10: Hooo...

1: Remember!!

1: I'm sure of it now.
2: Mr. Langston wasn't the killer!!

1: Then who could it...
2: have been?
3: It's futile... You're incapable of damaging my body.
SFX: fwip
4: Leon...
5: If you want to kill me, then remember...

1: Remember
2: everything
3: about us!
4: Ahh...
5: Remember!!
6: Ahhh...

1: Arya!!
2: Mr... Lang... ford...
3: Uu...
4: Uuuu...
SFX: thud...

1: It's him again...!!
2: You... killed Kristia...!!
3: You... killed...
4: klink

SFX: crash
1: Huh...?
2: I'm...
SFX: throb
3: the monster?

1: I'm... I...
SFX: bwap
SFX: throb
2: kill... ed... Chris... tin...
3: He's transforming even further now?!
SFX: crack x4
SFX: throb
4: Iiiiaaaaaa
5: N...
6: No...
7: aaahhh
8: No!!!

1: Mr. Langston...
2: I saw what happened...
3: That monster wasn't you!

1: That
2: wasn't you.

1: Uuu...
2: Mr. Langston!

1: A 4D fusion seal?
2: It broke...
3: Your body has the ability to fuse with spirits... And not just any spirits, but evil ones. This wedge was suppressing it...
4: Is that why I have holes in my memory?
5: Yes... Your heart is the organ that controls your 'present'...
6: But the wedge was creating instability in the dimension in which your soul resides.
7: I see...
8: Wait, you turned into a monster too!
9: Yes... It's a long story, but it comes in handy in times like these.
10: klink...
11: This...

1: This seal is...!!
2: Arya?
3: Wha...
SFX: fwish
4: A-anyway... the seal on your heart is gone now, so you should get your memories back soon.
5: Oh...
6: I'll get my memories back...
7: Remember everything about us...
8: Mr. Langston... Did you remember something about the killer?
9: Nothing yet...
10: But that monster...
11: I've dreamt about him again and again...

1: Dreamt...?
2: Is that why he was frightened in the morgue?
3: Up until now, I just thought it was another nightmare...
4: I never imagined... it could all be real...
5: Oh, by the way... That seal is only a temporary one
6: What?
7: I'm sorry!
8: My... sealing power is pretty weak... So it'll only last for a month tops... Then I'll have to redo it.
9: I'm good at calling out spirits, though...
10: Can't I suppress it somehow with my own power?

1: It's possible to suppress it without a seal...
2: But unlike Jess, you've spent a lot of time living as a human.
3: If you can learn to control your own will without losing your reason, then I'm sure you'll be able to...
4: In that case, this is the only seal I'll ever need.
5: I'll come to terms with this within a month.
6: I'll settle the score with that monster... I promise...

1: I promise...
2: Mr. Langston...
3: His eyes look the same as when we first met...
4: I still want to help him somehow...
5: But I can see the resistance in his eyes. He doesn't even have to say anything...
6: In the end, I wasn't able to say anything more to him that day...

1: Huh?
2: Central Police Station #4
3: Mr. Langston submitted his letter of resignation?
4: Yes...
5: But we'll wait for him as we continue the investigation.
6: I believe
7: he'll return eventually.

1: I feel really relieved now.
2: Why?
3: I mean...
4: I was afraid that I'd never get to see Mr. Langston again,
5: but the superintendent laughed and said that wouldn't happen. She really believes in him...
6: I was kind of moved...
7: Uhhh... I don't really get it...
8: Guys like him appear to be the most difficult kind of people there are, but they're actually very simple-minded and only do the most obvious things..
9: What's that supposed to mean?
10: Who are you to talk about simple-minded and obvious people?

1: Mr. Langston?!
2: Your hair!
3: Woah.
SFX: slip
4: Thank you so much
5: for helping me yesterday.

1: I may come to borrow your services again someday...
2: Would you mind?

1: Of course
2: not!

