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episode5 Now isn't the time for that!

1: Akira...
2: I guess he still hasn't woken up...
3: I have to figure out a way to make him better soon!
4: My body!
5: I wonder if a beautiful nurse has been doing stuff to me!
6: You dirty pervert!

"Now isn't the time for that!"

1: Tee hee!
2: Now we're finally alone!
3: Sachi, why are you dressed like that?!
4: You like nurses, right, Riku-chan?
5: Uh...
6: I didn't mean to say that!
7: It's OK. Just be yourself...
8: W- Wait...
9: Yes! Finally!!
sfx: rattle
10: Oh.
11: Hello.

1: Huh? Hibari-chan, what are you doing here?
2: I came to visit Akira-san.
3: Thank you!
4: I'll take care of the flowers!
sfx: skitter
5: Hey, wait...
6: You need to change back into your regular clothes, Sachi!
7: What? Here? Right now?
sfx: tok tok
8: ...Why do you look so happy?
9: Tee hee. You know why.
sfx: nod
10: Hm? Hibari?
sfx: forehead kiss
11: So the forehead isn't the right spot, huh?
12: H-hold on a minute!

1: What are you doing, Hibari?!
2: I thought he'd wake up if I kissed him.
3: Wait, Hibari-chan, don't tell me you have a crush on Akira-san?
4: Yes. I do.
5: You answered instantly?!
6: It's actually widely-known.
7: And it's obvious from my actions... (Totally obvious.)
8: Not necessarily!
9: I just found out right now, but I'm glad to hear it!
sfx: grasp

1: You just found out?
2: ...Sorry for not noticing sooner.
3: I
4: only had eyes for Sachi-chan, you see...
5: Then
6: let me phrase what I said.
7: I like you.

To be continued!


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