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The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast - Vol. 3

The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

#5. Childhood
#6. Reunion

#5. Childhood... Self-published on Manga on Web in February 2012

#6. Reunion... Self-published on Manga on Web in March 2012

1: I hate
2: these kinds of photos.
3: You don't want it? Your uncle took it for us.
4: That's not what I'm talking about! (And no, I don't want it!)
5: I just hate overly formal pictures like that.
6: Tia, Leon! Just act normal!

1: Normal?
2: What do you mean by normal?!

#5. Childhood

1: snap
2: (Hey! You idiot!) Don't look straight at the camera!

1: Wait, Ralf!
2: Let's get a picture of all three of us! (Use the self timer!)
SFX: snap
3: Just relax!
4: I don't need a picture of myself anyway.
5: But it's weird to try and 'act' normal!
6: Yeah.
7: Wait! Don't come over here! (You're too close!)
8: Peace, peace!
9: Yaaay!
10: Oh well. Geez...
SFX: fwoosh

1: Awww...
2: Ahhh!
3: fwump...
4: It landed there?!
5: Today was my first day wearing it, too...
6: It was my birthday present...
7: H-hey. Maybe
8: we can use that?

1: Wheee! This is so fun!!
2: Ooh! A fish!!
SFX: splash x2
3: Hey! Don't get too wild!
4: I'll get the hat. Just wait here and be sure not to move, Leon.
5: OK!
6: Just a little more...
7: Be careful, Ralf!
8: OK! Here you go, Tia!
9: Yaay!
SFX: crack...

SFX: snap
1: Waahh...
SFX: sploosh
2: Wahaha! What are you doing?!
3: (Come on!) I told you to be careful!
4: Raaaalf...
SFX: blub... x2

1: ...Ralf?
2: No... He's just kidding, irght?!
3: Kristia! Don't let go of this tree!
4: O-OK!!

SFX: leap
SFX: sploosh

SFX: blub
1: What is he looking at?
2: I can't see anything.
3: ...ggh
SFX: blub...
4: I need to
5: get him up to the surface, fast!!

1: Ralf,
2: are you OK?
3: Yeah...
4: But...
5: I think this might be broken.

1: (Hmm...) The film may be lost,
2: but I think cameras can be fixed...
3: Oh... So we can't salvage the film?
4: We were supposed to...
5: celebrate Tia's birthday... today...
SFX: sniff
SFX: pitter patter
6: D-don't cry!
SFX: wahh x2
SFX: sniff x2
7: I-I'm not! My nose is just running!

1: Ralf, what is this?
2: Huh?
3: Uhh...
4: You have a scar...
SFX: slide
5: that looks like this.
SFX: twitch
6: Where... do I have a scar like that?
7: I just saw it,
8: on the back of your neck.

1: My neck?
2: There's no way...
3: You can see it too, right, Kristia?
4: Yeah.
5: I've never seen it before either.
6: Didn't you know about it, Ralf?
7: ...Let's go home.
8: Huh?
SFX: grab...
9: It's cold here.
10: Let's just hurry up and get home.
11: Oh...
12: OK.

1: Just what was
2: that scar?
3: Ralf seemed afraid of it. Is he really going to be OK?
SFX: klink x4

1: What are you doing here so late?!
SFX: hop
3: Ahhh! (hey!) Take off your shoes!
4: ...Be quiet.

1: Huh?
2: I...
3: I'm too afraid to sleep alone.
4: But... I don't want my uncle or Tia
5: to know about this.
SFX: nuzzle x2
6: He went under the covers with his shoes on!!
7: Awww, come on...

1: Just for tonight, got it?
2: Mmm...
3: Leon, are you mad?
SFX: rustle...
4: No. I was just looking at the boats in the harbor.
5: The boats? Why?
6: Hmm...
7: I always do it before I go to sleep.
8: Seeing that they've all come back to the harbor lets me sleep better.
9: Huh...

1: That sounds nice.
2: Maybe I'll try it too.
3: Oh, that's right. Ralf's afraid of falling asleep...
4: Is it because of what happened today?
5: Hey...
6: What did you see when you fell in the lake?
7: What did I see?
8: Yeah, it looked like you were staring at something.
9: I was afraid you were going to drown like that.
10: Uhh...
11: Don't tell anyone, OK?
12: Huh?
13: O-OK...

1: There's...
2: a nightmare that I keep seeing.
3: I'm trapped in darkness. In a dark maze.
4: There are a lot of paths,
5: but no matter which one I choose, I always hit a dead end.

1: And the dead ends aren't blank walls...
2: They're doors that just won't open.
3: And they all have the same symbol on them.
4: On the bottom of the lake...
5: I saw a bunch of those seals.

1: On the bottom?
2: I didn't see anything like that.
3: ...Really?
4: They looked just like this.
5: You didn't see anything?
6: No... Nothing.
7: You must have just been seeing things.
SFX: squeeze...
8: Like shadows in the rocks or sand or something...

