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The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast - Vol. 4

The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

#7. Truth
Side Story

#7. Truth... Published on Manga on Web from April to August 2012
Side Story... Published on Manga on Web in September 2012

#7. Truth

SFX: fwoosh
SFX: swoon
1: Tch!!
SFX: skid

1: Wh...
2: Whaaat?!
SFX: crack
SFX: fwoooosh
3: Whaaaaaaat?!

1: Hey... What's the big idea?!
2: Oww...
3: Hey!
4: Ralf!!
5: Ral...

1: He suddenly fell over, like he ran out of batteries or something...
2: How selfish can he be?!
3: Hmm...
SFX: rustle...
4: Where are we, anyway?
5: Where was Ralf trying to take me?

SFX: creak...
1: Nothing's changed about this place.
2: Shit...
3: This happens sometimes... All of a sudden I get really sleepy...

1: J...
2: Just hold on for a minute...
3: Give me 10 minutes... no, 5 should be enough.
4: OK, fine!
5: Just hurry up and go to sleep!
SFX: grab
6: Leon...

1: Don't go anywhere.
2: I'll
3: stay right here.
4: Ralf...
5: I came here to end everything...

1: Everything that's happened between you and I.

1: Arya?
2: Jess!
SFX: silence...

SFX: shiver
1: I'm all alone here?!
2: Wh-what should I do?
3: I'm all alone...
4: But I need to hurry up
5: and get to Ralf!!

1: There isn't a knob or a keyhole. How does it open?
SFX: rattle x2
2: Hmm...
3: The seal is the knob for this kind of door.
4: I'm scared...
5: All you need to do
6: is scratch off part of the seal, and the spell will be undone.
7: I'm scared... but...
SFX: scratch
8: I need to save Ralf!

1: It's pitch black...
2: The adults find me if I turn on my flashlight, but...
SFX: rustle...
SFX: click
SFX: fwooh

SFX: fwooh....
1: This cave is so deep...
2: Is Ralf really down here?
3: Why did they put him in a place like this?

1: Light!!
2-3: whisper...
4: nudge...
5: It's horrifying.
6: Yes. Hard to believe it's even from the same world as us.

1: Our guest is already at the inn, correct?
SFX: chatter... x2
2: Yes, but I would rather not ask an outsider for help. We should finish this ourselves.
3: Who are those masked people?
4: I agree...
5: brrrring
6: Ah.
7: Our shift's up.
SFX: march x2
8: I just want to get this over with as quickly as possible.
9: Indeed.
10: Ralf won't last much longer.
11: So he really is here!

1: Killing him ASAP
SFX: yank...
2: would be the best thing for the boy's sake as well.
3: Yeah.
4: Putting him out of his misery is the right thing to do...
5: Killing him?!
SFX: throb

1: Ahh... I'm so hungry.
2: slam
SFX: silence...
3: They said their shift was up...
4: Now's my chance!!
5: Ralf!

1: Ralf!
2: Ralf!!
3: Is he in here?!
4: No...
5: How about over there?!

1: Ralf!
2: Heheh.
3: Ahhhh...
4: Heheheh.
5: This is no place for children.
6: M-mister! Did you see a kid about my age in here?
7: No.
8: I haven't seen any kids...

1: But
2: I know that "Ralf" you've been calling for.
3: Yeah! Him!!
4: Hey, where is he?!
5: Dunno... He was next to me until a bit ago.
6: Now I'm lonely again.
7: Have you been trapped in here for a long time?

1: Heheheh.
2: Tee hee...
3: You must be a pretty nice person to be worrying about me.
4: I like nice people. They make me want to teach them things...
5: Huh?
6: Wh-what?!
SFX: tick tock... x2
7: They'll be back in 30 minutes.
8: You need to get out of here before then.
9: 30 minutes...
10: I need to save Ralf by then!

1: I'm
2: going to save my friend. So mister...
3: Just wait here for a minute.
4: I promise I'll come back for you!
5: Heheheh...
6: tick... tock...
7: tick...
8: I want you to tell me your name.

1: Leon.
2: Leon Langston.
3: Thanks for teaching me about the guards. Bye now!
4: OK...
5: Leon...
SFX: dash
6: So he's Ralf's friend...
7: Friend...

1: Friend... friend...
SFX: tick... tock... x2
2: Friend...
3: Ralf!
4: Ralf! Where are you?!
5: haa
6: This is like a maze!
7: haa
8: Ralf!
9: How could a cave as big as this exist under our tiny island?!
SFX: glance...
10-11: haa
12: And how did I never find out about it?!

SFX: click
SFX: bzzz...
1-2: haa...
SFX: fwah...
3: The lights went out!
SFX: shiver

1: Th-that's right! I still have my flashlight!
SFX: scratch
SFX: click
SFX: fwoom
SFX: thud

SFX: rumble
1: It's coming down?!
SFX: bwap
SFX: skid...
2: Am I stuck in here now?

