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The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast - Vol. 2

End of the Line for the Sinister Beast


#3. Reminiscence
#4. Memories

#3. Reminiscence... Published in the January and February 2009 issues of Wings

#4. Memories... Published in the June, July, and August 2009 issues of Wings

#3. Reminiscence

1: I'm back...
2: Hey... What is that?!
3: Ahh... So tired...
4: pop
5: Huh?

SFX: smack...
1: That.
2: Oh... Guess I missed a small fry.
SFX: fwap fwap
SFX: mrowrr
SFX: fwoosh...
3: Although, Jean, I'm surprised you can actually see spirits that small. (Maybe you've got more power than me!)
4: touch...
5: Guess I should have expected as much from my son...
6: Don't touch me!!
SFX: smack

1: I refuse to believe in 'divination!'
2: Huh? Why are you getting so mad?
3: weoo...
4: weooweoo...
5: Hey, Jean, what happened?
6: I decided...
7: I might as well wait until you dragged your ass home. So I waited for a month.
8: Hey now...
9: Is that any way to talk to your father?

1: Heeey!
2: You can leave whenever you want, but at least tell me where you're going. And when you'll be back...
3: click...
4: I'll be back
SFX: slam
5: someday in a future where you're no longer in this world.
6: Huh? ...Huh?!
SFX: plop...
7: H... Hey, Jean!!
SFX: wham
SFX: vroooom

SFX: vroooom...
1: Hmmmm...
2: Central Police Station #4
3: I don't get it at ALL!!

1: Huh?
2: I thought you just solved it a moment ago...
3: Oh!
4: No, no! I was just talking to myself.
5: Oh, OK.
6: You did another great job this time.
7: Thanks to your hard work,
8: everyone's come to trust our 'spiritual investigations' a great deal more.
9: Oh...
10: The reason Jean hates me...
11: isn't because I'm so busy that I barely ever come home. That isn't anything new.
12: He must have another reason...

1: Because Jean's always hated my job... My work as a diviner.
2: Even though it's an important job that assists police work, I know that it's an extremely suspicious profession, and not something that a kid his age could proudly talk about with his friends...
3: I refuse to believe in 'divination!'
4: Judging from how he was acting yesterday, that couldn't be the only reason.

1: The book he left here... "The Truth about Divination." I thought it might tell me something...
2: But there isn't really anything important written in it.
3: This is bad. I've got no idea now...
4: Although...
5: If I wanted to find him and bring him home, I could do it rather easily.
6: I can use my ability to easily find out where he is right now...
SFX: swing x2
7: Dowsing.
8: But there was something else he didn't like about me... about divination... That's why he left on his own.
9: Until I find out what that is, I'm pretty sure there's no point in making contact with him.

1: That's... just the kind of kid he is.
2: He only resembles me in the weirdest places, and he's super stubborn. (Sheesh.)
3: You know...
4: It's really hard for a man to raise a child all on his own.
5: 14 years later...
6: Every now and then, I use Dowsing to find out where Jean is, and then I send him a letter.
7: The postman never brings any of them back. That's the only way I know he's safe...
8: click

1: A letter from Jean?!
SFX: rip
2: ...Unfortunately, it looks as if I'm going to die before you. Please forgive me. I just thought I should let you know, as you are my father.


3: Whaaaaat?!

1: Is this...
2: where he is?
SFX: crumble...
3: I'm pretty sure
4: this was the spot that appeared during the Dowsing...
SFX: twtich...
5: Wh... What was he doing in a place like this?
6: H-hey!
7: Jean!
8: Where are you?
9: grab.

SFX: twitch
1: Hyaohhh?!
2: slowly... slowly...
3: Grandpa!
4: ...Huh?
5: G-Grandpa?
6: klak
7: klak...
8: Come here, Arya...

1: Daddyyy!
2: Jean...?

1: Long time no see...
SFX: squeeze
2: Wh... What were you thinking, sending me a letter like that?
3: Heheh...
4: Guess I sent it out a little too early.
5: Sorry I'm still alive.
SFX: grrr
SFX: smack

1: clatter
2: Ahh...
3: Harsh. How could you lay a hand on an injured man?
4: B...
5: Because you keep saying stupid things!
6: Since I came all the way here, I'm just going to be honest with you.
7: I don't understand a bit about you!
8: I thought you were the kind of kid who could find his own way, that I could just let go... I mean, after you ran away from home without warning. Then just as suddenly, you send me your will...
SFX: grumble x3

1: I got so worried and ran here, only to hear you berate me!
2: And you have a child...
3: I... never once asked you to worry about me.
4: I... want to worry about you, Jean.
5: slip...
6: Like you'd ever worry about anyone.
SFX: pfft
7: I do.

1: Why are you doing this all of a sudden?
2: You're still practicing divination, aren't you?
3: Huh?
4: Why are you bring up divination now?
5: Looks like you really don't... understand a thing.
SFX: clatter
6: Huh?
7: Fine. Just get out of here.
SFX: stagger
8: I shouldn't have sent you that letter after all.
9: No! You're obviously in need of some serious help here!

