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The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast - Vol. 5

The End of the Line for the Sinister Beast

#8. Final Chapter

#8. Final Chapter... Published from October to December in 2012 and from September to December in 2013 on Manga on Web.

#8. Final Chapter

1-2: drip...
3: Rain? I'm getting a bad feeling about this...
4: Leon!
5: Leooon!
6: Where are you?!
7: He still isn't back yet?
8: N-no...
9: I'll go take a look, then.

1: Oh no... You're my guest! I couldn't possibly...
2: Don't worry about it! I've got nothing better to do, anyway. (I'm going to borrow his umbrella, though.)
3: OK then...
4: At times like these, there's only one thing to use.
5: Dowsing! C'mon, where are you, Leon?
6: clink...
7: The lake?
SFX: slice
8: crack...
SFX: snap
9: crack crack

1: Wh... Wha...
SFX: fsssh...
2-3: crack
4: What's this power?!
SFX: gulp...
5: It can't be...

SFX: dash
1: This is bad!!
2: "Trinity" failed!
3: And Leon's down there with them!
SFX: dash...
SFX: haa x2
4: Why?!

1: Wh...
SFX: stagger...
2: What happened here?
3: Uuu...
4: Uu...

1: Leon!
2: Are you OK?! Are you hurt?!
3: Uuu...
4: rumble
5: There's no seal on the other side of that door!
6: I only hope mine will work... Let's give it a try!
SFX: fwoom
7: smack...
8: Geez...
SFX: sigh...

1: Getting stuck in here must have really frightened you.
SFX: spin...
2: But it's alright now.
3: Leo...
4: ...Leon?
5: Grrr...

1: Gaaaahhh

1: He got possessed?!
2: splat
3: Ggh...!!
4: clench... clench...
5: Uu... Uuuu...
SFX: rustle

SFX: bwap
SFX: clench
SFX: wham
1: ...ggh
2: Gffh...

1: slip
SFX: throb x2
2: Ahh...
SFX: sway...
3: thud...

1: Ra... lf?

1: Ralf...

1: Did you remember,
2: Leon?

1: Ralf.
2: Ralf...
3: I'm sorry... for leaving you all alone...

1: I'm sorry...

1: glare
SFX: wham
2: F... Fuck you...
SFX: thud
3: Fuck you!!

1: Don't forget!!
2: You hate me... remember?!
3: ...ggh
4: You want to kill me, remember?!
5: That's what you came here for!!
6: But...
7: You didn't do anything wrong. Why...

1: Umm...
2: There's no 'why' to it.
3: I was born this way.

1: What I want to know about...
2: is why "Trinity" failed back then.
3: How did you steal the last evil spirit from me?
4: I've never been able to figure that out!
5: Leon! Tell me!
6: What did you do back then?!

1: Tell me!
2: Tell me!!

1: Wh...
2: What is all this?
3: Hold on!
4: C... Cecil?
SFX: Hmm...
5: These have been here for a long time. (At least 10 years...)
6: Oh, that's right, she's police.
7: Huh?

SFX: rustle...
1: This bag looks new.
2: What's inside it?
3: A sandwich...
4: Wahh! It smells! It smells really bad! (It must be rotten!)
5: Guess it's not always good to have an enhanced sense of smell...
6: This is...
7: the sandwich I gave to Ralf.
8: What?

1: I specifically remember putting this sticker on the wrap.
2: Then... He's been carrying it around with him the entire time?
3: For 4 days...
5: 4 days ago,
6: I gave it to him at the airport.
7: Which means...
8: Ralf hasn't eaten anything for at least 4 days?

1: Ralf...
2: I hate you because you killed Kristia.
3: I want to kill you...
4: But...
5: I can't.

SFX: thud
1: Then
2: let me tell you something.
3: According to the old fart, if "Trinity" is successful, I'll completely disappear from this world
4: along with the three evil spirits.
5: Completely.
6: You mean... you'll die?
7: No. Not quite.

1: It would be like I had "never existed."
2: My entire existence...
3: would be erased.

1: The world would be reset,
2: and everyone who had been killed by me would be alive again.
3: The people of this island, who I killed 14 years ago,
4: and all the pregnant women, their children, and their husbands. And of course...

1: Kristia as well.
2: See? Nothing but good things would happen!
3: The man you hate would disappear! Aaaand everyone would come back to life!
4: You'd be a hero.
SFX: pat x2
5: Ralf... Did you know about this from the beginning?

1: Hmm?
2: From the beginning? Well... From the moment I met the old fart, I did.
3: What was it, 3 years ago?
4: Y-yeah...
5: Who cares how long I've known about it?
6: If you kill me, you'll forget about me and be able to start all over.
7: Forget about you?
8: Yeah right! How could I ever forget about you?!
9: ...You already did. Remember?

1: You completely
2: forgot about me.
3: So don't worry. I know you'll be able to forget it all again.
4: OK? Understand now?
5: So...
6: that's what this was all about?
7: If you do, then hurry up and give me my evil spirit back.

1: Ralf
2: planned all this so that I would kill him.
3: ...Fine.
4: So that he could bear all the sins of this island...
5: Fine... I finally understand
6: what you want now.
7: Ralf...

1: Not yet, Leon.
2: That's right. You always decided things
3: You can't open your eyes yet.
4: What? Why not?
5: Just hold on!
6: all by yourself.