1: Did I...
SFX: shiver...
2: fall into a trap?!
3: hoo...
4: hoo... hoo...
5: hoo...
6: S-something's here...

1-2: hoo...

1-2: sniff
3: sniff sniff...
4: sniff...
SFX: shiver x2
5: Leon...
6: Huh?
7: You're
8: bzz...
SFX: snap x2
9: Leon, aren't you?

SFX: flash...
1: H-how do you know my name?
2: What do you mean how?
SFX: clink...
3: Who is this person?

1: I've always
2: known your name.
SFX: clink...
3: B-but I shouldn't be worrying about that right now!
4: H-hey...
5: Have you seen a kid around here?
6: I need to save him right now! I'm running out of time!
7: Hey, mister! If you know something, then tell me!

1: Did you
2: come here alone? No one saw you?
3: Huh?!
SFX: nod...
4: N-no!
5: I'm fine!
6: And the guards are gone, so now's my chance to save him!
7: Chance? There aren't any chances.
8: Wha...
9: That door only opens from the outside.

1: They only ever approach this room in pairs.
2: One stays outside while one comes inside.
3: That door won't open again
4: until the guards come back.
5: Which means...
6: you're stuck in here with me.

1: Leon? What are you doing?
SFX: rustle x2
2: I can't see him...
3: Help me out, mister!
4: Hm? But my hands are bound. (I couldn't even if I wanted to.)
SFX: clink
5: Just put your hands on the ground!
6: Hey,
7: what are you...
SFX: twist x2
SFX: slice
SFX: fwap

1: Let's escape from here
2: together!

1: Escape?
2: A... Are you nuts? Didn't you listen to me?!
3: That door can be opened.
4: Huh?
5: We just need to scratch off the seal on the front of the door, right?
6: Yeah... But...
7: How do you plan to do it?
SFX: rustle...
8: Just watch!

1: I'll just slide this through the gap.
2: A wire?!
3: You really brought a lot with you.
4: How did he even find this place?
SFX: yank x2
5: Yup!
6: Look. If I just bend it like this...
SFX: slide...
SFX: twick
7: scratch
SFX: rumble...
8: Seriously?! (That was fast!)

SFX: crunch...
1: But this door comes back down as soon as it opens.
2: I'll open it again right now,
3: so when it goes up, let's hurry out.
4: I'm not going.
5: Huh?
6: Escape on your own.
7: I need to stay here.

1: Why?
2: Y-you...
3: don't need to know that.
4: Leon...
5: B... But!
6: Before you learn anything...
7: Just hurry up and get out of here...
8: slam

1: ...ggh!
SFX: grab
2: rustle rustle klak klak
3: Wha...
4: mmph
5: Shh... Be quiet. They're coming.
6: B-but I can't hear anything!
SFX: whisper...
7: It's only been about 15 minutes so far!
8: Just be quiet...
9: Stay still under here.
SFX: fwap...
10: Don't move an inch until I say it's OK!!
11: O... OK.

SFX: clink...
SFX: murmur x2
1-3: klak
4: Huh?
SFX: sigh...
5: See? I told you it was closed.
SFX: rub...
6: Let's check inside just to be safe.
SFX: rumble...

1: Hmm.
SFX: march x2
2: Doesn't seem like anything's wrong.
3: Hey. Did that door open twice?
4: ...Huh?

1: How should I know? I was asleep the whole time.
2: They can tell when the door opens?!
3: Fine. We have something more important to talk about, anyway.
4: ...what?
5: It's been decided
6: that you and Ed will be executed tonight.

1: Ha...
2: ...ahh.
3: I see.
4: What did my dad say?
5: Ed? He was quite happy to hear it.
6: That guy...
7: is this person's father?
8: They're both going to be executed?
9: Umm... I just have one request.
10: Hm?
11: Can you think up some kind of story to tell my little sister?

1: Oh. We've already taken care of that.
2: I'm pretty sure...
3: "He fell down a cliff and suffered severe injuries, so he was taken to a hospital on the mainland." Right?
4: No, the second part was "the boat he was being carried on got shipwrecked and went missing."
5: Haha! Are you kidding me?!
6: Wahaha!
7: Hahaha!
8: Why are they laughing...
9: Hahaha!
10: Isn't this guy afraid of dying?

1: It can't be.
2: I like nice people.
3: Escape on your own.
4: There isn't a person alive who isn't afraid of dying!!
5: It's been decided that you and Ed will be executed tonight.
6: There must be some chance for us to escape before nightfall!

1: I'm going to save
2: both of them... and RAlf!
3: OK.
4: See you tonight, then...
5: Ralf.

1: R...
2: Ralf?!