1: Judging from your condition, you probably haven't gotten proper treatment, have you? C'mon! We're going to the hospital!
2: Don't touch me!!
3: Don't touch me. Leave!!
SFX: fwoosh
SFX: whack
4: Ow! That hurts!!
5: Goddammit...

1: Ahh...
2: H...
3: Hey..
SFX: slam
4: click
SFX: silence...
SFX: clatter

1: Geez...
SFX: glance...
2: This is
3: such a weird place...
4: (Wait...) What was he even doing in the basement of an abandoned church?
5: In such bad shape...

1: This is the only room with lights on.
2: creak...
3: Woahhh... What is this?
4: Through succeeding in asexually reproducing the perfect equivalent of a gene composition from a single cell, Jean Christ has ceated a new light for the future of medical technology...
avenir Science Journal

5: The US media have reported that the up-and-coming actress Veronica Kolsch and Jean Christ have given birth to a daughter. Veronica is making a good recovery and should be back to work soon...

SOLEIL Entertainment Magazine

1: Wow... (An actress? Seriously?)
2: flip...
3: It's almost like he wanted me to read these.
4: They're all open to the right pages...
5: Sheesh... Still pretty impressive, though.
6: Hmm...
7: Huh?
SFX: flip...
8: Wow...
9: G...
SFX: rattle
10: Grandpa...
11: Arya?
12: Come here.

SFX: dash
1: Jean... Where's your dad?
SFX: hug...
2: ...I don't know.
3: I don't know, but he was all drippy...
4: Drippy?
5: Was he crying?
6: And then... I asked him what was wrong.
7: And then... With a scary face...
8: He said 'get out.'
9: ...ggh
SFX: sniff sniff
10: Uuu...

1: There... There... It's alright.
2: Everything's alright. You don't need to cry anymore...
3: crash
4: Uaaahhh
5: Jean?!
SFX: dash

1: Jean!!
2: Hey, are you OK?!
SFX: silence...
SFX: whisper...
3: Why
SFX: whisper...
4: do I have to die?

1: You should be the one to die.
2: Wha...?!
3: Ggh! Arya! Go and find a hard pipe or something!
SFX: clank
SFX: nod
4: O... OK!

1: ...ggh
SFX: clank x2
2: Dammit!!
3: Grandpa!
4: Mmm...
SFX: shiver x2
5: I can't let her see inside!
6: OK! We can use this. Arya, go back into the other room!
SFX: fwish
7: B...
8: But daddy's...

1: He's always been a bit of a fickle boy. I'll call him out once he cheers up, so just hold on a bit.
SFX: sniff...
2: OK!
SFX: dash
3: Ggh...
SFX: creak...
SFX: crack
4: Jean!!

1: Stop!!
SFX: grab
SFX: twitch... x2
SFX: shiver

SFX: twitch... x2
1: Jean?!
2: Wh... What is this...
3: Heh...
4: Heheh...
5: ...It doesn't matter if he dies.

1: He's just a useless failure.

1: He's...
2: a clone.
3: Originally, I had no intention of "copying" human beings...
4: I read the magazines in the study. They said you were doing research that could benefit medical technology.
5: ...I simply wanted to triumph over you and your fishy occult work. I became so determined to become famous through surrealistic work like this...
6: Fishy?! Am I really that bad?!

1: But then an accident happened...
2: And since my research was technically illegal, I couldn't go to a hospital for treatment. That's why I'm like this now.
3: I dug my own grave.
4: Soon I realized that I wouldn't survive for much longer,
5: and decided to create a clone of myself in order to transplant my necessary organs.
6: I didn't want to leave Arya all alone, you see.
7: (But...) You just called that thing a failure, didn't you?
8: Heheh...
9: Technically, he isn't a complete failure.

1: ...It's too late.
2: My body
3: can no longer handle the stress of an organ transplant.
4: This clone... Is his body really exactly the same as yours?
5: Is it really that easy to clone someone?
6: Creating a corpse is simple.

1: This place is pretty removed from town, so I don't have to worry about anyone getting in my way.
2: And since I finished creating a manufacturing system, then even someone who lacks the advanced knowledge could do it as long as they follow the manual and use the proper ingredients.
3: But since I focused on creating the body first,
4: he lacks sort of intelligence, and his soul is empty. He's just a useless mannequin, unfit for protecting ARya.
5: Just leave Arya to me.
6: ...No. I refuse to give Arya to anyone else.
7: If leaving her to you was my only choice, then I'd just take her with me.

1: Are you
2: really capable of that?
3: C'mon, Jean. Calm down.
4: I'll take care of Arya. In the meantime, you just focus on treating yourself.
5: I can set you up at a good hospital...
SFX: slip...

1: I told you, it's too late.
2: Jean...

1: It's all too late...
2: No...
3: It isn't.
4: I have an idea.

1: I'll summon a soul from the fourth dimension
2: and place it in that body.
3: ...A soul?
4: You want to use some random soul?!
5: No. I'll use the soul that's closest to you, me...
6: and Arya.

1: Arya's
2: future child.
2: A child possessing our blood, who's as close to her as Arya is to you... No matter what happens, he'll protect Arya with all he's ogt.
3: I'm going to summon his soul.
4: There's no way you could do something like that...
5: No...
6: But the two of us could do it together!
7: If that's
8: actually possible...