1: I could hear the sound of the wind and the bike...
2: and feel the warmth of your body.
3: My eyes were still closed as I rode behind you, while you continued to pedal, without letting me know where we were going.
4: It felt like we had our own secret... I liked playing that game.

1: The slight change in gravity told me that you were turning left...
2: And when your back pushed up against me, I knew that we were climbing a hill.
3: When I could smell the waves, I knew we were near the ocean.
4: I'd always imagine where you were heading...
5: We're here.
6: Where do you think we are?
7: Ummm...
8: But I was always wrong.

1: Wrong,
1: And then you'd smile as if you were about to cry.
2: Leon.

1: Leon!
SFX: smack x2
2: C'mon! Concentrate!!
3: (Tch.) Fine...
4: We don't have any room to fail this time. If you won't tell me what I need to do to make "Trinity" work,
5: then I'll just have to gamble
6: on the result.
7: The result?
8: Wh... What do you mean?

1: Evil spirits
2: live in the "brain."
3: How did you get your hands on the evil spirit that was supposed to go in my body without using the proper procedure? I'll just have to bet on the "truth" that's in front of my eyes.
SFX: crack x2
4: In other words...
SFX: throb
5: haa...
6: I just need to eat your brain.
7: haa...
8: haa

1: Oh no! Ralf's trying to transform here!
2: Ggh...
3: Uu...
4: Mr. Christ! Hurry up and get out of here!
5: No. I'm prepared to watch this through to the end.
6: And you don't need to worry about me. Ralf only ever hungers for the blood and flesh of this island's clan.
7: Curses always have a price to pay, you know...
SFX: throb
8: haa
9: The evil spirits inside Ralf won't be satisfied until they kill every last member of his clan.

1: All of the victims
2: came from the same place...
3: That's why
4: he killed all those people...
SFX: bwap
5: Uu...
6: Uuu...
7: Uuuu
8: Ralf!
9: Am I going to fail to save you again?!
SFX: crack
10: Uuu...
SFX: snap
11: Uuu...

1: Or
2: will granting your wish give me salvation?!

1: rrrrip
2: rip...
3: rip rip...
4: Wh-whose voice is that?!
5: Oh no! One of them must have transformed...
6: Everyone!
7: I-I finally found you!!
SFX: haa x2
8: Michael?!

1: Th-this place is dangerous!! Let's hurry back up to the surface!!
SFX: wheeze haa
2: Well, um... Yes. Yes it is.
3: This is an emergency! We need to get back to the HQ and call for backup at once!!
4: He's right, but...
5: Unfortunately, we can't exactly do that...
6: Huh?!
7: Where's Cecil?
8-9: haa
SFX: dash
8: I've heard
9: haa
10: that voice once before!

1-3: haah
4: Are you OK?!
5: Sorry... Did that weird sound wake you up?
6-7: haah
8: Don't worry about it...
9: Did you... have a nightmare or something?
10-11: haah
12: A nightmare...?
13: Yeah... I did.
14: This is a nightmare.

1: It's all just
2: a big nightmare.
3: It's the same voice that I heard that night!
4-5: haah
6: There's no doubt about it!
7: squeeze
8: I'll never forget that voice!
9: It belongs to Ralf...


SFX: splat x2
SFX: crack snap pop
1: Wh...
2: What just happened...
3: What
4: is Cecil doing here?
5: And...
6: Why did Ralf attack her?
7: hooo
8: I thought he only attacks people from his clan!

1: Ggh...
2: Uuu...
3: Something's wrong!
4: Th...
5: This is the worst possible scenario...
6: What?
7: Uu...
8: Uuu...
9: Ralf's turning back into a human.
10: There are three ways to turn a monster back into a human.
11: The first is by sealing the evil spirits using spiritual power,
12: and the second is by temporarily stopping the functions of the heart that acts as their vessel.

1: And the third, and most logical way...
2: is by eating a human.
3: Uuu...
4: Uu...
SFX: shiver x2
5: Absorbing the nutrients of an entire human body forces the vessel to revert back to its human form.
6: To evil spirits, existing in a human form is a type of mimesis.
7: They transform into monsters from human bodies,
8: then eat humans to turn back into a human.
9: Then the cycle repeats itself, over and over again...
10: in an eternal hell.

1-2: haa...
3: Why...
4: am I still alive?
5: I... ate...
6: Who...
7: did I eat?

1: Who
2: else was here?!
3: clink...
4: Who...
5: N...
6: No...
7: way...

1: Blech
2: Bleorrrgggh
3: Blech Wh...
4: Why... blech blech
5: Why was Cecil here?!
6: Why did I...
7: She isn't part of the clan!
8: Even if "Trinity" is a success, she won't come back!!

1: Th...
2: That's right. "Trinity" will only revive the members of the clan.
SFX: stagger...

1: mutter...
SFX: stagger
2: mutter...
SFX: stagger x2
3: R...
4: Ralf...
5: Stop!!
6: Just
7: let him be for now.

1: B-but... What was she doing here...
2: I...
3: I don't know either.
4: I never expected her to show up...
5: Ahhh...

1: Mr. Langston! Grandfather!!
SFX: dash
2: Did you see Ceci...
3: Wh...
4: What happened?
SFX: skritch

1: The curse of the island...
2: "Trinity?"
3: A monster?!
4: H...
5: Have... Have you gone crazy too, Mr. Langston?
6: Why does everyone keep talking about such crazy things?! This is a horrible cannibalistic murder case!!
7: Calm down, Michael!
8: Th-that's why I kept telling them that we had to go back to the HQ and ask for backup!
9: Michael!!

