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episode4 I need to help my big brother!

"I need to help my big brother!"

1: Mom!
2: Dad! where are you?
sfx: waaaahh
3: Riku!
4: I finally found you!
5: Let's go home together!
6: Akira... OK...
7: I don't know how to get back either, though!
sfx: thunk

1: Riku! Akira!
2: I'm so glad you're both okay!
3: Yeah...
4: Akira!
5: Thanks! When I grow up,
6: I'm going to marry you!
7: Up until today, you said you were going to marry your dad...
sfx: hahaha...

1: My real
2: first kiss happened... (right then...)
3: He's always done nothing but help me.
4: Now it's my turn to help him!
5: Although...
6: I can't believe I kissed
7: Even though it was a coincidence...
8: my own big brother again...
9: kiss...
10: M-maybe
11: that will make him wake up!
sfx: rattle

1: What? What are you planning to do?!
2: I-
3: I can't tell you just yet...
4: Maybe you're thinking of doing something perverted?
5: D- don't be stupid!
6: Why does he only have good intuition in times like these?
7: What kind of perverted thing?
sfx: waaah
8: Sachi?!
9: When did you get here?!
10: A perverted thing...
11: at school? Wow...
sfx: pitter patter
123: Woah, hold on, Sachi!!

1: No! I can't wait!
sfx: eeek
2: Sachi-chan, jump into my arms right now!
3: Riku-chan...
4: I'm going to the hospital right this instant!
sfx: Yeah
5: OK.
sfx: jerk

To be continued!

6: What? We're going to check up on Akira-san? Not to get you checked up on? You should have the doctor look at you too. At your head... And maybe get an x-ray... so they can look at you on the inside too...
7: OK.


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