1: No...
2: I suppose it's the only choice we have.
3: OK...
4: Let's do it.
5: I had a friend of mine watch over Arya in the meantime,
6: which Jean didn't really seem to mind.
SFX: click
7: It's ironic.

1: Hm?
2: I never thought that I'd have to rely on your occult abilities at the very end.
3: Oh yeah...
4: You also put down my profession when you left home 14 years ago... But what were you really so mad about?
5: Did you read that book?
6: "The Truth about Divination?" Yeah. (Over and over.)
7: And it didn't help you figure anything out?!
8: Sorry, but I'm not as smart as you are.
9: So?
10: What was it? Just tell me already!

1: Spiritualists...
2: Yeah?
3: ...Never mind.
4: It doesn't really matter anymore.
5: Heeey! That's not fair!
6: Do you know how much I've mulled over this?!
7: Heheh... I can imagine. We're both stubborn, after all.
8: Grrr...
9: OK... I'm ready over here.
10: Me too. There's... only one problem.

1: 4D Fusion puts incredible stress on the body.
2: I'm not sure if the clone will be able to withstand the pain.
3: Oh. You don't need to worry about that.
4: I was originally intend to transplant myself into this body...
5: And I'm tired of feeling pain.
6: This body is still capable of sensing things, but I made his pain sensors extremely dull.
7: ..I see.
8: Any other problems?
9: Nope. None that I can think of.

1: OK.
2: Then let's begin.
3: Yeah.


1: Here it comes!!
2: Are you Arya's child?!
3: You could call me that,
4: but I can't confirm it.
5: Huh?

1: ...No one ever makes any sense.
2: Are you sure he's gonna be OK?
3: Guess I must have messed up. Let's try again.
4: Hey!! Hold on, hold on!!
5: It's true that I'm the soul of Arya's child.
6: But I'm not sure if I'll actually be born or not.
7: When will be the birth be confirmed?
SFX: HAA... x2

1: We won't know until the very last second.
2: It's a rule. We can't decide things like that in our dimension.
3: (Hmmm...) One of those 'fate' things, eh?
SFX: HAA... x2
4: Hmph! Interesting. So I guess only God knows.
5: But enough about the details!
6: If you're Arya's child, then that's all we need to know!
7: We want you to enter this body
8: and become Arya's protector!!

1: Protector?
2: I'll explain the details later! Just get over here!!
SFX: wheeze x3
3: (Sorry.) Your great grandpa is a huge idiot.
4: Hmmm....
SFX: wheeze x2
5: Hurry it up!! (Dumbass!)
6: Fine, but I have my own priorities too, you know.
SFX: wheeze x3
7: What?!
8: You're so childish! Just calm down...
9: I've been keeping my spiritual power on full blast this entire time! I'm about to fall over!
SFX: wheeze x2
SFX: pitter patter...
10: If you have some condition you want met, then just come out and say it!

1: (Uhhh...) If you transplant a soul into this world, then the mass in the 4th dimension will become unbalanced. Which means...
2: That's why I look so half-assed right now...
3: I need to send a soul back in your place?!
4: (Well,) Yes, in a manner of speaking.
SFX: wheeze... x2
5: Oh, is that all? I'll give you my soul, then.
6: I'm
7: about to die anyway.

SFX: wheeze
SFX: haa
2: Stop acting like death is no big deal!
3: But... I mean...
SFX: wheeze x2
4: It really isn't...
5: N...
6: NO!!


1: No! No!!
2: I'm not going to let you do it!!
SFX: squeeze
3: I'm done with this...
4: Huh?

1: I'm canceling the process.
2: What?!
3: Hey...
4: You're the one who wanted to do this in the first place!!
5: Hey! Arya's child!
6: Um, I actually have a name, you know. It's Jess...
7: Shuddap!! I wasn't asking about that! Now just go home!!
8: Demon!!
9: Meanie...
10: You're the one who called me here!
11: Monster!!
12: Jess...
13: Take me.

1: H-Hey! You're not allowed to do that!!

1: Jean!!
2: I-I can't grab him?!
3: But that can't be...
SFX: clench...
4: Heheh...
5: You just used up all your power a moment ago, right?

1: Someone who can't even touch a spirit has no right to call himself a spiritualist anymore.
2: What the hell do you know?!
3: Dammit...
SFX: swipe x2
4: Why...!!
5-6: Jean!!
7: It was written there...
8: In "The Truth about Divination."

1: When spiritualists
2: love someone with all their heart, they lose their powers.
3: That's why I hated you for continuing your job.
4: I mean... It was proof that you never truly loved mom or me, right?

1: OK! I'll listen to... whatever you want to tell me!
2: Jean!!
3: Come back!!
4: Now that you've lost your power... You can't bring me back.
5: But...

1: I still feel like...
2: I've gotten some salvation.

1: Uuu...
2: ...ggh
3: Let's go, Jess...
4: Jean!!
5: Take care...
6: of Arya...

1: OK, grandfather...
2: I promise!
3: Jean...
4: gsssh


1: ...ggh
SFX: twitch
2: Mm...
3: This body...

1: It's the clone of the man you just saw...
2: My son.
3: Then it's Arya's father's...
4: Weird...
5: His body feels so light.
6: He's really
7: Yeah... But I don't want you to tell Arya the truth just yet.
8: gone...
9: It'll take time for her to accept you...

