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episode2 There's no way I could tell anyone.

Yamazaki Akira
A normal second-year in high school who's perverted and stupid.

"There's no way I could tell anyone."

1: Oh, wait, then does that mean
2: that Sachi didn't only kiss me...
3: but my big brother as well?!
sfx: uheheheheheh
sfx: ahh
4: Sachi!! I'm sorry! From now on,
5: I'll protect you (from my brother)!!
6: What?!
7: Really?!
8: I'm so happy to hear that!
sfx: bluuuuush
9: Agh!
10: Thanks for giving me my second kiss, Riku-chan!
11: See you tomorrow!
12: Wait, Sachi...
13: What do you mean by second kiss?
14: She saw what happened back there?

1: This morning...
sfx: screeeech
2: Riku!!
sfx: wham
3: Akira...
4: Eeeeek!
5: There was a car accident!
6: Call an ambulance!

1: I only made it out of that unscathed because Akira protected me...
2: Then with the kiss, he entered my body...
3: Huh?
4: Where's Sachi-chan?
5: You're awake, Akira?
6: Sachi just went home...
7: What?!
8: Just when I finally got to kiss her!
9: I should have given her some tongue!
10: You're such an idiot!!
11: Hey, don't you have to go to the bathroom?
12: Urk...
13: You'd better hurry up and go. What if you don't make it?
14: What?! H-hold on a minute!
15: It's not like I'm interested in seeing how a girl pees or anything. Just hurry it up!
sfx: Self punch
16: What if that left a mark?! Knock it off, you idiot!
17: You just did that to yourself!!

1: I managed to knock him out of my mind, but at this rate, I won't be able to keep it up for long...
2: But...
3: I really had no idea
4: that Sachi liked me...
5: She made me lunches,
6: gave me chocolate on valentine's day,
7: and shared her umbrella with me when we walked home, but...
8: Maybe I'm just really dense...

1: Riku-chan...
2: Huh?
3: Me?!
4: Sachi...
5: Sachi!
6: Riku-chan!
sfx: jerk
7: If this wasn't your body, Riku, I would have exploded!
8: You're such an idiot!!

1: Geez...
2: I got hardly any sleep last night...
3: Remember now, we have to keep this a secret...
sfx: tok tok
4: OK. I doubt anyone would believe us, anyway...
5: But I'll be careful. Wouldn't want anyone thinking you're a liar or a nutcase.
6: Akira...
7: Ah!
8: Riku-san, Akira-san, good morning.
9: She found out already?!

To be continued!


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