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1: It's my way of saying thanks.
2: About that girl with amnesia...
3: She's in pretty bad shape. When she saw the thermometer, she asked me what it was.
4: I wonder what'll happen to her?
5: Poor lady...
6: She must be lonely if she can't even remember her own family.

1: Boooo!
2: Oh, Ken!
3: That was quick.
4: I said I was sorry 100x faster than I usually do, so I got to go home early! How's the lady?
5: Well... She looked OK.
6: Oh, OK. What do you wanna play today?
7: Sorry, but I have cram school, so I can't play.
8: What about after cram school?
9: I need to go straight home, because my tutor's coming over.
10: Oh... You're really busy.
11: Yeah.

1: I wish we could play together like we did in kindergarten.
2: Yeah.
3: I'm home!
4: Hi there. Dinner isn't ready yet, so go take care of your homework first.
SFX: fsssh
5: Hey, mom...

1: Homework first!
2: You need to hurry up and finish it before your tutor gets here.
3: But I need to change my clothes...
4: What? Blood?!
5: Wow, you helped someone? That was very nice of you!
6: Hey, look. She gave me this as thanks.
7: Wow, that's a pretty marble.
8: I wonder if it's an emerald...
9: It really sparkles a lot.

1: Hmm, I don't know.
2: I think emeralds might be a different color.
3: It must be a new kind of jewel, then.
4: She said she came here on a ship, so she might have found it in the ocean!
5: You need to be careful about what you say, or people will start making fun of you.
6: I-I'm sorry...
7: That reminds me, how did your last test go?
8: O-oh, I got 100 points.

1: Your handwriting looks a little unbalanced. You need to practice more.
2: OK...
3: I have a big announcement!
4: Taro's essay was selected to receive the Minister of Education Award!

1: Everyone, clap for him!!
SFX: Waaaaahh
SFX: clap x3
2: Taro's the best in our class in both study and sports!
3: What's wrong? Aren't you happy?
4: Oh, no, I'm happy, of course.
5: You could all learn a thing or two from him!
SFX: clang
6: Gyahahaha!
7: Knock it off!

1: Heeey!
2: Go stand out in the hallway!
3: Okaaay!
4: Let's see who can do a handstand for longer!
5: Yeah!
6: Aren't you even the least bit sorry about what you did?!
SFX: Gyaaaahh x2
7: I wish I could do that too...

1: sparkle sparkle
2: Wow, she gave this to you? It's so pretty! It must be a diamond!
3: Diamonds aren't that color.
4: Here, you can have it back.
5: She gave it to me as thanks for helping her, so it belongs to both of us.
6: You can keep it. I'll just lose it.
7: But...

1: Woaaaah!!
SFX: bwump
2: T-Taro, what is this?!
SFX: fidget x2
3: I don't know!
4: Haa, haa...
5: A-a blanket?

1: That surprised me!
2: Where could it have fallen from?
SFX: rustle x7
SFX: bwap

1: It should be around here somewhere.
2: Mmm...
3: I think it landed nearby.
4: Kids! Did you happen to see a girl fall around here?
5: A girl...
6: F-fall?
7: Who are you people? Where did you come from?

1: That has nothing to do with you.
SFX: glare
2: Just answer the question.
3: W-we didn't see anything!
4: Hmph. You should have said so sooner.
5: Shift it! Let's search over there!
SFX: dash

1: That was scary. What did they want?
2: They must be yakuza. Or chinese mafia.
3: It looked as if they came out of here...
4: This blanket came flying from that way.
5: What if the girl they were talking about...
6: was that lady?
SFX: fidget x2
7: Hey, Ken?!

1: Let's go find out where the blanket came from!
2: It might tell us something about the lady too!
3: Wh-what?! But it's just a blanket!
4: We can't do this, Ken. This is private property!
5: You can't just walk into other people's yards!
6: If you break the rules people will think you're bad!
7: Look, Taro...

1: A...
2: ship...

To Be Continued


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