1: What about you?
2: Huh?
3: Will you accept me?
4: Don't worry. Just leave the rest to me.
5: I'll teach you all you need to know.

1: Just put on some clothes.
SFX: flail x2
2: Oh... OK!
3: We need to hurry back to Arya,
4: Jean...

1: Sorry... Just wait a little longer.
2: Once I make up for all the karma I've earned, I'll follow you...

1: Ten years later
2: Grandfather, father... Please watch over us.
3: Please let me use my power to help people...
4: Hmph...

1: I see.
2: From the looks of things, I guess no one's found out about your clone.
3: ...No.

1: I completely lost my powers after that incident...
2: Arya can't possibly sense me now.
3: Hmmm...
4: I see.
5: In that case, I'm going to utilize her
6: as much as I can.
7: tap
8: You made this bed.
9: Don't blame it on me now.

1: Even if I may be powerless...
2: I can't run away from the karma I've built up as a spiritualist...
3: There's no turning back now...

#3. Reminiscence / END

#4. Memories

1: I never thought I'd get stuck with you...
2: Are you sure it's OK to let Arya go to the police alone, Jess?

1: She said she had something she wanted to investigate on her own.
2: She must have some kind of plan.
3: But...
4: Leon... I don't want to keep Arya from doing what she wants to do by overprotecting her.
5: And besides, I gave her a bodyguard just in case.
6: They'll be moving off the murder case for a while, so I don't really think we need to worry that much. More importantly...

1: I'd be much,
2: MUCH more worried about leaving you alone.
SFX: sigh
3: I always have so much trouble finding the right word... Careless? Thoughtless? Stupid?
4: Huh?
5: Uhh...
6: Gggh...
7: You're so dangerous, we couldn't possibly leave you alone.

1: No!!
SFX: grab
SFX: siiigh...
2: Hey, uh, hold on!
4: Woah! Look ahead! Ahead!!
5: Wauuuugggh!!!
6: One hour earlier
7: Hmm...

1: I thought so...
2: There hasn't been anything cast on your outer layer.
3: Huh...
4: Then why can't I get my memories back?!

1: Nothing on the outer layer, huh?
2: Arya, what about something on the inside?
3: Yeah... I think that's where the problem is.
4: The inside... You mean I'm casting something on myself?
5: It could be something like autosuggestion.
6: Autosuggestion...

1: You must have suffered some other kind of trauma, Mr. Langston,
2: that led you to seal up your own memories.
3: Oh... OK...
SFX: mutter x4
4: Trauma... seal up...
5: OK. In that case...
SFX: stomp

1: Leon?
2: Where are you going?
SFX: trot
3: To see a psychiatrist.
SFX: yank
5: The wedge's seal is broken now!
6: How simple-minded can you be?
7: Even if that somehow brought your memories back, think carefully about what might happen next.
8: For exmaple...
9: Transformation due to shock
10: I'm gonna ill Ralf!!
11: Captured.
12: Sheesh!
13: What the hell was that about?!
14: Executed...
15: This is a monster fur!
16: Ooooh!!

1: N-now that you mention it...
SFX: blush
2: But what other option do I have?
3: First of all...
4: How did you even find out that you had lost your memories?
5: Did someone tell you?

1: Kristia was the one who told me... Yeah.
2: We've known each other for a long time. Since we were kids...
3: "Why don't you remember?" I can't even count how many times I heard that.
4: But I could never figure out what it was that I didn't remember, or even what she was talking about.
5: Maybe...

1: the memories
2: are connected to Ralf?

1: Then maybe Kristia knew something.
2: Leon, are there any other clues?
3: The house where it happened... still exists.
4-5: slam
6: I left all her things here.

1: It's...
SFX: chirp chirp
2: very quiet here.
3: Yeah.
4: Kristia was a writer, so we chose a place where she could relax.
5: click click
6: creak...

1: sniff...
SFX: bubble bubble...

SFX: tink tink...
1: ...ggh
2: Leon?!

1: Everything's just been left out.
2: Oh...
3: Yeah.
4: The kitchen's not important, though.
5: Let's look around.
6: Huh? Aren't you going to look... in this room?

1: Nah.
2: There's nothing left inside there.
3: Oh... Then...
4: That must be where it happened.
5: I think there's a high possibility
6: click
7: that we'll find something in this room.

1: fwish...
SFX: sniff...
2: Was this Kristia's study?
3: Why do you keep doing that?
4: Oh, it's nothing...
5: I guess my sense of smell's gotten sharper ever since the 4D fusion... (The scent is really getting to me.)
6: Hmm... Maybe because you fused with a dog?
7: What? A dog?! I fused with a dog?

1: Anyway,
2: Any kind of clue will help, regardless of ow small it is. Like a note, or a letter... Let me know if you find anything that might be connected to Ralf.
3: OK.

1: Leon! I think I found something.
2: A hidden drawer?!
3: tok...
4: You didn't know about it?
5: Nope. It's my first time seeing both the drawer and this box.
6: What did someone
7: hide in here?

