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1: Don't open that door!
SFX: wham


1: Wh-what is this?!
2: Look at all these machines!
3: Is that a cockpit?
4: No...
5: It looks like a cockpit, but there isn't a single button or lever...
6: Only monitors.
7: Zzzz Zzzz
8: S-someone's sleeping!
9-10: Zzzzz
11: Who is he?
SFX: wham x3
12: Hey! Open up, you brats!

1: Grrrraah! No waay!!
2: We're taking over this place!!
3: They really won't give up.
4: Annoying...
5: Guess I have no choice.
SFX: pop
SFX: slide...
6: H-he moved through the wall?!

1: Now I've got you! What did you two sneak into our ship for?
2: Owwww!
3: L-Let Ken go!
4: Answer me! And you better tell me the truth, or you'll be sorry!
5: Shuddap!! You're the ones who need to tell us what you're planning to do with that lady!
SFX: wham
6: Gah!
7: You rotten little punks!
8: Gggh!
SFX: wham
9: We won't let any of you hurt that lady!!

1: Ryaaaahh!!
SFX: wham bash
SFX: bonk
2: St-stop it!
SFX: bam
SFX: slip
3: Wh-what's gotten into them...
4: Enough already!
SFX: toss
5: Wahh!
SFX: bwap
6: Fwah?!
SFX: float x2
7: Waahh!

1: We're floating in midair!!
2: D-does this guy have special powers or something?!
SFX: float x2
3: Yaaawn
4: What's all that racket?
5: Huh? Hotei?! What are you doing?!
6: Why are there human children on the ship?!
7: They snuck inside on their own!
8: H-human children?!
9: Gwaaah!
10: Stop talking and just bring it on, you yakuzaaa!!

1: Y-yakuza?
2-3: Yakuza?
4: Huh?
5: Us?
6: Yakuza? Us?!
7: Who are you calling yakuza?! We're gods!
8: The Seven Lucky Gods!!

1: G-gods...
2: Gods? What?
3: Hey, Hotei... Why do they think you're yakuza? Just what were you guys doing outside?
4: Nothing, Ebisu! We just...
5: Hey, what's going on? Does this mean they aren't yakuza?
6: Can I tell them?
7: Guess you might as well.

1: Well... I doubt you'll believe us, but...
2: We're...
3: the Seven Lucky Gods. And this is our treasure ship.
4: Treasure ship?!
5: You saw our treasure, right? Gold, silver, jewels, rice, alcohol, and vegetables...
6: It all belongs to us. We go to people who are in need of help and secretly leave them presents.
7: Treasure ship... Seven Lucky Gods...
SFX: ahh
8: I saw a ship flying in the sky once.

1: I saw a treasure ship on TV before!
2: Y-yeah, I thought it was too weird to be a normal ship...
3: B-but I thought the Seven Lucky Gods looked like this...
SFX: yaaay
4: Those are the old ones. The modern lucky gods are more stylish!
5: Err, but...
6: Y...
7: You just look scary...
8: Uhh... Well, sorry. We were really in a panic...

1: What about the lady? Why were you chasing her?
2: Her name is Benzaiten. She's one of us.
3: She's also... a god?
4: Listen up, kids... Our job is to fly this ship and bestow fortune on people who are in need.
5: But lately, people have been building stupidly high buildings like the Sky Tree, so we accidentally hit it and fell.
6: When that happened, she fell off the deck and went missing.
7: She did say that! She said she fell from the ship!

1: People aren't supposed to find out about us. But for some reason, she won't come back.
2: We were worried that someone may have kidnapped her... That's why we were so panicked.
3: Still, where could she have gone?
4: I'm back now.
SFX: click
5: Sorry for making you worry.
6: Benzaiten!
7: She's here?!

1: Where have you been?!
2: The hospital. I lost my memory.
3: You lost your memory?!
4: So that's what happened!
5: Did you get it back?
6: Yeah, just now.
7: I was sleeping at the hospital, but I kept tossing and turning and eventually fell off the bed and hit my head. Then my memories all came back...
8: That actually worked?
9: Is it true?
10: Are you really a god?
11: You aren't human?

