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episode3 Girl friends...?

Hibari Kurono
Riku's classmate. A mysterious girl.

"Girl friends...?"

1: (Wh...) What are you talking about, Hibari? It's just me, Riku! My big brother isn't here!
2: Wha...
3: It looks to me like he's right there with you, though...
4: What?!
5: That's weird! Hahahahaha!
sfx: slide
6: And you smell like Akira-san.
7: Smell?!

1: Sorry, but I'm in a hurry!
sfx: dash!!
2: Uh...
3: Whew. I should be safe here...
4: Riku-chan!
5: Good morning!
6: Hyaauh!!
sfx: glomp
7: Sachi-chan's boobs are touching my back...
sfx: heheheheheheh
8: Hey, Riku...
9: You should have just told me, and I'd have rubbed them on you as much as you want...
10: No!
11: That wasn't me just now!
12: I don't need to worry about you disliking me now, right?
sfx: smush smush
13: No... I...
14: There's no way...
15: I can't tell her!
16: Then she'll find out that she actually kissed him too!!
17: *A good girl.
18: Aaahh, Sachi-chan's so cute!
19: You be quiet!

1: Hey,
2: How about we go visit Akira-san on our way home?
3: What? My big brother?
4: OK... Thanks for worrying about him. He shouldn't be that hurt, though. He just hasn't woken up yet.
5: Probably because his mind flew into mine...
6: Then make a promise with me!
7: Hey, Sachi! Don't do this in front of people!
8: Now I can go on a date with Riku-chan!
9: Sachi-chan really likes me that much?
10: Hm?
sfx: Yes!

Sachi Takaoka
Riku's best friend. A little temptress.

1: Eeeeeek!
2: We have a test today!
3: What should I do? I have no idea what any of the answers are!
4: It's OK! Remember, I'm here with you!
5: Oh, yeah! You studied this stuff a year ago, right?
6: Yeah!
7: Leave it to me!
8: W-woah, this year's tests are hard!
9: You idiot!

To be continued!


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