#1. The Silver Wedge / END

The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

#2. Encounter

1: OK!
2: You're perfect now! You look just like my son!
3: Well... Someday, sooner or later, people might notice an anomaly... But this should do for the time being.

1: Please leave it to me,
2: 'dad!'
SFX: drop
3: Gehhh!
4: Quit it! That's creeping me out! He never once called me 'dad!'
5: Really? (Uhh...)
6: What should I call you, then?
7: Hmm...
8: 'Mister?' 'Old guy?' 'Gramps??'
9: Well... I don't really care... Just...

1: Anything but 'dad.'
2: Hmm...
3: All right... now!!
4: Time to go out there.
5: I'm counting on you...
6: "Jess."
7: Yes sir!

1: Woaaaah!
2: Sorry to keep you waiting, Arya!!
3: Grandpaaaa!!
SFX: dash
SFX: gloop
4: That's it! Come to me, my little Mariaaa!
SFX: whee x2

1: Hey, Grandpa...
2: Hmmm?
SFX: nuzzle x2
3: Where's dad?
4: C'mon!
5: Where is he?

1: Your dad? But...
SFX: tok
2: He's standing right there!
3: Maria...
4: ...Who are you...?
5: Wh-where's my dad?!
6: Hey, what are you talking about...
SFX: tap
SFX: twitch

1: ...N...
2: Noooooo!!
3: D... daaad! Daaaddyyyy!!
4: (Oh boy...) Now what are we going to do?
5: That didn't take long at all. (Even after all the disguising...)
6: She might be even more powerful than I am...
7: which means we'll need you even more now.
SFX: slip...
8: Yes sir.

1: tok
2: Rest at ease, Arya.
2: I will stay by your side forever.

1: ...N...
SFX: sniff
SFX: wham x3
2: Nooooo! Give him baaack!! Give my dad baaaack!!

1: Give him baaack!!
2: Waaaahh!
SFX: whack x3
3: (Awww...) This isn't going to be even the least bit easy, is it?
4: Waaahhh...

1: chirp...
2: chirp chirp...
3: chirp...
4: rattle
SFX: roll...
5: Mmm... Jess?
SFX: rustle

SFX: mmm...
1: (Why are you up so early?) What are you...
2: The pieces of the wedge...
SFX: fwoom
3: N...
4: No!! Don't touch that...
5: Huh?

1: bzzt

1: Aaaaahh!!
SFX: splurt
2: Ahhh... It's overflowing...
3: That was one hell of a seal.
4: Why are you acting so calm, Jess?!
5: Waah! What should I do?!
6: No need to worry.

1: My pain sensors are really dull.
2: I don't feel pain....
3: ...I'm sorry.
4: (Umm... I mean...) That's just how my body was made.
5: The bleeding's already stopped, too.
6: Besides, it'll regenerate in no time, so you don't need to worry.
7: ...sniff...
8: Arya?
9: ...hic...
10: That's not what I wanted to know.

1: Why won't you listen to me?
SFX: hic... hic...
2: I've been telling you since yesterday that you're not supposed to touch it...
3: Hmm...
4: But when I hear that, it just makes me want to touch it more.
5: But... Then you're no different from a child!
6: Arya...
7: Please don't try to solve everything all by yourself.
8: But this is my...
9: Please.

SFX: touch...
1: I guess it's partly my fault too for not explaining everything.
2: This Quartette Triangle is the symbol of the Christ family.
3: My grandfather must be the one who sealed Mr. Langston.

1: Yes. I felt his power as well.
2: And if even a fragment possessed that much power, then...
3: It's frightening to imagine that Leon's heart had no trouble bearing all that.
4: I'm worried about him...
5: My seal power may not even hold for a month...
6: Hmmm... It might be a good idea to go and check on him.
7: I forgot to tell him something important.
8: Important?
9: slip...
10: Yes. About the pain.

1: When 4D fusion happens...
2: In other words, when one transforms into a monster, the entire makeup of one's body changes. This phenomenon causes extreme...
3: pain.
4: My body was created in a way so that I wouldn't experience it, so the pain could never knock me out or anything,
5: but Leon...