1: This was for me...
2: and our child...
3: You didn't know about this either, I take it?
4: No... I never would have thought she had knitted anything.
5: Kristia was always so awkward with her hands... (That must be why she hid it.)
6: Wow... But you know,
7: It actually looks pretty good.

1: But she used such flashy colors... (Light blue and purple) Even if she had given it to me, I would have been too embarrassed to wear it!
2: What? Get outta here.
3: Look... If you use it as an accent color, against a color like black...
4: fwish...
SFX: sniff...

1: throb...
2: Hmm...
3: It looks great on you.
4-5: haa...
6: throb... throb
7: Kristia...
8: haa

1: ...ggh
SFX: throb
2: Why...
3: haa...
4: does it... hurt... so... badly...
SFX: throb
5: Leon! Take a deep breath...
6: Did the scents cause you to have a fit or something?!
7: ...ggh
8: haaaah

SFX: haaah
1: Dammit...
2: Breathe in... deeply...
3: haah
4: Dammit!!
SFX: throb
5: Take a breath... Yes... Then let it out slowly...
6: hoo...
7: I'm not going to let myself turn into a monster like him!!
8: haa...
9: Slowly...
10: haa...

1: haa...
2: You did
3: very well.
4: Jess...
5: It's OK now.
6: Back then, I...

1: Why
2: couldn't I protect them?
3: I thought
4: I was right next to her the entire time.
5: And yet...
SFX: clench
6: Why...

1: Uu... Ahhh...
2: Aaahhh...

1: A thousand times... Tens of thousands of times...
2: No matter how many times I scream, over and over again until my throat goes dry...
3: The past will never change.
4: The memories I lost...

1: Even if I get them all back,
2: I know it won't change the past.
3: But...
4: Even if that may be so...
5: I still need to remember it all...

1: plop plop...
2: Leon, take this.
SFX: sniff...
3: It's hot, so be careful.
4: ...Thanks.
5: I'm a 26 year old man. Look at me. So pathetic.
6: But...
7: I'm glad you're here...

1: Looks like we aren't going to find any clues.
2: And the sun's going down...

1: I guess we should call it a day...
2: Leon?
3: Did you find something?
4: This picture...
SFX: rip...
5: Look at this.
6: Is this you... and Kristia?

1: It looks really old. And ripped.
2: Yeah. Look closer, though.
3: By the rip...
SFX: fwsh...
4: There's another kid here!

1: This earring...
2: It can't be?!

End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

1: Ummm...
2: Central Police Station #4
3: The coin you lost... is in a music box in the attic.
4: Oh... Ohhh!!
5: That's right! That's right!!
SFX: rustle x3
SFX: grab
6: Thank you, little girl!!
7: Y-you're welcome...

1: Sorry, Arya...
2: For making you use your precious ability in this manner.
3: Oh, no, it's noting...
4: I lost my ring!
5: Umm, it's in your dresser...
6: I lost my dog!
7: Ummm, Mr. Smith on the third block is taking care of it...
8: I'm glad that I'm able to help out so many people,
9: but now I'm too busy to do any real investigating!
10: I lost my wife!
11: Umm... She went back to her family's house.
12: I lost all my money!
13: Umm... Then please get a job.
SFX: slouch
14: If my grandfather sealed Mr. Langston when he was working here...
15: Then I should be able to find some kind of clue in his own divination files.

1: ...or so I thought. I'm so useless...
SFX: slouch...
2: You've really been a great help.
3: That old man has been coming here day after day with the exact same question.
4: Things that are lost in houses are out of our jurisdiction, so to speak...
5: That coin must have been very important to him.
6: It was wrapped up in a very pretty handkerchief.
7: Oh?
8: You can even see that much?!
9: Excuse me... Good work today!!
SFX: click...
10: Wow...
11: Ms. Cecil!!
SFX: throb

1: I just got a call from Jess.
2: He'll be by to pick you up soon.
3: Oh... OK.
4: (AHH!) This is my chance!! (I'm alone with her now!)
5: Thank you very much.
6: I'll excuse myself, then.
7: Thanks for the help!
8: I need to find at least one piece of info...!
9: pitter patter
10: This is my chance to ask her about her relationship with Ralf!!
11: I need to be casual...
12: Uhh...
13: Umm... Ms. Cecil?
14: pitter patter
15: And careful...

1: Aryaaaa!
SFX: slouch...
2: That was quick!
3: Hm?
4: Something wrong?
5: I'll just have to try again tomorrow.
SFX: siiiigh...
6: (N...) Nothing. Let's go home...
7: Oh, hold on,
8: Jess.
9: Huh?
10: Me?

1: I told Ralf that you were interested in reading some of his articles...
2: And so he told me to give this to you!
4: He said this one has his masterpiece in it!

SFX: rustle
1: Th...
2: This is...!!

1: L...
2: Leon!!
4: Mr. Langston! Where are you?!
SFX: dash
5: Leo...
6: click...

1: What's wrong?
2: N... N... N...
3: ...N...
4: ...Naked...
5: How dare you try and seduce my Arya...
6: Jealousy Beam!
7: What?!
8: Huh?
9: Why are you getting embarrassed at this stage?
10: (Anyway...) I heard you calling me, so I just ran out of the shower. What is it?
11: Oh... That's right!
12: Ms. Cecil gave something to us...