1: Ralf...
SFX: shiver x2
2: You don't need to be afraid.
3: I'll stay beside you all night.
4: You won't get lost in any dark mazes.
5: OK...
6: You'll be by my side the entire time.
7: OK...

1: Leon...
2: You smell good.
3: Huh? I smell?
4: Like what?
SFX: sniff x2
5: Hmm... I don't know how to describe it.
6: I
7: like how you smell.
8: It really puts me at ease...

1-2: zzz...
SFX: twitch...
3: Mmm...

1: Again...
2: I'm seeing that nightmare again!
3: I want to get out of here!

1: I need to hurry up and find a door that opens!
2: I need to find it!
3: haa...
4: haa
5: I need to find it!
6: This isn't it!
7: ...ggh
8: Uuu...
9: Another locked one!

1: No... I don't want to be alone. Help me, Leon...
2: Help me...
SFX: scratch
3: click
4: creak...
5: The door opened?!
6: B...
7: Because I scratched the seal?
8: creak...

1: This seal is the key to the door!
2: Oh!
SFX: scratch x2
3: So that's it!
4: Keep scratching!
5: Scratch it off!!
6: The more I scratch it,
7: the more it opens!!
8-9: creak...

SFX: scratch
SFX: scratch...
SFX: drip x3
1: Ggh...
2: Ahh...

1: Ahh... Ahh...
SFX: throb x2
2: Mmm...
3: ...Ralf?

1-3: haa
4: So hot...
SFX: throb
5-7: haa
8: My body feels so hot!
SFX: krak
SFX: thud

1-2: haa
3: So hot... So hot!!
4: ...water.
5: Water...
6: haa
SFX: shiver...
7: Water...
SFX: shiver...
SFX: throb
8: Uu... Uuu
SFX: rip x2

SFX: shiver...
1: Uuu...
2: haa
3: Hot...
4-5: haah
6: Water...
7: Water!
8: haa
9: Water!!
10: haah

SFX: splash
1-3: Haa...

1: Uu...
2: Ah...
3: Ahhh...
4-5: haah
6: This trail of blood just keeps going!
7: haah

1: Where are you, Ralf?!
SFX: jerk
2: Uuu...
3: Uuuuu...
SFX: shiver
SFX: shiver...

SFX: crack
SFX: snap...
1: Uuu... Uuu!
SFX: snap x2
2: Ahhh...
3: Aaaahhhh

SFX: snap x4
1: Gggh
2: Ooohhhh

SFX: twitch
1: Wh...
2: What was that?!
3: Fire.
SFX: click x2

1: Gghh...

1: Keep firing.
2: Groaahhh
SFX: splash
3: It doesn't matter if you don't hit him.
4: I want his attention on us.
5: Goaahhh

1: Good. That's enough.
SFX: twitch
2: Hiee...
3: He's coming this way!

1: What's that light?!
2: It's coming up from the lake!!
3: rustle...
SFX: fwish...

1: Gaaaahahh
2: He disappeared!!
3: D... Did it work?!

1: Good.
2: Now to confirm it.
3: Father!
4: I found him in the surrounding area.
5: Luckily, he doesn't seem to have seen anything, but...

1: Is he unconscious?
2: Yes.
SFX: murmur...
3: Where is he from?
4: I think... He's from the inn.
5: Oh! The Langstons' child...
6: He's a friend of that boy's...
7: Of Leon's.
8: What should I do with him?

1: ...o...
2: ...on!
3: Leon!
4: Mmm...
5: Are you OK?!
6: H-huh? Why am I here?
7: That's my line!
8: Ohh... And you feel so cold! You poor thing!

1: That's strange...
2: Were you sleepwalking?
3: My mind feels so hazy. I can't remember anything about yesterday.
4: But...
5: I'm pretty sure Ralf was here.
6: I'll be right here.
7: OK...
8: Hey, granny...
9: This morning...
10: Did you go in my room?

1: No.
2: I haven't been in there yet today.
3: He's gone...
4: Looks like she didn't find out, then.
5: Last time she found out, she made a big fuss.
6: Good...
7: Climbing through windows is dangerous!
8: Owww! Stupid old bag!
SFX: creak...

1: splitch...
1: ...Huh...?
2: Ralf...
SFX: throb x3
3: Ralf!!

1: No...
2: Last night...
SFX: throb
3: I ran after him...
4: to the lake!!

1: I see...
2: And then Ralf went missing?
3: Yeah... He hasn't come back to the inn since then.
4: The adults on the island have been searching for him, though.
5: I want to search for him too,
6: but they said it's too dangerous for kids to go outside by themselves.