1: Ralf!!
2: Idio...
3: Where are you?!
4: Wha...
5: You idiot! What did you come out for?!
6: What? A child?
7: You again?! You're in for it this time!
8: Let me go!!
9: I came for Ralf!
10: Leon!

SFX: clink
1: Oh no!
SFX: fwap
2: Hey...
3: Ralf's been unsealed!!
4: Waahh!!
SFX: push
SFX: skritch...
5: Ral... f...
SFX: stagger...

1: Hey!
SFX: wham x2
2: Open up!! Hurry and open up the door!!
3: Leon...
4: I... I...
SFX: smack...
5: Hie...
SFX: twitch
6: St-stay back!!
7: chk...
8: Ggh... uuu...

1: ...ggh...
2: Ahh...
3: ...uu...
4: Ral... f...
5: Uuu... ...ggh

1: I... I'm scared...
2: This is bad! Ralf's...
3: Hey! What's wrong?!
4: St-stop!! Take one step closer and I'll shoot!!
SFX: rumble
5: I'm scared, Leon...
6: Leon...
7: St... Stay baaaack!


1: H... Hurry up and get out here!
2: Ah...
3: Ahh...
4: klink
5: Hiiee...
6: What about the kid?!
7: Leave him! Just seal up the room!

1: twitch...
2: twitch
SFX: skritch x3
3: shiver...
4: shiver shiver
SFX: throb
SFX: shake
5: pop...
6: pop pop...
7: Uu... Ahhh
SFX: throb
8: Ahh... Ahhh

1: Groaaahhhh
2: Hiee
3: Hieee
4: What's
SFX: shiver x2
5: happening...
6: Graaa
SFX: crack
SFX: pop pop
7: aaaahh

1: Gaaa
2: aahh
SFX: boom...
3: ralf!
4: We...
5: made it!
6-7: haa
SFX: glare
8: Hooo

SFX: crumble... x2
1: H-Hurry...
2: We need to get to Father!!
SFX: boom x3
3: Hiee!
4: Hiieee...
5: What are they doing to Ralf?

1: St...
2: Stop it, Ralf!
3: hooo
4: That's to going to open it!
5: Ralf!!
6: hooo
7: smack...
8: Hooo
SFX: spin
9: hoo
SFX: Grrr...
10: hoo...

1-4: sniff
5: Le... o...
6: n...
7: Ralf...
8: I'll open the door.

1: Let's escape
2: together.
SFX: fwah...

SFX: rub...
1: I must have drifted off...
SFX: ZZZ... x2
2: But it doesn't seem like that much time's passed.
3: growwwwl
4: And he's still asleep.
5: That reminds me... I haven't eaten anything since yesterday.
SFX: crunch
SFX: blink

1: Hey!!
2: What are you eating by yourself for?!
SFX: crunch...
3: Huh? You want some too?
4: (N...) No...
5: I don't need any. I have my own!
SFX: shake x2
6: What?
7: Then who cares?
8: sniff...
9: Hey... That smells weird.
10: You sure it hasn't gone bad?
11: Huh?
12: Geez, shut up already...
SFX: rustle...

SFX: crunch x2
SFX: staaaare...
1: slip...
2: See! I knew it was rotten.
3: N... No! That's not it!
4: Your staring at me just made me lose my appetite!
5: What?
6: Don't blame it on me!
7: Oh well... Whatever.

1: OK.
SFX: stomp...
2: Where are you going?
3: Underground.
4: Underground? The place where you were shut up?
5: Yeah...
6: Leon.
7: You still haven't recalled everything, have you? How much have you remembered?

1: Hmmm...
2: And I still can't remember what happened after that.
3: But...
4: I know that if I go underground, I'll remember everything.
5: Yeah. I'm counting on it, bro.
6: Oh!
7: There it is.

1: This church...
2: Th-this is where you used to live!
3: Yeah, obviously. How else did you think we were going to get underground?
4: But... There should be a hole around here somewhere that leads to a sealed door...
5: Huh?! What are you talking about?

1: Stop saying things to try and throw me off. (C'mon, man...)
SFX: creak...
2: No! I don't know where it is exactly, but it does lead underground!
3: What are these?
4: Tch! The old man must've left 'em here.
5: There's only one set of footprints... Arya and Jess must not be with him.
6: Leon! Over here! Hurry it up!

1: It's no good!
2: The signal disappeared...
3: They must have gone underground.
4: Underground...

1: If we had only gone after them sooner, we might have caught up with them...
2: This is bad...
3: No.
SFX: flap
4: This is good. All we need to do now is find the hole I opened.
5: Oh, right! We can get underground through there!
6: Yes. I think it's near the lake...
7: Umm...
SFX: glance...

