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1: Lost memories...
2: The yakuza who are after her...
3: The jewel that was in her pocket...
4: And the ship that was in the ground.
5: It's time to solve this mystery!
6: Yeaaaah!

1: Mom...
2: I'm sorry for skipping cram school.
3: But that lady's in trouble, and I really want to help her.


1: Wow! Did you gather up all this stuff?
2: Yeah, after school yesterday.
3: My family's workshop is small, but we have a lot of tools!

1: First we need to figure out how to get into that door.
2: It's too steep to climb...
3: That's why I brought this
SFX: ta-da
4: Oh, a lasso?

1: Hiyaaah!
SFX: smack
2: Huh?
3: Hiyaaah!
4: Hiyaaah!
SFX: smack
5: Huh. It won't get stuck to the doorknob...
6: Yeah, I think it's pretty much impossible.
7: Let's use the mast instead.
8: The mast?

1: First, you need to put a weight on it.
2: Stand back, Ken.
3: Hyah!

SFX: tonk
1: Then you tie the end of the rope into a circle,
SFX: squeeze
2: slip the other end through it,
3: and pull it tight.
SFX: yank
SFX: fwooosh
SFX: smack
4: We should be able to climb up that, right?
5: Woaaah!

1: I'll climb first!
2: Oh no! It's locked!
SFX: clink x2
3: Taro, throw up another rope.
4: OK!
SFX: yank
5: Let's pull it open with the rope!
SFX: tok
6: You think we can?

1-9: One, two!
all SFX: creak x2
last SFX: crack

SFX: boom
1: Wauuuuugh!

1: Whew, that was scary.
2: Ken, this door doesn't have a lock on it. I think you just had to push it inwards...
3: Well, let's hurry up and go inside!
SFX: hop
SFX: fwooosh
4: Woah!

1: You too, Taro!
SFX: slip
SFX: thud
2: Taro!!
3: C'mon, Taro!!
4: Just a little more!!

1: Thanks, Ken.
2-3: haa
4: Whew, I'm tired.
5: Woah... I'm covered in mud. How am I going to explain this to mom?
6: You're such a good boy, Taro,
7: that I'm always happy every day.
SFX: shake x2
8: When I get home, I'm going to apologize a lot. But for now, I need to focus on saving that lady!
9: It looks pretty normal inside.

1: Wh... What?!
2: What?!
3: What's wrong?

1: Th-the ship's on its side...
2: But all the furniture is still in place!
3: Oh yeah...
SFX: yank
4: It doesn't seem like it's stuck down, either...
5: Ken, try dropping that ashtray.

1: clang
2: Huh?
3: The ashtray... fell on a slanted table?!
4: I knew it! It's like gravity's working sideways. But why?!
5: Stuff that we found outside the ship acts normal, though...
6: roll roll
7: Wh-what? What are you talking about?
8: Stuff that's on the ground falls straight down, right?
9: But stuff that's inside this ship falls straight down toward the bottom of the ship instead.

1: This isn't a normal ship after all.
2: There must be some clue inside here!
3: It looks like we can use that ladder to go deeper inside.
4: Here
5: Let's try it!
6: Yeah.
7: Umm... But what's 'gravity,' anyway?

1: Well? Did you find her?
2: No.
3: What should we do?
4: Hmm...
5: For now, let's go back...
6: to our 'ship.'


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