1: I see.
2: So you used us as a way to get outside.
3: I... I'm sorry!
4: But I'm really thankful to you, mister!
SFX: sparkle x2
SFX: sparkle x2
5: Uuu...?!
6: P...
7: Please just call me Jess... (No 'mister'...)
8: Uhh...
9: Does that mean you're going to search for Ralf now?
10: Yeah! First I'll head to the lake...
11: If we wanted to find Ralf,

1: I could easily do it using dowsing...
2: But...
3: Would it really be OK for me to do that here?
4: It could end up changing the past.
5: Let me talk with Jess for a moment.
6: OK!
7: No... Maybe...
8: What is it?
SFX: whisper...
9: So... About Ralf...
10: If we got our hands on a map of the island and something that belongs to Ralf, I could easily find him using dowsing.
11: What if we were summoned here
12: to find Ralf?

1: Hmm. You might be right...
SFX: glance
2: It's obvious that something happened here 14 years ago.
3: Leon and Ralf are going to find each other soon.
4: There's a high possibility that we're supposed to act as the mediators to that.
5: Ahh...
6: Heeeeey!!
SFX: twitch
7: You're not allowed to go off on your own!!
SFX: yank
8: But! I heard a voice...
9: I heard Ralf's voice!!

1: His voice?
SFX: chirp... x2
SFX: tweet...
2: You were probably just hearing things. Please calm down.
SFX: tok
3: He's hurt.
4: He almost drowned
5: in that lake...

1: I... I was beside him... the whole time...
2: And... yet...!
3: Jess...
SFX: twitch
4: Why wasn't I
5: able to protect them?
6: I was beside them the whole time...
7: And yet...
8: Why...

SFX: hug...
1: It's alright...
2: It'll be alright!
3: You'll find Ralf again. I promise...
4: Hey! Jess!!
SFX: haa x2
5: Don't tease him like that!
6: What?! I-I wasn't... I was just...
7: You promise? But...

1: How...
2: could you
3: know something like that?
4: Just who
5: are you two?

1: Uhh... Well, she's a princess, like we said!
2: Oh no...
SFX: wiggle x2
3: Mr. Langston!!
4: We don't know how long we'll be able to stay here.
5: If you promise not to ask any more questions like that,
6: Helping him may be the wrong thing to do...
7: I'll take you
8: to Ralf.
9: Can you promise me that?!

1: Yes!!
2: But...
3: Then
4: I won't run away.
5: let me get ready.
6: I'll leave the island map to Jess... (I'll go grab it and be right back!!)
7: Look! I can see it now!

1: This is where Ralf lives?
2: Yeah.
3: This church has a weird symbol on top of it...
4: You think so?
5-6: ding dong
7: Huh?
8: Ralf's camera?
9: Yeah. I just need to borrow it for a bit.
10: Hmm... Well I wouldn't mind lending it to you, Leon, but...

1: She's cute...
2: Hey! Leon!!
SFX; grab
3: Who is she?!
4: Huh?! Uhh... Uhh... M-my cousin.
5: Your cousin? You're on a date with your cousin?!
6: What are you talking about? We're just taking a walk! I'm going to go home soon!
7: Ahhh...
8: I-I'll be waiting over there.
9: Mr. Langston's surprisingly weak when it comes to dealing with women...
SFX: hurry
10: ...While he's stuck with her, I'll...

1: ...contact Mr. Langston.
SFX: rustle...
2: Since we hung up so abruptly earlier.
SFX: rustle x4
3: Huh?
4: What?!
5: Hm?

1: OK!
SFX: rustle...
2: That shortcut was a total success!
3: That's strange...
SFX: Oof.

1: What is this thing
2: I don't remember bringing it with me...
3: doing out here?
4: Waaaahh! What should I do?! What should I doooo?!
5: I lost the bookmaaaark!!
6: That might be the only way to get back to the present!!

1: Aaaa...
2: Aryaaa!!
3: Jessss!!
SFX: fidget fidget
4: He picked up / I lost
the bookmark!!
5: Huh?
6: Heeey! I got the camera!

1: So... you weren't able to get the map?
SFX: tweet...
SFX: chirp chirp...
2: Uhh... I'm sorry that I'm such a failure.
3: Let's just deal with the bookmark later.
SFX: whisper...
4: OK...
5: Hey... Does the map have to be a paper one?
6: Huh?
SFX: skritch...
7: If you just need to know the lay of the land...
SFX: skritch x2
8: Then would this work?

1: Wow...
2: You've memorized the entire island?!
3: Yeah.
4: I never forget pictures or landscapes that I see.
5: Wow... He has a special ability like that?
6: Convenient.
7: A map that detailed should do the trick.
8: OK,
SFX: step
9: I'll begin now.

1: Ralf...
SFX: tok
2: Where are you?
SFX: puff...
3: Please answer me...
SFX: gulp...
4: tok
5: I'm sensing him right here!
6: He's... really there?!
7: Yes.
8: But Arya... That's...

1: the middle of the lake!
2: Don't tell me... he drowned...
3: No. I don't sense any water.
4: He's somewhere deeper...
5: Much deeper.

1: Ralf is
2: in a very deep,
3: dark place...

1: Trapped
2: beneath us.

#5. Childhood / END

#6. Reunion

1: Are there any paths that lead to below the lake?
2: For example,
3: a cave...
4: or a sewer.
5: Leon, is there anything like that around here?
6: A sewer?!

