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1: I...
2: I fell off the ship...


1: Th-this ship... is stuck in the ground...
2: What is this? Did someone bury it here?
3: I don't think so. It doesn't look like anyone dug any dirt up.
4: But the grass isn't growing on the ship...
5: Which means it must have just gotten here, even though it looks like it's been buried for a long time... It doesn't make sense.
6: Maybe that blanket was the mast?
SFX: climb
7: OK, let's explore it!
8: What?! We can't do that!
9: Why not?

1: Because it's dangerous! And we'll get dirty!
2: That lady said she fell off the ship! There might be a clue here!
3: Look, I think we may be able to get inside that door!
4: B-but we need to ask an adult first before we do things like this...
5: And this is private property. Trespassing is bad...
6: Taro...
7: If we cause any problems, it could get our mothers or teachers in trouble!
8: Guardians have to take responsibility for children's mistakes, you know...
SFX: tok

1: Ken?
2: Taro, look.
3: It looks just like the one that the lady gave us...
4: There are a few more on the ground.
5: This ship must really have something to do with her.
6: But...

1: We might be able to help her get her memories back!
2: But... But...
SFX: beep x3
3: Oh no... It's time for cram school...
4: Taro...
5: I... I...
6: I... need to go to cram school!
SFX: dash

1: Taro...
2: haa
3: haa
4: I'll get yelled at if I'm late!
SFX: haa x2
5: Heeeey!

1: Hey, how are you?
2: Oh, hi!
3: I've been doing pretty good!
SFX: dash
4: Maybe he was in a hurry?

1: You look down today.
2: Yeah...
3: Doesn't it taste good?
4: It does. Your food always tastes good.
5: Oh, thanks! You're such a good boy, Taro, that I'm always happy every day.
6: Hey, mom...
7: Is it possible for a ship to sail through the ground?

1: Of course not.
2: Today, I saw a ship that was buried in the ground.
3: Stop telling lies. I hate liars.
4: I... I'm not lying!
5: I found it with Ken.
6: Near the hospital, there was a big ship...
7: Enough.
8: The mast came flying off it too!
9: And out of that, these scary men appeared...

1: I said enough already!!
2: B-but I'm not lying...
3: I... I...
SFX: ahh
SFX: rattle

1: Sorry. I shouldn't have been so harsh.
SFX: hug
2: That was my fault.
3: You know, when I was in middle school, I saw a ship flying in the sky.
4: A ship flying in the sky? A ship was really flying?

1: I was just daydreaming, though.
2: Oh...
3: But it really seemed like it was real.
4: I went around telling everyone at school about it...
5: "I saw a ship flying in the sky!"
6: But no one believed me.

1: Back then, I was helping my mom out with the family business, so I had no time to study, and kept getting bad grades.
2: And then after that, people really started making fun of me
3: In the end, I got bullied pretty badly.
4: That must have been really hard...
5: Heheheh. It's nothing but an old memory now.
6: But Taro, that's why I always keep telling you to study.
7: I don't want you to get hurt like I did.

1: So you need to study a lot more than I ever did
2: and become someone who can really succeed!
3: OK...

1: Good morniiiing!!
2: Good morning...
3: Cheer up, man!
4: Heheheh.
5: After school, let's go check on the ship.
6: I can't go...
7: I have cram school again today.
8: Oh...
9: Sorry.

1: Oh, then let's go check up on the lady!
2: Telling her about the ship might be enough to help her remember.
3: Tell me the truth already!
4: Please stop yelling!
5: We know that the girl in this picture is being hospitalized here!

1: It's one of the yakuza guys!
2: We cannot release any private details about our patients!
SFX: wham
3: What?! If you keep trying to hide stuff from us, you'll regret it!
SFX: fwip
4: It's her!

To Be Continued


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