1: Read it!!
2: Hastily scrawled writing...

1: Journal...
2: Kristia's Journal?!
3: This is clearly his 'greatest masterpiece.'
4: That's what Ralf said.
5: ...He did?
6: Why does he have this?
7: I didn't know Kristia kept a journal...

1: Mr. Langston...
2: If you want to read it alone, we'll leave...
3: No.
4: I want you two to read it with me.
SFX: flip...
5: What could this be?
6: Oh... Thanks.

1: A leather... bookmark?
2: The is the symbol of the Christ house, just like the symbol on the wedge inside Mr. Langston...
3: Why is it on this bookmark?
4: Arya?
5: Is something wrong? You've been down there for a while.
6: Are you OK...

1: Jess!
2: The seal on this bookmark...
3: bzzt...
4: Wha...


1: Jess!! Mr. Langston!!
2: Arya!!
3: What happened?!

1: Wha...
2: They both disappeared?!
3: H... Hey...
4: Arya...
5: Jess!
6: Where did you...
7: fzzt...
8: ffzz... fzz...
9: Le... on...

1: L... Leon...
2: fzz... fzz...
3: fzz... fzz...
4: fzzz
5: fzz...
6: Leon... fzz...
7: Where is this voice coming froM?
8: In here?!
SFX: bwap
9: fzz...
10: Le... on...

1: fzz... sreech
2: Arya! Can you hear my voice?!
3: screech... fzz... Mr. Langston!! I can hear you!
4: Arya! Is Jess there too?!
5: Yeah, it pulled me in as well.
6: I've never experienced anything like this before.
7: Where are you?
8: What's inside there?

1: Umm...
2: I don't really know.
3: An ocean...
4: And some houses.
5: Houses?
SFX: sigh...
6: Oh. I'm just glad you're both alright.

1: Yeah, we're fine. We're going to check out the area.
2: There must be
3: some reason why we were sucked in here.
4: If there are people living here, then I'm sure it's safe.
5: Leon, just keep reading the journal.
6: By myself?
7: Yes.
8: We need you to regain your memories as quickly as possible.

1: I think the reason Ralf left is because he's gone searching for his next victim.
2: H...
3: How do you know that?!
4: That magazine...
5: At the end of his article, there was a sentence. "There will be two more incidents like this happening soon."
6: But it'd be impossible for us to go after him and stop him now.
7: Yeah... I understand that as well.

1: He's just too strong...
2: We won't be able to stop him with power alone.
3: Unless I can regain my memories...
4: You can't beat me without them...
5: But right now, I'm the only one here.
6: If I read the journal, and my memory comes back, and I start to lose my mind...
7: Leon.

1: If that happens,
2: then just remember your breathing.
3: Deep... Big breaths...
4: That's it. Slowly...
5: Slowly...
6: And as you can see, we're still connected, even though we're not in the same place.
7: If something happens, we'll help you.

1: Let's check back in with each other time to time.
2: Yeah... OK.
3: (But...) I never thought I'd use this radio to communicate with someone.
4: How is this working?
5: Well, we're using a bookmark over here! (Hahaha)
6: (Yeah...) Guess I should just stop thinking about it.
7: OK then. Talk to you later...
8: fzzz
9: ...click

1: Did this fall out with the bookmark?
2: What's in this envelope...
3: Does this also belong to Ralf?
SFX: rustle...

1: Leon, hurry up and kill me!
2: Three plane tickets?!
3: Two more for Jess and Arya...

1: Is this a trap?
2: The flight's in two days...
3: No... Even if it is a trap...
4: Shit!
SFX: crumple

1: You've gotta be kidding me!
2: How could I wait two whole days?!
SFX: smack

End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

1: Hey, Jess...
2: Did something happen between you and Mr. Langston?
3: Huh?
4: Seems like you became friends while I was gone.
5: "Just remember your breathing..."
6: Nah. It's nothing like that.

SFX: wheeze
SFX: haa
1: Goddammit!
2: Breathing! Breathing!!
3: I just hugged his shoulders.
4: I like you...
SFX: gloop...
5: Heheh. I know...
6: Hugged?!
7: R-really...?
8: No... But... It can't be...
9: That's right.
10: I wonder what we should do, though?
11: How exactly should we "investigate" this world?
12: Arya... Let's just make a visit to one of those houses.

1: Whaaat?!
2: But...
3: We may have passed through time... We don't even know what time period we're in!
4: ...Is that what we're going to say to them all of a sudden?
5: No... Not that bluntly, at least.
6: Well, anyway... The sun's going down, so we need to do something quick or else we'll end up sleeping outside.

1: A hotel!
2: "We got robbed on the road, and don't have a single coin left on us." Let's say that.
3: OK... It's not exactly a lie, either.
4: Well... There still are descendants of vikings who are up to no good around here.
SFX: glance x2
5: You should just feel lucky that they left you with your lives.

1: Vikings? Are we in Scandinavia?
SFX: glance x2
2: Umm... Anyway, we don't have a single coin on us, so...
3: Do you think... there's anything you can do?
4: Well, I don't know about you, but this poor little thing...
SFX: glance x2
5: Can't just leave her out in the cold, now can we?
6: I guess I have no choice...
7: I'll call the police for you.
8: No no no!! You can't do that!