1: ...What's that?
SFX: blank stare.
2: It's, uh... Like an underground tunnel that filters water out.
3: Aren't there any sewers on this island?
4: I've never heard of anything like that.
5: There are a few caves over here, though.
6: A dead end already?
7: Yeah, that's how most of them are.
8: Hmm...
9: Looks like we have no choice but to search the area, though.
10: Yeah...
11: Uuu...
12: What's wrong?

1: Nothing...
2: It's just... Whenever I stare at the lake, I get this tingling feeling, like it's trying to pull me in.
3: I'm in my human form now, so I think I'm safe...
4: But if I had transformed here, I could have been in some serious trouble.
SFX: whisper x2
5: Huh? What are you talking about?
6: I think that the rings of light that Leon saw in the sky were coming up from the lake. There must have been some configuration here that transported Ralf underground.
7: And that 'trap' is probably still active in the lake right now.
8: Your body reacted to the trap? I don't feel anything, though.
SFX: whisper x2
9: Perhaps the reason you don't feel anything is because it's a spell cast by someone from another family?

1: In the end,
2: Another family...
3: we searched until the sun went down,
4: but we didn't find a single path that led underground.
SFX: nudge...
SFX: stare...

SFX: fwish
1: It-it really is my grandfather!!
SFX: Waaahh...
2: W-well, he is connected to Leon's seal, so it should be no surprise that he visited this island 14 years ago.
3: Do you think he's going to go to where Ralf is?
4: Oh...
5: Good point!

1: If he does, then we can just follow him!
SFX: fidget fidget...
SFX: Yeah!
2: Ahhh... I have so many questions for him! And I need to get the bookmark back...
3: Still...
4: If we're too direct, we could end up giving ourselves away. (He is family, after all.)
5: Yeah...
6: What are you two sitting there for?
7: Ohhh!! Inspector Leon! Good timing! It's time to interrogate that old man!
8: Ummm... We need you to ask that man something!
9: Inspector?!
10: OK, sure...
11: Huh?
12: Why did I come to this island?

SFX: pitter patter...
1: How did it go?!
2: He said he's planning to meet someone here.
3: But... He doesn't know when they're going to arrive, so he's just waiting here.
4: Hmm...
5: Do you know something about the person he's waiting for? Don't tell me it's someone who's chasing you!
6: What?
7: Oh no! I forgot about the princess story...
8: N-no. I think we mistook him for someone else.
9: Really?

1: Well, that certainly threw a wrench
2: into our plan to track your grandfather.
3: Hmm... What should we do now?
4: Jess. Umm...
5: I did come up with one way
6: to get to Ralf.
7: Huh?
SFX: whisper whisper...
8: Huh...

1: Whaaaat?!
2: N-no!!
3: That's too dangerous!
4: Please! Jess!! We're running out of time!
5: Running out of time?
6: What do you mean?

1: I can't explain it too well,
2: but I have a feeling that we won't be able to stay here for much longer.
3: I'm worried about Ralf, too. He's been imprisoned for three whole days.
4: I'd like to save him as quickly as possible too, but still...
5: Do you have a better idea?
6: N... No, but...
7: Please...
8: Just give me some time to think this over.

1: OK,
2: fine.
3: knock knock
SFX: click...
4: Arya.

1: What a wonderful room!
2: R... Really?
3: My grandma decorated it.
4: These are...
5: I'm going to save Ralf tomorrow.
6: I bet he's hungry,
7: and thirsty, too.
8: And I'm worried about his wounds, so I put some bandages inside as well.
9: Then I...
10: Mr. Langston...

1: It's OK.
2: I know that Ralf is safe.
3: Yeah...
4: Thanks.
SFX: squeeze...
5: But why
6: is he trapped underground?
7: Did someone put him down there?

1: Yeah...
2: Only a human could have cast that transport spell
3: and imprisoned him down there.
4: Hey, Arya... We didn't see a single adult outside today, did we?
5: Huh?
6: Don't you find that strange?
7: If they're really looking for Ralf...
8: We should have run into at least one of them down by the lake.
9: When I look out my window...

1: I can see the entire port.
2: And not a single ship has gone out for three days now.
3: Maybe...
4: the adults on this island
5: have been lying to me?

1: chirp chirp...

1: Now then...
2: Let's go and get Ralf.
3: What... But how?!
4: That...
5: is a secret.
6: (Hey...) What are you...
7: I'm sorry, Mr. Langston!
8: But I promise that we'll take you to Ralf! Just try and bear through this!

1: OK...
2: Fine.
3: Jess,
4: I'm counting on you.
5: It's your birthday today, Arya.
6: In exchange for canceling your birthday cake, I'm going to grant one of your wishes.
7: Whaaat?!
8: But I wanted to eat a cake after we get home!
9: Haha! OK.
10: It's alright...