1: Michael!
2: This is all real.
3: Th-that can't be...
4: You expect me to believe that the superintendent was attacked by some monster? It-it sounds like a horror movie! It can't be real!
5: I mean, I've never once seen any kind of monster...
6: Then...
7: scratch
8: Would you believe it if you saw one right now?

SFX: crack x2
1: Ahh...
2: Hiiee...
SFX: smack
3: Oh, it's alright.
4: fwish
SFX: grin
5: I'm an herbivore!

1: Hey! Jess! You're overdoing it!!
SFX: bubble
2: You OK?!
3: Maybe you really are going crazy!!
4: Whose genes are those? (Mine? Mine??)
5: What? I just thought it'd be the quickest way...
6: F...
SFX: shiver x2
7: Fine. Fine!
8: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt... as much benefit as you want!! I'll believe you! (Yes... whatever! Gladly!)
SFX: shiver x3
9: It seems like all the fear's made him a bit confused.
10: Hey, you're starting to talk weird...
11: In return,
12: I'll clear up the question you've all been wondering about!
SFX: squeak

1: The truth is...
2: I see.
3: So that's what happened.
4: But...
5: Answering that question won't help us solve the big problem.
6: Y... Yeah.

1: Isn't there any other way?!
2: Any other way besides "Trinity" to restore the world back to how it was?!
3: It's useless to think about accomplishing that without erasing Ralf.
4: As long as he's alive, the world will never change.
5: That's why, since the very beginning, he...
6: I know!!
7: You don't need to tell me! I know!!

1: But why... Why did all this have to happen to him?!
2: It's like he... Like Ralf was born to die...
3: It's not fair...
4: Right? It isn't fair, right?!

1: All living things
2: are given "destinies" that can't be changed...
3: Or at least, that's what I used to think.
4: But watching you three now
5: makes me feel like some humans possess power amazing enough to change even destiny itself...
6: I'll keep thinking of another way right down to the last second.
7: Who knows. I might be able to think of something.
8: Umm... Grandfather!
9: Hm?

1: I want
2: to tell Ralf about Cecil as quickly as possible.
3: May I go and speak with him?
4: Yeah... I guess we'd better let him know.
5: I'll go too, then.
6: No.
7: Arya should go alone.
8: Hmm?
9: What?! But...
10: I think that'd be best.
11: Why?

1: Well... I can't really explain why, but...
2: If I was in Ralf's shoes... I'd be most comfortable with speaking to Arya alone.
3: In his shoes? I guess that's why I don't understand...
4: Fine... But please be careful.
5: I will.
6: OK, here goes!
7: A...
8: Arya!

1: Th...
2: ...ggh
3: Th... Thank you!!
SFX: nod

1: Ahhh...
2: She smiles just like an angel.
3: That's right... She's my angel!!
4: I won't let you steal my angel from me...
5: I wasn't planning to!
6: What are you talking about? (Angel?)
SFX: smack
7: OK! Time for us to get to work...
8: thinking of a way to save Ralf!!

SFX: glance... x2
1-5: zzz...

1: zzz...
2: He's... deep asleep?
3: zzz...
4: fssh...
5: twitch
SFX: glare

1: freeze...
SFX: stare...
2: Huuh?
3: Oh... It's you. You're still here?
4: S... Sorry if I surprised you.

1: That camera...
2: Ah!
3: Oh, that's right! This is yours.
4: I brought it back with me from 14 years ago.
5: 14 years ago?
6: Yeah...
7: Oh... Now I get it. So you were the ones who led Leon underground... Shit. You just had to stick your noses where they didn't belong...
8: Umm...
9: bzzz...
10: click
11: Ohh!

1: Wow.
2: It still works.
3: I wonder how the film looks?
SFX: click...
SFX: click x2
4: Ralf... Umm...
5: I don't think you knew this, but...
6: Cecil was pregnant.

SFX: click...
1: Which means
2: that technically she was also part of the clan...
3: Is it fun?
4: Wha...
SFX: pitter patter...

SFX: fwoosh
SFX: crash
SFX: roll x2
1: Is it fun to toy with me like this?

1: I...
2: I...
SFX: drip x3
3: pat pat
4: Sorry.
5: I wasn't saying that to you.

SFX: fall
1: I think you fell like that the first time we met, too. (Hahaha)
SFX: drip x2
2: Hey! Come on!!
3: I-I'm sorry.
SFX: rub x2
4: I'm sorry! Just stop crying.
5: Uuu... gggh
6: Uwaaaahhh

1: Oh man...
SFX: fidget x2
2: What am I supposed to do now?
SFX: waaaaah
SFX: nuzzle...
3: Huh?
4: What the?
SFX: sniff x2
5: What?!
6: Ummm...
7: fssh...
8: pat pat

1: That strange power of yours...
2: has put you in a lot of scary situations, hasn't it?
3: You and I may be similar in a way.
4: You were born with that power, right? You didn't ask for it.

1: We both got
2: really troublesome gifts.
3: Oh...
4: Are you OK now?
5: You don't need to worry about me. Go back to them.
6: Ar...
7: I want to know...

1: More...
2: More...
3: about you...

1: Everyone,
2: feel free to blurt out any ideas you get.
3: You don't need to hold back either, civilian.
4: (Civilian?) My name is Michael.
5: Umm...
6: I wasn't
7: planning to save Ralf, you know.

