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#7. An Impenetrable Wall

1: Why aren't they taking off?
2: Is there some malfunction?
3: No... There shouldn't be...
4: If there was, they would give us a signal from inside.

#7. An Impenetrable Wall

1: Despair?
2: This is Senior Lt. Kuroki's will...
3: slip
4: flip...

1: He continued writing until the Kaiten lost the very last of its oxygen...
2: After the accident, Commander Sakakura read this aloud to everyone...
3: and they all started wailing.

1: September 6, 1944 Kaiten #1 Ocean Floor Collision Report
2: Today, at 18:12, Kaiten #1, controlled by Senior Lt. Tsuguchi and Senior Lt. Kuroki, crashed into the ocean floor.
3: 1. Accident Conditions
4: 17:40 - Takeoff
Around 18:10, while traveling at 20 knots, longitudinal inclination went down by 2 - 3 degrees, and sometimes by 4 - 5 degrees.
5: After sensing that the inclination had gone down by a great deal, I looked at the clinometer, to see that it had gone completely down.
6: Immediately, our speed dwindled rapidly, and after a moment, it seemed like we would not return to our original longitudinal inclination.
* : *Parts of Senior Lt. Kuroki's actual will have been used in this manga and altered slightly so that they are easier to read. The actual contents have not been altered.

1: 2. Emergency Procedures
2: (1) Air was discharged from the main air passage for one minute every five minutes. The regulated pressure became 10 kg, the air bubble was kept large, and the pressure became 60 kg. (2) Rudder air was constantly released without stopping.
3: 3. Post-accident events
4: (1) After releasing air from the main air passage for 5 minutes starting at 18:45, a little more was released at 19:00 before stopping, when the remaining pressure was 30 kg.

1-3: gwoon
4: Postscript
sfx: gwoon x2
5: This accident was caused by a mistake in instruction that I made.
6: I hope that no one else is blamed for this, and that the Maruroku* training may continue without any other problems.
* : *Kaiten were also called Maruroku.

1: It is becoming hard to breathe, so I can no longer think straight.
2: My hands and legs are also going numb.
3: At 04:00, I have decided to die.
4: I feel refreshed in mind and body.
5: Senior Lt. Tsuguchi and I will now give out three Banzai cheers from the bottom of our hearts.

1: He never lost his composure...
2: His corpse's face looked calm.
3: That's when I realized...
4: That the reason I dedicated myself to developing the Kaiten...
5: was because I wanted to become as much like him as I could.

1: That man was a martyr.
2: He never made one complaint right up to the very end...
3: And offered up his life for what he believed in.
4: I'm just...
5: a common man.

1: Senior Lt. Kuroki had no hesitation about killing himself...
2: or killing all of you with this weapon.
3: This weapon will turn the tides and save Japan from the brink of death...
4: That's why it's called the Kaiten.
5: He's the one who named it.

sfx: clong clong
1-2: #2! Take off!!
3: What should we do, Commnder Sakakura?
4: Should we cancel the training and pull the Kaiten up?
5: Now, can you tell me something?

1: Is there really a purpose
2: to killing you all with this weapon?
3: 10 minutes have passed...
4: Perhaps we'd better pull it up...
5: No...
6: Nishina must be doing this on purpose.

1: Lieutenant...
2: Please tell me one thing first.
3: Do you really have no doubts about controlling one of the Kaiten yourself?
4: Yes.
5: No one should invent a weapon that they wouldn't use.

1: Then it's a personal problem...
2: No matter what kind of death it may be...
3: Whether or not a death has any purpose all comes down to how that individual sees it.
4: Well then, what about you?
5: I already told you...
6: I'm going to burn up my life here.
7: For what purpose?

1: So that my life...
2: can be my own!!
3: twist
sfx: gyooh x3

1: It's movin!!
sfx: splosh...
panel 2 and 3 sfx: rattle
2: Commencing takeoff.

sfx: gwooosh

1: Thermotaxiiiis!!


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