1: The past and the future
2: won't change. They can't change.
3: That's an absolute certainty.
4: This won't anything about us, Ralf, or Leon 14 years from now.
SFX: fwap
5: There's nothing to be afraid of!

1: In order to reach Ralf,
SFX: splash...
SFX: scratch
2: I just need to use the trap in the lake.
SFX: pop

SFX: crack x2
1: I'll
2: transform...

1: Oof.
2: and let it trap me.

1: Now it'll transport us to where Ralf is!!

SFX: crumble x2
1: Waaah!
2: Wh... What's going on?!
3: Hey, Jess!! Turn back into a human!!

1: slip...
2: Whew... That scared me.
3: The ceiling of this place was surprisingly low...
4: Yeah... And I'd be really surprised if no one heard all that noise just now.
5: I-I won't ask about what just happened... (Even though I'd really like to know...)
6: But if there's ground above us, then this can't be at the bottom of the lake.
7: Hmm.
8: True.

SFX: silence...
1: That's strange...
SFX: glance...
2: I can't sense anyone.
3: They must have moved Ralf from of here into the place below the lake.
4: Hey,
5: there's a door here!

1: There isn't a knob or a keyhole. How does it open?
SFX: rattle x2
2: Hmm...
SFX: knock x2
3: The seal is the knob for this kind of door.
4: Ahh...
5: That seal! It's the same as the one that was on Ralf's neck.
6: All you need to do
7: is scratch off part of the seal, and the spell will be undone.
SFX: twitch
8: ...Ah...
9: Hey... Hey, did you hear something just now?!
10: Huh?
11: ...Ahh...

1: Wahh...
2: No, I didn't hear anything.
3: Wahhh
4: Yeah... Me neither.
5: Wahh..
6: No way... You can't hear this?!
7: Wauugggggh
8: Waahh
9: No...
10: What does it sound like?

1: Wh-what...
2: fwoh
3: It's
4: a screaming baby...
5: Waaaaahhh
6: Don't tell me
7: it's happening now!!
SFX: fwoooh
8: Arya!!

1: M...
SFX: vwoom
2: Mr. Langstoooo...

SFX: fwah
1: J...
2: Jess...
3: Arya?

1: Yes.
2: Central Police Station #4
3: Yes,that's right.
4: I checked all the old issues of TRAGEDIE.
5: Ralf Finnder has been writing about the father-mother murders for approximately one year now.
6: And just as you instructed,
7: I investigated the similarities between the victims.

1: The murders happened in many different countries and regions...
2: But I did find one similarity.
3: Mr. Langston...
4: Where are you right now?
5: Don't worry about me. Just keep talking.
6: OK...
7: Umm...
8: With every couple,
9: at least one of them was from the same area...

1: Lyngvi.
2: It's an island that's slightly removed from Norway.
3: But about ten years ago,
4: the entire island was converted into a refuge for wild birds, and no one lives on it anymore.
5: OK... Got it.
6: Thanks, Michael.
7: Umm... Mr. Langston?! I...
SFX: click...
8: boop... boop...
9: click

SFX: droop...
1: Mi ch ae l
SFX: twitch
2: Hieee!!
3: poke
4: S-superintendent...
SFX: pitter patter
5: Sorry I'm late! The hospital is always so crowded...
6: Hospital? Are you feeling under the weather? (You don't look it at all...)
7: Oh, no! I'm not sick! (Tee hee)
8: Sorry, what was I thinking?
9: Oh! Maybe...

SFX: glance...
1: Anyway, Michael...
2: Hasn't Arya arrived yet?
3: She hasn't gone out since last night. She always comes to greet us when she does, so we're certain of it.
SFX: brring... x4
4: But you've been calling her room and she hasn't answered?
5: Yes...

1: knock knock
2: Ma'am!
3: knock knock
4: Ma'am!!
5: knock knock!!
6: She isn't responding.
7: Please open the door!!
8: OK!
9: Please excuse me,
10: ma'am!
SFX: click

1: Arya!
2: Jess!!
3: Arya!!
4: creak...
5: They aren't here.
6: But they left their things...
7: Indeed. Where could they have gone?

SFX: rustle...
1: An envelope? Maybe it's a letter?
SFX: rustle x2
2: Airplane tickets?

1: You sure you've been eating enough?
2: Eating?
3: Yeah. You didn't touch your dinner last night.
SFX: murmur x2
4: Are you OK?
5: We're heading into the long stretch here.

1: Haha!
2: You're actually worrying about me?
3: Look. I'm smoking, aren't I?
SFX: puff puff
4: Cigarettes aren't food!!
5: Umm... But I'm pretty much immortal, aren't I?
6: Still... This isn't a manga! You need to eat in order to survive...
7: Huh?!

1: What's wrong?
2: Uh...
3: Umm...
4: Just now...
5: Leon walked by. (He's right there!)
6: Huh?
7: (Senile old fart...) It's noon! Wake up already...
SFX: glance x2
8: S...