1: Leon, Hubert,
2: you two have guilty consciences toward him because of what happened in your pasts, but I don't have anything of the sort.
3: So saving him isn't anywhere in my agenda.
4: Hey, Jess!
5: Rather, I think it'd be in his best interest if we just put him out of his misery as quickly as possible.

1: I don't have any ideas about how to save him.
2: The end.
3: H-hey! Where are you going?!
4: To pee.

1: (Geez...) What's with him?
2: He's got no delicacy, and he's so stubborn...
3: No.
4: I think he is being considerate... in his own way.
5: Really?
6: (I don't.)
7: (Ahh!!) Should I leave you alone then?
8: No, please stay, Michael. We need all the help we can get.
9: Yeah, stay with us!
10: What?! R... Really?! (Umm, OK then...)

1: This is just my opinion, but... From what I've heard, I don't think there's any way to "100% save" him.
2: Oh.
3: But! If you're willing to settle for less than 100%...
4: For example, 50% or 75%...
5: Then there may be a way.

1: Incidentally...
2: What will happen exactly if Ralf Finnder "completely" disappears from the world?
3: Oh...
4: Well, "completely" means "completely."
5: Normally, when someone dies, the remnants of their life remain. In this case, those would disappear as well.
6: And on its way back to the 4th dimension, Ralf's soul would also "completely" disappear.
7: On its way back...
8: I see.
9: In that case, maybe the key to saving him lies on the path back to that dimension.

1: What if... I used my evil spirit in "Trinity" instead of Leon's?
2: No... It has to be the three evil spirits connected to the clan, or there'll be no point.
3: If only we could get even one of the evil spirits out from Ralf...
4: But that's impossible too. He's far past his Critical Period.
5: But Leon only awoke a few days ago... So then maybe we could take his out?
6: Hmmm...

1: It's impossible.
2: No matter how I think about it, my plans only seem to focus on saving Leon in the end.
3: But Leon and Hubert have different priorities...
4: I guess I was right to remove myself from the conversation. (I did the right thing! Yep!)
5: Arya!!
6: Hey! Arya!!

1: Arya?!
SFX: skritch

SFX: crack
SFX: twitch
1: W-wait! I didn't do anything!
2: The synchronous reactions I'm sensing from Arya... It can't be...
3: I didn't do anything!
4: She just fainted all of a sudden!

1: Don't tell me
2: she sent her will into Ralf using divination?!

1: It's...
2: so deep...
SFX: blub
3: It hurts... the water pressure is pushing me down...
4: It hurts... It hurts!!
5: It hurts!!
SFX: fade...
6: I can't go... any deeper...

1: Mmm...
2: ruff
3: ruff ruff
4: You're soaking wet! What happened?
5: Eat up!
6: I made too much!

1: Oh... So your name is Ralf?
2: Sure. I live here alone right now anyway.
3: You don't remember anything else?
4: No. I remember some things.
5: Don't worry. Just leave everything to me...
6: Don't panic! Just take your time and remember it all bit by bit.
7: Hey...
8: You can stay here for as long as you want, you know.
9: I won't tell anyone.
10: I like you...
11: Sorry.
12: I'm a freelance journalist.
13: All these photos here are mine.

1: Ralf!! Who said you could take a picture of me?
2: Hmm... But you know, it actually looks pretty good!
3: Sorry.
4: My friends loved your photos too.
5: I'm not really an adult.
6: Hey, how about working on a project together with me?
7: You don't even know how to do this?
8: I can't believe you! You really are just like a child!
9: Your photos are always so pure.
10: I love them!
11: There's too much that I don't know about.
12: I'm back.
13: Hey...
14: What are you two doing?

1: Stop!!
2: We were already finished, weren't we?!
3: Shut up! I never said we were finished!!
4: Stop acting like I still have feelings for you already!
5: ...what?
6: Y... You...
SFX: throb

SFX: twitch
1: Uu... Uuuu...
SFX: throb x2
2: Hiee...
SFX: stagger...
SFX: throb
3: Waaaaugh!
SFX: throb x2
4: Uuu...
5: Gggh...
6: Ralf? What's wrong?

1: My heart's going wild!
2: I can't stop it!
SFX: throb
SFX: wham x2
3: Hey! Are you really OK?!
4-5: haa
6: How can I stop it?!
SFX: throb x2
7: It hurts!! It hurts!!
8: My heart hurts!
9: It hurts!!
10: crack
SFX: snap...
11: My heart...
12: haa
13: I want to stop it...
14: haa
15: I want to stop the pain!!
SFX: throb
SFX: snap... x2
16: My heart!!
SFX: throb x2

SFX: gwahhh
SFX: wham
1: This is
2: your pain!!
3: Ka... hah

SFX: twitch x2
1: Wh... What is this?!
2: Oh no!
3: haaa
4: Arya's synchronizing herself with your past...
5: wheeze...
6: wheeze
7: And from the looks of it, she's already reached a very deep level of synchronization!

1: But that isn't the only problem!
2: We need to hurry up and stop her!!
3: If I could, I already would have!
4: Normally, spiritualists need to connect themselves with their subjects' bodies in order to perform divination. But when Arya gets excited, she sometimes unconsciously activates her abilities without touching her subject's body.
5: If the two bodies are connected, we can pull her out,
6: but she isn't connected to your body right now.
SFX: drag
7: So...
8: I can't do anything?