1: Huh?
2: What's wrong?
3: There's a boat coming this way...
4: S-Superintendent! Let's turn back!
5: (Grrr!) Stop calling me that! Call me Cecil! And besides, I never forced you to come with me, Michael...
SFX: sputter

1: B-but I couldn't possibly let you go off alone!
2: If I did, who knows what she might end up doing... (And she's pregnant, to boot!)
3: Stop! You're pregnant!
4: Huh? How do you know?
5: And it didn't help that the briefcase ended up belonging
6: to Ralf Finnder, her boyfriend...
7: He got caught up in this somehow too...
8: Huh?!
9: Both Leon AND Ralf must have been kidnapped!
10: What?! You saw an old man take two young men out on a boat?!
11: Yup, yup.
12: I knew it! They were kidnapped!!

1: But if someone truly kidnapped them, why would he escape in a boat?
2: He's probably taking them to... Oh, what was it called? The island that Leon had you investigate! Lyn.... (Lyn something...)
3: Lyngvi?
4: But... It's a deserted island! Why would he take them there?
5: Because then he can do whatever he wants to them there!
6: OK! I'm leaving!!
SFX: dash
7: Excuse me, can I rent a boat?
8: Whaaat?! (That was quick!) At... At least ask a local police officer for help!
9: Are you kidding me?! You work for the police station, you should know better than anyone how annoying police paperwork is! (We're in another country now, remember!)

1: You can't waste time with these kinds of cases! C'mon, let's hurry up and go!
2: (Now! Now!)
3: What?! Th-that's what you're worried about?
4: That boat....
SFX: vrooosh
5: It's going to dock here.
6: Shall we go say hello.
7: Yes!
8: See? Bingo! There's only one other ship here!
9: After docking here, the old man must have taken them off and...
10: Ummm...

1: What are you two doing here...
2: Whaaaaaat?!
3: caaw
4: caaw caaw

1: Hey! Hey, hold on!
2: Why?
3: Why are you two here?!
4: Um... You first, please... (Go ahead.)
5: Us?! W-we came here to save Ralf and Leon!
6: Save?!
7: Don't tell me they found out about the truth...
8: Ohh, it's horrible! A strange old man kidnapped both of them!
9: He must have a secret harem on this island, where he plans to strongarm them into becoming his companions at night!
man's head: OLD MAN
10: Blecccch

1: What? Is something wrong?
2: Ohhh... I'm getting goosebumps...
SFX: shiver
3: N-no! It-it sounds truly terrible!
4: What an imagination...
5: We need to save them at once!!
6: Wait! Wait, time out!
7: A-are you sure it's OK for us to go along with a crazy story like that?!
SFX: whisper whisper... x2
8: This is an 'in for a penny, in for a pound' situation!!
9: We need to keep them focused on Ralf and Leon instead of us.
SFX: whisper whisper...
10: You sure this will be enough?
11: P... Probably!
12: Umm... The truth is, we found a place that we think looks suspicious...
13: Really?

1: When I looked from the sky, I think I saw it over here...
SFX: rustle...
2: Over there,
3: in that hole.
4: Arya! Let's wait for an opening and then escape!
SFX: whisper...
5: Roger!
6: It looks pretty deep.

1: Oh...
2: Good! The electricity still works.
3: Ralf... When did you find out about this corridor?
4: Oh, I've known about it for a long time.
5: Wha...
6: I never told you this before, but I've gone underground through here many times.
7: To see my father, Ed...

1: At first, I was merely curious.
2: Every now and then I'd see adults disappear behind the altar...
3: So one day, I snuck after them. They were wearing strange masks.
4: I was a child, so I couldn't really follow what they were talking about,
5: but the scent alone told me that the man inside the cage was my father.

1: Ed was mostly silent,
2: but every now and then, he'd pat my head.
3: One day, I stared at his hands.
4: At the shape of his nails and the curves in his bones...
5: It was so creepy how similar they were to mine.
6: Then, I suddenly realized something.

1: Someday, I'd look just like that too.
2: Did you know why your father was imprisoned down there?
3: No. I had no idea.
4: But Ed always had very severe mood swings...
5: So I just figured they put him down there to get him out of their hair.

1: We're here. Ed's cage is down there.
2: It's all busted up...
3: Did he force it open from inside?
4: So he could have broken out any time he wanted to, huh?
5-6: sniff
7: Tch! Guess he isn't in this hall anymore.
8: Shit... Where the hell is that old fart hiding?
9: Leon!
10: Let's go in deeper.

SFX: sniff...
1: So... You still haven't remembered yet?
2: Wha...
SFX: knock knock
3: In here
4: is my 'cage.'

1: When I open this door, all your memories might come back.
2: Here. Give it a sniff.
3: The scent should bring back memories.
4-6: sniff
7: The scent?
8: Open sesame.
SFX: grin...
9: touch...
10: Wait!

1: I'll open it.
2: ...Hmph.
3: Fine. Do it, then.
4: There's no doubt about it.
5: sniff
SFX: scratch
6: This scent is...

