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episode6 Hey, everyone, just calm down!

"Hey, everyone, just calm down!"

1: Hold on a minute!
2: Hibari-chan, you just said you liked Akira-san, right?
3: Then why are you trying to kiss Riku-chan?!
4: Umm, well, uh...
5: Because I like Akira-san.
6: Then WHY?!
7: OK then! The three of us can
8: find happiness together!
9: Yeah right!!
sfx: bang bang
10: Riku-chan...
11: Should I call a nurse?

1: Huh?
2: Akira-san was just here...
3: What are you talking about?
4: Owww...
5: Like I said, up until a minute ago, Akira-san was...
6: Riku-san, if you get excited, your nosebleed will get worse.
7: But I can't let my brother know that he kissed Sachi!
8: I can't...
9: Huh?
10: Why do I want to keep it a secret so badly?

1: M-
2: More importantly, Riku-chan,
3: about the "three of us" thing you said...
4: But with Riku-san's body, wouldn't that make four people?
5: Hibari, be quiet for a minute.
6: I won't accept that!
7: Me and Hibari, together? That's not even funny as a joke!
8: Sachi-chan!
9: You're the one I really love, Sachi-chan!
10: Akira?!
sfx: glomp

1: I was glad to hear that you like me too, Hibari-chan...
2: But...
3: I have to choose Sachi-chan in the end!
4: Sorry...
5: Akira-san...
6: It's true that if a man doesn't answer a woman's offer, he isn't a true man! But!
7: I feel like I can have all sorts of experiences with Sachi-chan!
8: Akira?!
sfx: bam!
9: We can stay platonic, then.
10: What? Uh...
11: That's not the problem.
12: And it'd be such a waste!

To be continued!

1: Let me take a good look
2: Hard to ignore the main female doctor too, though...
3: Pervert!!


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