1: Yes.
2: I completely forgot, though...
SFX: huh...
3: Now, what are you two doing in here?
4: I told you not to do anything dangerous, didn't I?

1: But... I just wanted to help you...
2: Look how beat up you are.
3: Thank you.
4: Now that we're all back together, we need to hurry up and get the ship back up into the sky.
SFX: clap
5: Hotei, take those two outside.
SFX: lift
6: Let's go.
7: W-wait!
8: Ummm!
9: Huh?

1: Are you going to go back up into the sky?
2: Will... I ever get to see you again?
3: Nope. But up there...
4: I'll be watching over you.
5: Taro...
6: When I woke up in the hospital, I was so scared.

1: I didn't know who I was, or where I was. I was in complete darkness.
2: I felt so lonely,
3: like I was all alone in the world.
4: But...
5: Then you came to check on me.
6: When I realized that someone was worried about me,
7: I felt so warm.

1: I've been riding in this ship since I was born, and have always been looking down on the human world from afar.
2: I was always fascinated by humans, and wished that I could make some human friends someday.
3: I'm so glad I met a little boy who was able to work so hard to help me.
4: I'll never forget you, Taro.

1: I'll...
2: never forget you... either...
3: And me? What about me?
4: You too, of course, Ken!
5: Now, it's time for me to go.

SFX: rumble
SFX: bwoosh

1: Taro! Ken!
2: Thanks for everything! Bye now!
3: Goodbye, Benzaiten!
4: Be safe!
5: I'm sure a lot of good fortune will befall you in the future.
6: Don't worry, we'll come to save you if you're ever in trouble!
7: Bye bye!

1: Pffft!
2: You're so dirty, Taro! You look so dumb!
SFX: snicker
3: You're one to talk!

1: Your mom's really gonna yell at you!
2: Heheheh. I don't mind.
3: That was fun.
4: Yeah, it sure was.
5: I'm glad she ended up OK.
6: Me too. You said it.
7: Now, let's go home.
8: Yeah. The sun's going down...
9: Bye bye, Taro!
9: Bye bye.

1: Whew...
2: They really kept me behind for a long time today.
SFX: rattle
3: I need to hurry up and bring in the laundry, then make dinner...

1: I must be dreaming...
SFX: pinch
2: Guess not.

1: A ship's really flying in the sky...
2: I knew it!
3: I knew I wasn't daydreaming!
4: Yaay! Woohoooo!
5: Ahahahahaha!
6: I'm home!
7: T-Taro?!

1: What's wrong?! Did someone attack you?!
2: I'm sorry, mom.
3: I skipped cram school today and played with Ken.
4: Pff
5: Ahahahahahaha
6: How could you have possibly gotten that dirty just from playing?!
7: Aaaahahahaha
8: Huh?

1: Taro, how about only going to cram school one day a week from now on?
2: You're smart, so you probably don't need a tutor, either.
3: Huh? Wh-why are you talking about all of a sudden?
4: I forgot that you probably have other things that you want to do.
5: I'm sorry, Taro.
6: Are you sure?
7: It's really OK for me to go and play after school?
8: I can really play with Ken?!

1: Just make sure you don't rip your clothes.
2: Thanks, mom!
3: And so...
4: I started playing with Ken every day after school.
5: Sometimes I'd even help him with his homework.
6: Then, Ken got 15 points on a test for the first time.
7: Taro got a total of 115 points!
8: But I ended up getting the praise.
9: I studied really hard too, you know...

1: Oh yeah, a while later, another incident happened.
2: A wad of 3 million yen was tossed into the hospital where Benzaiten was hospitalized.
3: We're not sure who was responsible,
4: but I think someone from the treasure ship probably threw it down to pay for her treatment.
SFX: Someone
6: Talk about some crazy gods.

1: A lot of time has passed.
2: Every now and then, I stare at the sky through the stone that she gave me and remember...

1: my tiny first love...
2: and my tiny adventure.

The End


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