SFX: rumble

SFX: throb
1: Ahh...
2: Ahh... Ahh...

1: Ahh haaah!!
2: Ahh... Ahhh...
SFX: thud
SFX: throb
3: Yes... That's it, Leon!!
4: Remember everything!!
5: Tch.
SFX: rumble
6: I've always hated this door...

SFX: fwoosh
1: crack...
SFX: thud
SFX: smash

SFX: boom
1: Back then...
2: Uuu... Ahh...
3: You said "Let's escape together."
4: Then... what happened next?
5: Uaaaahhh

1: Wh...
2: What was that sound?!
3: Jess, I'm scared!
4: Ahhh... Could Leon and Ralf's chastity be in danger?!
5: I wanna watch!
6: Now, you two... Pull down your underpants!
7: Blecccch! No, no, no!!
SFX: hug
SFX: whisper
8: Now!
9: Fly!
SFX: nod

1: leap
SFX: thud

1: H-hey!!
2: A-are you alright?!
3: Yep! Now, if you'll excuse us!
4: Oh, it's alright? Let me join you then!
5: What?
6: leap
7: Woo!
8: Whaaaaat?!

SFX: thud
1: Th... Th-th-th... That was so dangerous!!
2: Are you really that simple-minded, Cecil?!
3: Wahahaha
4: Do that one more time for me, Jess!
SFX: rustle x2
5: What? One more?!
6: N-noooo!!
SFX: dash
7: I don't catch men!
SFX: thunk...
8: But...

SFX: uaaaaaahhh
1: throb...
2: Uu... Ahhh...
SFX: scratch x2
3: rip...

1: You idiot!
2: Are you trying to repeat what happened?!
3: I told you in the graveyard, there's no point in you transforming!!
4: ...ggh
5: Uu...
SFX: cough x2
SFX: haa...

1: Guess it was a bit too much stimulation...
2-3: haa
4: Leon...
5: haa
6: I'm counting on you...

SFX: clatter...
1: This is our
2: very last chance.
3-4: sniff

1: Hey,
2: you withered old piece of shit!
3: Hubert!!
4: Show yourself!!
5: I know you're in here!
6: Stop prolonging the inevitable!
7: klak...

1: Come over here.
2: I won't eat you.
3: ...Is Leon asleep?
4: klak...
5: Yeah. I'm pretty sure that when he wakes up, we'll finally be able to finish things.
6: ...Leon.

1: I'm counting on you...

1: Let's go, Ralf!
2: It's OK! No one's out here!
3: Hurry!
4: If we make it up these stairs, we can get outside!

SFX: stomp stomp...
SFX: rumble...
1: They're both gone!
2: Don't panic.
3: Go call Mr. Christ. He should be at the inn.

1: Ralf can't escape from us.
2: We've set traps all over the island.
3: They were originally set for you, Ed.
4: ...Do you remember?
5: I won't escape,
6: brother.

1: Even if we try to kill you?
2: Heheh... Of course.
3: Heheheh... I can't wait to die.
4: Well, it seems as if your wish will finally come true.
5: Heheh... Yeah. You already told me.

1: Heheheh... Heheh...
2: I can't wait... Heheh... Heheh!
3: Start the ceremony as soon as Ralf is captured.
4: Heheh...
5: Heheheh...
6: In the meantime, we'll transport Ed into the Hall of Járnviðr. Open the cage.
7: Oh,
8: no need for that.
9: rustle...
10: I can get out on my own.
SFX: creaaaak

1: That door!!
2: We're almost there, Ralf!
3-4: haa
5: Once we get through that door, we'll be outside...
6-7: haa
8: fssh fsssh
9: There they are!
10-11: fssh
12: Up there!

1: They found us!
2: Hurry!!
3: Grr...
4: We need to climb up here to get out!

1: Grrr...
2: Ralf, hurry!!
3: bzzzt...

1: Guaaaahhh

1: He disappeared?!
SFX: slip
2: Ahh...

SFX: thud
1: Ra... lf...
2: Th...
3: This is amazing!

1: I've been a spiritualist for many years, but I've never seen anything like this...
SFX: gulp...
2: No beast this sinister...
3: Mr. Christ. Please use your power to help us exterminate this beast.

1: Hmm...
2: The truth is, we have another human with us who's suffering from a similar condition.
3: We intend to exterminate both of them tonight.
4: At the same time?! Is the other one here?
5: Yes.
6: The other one is its parent. The parent has two evil spirits within him.
7: Two, huh? Then he's on a completely different level.
8: Yes. The parent's power is too great to let them devour each other. Therefore, we'd like to employ...