1: Why not?
SFX: glance x2
2: (Ummm...) Well... (mutter mutter)
3: ...Princess!!
4: Princess?!
5: I will explain the details to the madam.
6: The truth is...

1: This young woman is a princess from a certain small kingdom! (blah blah) But due to an inheritance problem, her stepmother is now planning to kill her! Therefore, I've been tasked with hiding her for several days until things calm down!
SFX: staaare.
2: Ohhh, the poor thing...
3: (blah blah) I secretly escorted her out, and then last night, we crossed the tumultuous sea all alone in a tiny boat that was hardly bigger than a tree branch... Somehow, we managed to paddle ourselves in the right direction, but that didn't save us from the pirates! Oh no! (blah blah)
4: And so... You must keep this secret.
5: Not even I would believe that!

1: So... she's a princess, huh?
SFX: staaare...
2: T...
3: She's totally suspicious of us now!!
4: Truly delighted to make your acquaintance. (I guess?)
5: Hmmmmmm...
SFX: pitter patter x2
6: Huh. Well, I guess it makes sense.

1: After all, you have such noble eyes...
2: Just leave the princess to old granny here!
3: It's a miracle that she believed us...
4: I simply put her under my spell with my masterful narrating...
5: Oh!
6: That's right. We need to report in to Mr. Langston.
7: fzz...
8: Mr. Langston!
9: She ignored me...
10: How's the journal coming?
11: fzzz...
12: Well, the truth is...

SFX: screeeeech...
1: Right now, I'm...
3: At the airport?! What are you doing there?
4: He put plane tickets in the journal.
5: What?!
SFX: chatter x2
6: Don't tell me you're planning on going after him now?!
7: Yeah. I am...

1: Either way,
2: it's not like I'll be able to begin until the plane lands.
3: Hmmm...
4: How are you doing? Did you find anything out?
5: We managed to find a hotel, but we still haven't started investigating yet. We'll call back as soon as we find something out.
6: Don't go overboard now, Mr. Langston!
7: I know. I won't. Bye...

1: rustle...
2: I'm starting this journal to commemorate my reuniting with my love...
3: This entry is from 4 years ago.
4: "My love...?"

1: Oct. 5th
2: Early in the morning, the phone rang.
3: Leon had already gone to work, while I had gone back to sleep.
4: With sleepy eyes, I picked up the receiver.
5: When I heard the voice on the other end, I instantly woke up. My heartbeat started racing so fast that I thought my chest would explode.
6: I hadn't heard his voice for 10 years, but as soon as it reached my ears, my big brother's face instantly jumped into my mind!
7: Her brother...
8: Kristia had a brother?

1: I was so, so happy...
2: But his voice seemed gloomy, and he didn't talk much.
3: I decided to listen to the details tomorrow when we meet.
4: Oh, I can't wait!
5: I told Leon about it when he came home late at night, but he didn't seem interested. Maybe work got too busy for him today?
6: Still, I'm so excited for tomorrow. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.
7: His voice? She never once told me about her brother...
8: flip...

1: Oct. 6th
2: This morning... I asked Leon if he wanted to join me, but he didn't seem to want to.
3: He seemed lost in thought about something.
4: But I didn't want to ruin one of his precious days off, so I decided to go by myself.
5: Ahhh... I can't wait to see him!

1: I reached our meeting spot first.
2: The waiter seemed really concerned about me. He must have noticed how nervous I was getting.
3: And then, finally...
4: Kristia.

1: Long time no see...
2: You've gotten even more beautiful.
3: What? Y-you're embarrassing me...
4: Oh... But I just can't believe it. I never thought I'd see you again!
5: I invited Leon, but he was out of it.
6: I'll make sure he comes next time.

1: He won't.
2: Sure he will! He's known you since he was a kid!
3: ...No he won't.
4: No matter how many times I go to see him...
5: What?
6: You've seen Leon more times than me?!
7: What's that about? Am I the lowest priority?!
SFX: mutter mutter
8: The truth is,
9: I didn't want to get you involved with this.

1: What...?
2: Wh-what do you look so gloomy for? We haven't seen each other for so long, we should be enjoying each other's company...
3: ...Ralf?
4: It's something that he and I
5: should have taken care of on our own.

1: But no matter how many times I go to see him, it's like he's under some kind of spell.
2: He never
3: remembers me.

SFX: throb
1: That's right... Ralf is Kristia's older brother.
2: No matter how many times...
3: Leon!
SFX: throb

1: Wait, Leon!!
SFX: throb
2: It's me! Ralf!!
3: Huh? I think you've got the wrong person.
4: Hey, Leon! What gives?!
SFX: grab
5: Why...
6: Leon!
7: Leon?!
8: No matter how many times...

1: Leon!!
2: Please. Please...
3: Remember!! At this rate, I...
4: Huh?
5: I told you, you've got the wrong person...
6: Leon? Why...
7: Why do you only ever say the same thing to me?

1: Leon!!
2: I'm sorry for running after you and saying the same thing over and over last time...
3: No matter how many times...
4: But come on, man, that wasn't funny.
5: I don't have time to play around with your stupid games!
6: Look.