1: What would happen if Leon fell unconscious due to the pain while transforming?
2: Then...
3: he'd probably lose his will, like when you divined him.
4: And then...
5: Just like that?

1: the evil spirit would completely take over his body.
2: No matter how strong his will may be, since he's human, he can only handle so much pain.
3: But...
4: We can't let that happen!!
5: Then he'll end up just like the killer!

1: We have to hurry up and let him know!!
SFX: vrooom...
2: honk
3: toot
4: We still have a bit until the meeting time.
5: (Hmm...) Maybe we hurried a bit too much.
SFX: glance
6: Oh...

1: Can I stop by that bookstore, then?
2: Hmmm...
SFX: glance...
3: In that case, I guess I'll go in that shop... (I want to pick up some jam.)
4: When I'm done, I'll go and find you.
5: Okaaay.
6: I need to keep up to date on the media news too...
7: (Hmm...) "Bizarre Case Special."
8: slip...
9: 'scuse me...

1: (Oh...) Sorry...
2: Ah!
3: Superintendent!
4: Hello!
5: Huh? Are you on your own today?
6: No... Um...
7: She's all dolled up...
8: Are you out on a date?
9: Huh?! Well, yes...
10: Umm... Let me introduce him. This is my colleague, Jess Christ.
11: Oh... I've heard about you. My name is Ralf Finnder. Nice to meet you.
12: Nice to meet you...

1: Oh, I'm sorry, but...
2: Do you mind if I step away from a moment? (I want to go buy some cigarettes.)
3: OK...
4: Oh, it's too bad! If Arya was here, I could have introduced him even more!
5: (He's so bashful...)
6: I don't mind if you want to brag to me...
7: Oh, no! I didn't mean it like that...
8: He's a journalist who's been traveling around the world.
9: He wrote an article in this magazine!
10: Hmm...
11: And also...

1: He's the one who told me that there was a skilled spiritualist in town! He introduced me to Arya!
2: (Hmmmm...) Just a little more, and I could reach it...
3: I didn't know there were so many grandchildren.
4: Oh... Really?
5: Yes. Mr. Christ never ever talked about his private life.

1: I can reach the marmalade, but not the strawberries!!
2: After we finished our official investigation, we were able to ask for Arya's help without much worry since we knew that she was a direct descendant of Mr. Christ.
3: We're honored.
4: Although, it's my first time hearing that...
5: About your boyfriend. (I'm going to buy this.)
6: I thought you knew all about us.

1: If only Jess were here right now! Hmm... I guess I'll have to ask a clerk...
2: slip...
3: Here you go, dear.
4: Thank you!
5: Nah...

1: I'm the one who should be thanking you.

1: Arya Christ...
SFX: yank...
2: Hiee...!
SFX: lick
3: Leon really owes a lot to you.
4: Ah...
5: Ahhh...
SFX: shiver x2

SFX: thud...
1: He's got no more use for you.
2: Stay away from Leon.
3: I...
4: I can't do that!

1: Oh?
2: Then...
3: crack
4: Do as you like.
SFX: slip
5: Find out just how powerless
6: you really are...
SFX: tap...

1: Heheh...
2: Arya!
3: You took too long. If you had come here only a bit earlier...

1: You could have met the superintendent and her boyfriend...
2: Why...
3: is that man walking with her...
4: Huh?
5: That man?

1: What did you want to talk about?
2: Ah... Ahh...
3: I don't even know where to begin...
4: Arya?
5: Please, just calm down. I guess I'll start off by talking about the pain.

1: The superintendent's boyfriend is the killer...
2: Ralf is the man I saw during the divination...
3: We need to hurry up and tell her the truth!!
4: Stay away from Leon...
5: I can't do that!!
6: I'm the one who undid my grandfather's seal... And...