1: Unless she decides to stop the divination on her own, she'll never come back.
2: You just need to stay calm!
3: And if you feel her synchronizing with you, then don't resist it!!
4: OK... Fine...
5: But it's probably impossible for Ralf to control the deep memories in his subconscious.

1: If they happen
2: to sense the divination, and resist, the worst case scenario could happen.
3: Before it does...
4-5: haa
6: and before Ralf's mind senses the divination,
7: you need to get back here now, Arya!!
8-11: haa...

1: I just
2: want to live a normal life!
3: But you people keep getting in my way!

1: Is this the only way
2: to stop myself from transforming?
3: I can't even die.
4: What am I supposed to do?
5: How...
6: The case was solved by Leon Langston from the 4th Central Police Station...

1: Leon...
2: Leon!
3: Yes.
4: Leon might be able to...
5: Wait, Leon!!
6: It's me! Ralf!!

1: Huh? You've got the wrong person.
2: Huh?
3: What? I already told you...
4: What are you talking about?!
5: It's like I'm having a nightmare!
6: Leon should know how to kill me.
7: Leon married Tia? Oh...
8: It's been a while.
9: I need to make him remember, no matter what it takes...

1: Ralf!!
2: You look beautiful.
3: And happy, too.
4: Well,
5: it has been 10 years, I suppose.
6: You probably don't know this, but back then, time stopped flowing for me.

1: Why did things turn out like this?
2: Why did the entire world leave me behind?

SFX: rip
1: H-hey, Leon!
SFX: rip x2
SFX: fwap

SFX: stomp...
1: Ever since I started eating members of the clan,
2: my body won't accept any other kind of food.
3: I guess that after I eat all the clan members, I'll just start attacking other humans indiscriminately.
4: Soon,
5: I'll lose all my humanity...

1: munch munch
2: slurrrp...

1: Uu... ggh
2: Who's there?!

1: Time
2: stopped?!
3: Get out!
3: You?! You're the one who's doing this?! I'm going to kill youuuu!!
4: Hie...
5: Ahh...

SFX: gwooooosh
1: Arya!!

SFX: catch
SFX: gruuuuu...
1: Whew...
2: That was a close one!!

1: Th...
2: Thank you!
3: But who are you?
4: Hm? Oh, that's right!
5: I guess you're more used to this form.
SFX: slip...
6: Wha...

1: F...
2: Father!!

1: F... F...
2: Father...
3: Ahhh...!!
4: Ahh... Ahhh... Ahhhh...
5: Brings back memories. You cried just like this the first time you met Jess, too.

SFX: Waaaaahhhh
1: Pummel Jess!
2: It... It was just so sudden...
3: Wailing.
SFX: wham x2
4: I didn't understand... Actually... I still don't, really...
5: Ohh. Yeah, I guess what happened back then was pretty harsh. (Haha...)
6: I know it may be too late, but I'm sorry!
7: ...is this too casual an apology?
8: You seem... like you're doing really well, father.
9: Yeah, I'm having more fun than I expected I would.
10: It's not fun all the time, but now that I'm here, I can basically see everything.

1: Everything?!
2: That's right. Here, I'll give you a peek.
3: Look down there.
4: You'll see that the three of them have finally arrived at an answer.
5: I also agree that it's the best plan of action.
6: They should get to it at once...
7: but that one still is still battling with his hesitation...

1: That's why you need to go back to their world
2: and tell them - "It'll all work out. Don't hesitate even for a second."
3: What?!
4: But I don't even know what the plan is!!
5: Hmm... But I can't tell you that. They probably won't tell you either, so you'll just have to trust in them.
6: OK... Fine.
7: That just makes me even more curious...
8: Huh?
SFX: glance x2
9: Wait a minute, where's Jess?
10: Ohh,
11: he's over here.

1: (Heeeey!) Why is he with Ralf?!
2: He never listens to anything you tell him! He's just like a little kid!
3: Haha! Well put! But watching him is never boring.
4: That reminds me...
5: He looks just like you, father, but for some reason, I can't see you two as one in the same. It's strange.
6: ...You don't know whose soul is in Jess, do you?
7: N... No.
8: I mean...
9: Grandfather told me that if I found out, he'd disappear...

1: Exactly.
2: In your world, there exist things that people should and shouldn't know.
3: But there are no boundaries like that in this world. It's a world without taboos.
4: poke poke
5: Ironically enough, to scientists like me, this world feels much more comfortable. It's too fun to explain!
6: This world... You mean the world of the dead?
7: You could call it that, but it's basically the 4th dimension.
8: Look
9: at that.
SFX: fwah...

1: Those comet-like lights are the traces of souls that have recently been summoned into this world.
2: Beyond there stretches the world of the dead.
3: It looks like
4: the ocean at dawn...
5: I don't know what happens to people after they die,
6: but death isn't the end. People go somewhere else after it happens.

1: Hey... Father...
2: tok...
3: Where are we right now, then?
4: This is the border between the material world and the world of the dead.
5: I suppose... It's like the beach, which lies between the land and the sea.
6: People with high spiritual power can come here at any time, whether they're living or dead.
7: Although... It's very dangerous to stay here for a long time.
8: Just like the beach, there's no telling when the sand (life) will get swallowed up by the tide (death).
9: Incidentally... if a dead soul is swallowed up by (life), they don't come back to life, since they lack bodies. They merely become wandering souls.