1: At this right, I might really try to devour someone!
SFX: slip...
2: Leon?!
3: Huh?
4: I told you, you've got the wrong person...

SFX: throb
1: What is it with you? Are you really...
2: Are you really going to pretend like what you did to me never happened?!

1: Please, just remember!
2: Ten years ago! How did you save me?!
3: You know, Leon...
4: If you thought you were really helping me back there, you were so wrong.
5: Ever since then, there have been two evil spirits fighting inside me!
6: I want back the other evil spirit you stole from me!!

1: You're the only one who knows how to do it!!
2: Please... Leon! Just remember...
3: Remember!!
SFX: throb

1: Oct. 1st
2: It's been a year now since I reunited with my older brother.
3: I've tried everything I could over this past year to get Leon to remember him. His face... his name... his voice... But Leon can't recall a thing.
4: It's so perfect, in fact, that I can't help but think it's some kind of curse...
5: My brother lacks the gloom that used to haunt him. But in its place, he seems to have gained a deeper kind of darkness... Like he's been possessed by something.
6: Dec. 22nd
7: My brother was in an unusually good mood today.

1: He told me that last night, he met someone who knows how to undo the curse.
2: There's a silver wedge stuck in Leon's heart, and that's what's preventing him from remembering my brother.
3: The one who put that wedge in him is named Christ.
4: The wedge can only be removed by a special power, but Christ's already lost his, and the only other person alive who has it is his granddaughter.
5: My brother and Christ are trying to use the Central Police Station #4 (where Leon works) to get his granddaughter to make contact with Leon. He was complaining that it may take a long time...

1: Oct. 3d
1: My brother gave me an 'amulet' all of a sudden
2: As long as I keep it on me, my brother will never hurt me, he said.
3: I thought it was ridiculous. How could he ever hurt me? I asked, laughing.
4: But when I saw his face, I became quiet.
5: I may not need it, but my brother gave it to me because he cares about me. I won't keep it on me, though. I'll just stick it in here.
6: Oct. 4th
I believe in my brother...

1: Have you remembered anything yet? Brother-in-law...
SFX: throb

SFX: clink...
1: Arya...
2: Mr. Langston!
3: We finally connected with you! Are you OK?!

1: Yeah...
2: I read the entire journal.
3: But...
4: I need a little more time to calm down.
5: Oh... OK.
6: I'll call back tomorrow, then.
7: Thanks...

1: Heeeey! Princess!!
2: fzz...
3: Better hurry up, or your soup'll get cold!

1: Oh yeah, she's supposed to be a princess...
2: Oh!
3: fssh...
4: Sorry...
5: Hey! Leon!
SFX: whisper whisper...
6: Don't just scream out 'princess' like that! (It's supposed to be a secret!)
7: Leon?!
8: What? But we don't have any other guests right now.
9: Nah... It couldn't be. There's no way...
10: But now that I think back to that photo...
11: It's too much of a coincidence...
SFX: clink
SFX: clink...

1: (Umm...) Is your name Leon... Langston?
2: Yeah! That's right.
3: H-Hey, Mr. Langston...
4: How old are you now?
5: 12.
6: You can just call me Leon. We're the same age, aren't we?
7: Me?
8: My birthday's in two days.
9: (I'm almost) 14.
10: Thought he was older
SFX: thunk
11: Wow! It's so weird to think I'm older than Mr. Langston now!
12: I'm pretty sure Leon said he was 26... Which means we've gone 14 years into the past.
13: But why were we summoned here?

1: Hey,
2: I won't ask for any details, but you aren't planning to stay here and hide the whole time, are you?
3: If you want, I can show you around the island tomorrow. How does that sound, princess?
4: Ahh!
5: You can just call me Arya!!
6: (Wow!) Arya, huh?
7: That's a cute name.
8: OK, OK, OK!! It's bedtime now, princess!!!
9: Hiee
10: Umm... I'll ask you to guide me tomorrow, then!
11: OK! Good night!
12: Must be hard being a princess...
SFX: grin x2

1: Oh... So you're with the me from 14 years ago?
2: Don't worry... Nothing could surprise me at this point.
3: I had a feeling something like that might happen, too.
4: It's a pretty hazy memory, but I do remember meeting a princess.
5: (Ahaha...) How are you feeling, Mr. Langston?
6: Oh,
7: I'm fine. I feel really relaxed right now.

1: In the journal, I didn't find any direct clues to my memories like we hoped I would, but I learned about Kristia and Ralf's relationship, and remembered a bit about the past four years, so I still think it's a pretty big step.
2: I'm pretty sure that...
3: soon...
4: I'll remember everything.

1: Oh...
2: We'll try to make it back by then.
3: We still don't know how to get back, though...
4: I think the princess stayed with us for several days.
5: But now that I think about it... for some reason, I can't remember when she left.
6: click...
7: Then... We may still be here for a bit.

1: Sorry
SFX: dash...
2: to keep you waiti...
3: Try to keep your distance from Ralf until then...
4: Ralf...?
5: D-did he see me?
6: Umm...
7: You two know about Ralf?

1: No... It couldn't be.
2: Ralf... Who's Ralf?
3: He's my friend.
4: But he went missing three days ago.

#4. Memories / END


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