1: Ralf may be targeting the superintendent as well.
2: I can't believe that he's truly in love with her.
3: But how can I get her to understand?
4: Huh. I haven't felt anything so far, though.
5: You should be careful, though. And have us redo the seal every now and then.
6: Alright...
7: Arya.
SFX: ah...
8: Huh?!
9: You don't look too well today. What's wrong?
10: Stay away from Leon...

1: throb
SFX: squeeze...
2: But I need to tell him the truth!
3: I...
4: I met the killer...

1: Wh...
2: What...?
3: Shit...
SFX: grab
4: Please wait!!
5: Let me go!! Don't get in my way!!

1: This problem isn't yours alone.
2: Wh... What do you mean?
3: The wedge in your heart was put there by my grandfather...
4: Who cares about that now?!
5: I know what you're thinking, Leon. You just need to take out the killer, then all will be well...
6: After all, you're simple-minded, and you only ever do the most obvious thing...

1: You piece of...
2: Stop it, you two!!
3: Mr. Langston... Jess is right.
4: The superintendent and the two of us are involved in this case as well.

1: Just... let me think on my own for a little bit.
2: I wonder... what he hopes to accomplish by thinking?
3: Jess... What do you think we should do now?

1: Hmm...
2: Leon
3: has a tendency to let his personal emotions run amok in this case. If only he could keep his cool, I'm certain he could make the right choices as a police officer.
4: I stuck a nail in him earlier, so he won't go too crazy.
5: OK... But what about Cecil?
6: Should we tell her about the killer? Or is it safer if she doesn't know?
7: I'm still not sure what the killer's after, so I honestly don't know.
8: Acting too quickly will be dangerous for both of us, though.

1: But Cecil... She's right Ralf right now, isn't she?
2: Yes... It is a bit worrying.
3: Hey, Jess... Isn't there any way you could check on her without him finding out?
4: Without him finding out?
5: Hmm... How about this?
6: Uuu...

1: Uu...
2: Uuuu...
3: What am I doing here?! I need to hurry up and find him...
4: But no... Wait... I can't let my emotions take over...

1: Calm down!!
2: Why?!
SFX: throb
3: I could be killing him right now!
SFX: throb
4: No!
5: Jess and Arya are right.
6: Shut up!! I wanna hurry up and kill him!
7: Uuu...
SFX: throb
8: Kill...!!

1: Goddammit!!
SFX: fsssh...
2: Yes, this is the 4th department.
3: Umm... I'm Arya Christ...
4: How about this? You contact her through the department...
5: Yes?
6: Calling from the hotel should be safe...
7: I'd like you to pass a message on to Superintendent Cecil Poissy. What?! But...

1: What's wrong?
2: Wh... What's going on?!
3: They said "She just got back, so if you'd like, we'll put her on."
4: Heh...
5: Heheh...

1: Heheheh... Is this some kind of joke?

1: I'm pretty sure I didn't leave behind enough of your woman
2: to fill up a huge box like this!

1: You son of a bitch...

1: What'd you call me?

1: Gah... Agggggh!!
SFX: twitch x2
SFX: stomp
2: You still... haven't remembered
3: a thing?!
4: Uuu...
5: Uuuuu...
6: schink

1: Aaaahhhh

1: Uooohhh!!
2-3: schink

1: How stupid are you?
2: Don't you remember what I told you back then?

1: You can't hurt me...
2: Heh...
3: Uu...
4: Although, I suppose I should just be glad enough that you remembered me at all.
5: snap
6: snap
SFX: stagger...
SFX: clatter
7: Right, Leon?
8: You want to kill me, don't you?

1: Then try to remember our past as if your life depended on it.
2: That's the whole reason
3: I ate your woman, you know.

1: That's why...?
SFX: throb
2: You mean Kristia only died
SFX: throb
3: so that I would remember him?
4: It's my fault for not noticing the Christ seal first, though...
SFX: throb
5: That's the only reason?
6: It's all because of me!!