1: Seriously?!
2: What is he doing here?!
SFX: rattle x2
3: stomp
4: Hey, hey! Calm down, Ralf!
5: Goddammit! These windows are hard! Why won't they break?!
SFX: rattle x2
6: snap
7: Just calm down! They're inserted windows! Just use the do-
8: -or WHAAAT?!
9: Graaahhh!!
SFX: crash

SFX: dash
2: Huh?

1: What are you surprising me like that for?!
SFX: murmur x2
2: Idiot! I nearly had a heart attack!!

1-2: hoo
3: R...
4: Ralf?!
5: Wh-what? You're the one who scared
6: meeeeee!!

1: Wha...
2-3: hoo
SFX: throb x2
4: What the hell's your problem?!
5: Apologize right now!!
6: You're the one who should apologize!!
SFX: crack
SFX: whack
7: H-hey, you two, cut it out. You're drawing a loooot of attention.

1: Fuheheheh...
2: Heheheh!
3: S-sorry for all the commotion!!
SFX: dash
4: Run for it, guys!!
5: Hey!
6: Wait!
7: haa
8: haa haa
9: haa
10: Hahaha

1: Haa
2: Haaa.... Ahahahaha! That was fun!!
3-4: haa
5: Hahaha!
6: haa haa
7: Hey!
8: haa
9: Hey! Ralf!
10: haa
11: Ralf!!
12: haa...
13-14: haa
15: I...
16: I came here to...
17: Leon.

1: You...
2: just said my name, didn't you?
3: What...
4: Your name?
5: You did, didn't you?!
SFX: grab
6: Right?! You just called me "Ralf," didn't you?!
7: ...yes! Yes!!
SFX: wheeze x2
8: Whew... I finally caught up to them!
9: He finally said Ralf! He finally said it!!

1: Hey, old man! Did you hear that?! He finally remembered!!
SFX: rub rub
2: Umm, what I meant to say was that I came here to kill you...
3: hiee hoo
4: Oh! Good! By the way, Ralf, you need to carry your own things!
5: Yes! Thisis great!!
6: Hey! Are you even listening to me?! (Hurry up and take them! They're heavy!!)
7: Oh, sorry!
8: Merci, merci!
9: Th-things are really
10: NOT going as I had planned!!
11: Although...

1: I guess I don't need them anymore.
SFX: sploosh
2: What? Are you sure?!
3: So, anyway, Leon.
4: I don't see the other two.
SFX: glance x2
5: Where are beardy and the little girl hiding?
6: Beardy
7: Little girl

1: Jess and Arya
2: aren't here.
3: What?
4: Really?!
5: (OK!) So they gave up, huh?
6: Guess that means we don't need the old man anymore, then.
7: Th... Then I'm going to go to the island instead!
8: Uhh...
9: What? (Come on...)
10: Umm, who are you, anyway?

1: Arya's grandfather?!
SFX: fsssh
2: I first met Arya and Jess at Mr. Christ's grave! How are you alive...
SFX: sploosh
3: Let me guess... It's a long story?
4: If you want to know, the ask him yourself!
SFX: vrooosh
5: I don't really care about him, but I don't want those other two hanging around.
SFX: vrooosh
6: I had planned to have the old man intercept them in the city so that they wouldn't follow us to the island.

1: You don't want to
2: get them any more wrapped up in this, do you?
3: Wrapped up...
SFX: throb
4: Wrapped up...
5: The one thing
6: Ralf...
7: I want to know most is...

1: Why did you
2: kill
3: Shut up.
4: ...ggh. Why did you need to go that far?
5: I said shut up!
6: You only need to think
7: about one thing right now.

1: Just make sure you keep hating me.
2: O... Of course I will!
3: I wasn't asking you that so I could forgive you!
4: I just want to know why--
SFX: wham
5: Enough already! I told you to shut up!!

1: You piece of...
2: snap
3: What do you keep kicking me for?!
SFX: fwoosh
4: slip
5: Woah there.

SFX: fwoosh
1: slip
2: Ha
3: Haha
SFX: fwish
4-5: slip
SFX: fwish
6: Hahaha! You can't even hit me! Huh?

SFX: sploosh
SFX: blub x3

SFX: throb
1: Ralf!
SFX: glare

1: Buhah!
SFX: splash x2
2: Buhah
3: Shit.
SFX: glance x2
4: Ahh!

1: A...
2: Areyou kidding me?! (He didn't even notice?!)
SFX: huff huff

1: Tch... Fine.
2: I'm taking my clothes off!
SFX: splash x3
3: Ahh!
SFX: splash x2
4: Hey, Leon!
5: Let's race
6: to the shore!

1: Ralf!
2: Leon! Hurry up! Let's go have lunch!
3: OK! We'll be right there!
4: C'mon! Let's go,
5: Leon!

1: Stop!
2: Stop making me remember!
3: Those memories don't matter anymore!
4: Ralf is a killer! He murdered Kristia!
5: No matter how much I remember,
SFX: splash
6: the present will never change!!

