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#2. The Creator's Silence

1: This is war...
2-7: rattle
8: Those words should have made perfect sense to me...
9: but they kept spinning around in my head.

#2. The Inventor's Silence

1: Up until now, torpedoes have been loaded into submarines...
2: and fired near enemy ships.
3: But getting close to the enemy and attacking...
4: means that we'll be giving them a chance to fire back...
5: What is the best way to sink the enemy while protecting our own safety, then?
6: The answer is the Kaiten.

1: 4 to 6 Kaiten can be loaded into a submarine...
2: and fired from a maximum of 78km away.
3: And since a human is controlling them, they're easy to aim...
4: They should always hit, even if the eneny changes course.
5: They never miss their targets...
6: These are surefire weapons that can easily sink even the greatest of battleships.

1-2: Bring it in!
sfx: sputter x3

1: That man...
2: Hey, you.
3: I want you to ride on the tracking vessel as well, as the representative of the prep school...
4: Uh...
5: Yes, sir...

1-3: plop
4-6: sputter
7: Tracking preparations complete!!
8: Kaiten firing preparations complete!

sfx: sploosh
1: Hey, newbie.
2: You sure you don't want to take off your hat?
3: Here we go...
sfx: shove

sfx: dwoosh
sfx: shooooo

sfx: bwoom
1: Full speed ahead!!
sfx: dwoosh x4
2: Don't lose it now!!
sfx: fssssssh
sfx: gwoh x4

sfx: gwoooosh

sfx: hyooooh
sfx: fwoooooh x2
1: It's going to crash!!
sfx: fwooh

sfx: clunk
1: splish splish
2: splosh
3-4: twist
5: shoooooh

1: Everyone seems really stunned...

1: They really made one hell of a weapon...
2: Loading people into torpedoes...
3: That isn't something a normal person could conceive of...
4: If they're making weapons like this now...
5: Then Japan must really be in trouble.
6: The guy who controlled the Kaiten just now was apparently the one who invented them...
7: What?

1: Lt. Commander Sakakura said so...
2: That long-haired guy drew the blueprints.
3: No way...
4: He's probably only 4 or 5 years older than us.
5: He's one of those elites.
6: If he can draw blueprints, then maybe he graduated from an engineering school...
7: Sekiguchi...
8: He didn't just draw the blueprints, he invented the Kaiten, right?
9: Hm?
10: Well, yeah...

1: So the higher-ups didn't order him to do it...
2: He created that suicide weapon on his own?
3: He was piloting the Kaiten...
4: Does that mean he created the original one with the intent to ride in it himself?
5: What are you trying to say?
6: Maybe...
7: He prepared himself for death before he invented it?

1: That wasn't all that Lt. Commander Sakakura said...
2: There was another man who worked on the Kaiten from start to finish.
3: But...
4: he died in a training accident.

1: I am Kitagawa, the senior officer of this squad.
2: From this point forward, even though we do not share the same blood, we will be brothers in arms.
3: The addition of you all to this squad is both reassuring and promising.
4: What could they have been thinking?
5: Now, men! Let us make sure the name of the Kaiten squad goes down in history!
6: That long-haired man and the other one who died...
7: What led them to create the Kaiten?

1-4: clap
5: I am Lt.
6: Nishina Sekio.

1: I feel the exact same way as your senior officer.
2: You may have already heard about this...
3: But several weeks ago, the man named Kuroki, who came up with the idea for the Kaiten, died on duty...
4: Once we are capable of launching the Kaiten, I will be the first to go out...
5: Until then, I will do as much work on them as I can,
6: and leave behind documents containing my knowledge...

1: After we're gone...
2: Please keep Senior Lt. Kuroki's will in your hearts, and do your best.

1-3: clap
4: Shit...
5: So he really is prepared to die...
6: Why?
7: He's removed his own life from the equation...
8: How is he able to do that!?

1: Disperse.
2: That ends the training session for today.
3: Lt. Nishina!!
4: Hey!!
5: What do you think you're doing!?
6: Can you answer a question for me!?

1: Why did you create the Kaiten?
2: Can you just tell me how you feel about it!?
3: Amend yourself!!
4: Know your place, trainee!!
sfx: whack
5: Eggh!!
6: klak

1: Why do you want to know?
2: Lt. Nishina!!
3: You don't need to waste your time with a guy like him!!
4: I-I know we all volunteered to come here... But we weren't told what sort of weapon we would be piloting.

1: I understand that this type of weapon is necessary for us to turn the war around...
2: But I also heard that you developed this weapon on your own
3: and chose to ride in it out of your own will...
4: Weren't you...
5: scared?

1: He never gave me an answer...

sfx: blub x3
sfx: boom x13

sfx: boom

1-3: murmur
4: Hey, Watanabe!!
5: You're gonna wanna see this!!

board: Scheduled to Board for Training
Watanabe Yuzo, Nishina Sekio / #2
Takenaka Ayumu, Kado Kazuaki / #
1: Board...?
2-3: klak

1: I'll control it...
2: You just focus on looking at the Kaiten...
3: with your own eyes.


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