1: Arya... You've probably realized this through your work,
2: but your powers aren't to be used in excess.
3: Y...
4: Yeah...
5: Now then. It's time to go back.
6: What?!
7: B-but... I've hardly spent any time with...
8: I actually wasn't planning to meet you.
9: This emergency just gave me no choice...
10: No.
11: Come on. We have to go.

1: The tide (death) is slowly building up...
2: I need to get going as well.
3: ...gh
4: Father...
5: I'm going to keep watching over you for as long as I can.

1: Thank you,
2: father...
SFX: twitch...
3: Mmm...

1: haa
2: haa...
3: Arya!!
4: Phew...
5: Ral... f...
6: I... I'm sorry...

1: Huh?
2: haa...
3: I'm sorry...
4: for looking inside you... without permission...
5-6: I'm sorry...
7: N-no... It's fine...
8: Did I make you scared again?
SFX: shake x2
9: R... really?
10: Arya, can you stand up?
11: Yeah... I'm fine.
12: whew...

SFX: slide...
1: Huh...

1: Let's go,
2: Ralf.
3-4: haa...
5: Let's go back to them.

1: St-stop it, stupid.
2: No one asked you do this.
3: Just leave me alone!
4: ....ggh
SFX: twitch
SFX: drip x3
SFX: shiver x2
5: Ahh! She's... She's gonna cry!
6: F... Fine!
7: I'll go! I'll go!!

1: Tch.
2: Ralf!
SFX: tok x2
3: klink
SFX: rattle x2

1: This is...
2: the film from the camera Arya brought back from the past.
3: In this capsule...
4: are pictures of the three of them, smiling in a time before they knew anything about all this.
5: But
6: if Ralf disappears,
7: this will all disappear as well.

1: How could I think that this has nothing to do with me?
2: Even if Arya doesn't know who I really am,
3: I'll eventually disappear someday.
4: Two of the same soul can't exist in the same dimension.
5: And I'm Arya's child.
6: In the not-so-distant-future, Arya will become pregnant,
7: and then...

1: Jess! Hurry it up!
2: the moment that child comes into this world, I'll...
SFX: dash...
3: What's wrong?
SFX: poof
4: You look down.
5: N-no... I was just... thinking about something.
6: But...
7: Huh?
8: Are you really OK?

1: I'll stop thinking about that for now.
2: ...Yep!
3: Right now,
4: I just need to focus on what I can do for her.
5: Oh...
6: There they are!

1: Now everyone's here.
2: After talking it over, the three of us came to a single conclusion.
3: Hey, who said you people could decide it?
4: I want "Trinity" to...
5: That's what we plan to do.

1: However, without the brain-eating grotesqueries.
2: We're going to try a different way.
3: We'll use my knowledge of divination and Arya's power
4: to pull out Leon's evil spirit.
5: After that, Leon will... Oh!
6: Wait, that part's a secret.
7: Umm...
8: No... It's a secret! Secret!! (I'm not gonna say it!)
9: N-no! I don't care about that! I have a message from my father!

1: What?!
2: I also agree that it's the best plan of action.
3: They should get to it at once...
4: Jean said that?!
5: B-but...
6: I haven't made my decision yet...
7: Ah!
8: Oh, that's right. He also told me to tell you "Don't hesitate even for a second." (I'm not sure why, though...)

1: O... OK!!
2: We can do it!
3: We can do this!!
4: If Jean agrees with us, then we have nothing to fear!
5: Leon! Believe in me!!
6: OK...
7: I will!

1: Alright, now I'm going to go and prepare the spell, so hold on for a bit!
2: I'll help out too, grandfather.
3: (Oh..) Me too!
4: OK! I'm going to need it!
5: My suitcase is over there...
6: Geez. This feels so weird! (Why am I calming down?)
7: Th...
8: That's my line!

1: I've felt like I've been stuck in a dream ever since I came here.
2: And I still... find it hard to believe that you killed the superintendent.
3: Hah! Don't worry about it.
4: Once I die, everything will be back to normal!
5: Just consider this a dream that you'll wake up from in a bit.
6: Although, I suppose you've eventually forget that this even happened. (Haha!)
7: I pray that that's really the case...
8: Heheh
9: Don't worry, don't worry!

SFX: klak x2
1: Huh?
SFX: yank
2: What?!
3: Just come with me.
4: Hey! Leon!
5: I don't have another word to say to you!

1: If I die...
2: It'll all disappear, and things will go back to normal.
3: ...right?
4: Oh, so you get it already!
5: I won't forget.

1: Funny, coming from someone who already forgot everything!
2: 14 years ago...
3: I did wish to forget everything, because it was just too painful.
4: But... you didn't completely disappear from my memories.
5: As of now, they've all come back to me.
6: You told me to remember them, after all.
7: That's why I was able to.

1: Th-that's a completely different situation!
2: The reason I wanted you to remember is so that you could kill me...
3: It's the same.
4: I was able to remember
5: everything about you.
6: Ahh... Hey, don't open that! (Give it back!)
SFX: fwish
7: You're the one who threw it into the ocean! (You gave it up!)
8: Graah!
9: Hey!
SFX: click
10: Stop...

SFX: fssssh
1: When she found this briefcase,
2: Cecil tried to jump into the ocean to get it, even though she was pregnant.
3: You had no qualms about throwing yourself away...
4: But did you even realize that you had someone who was trying to protect you?