1: "Trinity."
2: Trinity?!
3: We'll lead the evil spirits into one of them, gathering all three in one place.
side: Trinity... When three elements are tied together and become one, or when three people work together as one.
4: The number '3' is characteristically expressed with a triangle.
5: Through time, this symbol has been associated with idealistic balance, and has been used in many countries as a symbol for God.
6: If three evil spirits enter one person, their linking will create a power great enough to destroy that person's soul and body.
7: Once that happens, the spirits will be left without a vessel and disappear as well.

1: In other words,
2: you want to kill the spirits along with a person.
3: Exactly.
4: Hmm... That's what you called me here for?
5: Yes.
SFX: clink...
6: Please take out the two spirits from this man.

1: H... Hold on a minute!
2: I didn't say I'd do it yet!
3: Is there some problem?
4: Well, yeah!
5: This is basically murder! And there's no telling that the other person will survive after getting the spirits ripped out of him. I have no intention of using my powers for murder!
6: And besides, if we took our time and did a proper exorcism, there's a possibility that both of them would be able to revert to their original bodies!
7: If exorcism was possible, then I would have already done it.
8: You see, that man... is family.

1: Mr. Christ. Are you familiar with the 'critical period?'
2: N... No.
3: It was discovered through research done in the 60s.
4: They sowed a newborn cat's eye shut,
5: then took out the stitches three months later and found that the cat was unable to see using that eye.
6: They tried the same experiment on an adult cat, but it had no effect.
7: The reason there was such a difference between the baby cat and the adult cat was due to the period in which the brain's neural circuits are formed. They named that period the 'critical period.'
8: If the evil spirits enter a body after the critical period, then exorcism is possible,
9: but these two were possessed before their critical period...

1: These two were born as monsters.
2: I... I've never heard of anything like that!
3: This can't be!
4: If that was the case, then they truly would be real monsters!
5: But it is the truth.
6: In my family line, men are born with these traits.
7: My younger brother and I were born as twins. But while we were in our mother's womb, my brother absorbed my evil spirit and was born with two.
8: The evil spirits didn't appear until he had grown a bit, but once they did, his body instantly matured and became immortal.

1: Despite his immortality, he has a normal lifespan, and if he only had one evil spirit inside him, he would be able to control it.
2: But...
3: Since the two spirits in him are always fighting and strengthening their powers, he could go berserk at any minute. We need to do something before that happens.
4: And now, finally... All our preparations are complete.
5: H-hey...
6: You can't mean...
7: You created that a child monster... in order to kill your brother?!
8: Heheheh... Heheh...
9: You did all this for "Trinity?!"

1: Now, now.
2: Please don't misunderstand. "Trinity" isn't anything evil like murder.
3: "Perfect death"
4: is the only way for us to gain true salvation.
5: How can you say that?!
6: Because...

1: Entrusting inferior blood to the next generation is the true sin.

1: After investigating the details in old records, we discovered that throughout our history, there have always existed three evil spirits that resemble wolves.
2: Hati,
3: Sköll,
4: and Fenrir
5: are their names.
6: In other words,
7: slip...
8: If we can erase these three evil spirits from the world, then we will be freed from our curse.
9: You think that's a good enough reason to sacrifice two lives?
10: There is no turning back now.

1: Now,
2: the blood of these sinister beasts will finally be eradicated.
3: Mr. Christ, please lend us your power.
4: N...
5: No! I refuse to take part in this murderous ritual!

1: But still,
2: I don't have the power or the right to stop you.
3: Understood. Then we will attempt "Trinity" on our own.
4: Please return to the inn.
5: We are all men from this island.
6: If something happens, please take care of the island for us.
7: Alright... Fine.

1: Hey... I have just one question.
2: Huh?
3: Why did he gather so many men down there?
4: Oh, well... Only the Finnder men are born as monsters, but...
5: All the people on this island are of the same 'clan.'
6: Our island is cursed.

1: Huh?! You're back already?
2: Oh, yeah...
3: Uhh...
4: Can I stay for a few more nights?
5: Of course! Do you need lunch?
6: I guess...
7: I'll have a little, if you don't mind.
8: I'll go and prepare it now. Wait in your room, OK?
9: Make sure you keep the underground area a secret!
10: The women don't know anything.

1: Here you go! Eat up!
SFX: clink
2: She really doesn't know anything?
3: Thanks...
4: Oh yeah... Did you happen to see the boy anywhere?
5: No... I didn't. (Leon, was it?)
6: Ohh... Where did he go off to this time?
7: He never helps out around the inn. mutter mutter...
SFX: twitch...
8: Mm...

1: Brother...
2: Can I turn Ralf back into his human form?
3: Grrr...
4: I won't be able to say a word to him like this.
5: True. Undo Ed's shackles.
SFX: clink x2
6: Oh, and be sure to erase the configuration's effects as well.
7: hoo...
8: Gaaahh

SFX: slip...
1: snap
2: rip
SFX: crack
SFX: fwoosh
SFX: wham

1: pump
SFX: squeeze
2: pump...
3: Guahhh
4: Ahh... Ahh...
5: Ahh...
SFX: thud
6: Ralf. Do you know who I am?
7: Uu... Uuuu... L...
8: Le... on...