1: I'll never forgive Ralf!!
2: How could I?
SFX: splash x3
3: Shit... The tide's gotten stronger.
4: Leon, we need to get serious here, or else we'll be in trouble.
5: If we don't go at max speed,
6: the sun could go down before we reach the island!

SFX: fssh... x2
1: Ohhh! Sorry!
SFX: hahaha
2: I didn't notice at all!
SFX: wheeze x2

SFX: wheeze x2
1: I should have made him stay in town after all...
2: He's a disaster magnet!
SFX: wheeze x2
3: Not only did the sun go down... it came back up!
4: S... Sorry! I'm really sorry!
SFX: stagger...
5: Bloodlust.
6: I-I'll do anything in order to make up for it! Forgive me!!
7: Fine then...
8: So cold...
9: You can give us your clothes, for starters. (And some cigs.)

SFX: fwooooh

SFX: fwah
1: tok...
2: Now where are we?

1: Ah!
2: This is the sign to the inn...
SFX: crack...
3: It looks like we're still on the island, but a lot of time has passed.
4: Hmm...
SFX: crumble...
5: Maybe we came back to the present.

1: I thought it was a quiet island...
2: (But still...) It seems like a lot of houses have become abandoned.
3: Yeah...
4: It's almost like
5: a ghost town.

1: This is really strange.
2: All the store's products have just been left here.
3: Yeah. Like the people just disappeared...
4: What's wrong?
5: I just heard someone talking...
6: Let's go and check it out.
7: OK!

1: This is robbery.
2: I'm a police inspector...
3: Don't worry about it, stupid!
4: All the clothing in this store is abandoned!!
5: Ahh!!
6: Those shoes! Those are the ones I picked out!!
7: What?! Who cares?!
8: Just hand them over!
9: There are enough to go around!
10: No! I want those!!

1: I thought I was going to freeze to death...
SFX: shiver shiver
2: Oh! A clothing store!
3: They don't look good on you.
4: Shut up!
5: What's taking them so long?
6: Huh?
7: What the?!
SFX: drop...

1: Ummm... Am I seeing a ghost right now?
SFX: rub x2
2: I can see it too!
3: But it doesn't look transparent...
4: It has feet, and a shadow too...
5: Which means...
6: It's... real?!

1: Whaaaat?!
2: Huh?!
3: click...
4: That voice just now...

SFX: yaaaank
1: Y-you asshole!
2: You lied to me!!
3: Hbbbbbh
4: You sent them here ahead of us!!
5: Arya and Jess! They must have returned from the past!
6: Wh-what's going on here?
7: Well, um...
8: Shut up!! Hey! Old man!

1: Take those two and get out of here!
2: Right now!!
3: What?!
4: I finally have a use for you now!
5: Let's go, Leon!
SFX: hoist
6: Wait... Ralf!!

1: M... Mr. Langston!!

1: Arya...
SFX: fwoosh x2
2: Hey... Let me down!!

1: Shut up
2: and stay still!
SFX: fwoosh
3-4: fwish
5: Where is he going?!

1: Wh...
2: What's going on? Hey...
3: Tell me!
4: Grandfather!
5: How could you be so mean?!
6: Why did you lie to us?!

1: I'm sorry...
2: I'm sorry,
3: Arya.
4: But... Hubert...
5: I buried your body!
6: There's no way that could have come back to life. What kind of a trick is this?
7: If you're truly sorry...
8: then give us an explanation!

1: ...Fine.

1: A clone?!
2: Yeah...
3: I used Jean's research notes to make a clone of myself.
4: You remember what Jean said, don't you? Making a body is the easy part.
5: But... forget the cloning, what happened before that?
6: Why did you need to make a cloned corpse and pretend like you died?!
7: Well... Umm... It has to do with my... er... PRIDE.
SFX: blush
8: Huh?!

1: In that incident, I lost all of my spiritual powers
2: along with my life as a "spiritualist."
3: I... I don't understand.
4: Your life? There's no reason to get so dramatic, now is there?
5: Pfft. I already know there's no way anyone else could possibly understand!
6: But it's the truth!
7: That's what happened to me!! (I lost my identity!)
8: Here comes the stubbornness!!
9: He's getting angry!!

1: I...
2: I still don't really get it... (Pride?)
3: But I'm
4: still glad to see you, grandfather.
5: But there still wasn't any reason for you to trick us too, was there?
6: Yeah! And...
7: What were you doing with Ralf?!
8: Why would he trick us and pair up with Ralf?!

1: You've learned about the contents of Kristia's journal, I take it?
2: I met Ralf as she was writing it. About three years ago... Or, should I say, 'reunited' with Ralf.
3: I first met him over ten years ago...
4: After I had committed a grave error... I've been trying to make up for it, but since I don't have any powers any more, there's only so much I can do.
5: That's why you tricked us and tried to use Arya?
6: For your "pride as a spiritualist?"
7: Well, yeah... I guess that's how it ended up being.
8: I'm really sorry...
9: But...