SFX: fsssh
1: Hey. Ralf...
2: You aren't alone!
3: ..ggh
4: Please...

1: Don't tell me that you don't care
2: if I forget you.

1: grab...
1: ...Oh yeah.
2: I did remember one thing I wanted to ask you.
3: 14 years ago... When you tried to take me out of here...
4: Normally, when I transform, I don't remember anything, but...

1: At that moment...
2: I saw 'light.'
3: But I don't know where it was coming from...
4: D-did you... see it too?
5: Yeah.
6: I remember it.

1: Back then,
2: I wasn't able to take you completely into that light.
3: The 'light'
4: was just 'light.'
5: Huh? That doesn't really sound like an answer.
6: But
7: I could take him there now.
8: Ah well. Soon you won't remember anything about me anyway, regardless of what I say.
9: I won't forget.

1: I don't want to forget.
2: I don't want to forget you
3: No matter how painful or horrible it is,
4: I don't want to lose a single piece of you.
5: ever again.

1: Idiot...
2: ...Fine. Just say whatever you want...
3: OK! I'm ready!
SFX: clap x2

1: Both of you,
2: step into the circle.
3: Arya. Raise your head and close your eyes.
4: stab...
5-6: slide
7: OK.

1: Now, go into the center
2: and hold their hands.
3: I put that seal on your forehead so that your soul won't accidentally get taken away instead.
4: You don't need to worry.
5: Now, you just need to repeat after me.
6: Leon!

1: You're free of hesitation, correct?
2: ...Yeah!
3: I'm prepared for this.
4: Good.
5: Arya... Repeat after me.
SFX: nod...

SFX: zwohhh...
SFX: whoooohhh
1-2: crackle
3: Ggh... Aahhh

SFX: guuuu
1: Aaahhh
SFX: gyuooohhhh
SFX: wham

SFX: guooohhhh
SFX: gyuuuuuuu
1: Gahh...

1: Both of you! Let go of Ralf!!
2: Gaaahh
SFX: uuu...
3: Leon!
4: Hurry up and let go!!

1: Leon!!
SFX: crackle x2
2: Ralf!
3: Ggh... Ahh...

1: I'm going to hold your hand again!!
2: Once more... I swear...!!

1: Leon!
SFX: uuuu...

SFX: uuuuu...
1: Now!!
SFX: stab

1: zwaaahh

SFX: gyooooon
1: Grandfather!!
SFX: uuuu...
SFX: flash

SFX: gyooon...
1: You have to survive it!
2: Even if my entire soul breaks into pieces...
3: I can't bear
4: to erase you!!

1: I can't erase you...
2: So that he doesn't completely disappear...
3: Oh!!
4: If we can protect Ralf's soul before he arrives in the 4th dimension...
5: OK! Just leave that to me.
6: L-Leave it to you?!
7: The 4th dimension is where people go after death, right? How are you going to protect him?!

1: You want me to stab you?
2: Yeah. Suicide doesn't work, so...
3: We have no choice but to rely on murder, but I'm pretty sure this will work!
4: Th-then you should kill me...
5: No. That won't have any purpose.
6: Wha...
7: Leon.
8: You need to wait for him, remember?

1: Don't worry.
2: I swear on the name of Hubert Christ, the ex-super spiritualist.... that I'll bring you two together again.
3: ...ggh

1: Still?!
SFX: gwooohhh
2: We still haven't reached the 4th dimension?!
3: Dammit...
4: At least let me take credit for something in the end,
5: God...

1: You two
2: did well.

1: Your job is done now.
2: ...Jean...?
3: You should be able to make it if you leave now.
4: It's still too early for you to die.
5: If you make it back alive, throw away that stupid pride of yours and apologize to Arya.
6: If you upset her anymore, you're gonna pay!
7: Hey! Are you listening?!
SFX: thwack
SFX: forehead smack!
8: Owww!!

1: Hubert... I now completely understand the "spiritualist soul" that was so precious to you.
2: J...
3: Jean... I'm sorry.
4: I'm sorry...

1: Now, can you leave the rest to me,
2: father?
3: Thank you
4: for believing in me,
5: father...

1: Now, everyone,
2: a new morning is about to begin...

1: Father! Grandfather! Please watch over me!
2: Please let me use my power to help people...
3: Thank you, Jess!
4: Don't mention it...
5: Eek...
SFX: slip

1: Arya!!
2: Are you OK?
3: ...Yes.
4: I-I'm fine... You can let me down now...

1: If you get wet, you'll catch a cold, Arya.
2: Hurry up and...
3: No one's there.
4: Yes, you're right... What about it?
5: This is where we first met him.
6: Huh?
7: What? You don't remember?!
8: What are you talking about?

1: Jess...
2: Oh, nothing...
3: Let's go.
4: forgot?
5: It's really coming down hard.
6: Thanks for all the hard work today...
7: Central Police Station #4

1: I am the superintendent of this station,
2: Cecil Poissy.
3: Cecil!
3: Oh... Um, I'm Arya Christ.
4: The Christs... I owe your grandfather a great deal.
5: My grandfather... What happened to him after the ritual?
6: Umm...
7: How did you learn about me?

1: Oh! You were recommended to us
2: by an insider source.
3: Along with Jess Christ...
4: He's currently on vacation now, but he said he'd love to meet you if he has the chance.
5: Well, how about it? Would you like me to take you to his house?
6: Could 'he' be...