1: Ahhh...
SFX: throb
2: Now hurry up and remember.
SFX: crack
3: Ahh... Ahhh...
4: If he loses his will, then the evil spirit will completely take over.
5: Why should I care what happens to myself?!
6: You can't beat me unless you regain your memories...
7: I just want to...
8: Ahh...
9: Hey! Are you listening?!

1: Uaaaahhhh
2: KILL!!
SFX: throb
3: Tch.
4: Idiot!

1: Wh...
2: What should we do, Jess?! (I'm not ready for this...)
3: It's alright. Just calm down and explain your message.
4: Yes, it's me.
5: What's wrong, Arya?
6: Umm... Uhh...
7: I-I just wanted to check on our schedule...
8: No, um, there's no problems with that. Thank you very much.
SFX: sigh...
9: Arya! Put me on!
10: Huh? (OK...)
11: Thanks for earlier.
12: No, it was my pleasure.
13: There's something I'd like to ask you.
14: What?

1: It's about Ralf.
SFX: throb
2: Heeey! What are you saying to her, Jess?!
SFX: shiver x2
SFX: skritch x2
3: "Don't worry. I've spoken to him once, remember?"
4: Did you split up with him after you left the bookstore?
5: "I won't screw up."
sfx: skritch x2
6: Really?!
7: Yes. We both had work to do, so...
8: I see. Then... When do you plan to meet with him next?
9: Huh?!
10: Why do you want to know that?
11: See? You shouldn't have said that!
12: "I said don't worry!"
13: What? You don't want to tell me?

1: Well... It's not that I don't want to, but...
2: OK, good! Her tone's changed!
3: The thing is, he has to start working tomorrow.
4: When he gets a job, he goes on a trip and doesn't come back for about a month.
5: A whole month?
6: That's how it always is?
7: Yeah...
8: That's too bad. I've gotten interested in his articles, so I wanted to talk with him in person about them.
9: I haven't even read them yet...
10: Oh! So that's what this is about.
11: Yes. Sorry for interrupting your work.

1: Looks like we won't need to worry for a while.
2: I'm a bit curious about what Ralf is planning to do over that period, but we'll just have to wait and see...
3: Hey...
4: She said they split up right after the bookstore, right?
5: Maybe that was because he wanted to spy on us...
6: Why would he want to do that?
7: No, not on the two of us... on Mr. Langston!

1: Even if that was the case,
2: I don't think Ralf would contact him.
3: But...
4: things have changed now.
5: I'm the one who should be thanking you.
6: Since I unsealed Mr. Langston...
7: But still...
8: Arya?

1: What are you looking for?
SFX: clang
2: A map.
3: A map? Of Paris?
4: I'm getting...
5: a really bad feeling.
6: Yeah.
7: I'm going to find out where Mr. Langston is!!
SFX: fwap
8: clink
9: You're going to use...
10: Dowsing!!

1: If Mr. Langston's power is clashing with another,
2: then it must be giving off some kind of signal!
3: Mr. Langston!!
4: waver

1: Aaaahhh

1: Gggh
2: Gaaaahhh
SFX: leap

1: fwooh

1: Ggh...
2: Heheheh... It's futile. Futile!
3: Even in your monster form...

1: Ggh...

SFX: rattle
1: Ggh...

1: Heheh...
2: cough...
3: I wouldn't mind hanging around you like this...
SFX: shooo
SFX: throb...
4: But that'd also be a waste of time.
5: Grrr
6: Leon... Playtime is over.
SFX: throb

SFX: throb
1: Ggh... Ggghh
2: rip
SFX: pop pop

1: Wha...
2: This is...
3: Mr. Langston's wife's grave!!
SFX: shooo....
4: ...ggh
5: No, Arya!!
6: But...
7: We need to hurry...

1: I can't let you go now that we know of the danger!!
2: But... While we're sitting here talking...
3: Mr. Langston is...
4: I'll
5: bring Leon back.

1: Take me
2: with you!!
3: Please, Jess...
SFX: squeeze...
4: Please...
5: I can't believe she's getting so desperate.
6: Is she really that worried about him?
7: Fine.