1: I have questions for you too!
2: How did you get here?
3: Ahh!
4: The bookmark!! He picked it up!!
5: Huh?
6: When you went to that island a long time ago, Hubert, you picked up a bookmark with the Christ family seal on it!
7: On the island?
8: What is this
9: doing here?
10: Ohh... That thing...

1: I think I gave it to Ralf, though.
2: What?
3: What?!
4: Then... Where is it now?
5: (Or...) What happened to it?
6: Hmm...
7: You went 14 years into the past?
8: Paradoxes like that happen often in the world of spiritualism, though.

1: Really?!
2: Yeah.
3: The reason for them hasn't been discovered, but this sort of phenomenon is called "un jeu de Dieu."
4: (Also...)
5: The crying baby you heard when you came back was a warning from within yourself, Arya. Since two versions of the same soul can't exist in the same dimension, you were pulled out from the past the moment that Arya was born.
6: I see...
7: But the reason that bookmark fell into Ralf's hands wasn't due to "un jeu de Dieu," but because of you, Hubert.
8: According to Kristia's journal,
9: he then gave the bookmark to her.

1: You're the one who made that happen.
2: Exactly.
3: I wanted to help him...
4: No... I still do.
5: Help him? That monster?!
6: There isn't a single reason why he deserves to be helped!!

1: For starters...
2: I can tell that Ralf only wants to die.
3: He forced Leon to hate him enough
4: to make Leon want to kill him.
5: W... Wait, hold on...
6: Kill him? What do you mean?

1: Of course
2: he wants to kill him!
3: No... way...
SFX: rattle
4: There's no way Mr. Langston would do something like that. He's an officer of the law!
5: That's why he quit!
6: You may not have noticed, Arya, but there were broken pieces of a knife littering the area of the graveyard where they fought.

1: Leon is clearly trying to kill Ralf.
2: But... Mr. Langston would never take another person's life!
3: Hey! Jess!
SFX: grab
4: S... Sorry...
5: I went too far.
6: I...
7: I was...
8: the only one who didn't know?

1: Back then...
2: Thank you.
3: He felt the same way?
4: And I was
5: the only one who didn't know..
6: Even when he got the journal...
7: I want you two to
8: read it with me.
9: he was just thinking about how to kill Ralf?

1: I...
2: wanted to help Mr. Langston!
3: Why does...
4: it have to be this way...

1: Jess!
2: Take Arya and leave this island.
3: You understand that this must be done, right?
4: You two can't get involved with them any further.
5: Arya, I'm sorry...
6: All I've ever done is lie to you.
7: Is that all you have to say?!
8: You really are a complete asshole!!

1: Yeah.
2: No matter what you call me, I have no defense.
3: But you don't want Arya to get any more hurt, do you?
4: click...
SFX: bwam

1: You withered old piece of shit!!
SFX: twitch
2: Haha... That was a good one!
3: Made me remember Jean...
4: He's the worst...

SFX: screech
SFX: murmur x2
1: Those three tickets in the hotel...
2: Superintendent!
3: I found out who bought the tickets. It was Ralf Finnder!

1: And their destination is the same place
2: that I discovered after Mr. Langston asked me to investigate the murders.
3: What does this mean?
4: Leon... Ralf!
5: Superintendent!!
SFX: dash
SFX: stare
6: (H... Hey!) Stop calling me that already, Michael! (We're in a public place!) Just call me Cecil!
7: (Huh?) Oh... S-Sorry.

1: OK, um...
2: C-Cecil... I found a clue as to where they went.
3: Yesterday, it appears that he checked out right after he called me in the morning.
4: Then, he got into a bit of a scuffle at the port...
5: Rental car.
6: A scuffle?
7: (You mean like a fight?)
8: Yes. I got an eyewitness report that says a man who resembled Mr. Langston was seen there.

1: It's no use. I can't find any other clues.
2: Me either...
3: Where
4-5: klunk...
6: could they have gone?
7: klunk...

1: Seems like he only put in enough fuel for one way.
2: Oh well... Please just wait until the sun goes down.
3: Once night comes,
4: I can fly us to a nearby port without anyone noticing.
SFX: squeeze...
5: Arya?
6: ...No.
7: I... don't want to leave.

1: I just can't believe
2: that Mr. Langston would want to take Ralf's life.
3: They're friends!
4: No matter what could have happened, there's no way he would just kill him!
5: Jess...
6: Don't you agree?!

1: Arya...
2: Whatever happens to them is none of our business.
3: I only did all I did because I wanted to make your wishes come true.
4: But if could end up getting you hurt... Then we should get away from them as quickly as possible.

1: ...At least, that's how I used to think.
2: But
3: when I went to Leon's old house,
4: no matter how many times I think that it has nothing to do with me, Leon's face... and his voice... just refuse to leave my mind.

1: After I take you to a safe place, Arya,
2: I plan to come back here alone.
3: But honestly,
4: I don't think I'll be able to wait until the sun goes down.
5: Jess!

1: Let's go...
2: to the two of them.

#6. Reunion / END


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