1: We were just planning to leave ourselves.
2: Go ahead.
3: Thank you very much.
4: Nice to meet you.
5: I'm Michael Ridelhart.
6: Michael...
7: N-nice to meet you. I'm Arya Christ.
8: There are people like you
9: who are better off forgetting...
10: But I didn't want
11: Cecil to forget.

1: I didn't want her
2: to forget Ralf...
SFX: vrooom...
3: Umm...
4: Where are you going?
5: We're going to go direct traffic at the elementary school and preschool.
6: Even though I'm the superintendent, I guess I live a pretty cozy life!
7: Paris has been the definition of peaceful these days, anyway.
8: Even with you, Arya, the only people who ever come are looking for missing things or people... So you don't need to worry.
9: OK...

1: Looks like the rain
2: just stopped!
SFX: squeal x3
3: Huh?
SFX: Waaah! It's the police! The police!
4: Strange...
5: What is?
6: Err...
7: This place wasn't as lively when I came here last...
8: Last?
9: Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess that is a weird thing for me to say!! (But...)
10: He's right.

1: Jess...
2: Jess came here once before with Mr. Langston!!
3: Hey! Welcome!
4: Mr. Langston!

1: Nice to meet you.
2: I'm Leon Langston.

1: We'll excuse ourselves, then.
2: I'll join up with you later.
3: Oh, OK!
4: We'll be waiting!
5: Please, come inside. I'll put some tea on.
6: Who's that child?
7: Oh!
8: She's the reason I took a vacation - to help raise him.
9: Wow... He's cute. What's her name?
10: Tia.
11: my wife's name is Kristia,
12: and I wanted to give her a similar sort of name. (It's a bit shorter, though...)

1: Did I do the right thing by looking you up and recommending you?
2: Oh, yes! We're honored.
3: ...It's weird.
4: Why are they talking
5: about such mundane things?
6: It's like I'm the only one
7: who's having a weird dream.
8: Or is it because they forgot about
9: all their sadness and pain and became happy?

1: I remember you.
2: I don't want to forget all of the sadness and pain...
3: This world...
4: ...is a world of lies.
SFX: mutter...
5: Jess!
SFX: rattle
6: Let's go home.

1: Wh... What's the matter?
2: All of a sudden...
3: W-well...
4: He does have a baby, so I suppose we shouldn't disturb him.
5: Jess...
6: drip
7: Did you really forget everything?

1: Come on...
2: How could you forget it all?
3: Umm... Ahh...
SFX: rustle...
4: Handkerchief...
SFX: drop...
SFX: klink
SFX: roll x3
5: klunk

1: This is...
2: Huh?
3: We had visitors?
4: Yeah.
SFX: klink...
5: OK, I'm going to head out.
6: Be careful now.
7: kiss

1: I lost the chance to bring it up with her, but...
2: fsssh
3: I couldn't do it in front of Cecil and Michael.
4: Nice to meet you.
5: I know that she must still remember something...
6: I wonder if I hurt her?

1: Next time I see her,
2: I'll talk to her.
3: I'll tell her everything...
SFX: stagger x2
4: Maybe... But I dunno. I feel pretty hesitant about this...
5: Is a cake really enough to make her forgive me?
SFX: stagger x2
SFX: bzzzt
6: ...and this still hurts! (What kind of a forehead flick was that?!)

1: Sorry to keep you waiting!
2: Oh!
3: Mr. Langston!
SFX: squeal x2
4: Hey! Your ride's here!
5: C'mon,
6: let's go home.

1: No!!
SFX: hohoho
2: So cute!
3: No! No!
4: I don't want to go home yet!
SFX: squeeze
5: Come on now... Don't cause problems for the superintendent.
6: I'm not leaving until she marries me!
7: OK, OK
8: I know, I know!
9: I know, so let's just go already.
SFX: yank
10: I-I...
11: OK, OK...
12: I'm seriouuus!

1: Cecil!
2: Cecil! Get over here!
3: kiss
4: Now you're
5: mine!
6: O...
SFX: throb
7: OK.
SFX: thunk
8: I lost to a child...

1: You lady-killer...
2: What's that?
3: It means "a very charming man."
4: I don't get it...
5: Charming?
6: (C'mon!) Hold on tight.
7: That's it!
8: Want to play a game today?
9: What game?

1: Close your eyes
2: and guess where we're going.
3: That's easy.
4: I'll win for sure!
5: You sure about that?
6: Yeah!
7: Super sure!!
8: OK then, give it a try.

1: You can't open your eyes until I say so.
2: OK.
3: This time,
4: What sounds do you hear?
5: Umm... pyooo and pyuuu sounds!
6: I'll take you there.

1: When winter comes,
2: we'll look down on the town from that little hill.
3: Ahh! It smells like bread!
4: Oh!
5: You turned right just now!
6: In spring, we'll invite Cecil to a picnic,
7: and eat sandwiches until we burst.

1: I'm going to cross the bridge now!
2: Hey! You can't say that!!
3: Oh... Right. Sorry. (It just slipped out...)
4: In summer, we'll all go fishing together...

1: You'll never
2: be alone again.

1: OK!
2: We're here. Where do you think we are?

1: Umm...
SFX: whisper x2
2: Mm-hmm Mm-hmm
3: That's right.
4: Perfect!!
5: I knew the answer
6: from the beginning.

1: We've come home!


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