1: Leo... n...
2: Leon...
3: Where's the boy?
4: Huh? Uhhh... We just left him in Ralf's cage for now.
5: Do you want to see him?
6: ...ggh
SFX: shake x2
7: Then what do you want?
8: ...Uu...

1: Uaaa
2: aaaaahhhh
3: Ralf.
4: Crying won't tell us anything.
5: "Trinity" will be difficult to achieve with Ralf like that.
6: Aaahhh
7: Uaahh
8: Perhaps... But postponing this will change nothing.

1: Let's just take him back to his cage.
SFX: rumble...
2: Leon...
SFX: rumble
3: Sorry to keep you waiting.

1: Here.
2: Hurry up and get in.
3: Ralf!!
4: Are you OK?!

1: Sorry...
2: I'm sorry, Leon...
3: What are you talking about?
4: You didn't do anything wrong!
5: drip
6: I'm sorry...
7: I... I...

1: I'm sorry...
2: that I'm your friend...

1: If I... had a... (mutter)
2: Huh? Did you say something?
3: Nope!
4: Nothing.
5: Leon.
6: You are still a child,
7: but you're still a man of this island.
8: I want... to tell you a story.

1: Evil spirits...
2: Curse?
3: Born a monster?
4: Wh... Who would want to curse us like that?!
5: Unfortunately, we still haven't figured that out.
6: But we do have records that chronicle the entire timeline.
7: A long time ago, precious natural resources existed deep within this island.

1: It seems to have been some sort of rare mineral.
2: Due to that, this island was dragged into many different wars.
3: Exasperated, our ancestors
4: enlisted a dark helper to protect the island.
5: Then, time passed, our natural resources were depleted, and peace returned. Our ancestors had no more use for the dark power.
6: And so,
7: they passed on nothing to us but this dark legacy...
8: But now, we've finally found a chance to free ourselves.
9: Leon...

1: In Ed's body are Hati and Sköll,
2: and in Ralf's body
3: is Fenrir, who you've seen already.
4: Now, we will send all three of the back into the darkness.
SFX: hug

1: Wh-what'll
2: happen to them after that?!
3: We won't know
4: until we try it. But there's no turning back--
5: Liar!!
6: "Trinity" will kill both of them, won't it?!
7: It's no different than murder!!
8: Silence.

1: I want
2: to die already.
3: Ahh!
SFX: bwap
SFX: click...
4: Listen up!
5: Ah... Ahhh...
6: Uuu...
7: Waah...

1: Ahhhh... You don't need to worry.
2: I have no intention to do you any harm! But...
3: I've got my own ideas concerning "Trinity." Basically, regarding where the evil spirits are inside me, and how to get 'em out.
4: The organ that's closest to the spiritual world...
5: is obviously the brain.
6: So I'm gonna make mine go splat.
SFX: tink x2

SFX: murmur...
1: Wha...
2: There's only one problem.
3: My body is terribly good at regenerating itself.
SFX: heheheh
4: So you'll need to hurry up, or I'll turn into a monster and kill you all!!

1: H... Hurry up and do what?!
2: What do you want us to do?!
3: It's simple.
SFX: clink
4: Make Ralf eat my brain
5: click...
6: until there's nothing left.


1: Geh
2: Geffh
SFX: gulp
SFX: splat x2
SFX: throb x2
3: Ahh...
4: Ggh...
5: Haa... haa...
SFX: smack x3
6: Ahh...
7: Haa...

1-2: haa
3: Hell.
SFX: munch x2
4: This is Hell!
SFX: slide... slide...
5: splat
SFX: twitch x2

1: My body is terribly good
2: pop
SFX: wiggle
3: at regenerating itself.
4-5: twitch
6: So you'll need to hurry up, or I'll turn into a monster and kill you all!!
7: Ralf has to eat this,
8: or else we'll all die!

1: But if Ralf eats it,
2-3: haa
SFX: splick x2
4: then he'll die...
5: Ral... f...
6: No...
7: No!!
8: No!!

1: splick...

SFX: throb x4

SFX: throb
1: H...
2: Hey...
3: It's all gone.
4: I don't see any more.
5: I thought we fed it all to him...

1: Then why...
2: Grrrr
3: Why is he still alive?!
SFX: skid...
4: We...
5: failed...
6: We failed!!
SFX: wham x2
7: Hey! Open the door!!

