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1: Was that lady riding on this ship?
2: She might have used one of these cups...

1: If so...
2: Then where did she come from?
SFX: clang x4

1: This really goes down far...
2: It looks like a big slide.
3: There are a lot of rooms.
4: Be careful you don't slip and fall down!

1: It's a slope, so I don't think we'll die if we fall, but unlike a real slide, the end point is a right angle, so we could get hurt.
2: Scary!
3: Slowly... Slowly...
SFX: stomp x2
SFX: hoo x2
SFX: haa x2
4: It's hard enough to keep holding on, but since there aren't any grooves in the floor, it takes a lot of leg power to keep from slipping...
5: OK, here's the first room.
6: We can rest here.

SFX: click
1: Huh?!
2: Woah!
3: Wh-what is this?!
4: Jewels!
5: There are so many!
6: Look!
7: This is the same as the one the lady gave you, right?!

1: Look, there's a sword over here.
2: What kind of room is this?
3: Maybe it's a pirate ship?
4: No way...
5: Let's just keep moving ahead.
SFX: haa x2
6: This is really hard...
7: throb x2
8: My hands are starting to hurt.
9: Ahh!
10: Be careful, Ken!

1: There's water spilling out...
2: That flower vase must have fallen and cracked.
3: How could there be a puddle on a slope?
4: Because of the gravity.
SFX: splish x2
5: Hieee!
6: Urgh... I feel like I'm gonna slip...
SFX: splish x2
SFX: slip
SFX: splash
7: Urgh!!

1: Gggggh!!
2: Ken, you're bleeding!
3: A piece of the vase stabbed me...
4: Just keep doing your best until the next room!
5: Are you OK?
6: I'm fine. If I lick it, it'll get better.
7: This is another crazy room...

1: Look at all that money...
2: It isn't just Japanese money. There are dollars and euros...
3: Look, look! I found a stick of one yen coins!
4: They even have coins that tiny?
5: Where could they have gotten all this money?
6: If this is really a pirate ship, then...

1: There might be skeletons in the next room!
2: Cut it out!
3: Now I know why these rooms seemed strange to me. There are no lamps...
4: And there aren't any windows. Why is it so bright, then?
5: Here's the third room!
SFX: wham

1: What are these bags? There's a lot of white stuff in them...
2: K-Ken, you can't touch that...
3: What?
4: It... it might be... drugs!
SFX: Hm?
5: No... It's rice.
6: Rice?
7: It says rice on the bags. That one's the Koshihikari type, and the other one is Akitakomachi...
bag 1: Koshihikari
bag 2: Akitakomachi
8: Rice? But why?
9: Ahh!!

1: Look! That's the same rice that my family eats!
bag: Hitomebore
2: Now for the fourth room!
SFX: wham
3: What? Vegetables?
4: Why are there so many vegetables here?
5: The fifth room!
SFX: wham
6: It stinks!
7: It's a wine cellar. Look at all this alcohol!
8: Whew... I feel so exhausted...
9: Ahh!!

1: We ran out of rope!
2: It didn't reach the end!
3: There are about 4-5 meters to the end. If we fall down, we might not be able to get back up.
4: This is scary!
5: Let's go back for now. We need to attach some more rope to the end.
6: Yeah. My hands are tired anyway.
7: roll roll roll
SFX: roll x5
8: What is that?
9: roll roll
10: bounce

1: Squeak
2: Gyaaah!!
3: A mouse!!
SFX: yank
4: Hieee!
SFX: flail x2
5: Waaah! Waaah!
6: Watch out! St-stop shaking it!!
SFX: roll x2
7: Bye bye!
8: Haa, haa... S-sorry, Ken...
SFX: haa x2
9: N-no, it's OK. You couldn't help it...

1: klak klak klak klak
2: Wha...
3: Footsteps?
4: It-it sounds like people talking...
5: Someone came inside the ship!
SFX: clink x3
6: We need to think of a plan.
7: No more random searching!

1: Hm?
2: Ahhh! The yakuza!
3: Huh?! You're those two kids!
4: Why are you inside the ship?!
5: Capture them!!
6: We can't let anyone find out about our secrets!
7: Wah! Oh no!!

SFX: dash x2
1: Huh? Huh?!
SFX: dash x3
2: No way!
3: They're running along that slope!! How can they do that?!
4: Taro, we need to run away!
SFX: slide
5: Hey!

1: Ken! There's no rope, remember?!
2: Otherwise they're going to catch us! Hurry up!
3: Pull up the rope!
SFX: yank
SFX: fwoosh
SFX: clunk

1: Catch them!!
SFX: dash x2
2: Hieeee!
3: Taro!
SFX: rip x2
4: rip
SFX: roll x4
SFX: thud
5: Gweh!

1: S-sorry, Ken!
2: Let's go inside the last room!
3: Don't open that door!
SFX: wham
4: Wha...
5: Huh?!
6: ...What the?

To Be Continued


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