1: Jess!!
2: But if I look down from above and think it's too dangerous, I'm going to take you home.
3: From above?

1: You're going to fly?!
2: Yes.
3: It's the fastest way of getting there.
4: OK!
SFX: squeeze...
SFX: throb

SFX: rip
1: Please don't let go of me.
SFX: squeeze
2: OK...

1: Thank you, Jess.
2: Let's go
3: clink


1: Giaahh
2: Looks like that settled you down.
3: Hahahaha

1: Now to finish you.

1: Geahhh
SFX: throb
2: Ahh... Ahhh...
SFX: throb

SFX: throb...
1: Ah...
2: Now I just need
3: to wait a little more.

1: Leon...
2: You're the only one

1: who can kill me.

1: Oh no!!

1: Mr. Langston!!
2: We need to turn back!
3: Mr. Langston!!
4: Mr...
5: Arya!!
SFX: grab
6: (Oww!) That hurts...
7: Ahh...
SFX: fwish

1: Arya!!
2: ...ggh
SFX: fwoosh

1: Uu...
2: Mr. Langston!!

1: Why...
2: Why did you hurt him so badly... and then not finish him off?!
3: And...

1: When Arya fell, he was prepared to catch her.
2: Does that mean he doesn't plan to do her any harm?!
3: What are you
4: really after?!

SFX: skritch
1: Ralf!!
SFX: leap
2-3: leap
4: Shit...
5: Mr. Langston...
SFX: dash

1: Mm...
2: Arya?
3: So you're finally awake.

1: Got a minute?
2: tok
3: Put on those clothes and come over here.
4: What the...
5: Oh... Yeah, you can take off the bandages now.
6: That's... not what I meant...
7: I think...

1: I was fighting with him in the graveyard...
2: Then... Then?
3: He whispered something to me...
4: Something...
5: ...ggh
SFX: throb
6: Shit... Not again!
7: Does it still hurt, Leon?
8: Oh. No...
9: I'm fine.

1: Please look at this.
2: fwap
3: This magazine is called TRAGEDIE. Ralf writes articles for it each month.
4: A year ago, an article that described something similar to your case appeared in it.
5: Similar? You mean there were other cases like it?
6: Yes. At least 10.
7: Brutal murder cases involving pregnant women and their husbands.
8: We won't know the details until we do a little research... But still...
9: These articles make me think that he's been leaving clues here on purpose.

1: For you.
2: That's why I ate your woman.
3: Have you been able to remember anything?
4: Well...
5: Whenever I try to, my head starts hurting awfully bad. So I still haven't...
6: Hmm...

1: That means you still might have some spell cast on you.
2: Spell? (Not this stuff again..)
3: But Arya should be able to undo it as well.
4: Arya...
5: That's right...
6: You can't beat me
7: without your memories...
8: I won't ask you what you want to do.
9: I'm going to make sure you remember everything about Ralf this time.

1: OK!
2: I intend to do the same.
3: ...What's wrong?
4: No, I just didn't think you'd agree to this so easily. (What did I get all worked up for?)
5: You're surprisingly hard to read today.
6: Mr. Langston?!

1: Mr. Langston!!
2: Oh, I'm so glad! I thought you might leave before I got back.
3: You think I'd let him do that?
4: Seems like I've caused them both a lot of worry...
5: Arya, Jess...
6: I have a request.

1: Please
2: lend me your help once more.

#2. Encounter / END

The Sinister Beast and the Admonitions of the Holy One

Kusumoto Hiroki

Publisher: Ocra Publishing 2014/2/12
Publishing Date: 2014/2/12

I changed the name of this series to Christ ~The Sinister Beast and the Admonitions of the Holy One~ and released the first two volumes as Christ1, and volumes 3 and 4 as Christ2. They are on sale now at many normal and online bookstores. (As of 2014)

Both volumes are 366 pages long and go for 933 yen. (Excluding Tax)


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