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1: Hurry up and tell me what room she's in!
2: I can't do that!
3: The yakuza guys
4: are after her!
5: Just tell me, you idiot!
SFX: grab
6: Kyaah! Someone, help me!
7: Fine, I'll just look for her on my own!
SFX: stomp x2
8: Y-you can't do that!

1: Hey, is she in here?!
SFX: rattle
2: Please, stop it!
SFX: rattle
3: You're causing trouble for the other patients!
4: What should I do?
5: That's enough!
SFX: leap
6: A security guard!

1: I'll just take care of you the old-fashioned way!
SFX: bwap
SFX: grab
SFX: thud
2: A-are you OK?!

1: Zzz...
2: H-he's asleep?! Why?! Did he get hypnotized?!
SFX: tok x3
sign: Floor Guide
3: So the patient wing is on the 3rd floor, huh?
4: T-Taro, what should we do?
5: I know where she is!

1: T-Taro?!
SFX: pitter patter
2: What?
3: Did you say something, kid?
SFX: pitter patter
4: I-I-I know that lady...

1: You know her?
SFX: fssh
2: He just said he did.
3: Two more?!
4: How much do you know?! Do you know about the 'incident?!' You didn't tell anyone, did you?!
5: Hiiee!
6: Uhh... Err...
SFX: pitter patter x2
7: Wh-wh-what incident?

1: Hey, are you trying to pretend like you don't know something?
2: All I know is...
3: A-all I know is...
SFX: pitter patter x2
4: that the lady left the hospital yesterday.
all SFX: pitter patter

1: Left the hospital?
2: She left? Seriously?
3: We were just a moment too late!
4: Where did she go?!
5: I-I don't know!
6: Uhh, but I think she said she was going to the next town over...
7: We'll just have to keep looking!
all SFX: stomp
8: Call the others!
9: OK!

SFX: thud
1-2: Haaaa...
3: T-Taro...
4: Nice lie!
5: I-I was so scared...
6: Haha...
SFX: rattle
7: Lady, we've got trouble! The yakuza guys came here!

1: Huh? Yakuza guys?
bag: Potato
2: ...and so, it seems like they're trying to find you.
3: But Taro got them to go away!
4: But they might find out I was lying, so you should run away as fast as you can.
5: Oh.

1: Did you manage to remember anything?
2: Like why the yakuza are chasing you?
3: I don't know.
4: Umm... I think you should run away soon, if you can...
5: Why did you trick them?
6: Huh?
7: Why did you lie to the yakuza?

1: B-because otherwise they would have...
2: Why should you care about me?
3: There's no telling what they'll do to you if they find out you're lying. They could have killed you back there.
4: Don't ever do anything dangerous like that again.
5: B-but...
6: If you happen to run into them again, just tell them where I am. Think of your own safety first.
7: And you can't call the police either. That might only make things more dangerous.

1: And don't ever come here again.
2: Wha...
3: I don't know why they're chasing me,
4: but I'm adult, so I can handle that on my own. It has nothing to do with you.
5: B-but...
6: No buts!
7: Now get out of here right now!!
8: O-OK!

SFX: vroooom...
1: Th-that was scary...
2: Yeah...
3: But she was nice.
4: Yeah.
SFX: rustle x2

1: sparkle sparkle
2: I'm most worried about her right now, though...
SFX: beep x3
3: Taro... Are you going to cram school?
4: beep
5: Ken, let's go to the ship.
6: I want to help her somehow.

1: OK!
2: Yeaaah!
3: Let's go!
4: The ship... yakuza... the jewel...
5: I... I feel like I might be able to remember something...

To Be Continued


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