SFX: rumble
1: Haa...
2: Hurry up and open it...
SFX: leap
SFX: splat
3: Gyahh
SFX: crack
4: Gwahh
SFX: snap

SFX: wham
SFX: crack
SFX: rumble
SFX: yank
SFX: bwoom
1: splat
SFX: rumble
2: crack
3: snap snap
SFX: thud

1: Uuu...
2: haa
SFX: wham
3: I need to
4-5: haa...
6: get away from Leon and Tia...
7: I can't stay here.
8-9: haa...
10: I need to get as far away as I can.
11-12: haa...
13: Far, far
SFX: stagger...
14-15: drip
16: away...

SFX: drip...
1: Far...
2: haa
2: far... away...
SFX: fwooosh...
3: splash...

#7. Truth / END

The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

Side Story

1: Sorry, Cecil,
2: but I don't think I have enough time to meet with him. Instead, though,
3: I want you to give this to him.
4: Ohh...
5: So you just want me to give this to him? (Without a message or anything?)
6: Yeah. I don't have anything to say.

1: Once he reads it, I'm sure he'll understand.
2: It's my masterpiece, after all.
3: Okaaay!
4: I'm sure Jess will be pleased to see it!
5: Hey, Ralf...
6: We won't see each other for a while after tomorrow... How about eating dinner here tonight?

1: I don't need any food.
2: Huh?
3: But... You didn't even eat lunch today.
4: It's unhealthy to not eat for a long time!
5: I've eaten a few things.
6: Then at least
7: eat dessert with me!
8: I said I don't need anything!!

1: C...
2: Come on! There's no reason to act like that!
SFX: hmph
SFX: twitch
3: C... Cute!!
4: Ohh... Maybe...
5: Uh oh...
6: You're in a bad mood because you've gotten too hungry?!
7: Hey, that's it, isn't it?
8: Cecil. There's something I want more than food...
SFX: yank

1: I want to eat
SFX: creak
2: you.
3: yank
4: Ahh...

1: Mm...
2: Haa...
SFX: throb x2
3: Haa...
4: Haa... haa...
5: grab...
SFX: rip...
SFX: throb
6-7: Haa...
8: I need to eat...

1: I need to eat! I need to eat!
2: I need to eat! I need to eat!
3-4: haa
SFX: throb x2
5: I need to eat! I need to eat! I need to eat! I need to eat!
6: This woman...
7: No... It hurts...
8: rattle

SFX: crash x2

1: Ahh... Ahhh!
SFX: haa...
2: Oh no! All that glass...
SFX: haa... x2
3: I didn't know they were so fragile...
SFX: clink...
SFX: bwap
4: Ralf?
5: The mood's ruined... I'm going home.
SFX: stagger...
SFX: haa...
6: slam
SFX: stare

1: Dammit!
SFX: throb x2
2: Dammit!!
3: What was I thinking?
4-5: haa...
SFX: fsssh
6: haa...
SFX: throb
7: Ahh...
8: Why would I ever want to eat Cecil?
9: There's no way...
SFX: crack...
10: Gaah...

SFX: bwap
SFX: dwoom
1: Gaaahhh

SFX: clench
SFX: throb... x2
1-3: Hoo
4: Hoo...
5: I can't believe I'm still being idealistic, at this stage...
6: Cecil was just a means to an end.
7: I have no reason to see her again.
8: Hoo...
SFX: slouch...
9: Never again...

SFX: vwoosh...
1: Yeah.
2: I put three inside.
3: Shut up! What other choice do we have now? This all happened because you didn't listen to me...
4: If I knew this was going to happen, I would have just killed...
5: Huh?! Then you need to hurry up and convince them already!
6: I'm sticking to the plan and heading to the island. Bye.
SFX: click
7: knock knock

SFX: wave x2
1: Good moooorning!
2: Wh...
3: What are you doing here?
4: I came to see you off, of course! Oh, and I have something to give to you...
SFX: rustle...
5: To me?

SFX: rustle...
1: I figured a sandwich would be a convenient thing to have. It:s light, and will still give you some nutrients!
2: Ahhh... B-but if oyu don't want it, you can throw it away!
3: No...
4: I'll take it.
5: OK!
6: Good!
SFX: blush
SFX: slip...
7: Wh... Whaaat?!
SFX: blush
8: Your earring...

1: Did you stop wearing that earring I gave you?
2: Oh... No! I'm still wearing it.
3: But it sticks out at the police station, so...
4: This is what I usually do.
SFX: clink...
5: I see.
6: Well then,
7: I'm off.
8: OK.
9: Be careful...
10: I will.

1: Hey!
2: When will you be back next?
3: Huh?
4: I don't know. Isn't that what I always tell you?

1: throb...
2: Remember?
3: That's what I always say...

1: Then...
2: Just call me when you find out. Anytime is fine.
3: Then...
4: I'll come and get you. And we can eat on the way back...
5: tok...
SFX: grab...

SFX: gwoooosh....

Side Story / END


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