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#10. Lives Scatter

1: By November 18, 1944,
2: I-47 and its 4 Kaiten had already entered enemy territory.
3: The attack on their target, in the Ulithi atoll of the Caroline Islands in the west Pacific Ocean,
4: was scheduled to begin at dawn on November 20th.
5: Once they entered enemy territory, the ship began covert movement.
6: Instead of moving above water during daylight hours, they only did it for 6 hours during the night.
7: When submerged, they moved at a speed of 2 to 3 knots.
8: Meanwhile, the mercury in the ship's thermometer continued to rise.

#10. Lives Scatter

1: We seem to have received a scout report from the Saiun recon plane...
2: They confirmed 30 warships in the northern half of the Ulithi atoll, including 3 battleships.
3: In the center anchorage, there are at least two fleets with around 100 transports, and in the south anchorage, there is a fleet of about 50 ships including battleships and aircraft carriers.

1: There's no shortage of enemies...
2: We're currently considering the south end of Fedarai Island as the Kaiten launch point.
3: The plan will begin the day after tomorrow, as scheduled...
4: It's time for the Kaiten battle to begin.

sfx: sploosh
1: We've emerged!!
2-4: clang
5: Opening the hatch!!
sfx: pop

1: No sign of the enemy!
2: Prepare a watch!
3: Our current position is NL 1105, E 13940.
4: 35 nautical miles to the northwest of Ulithi.
5: The sky is bright at 10 degrees to the left...

1: Ulithi lights...

1: We will submerge one hour before dawn.
2: At 4 nautical miles off the outer edge of the reef, we will use the periscope to scout enemy territory.
3: The bands have already been taken of the front and back ends of the Kaiten.
4: They can be fired at any time.
5: Pau Island at 190 degrees...
6: Currently at 4,700 meters.
7: Depth 19.
8: Raise the periscope.

sfx: sploosh
1: 2 cruisers and 2 battleships 7,000 meters ahead.
2: Two aircraft carriers behind them...
3: Two shipboard planes in the sky... I can see a twin-engine flying boat as well.
4: I'm going to raise the periscope 20 more centimeters...
5: A fleet of transports at the center anchorage...
6: And I can see black ship smoke coming up from behind them.

1: The enemy is slowly moving!!
2: Increase periscope magnification to 2x!! Yes sir!!
3: Lt. Nishina...
4: Your turn.
5: OK...

1: Currently, the ships are heading south.
2: We will reach our launch point at 4 nautical miles SW from Federai Island at 0400. Ship #1 will depart at 0415, then #3, #4, and #2 will depart in that order, one every five minutes.

1: The speed will be 12 knots.
2: I-37, which also departed from Otsu Island, should be in Ulithi as well now.
3: Attack targets will be either a battleship or an aircraft carrier.

1: I've brought you some extra fresh water!
2: Would you like to have your hair cut as well!?
3: Thank you.
4: But I'll just take the water...

* : *The text has been altered slightly for readability but the contents have not changed.
1: The following was written in Nishina's final journal entry.
2: There are over 100 ships docked here. I await tomorrow morning, when we will victoriously sink them.
3: I'm only disappointed that we don't have 100 Kaiten.
4: Clad in my rokushaki fundoshi and riding clothing, with my katana firm at my side,
5: with my white headband declaring my unfailing devotion for my country, with Senior Lt. Kuroki's last photograph in my left hand, and a stick of gunpowder in my right.
6: Now that my katana has been unsheathed, it is filled with fury, and the dawn of the land of the gods is in my heart,
7: as I sing praises for the eternal reign of our great general and emperor, as I speed at 30 knots and crash into a large aircraft carrier.

1: Commander...
2: You will not need to confirm the results of our attack.
3: Please do not endanger yourselves confirming anything after we are launched, and travel home...
4: We will be praying for I-47's safe return.

1: Thank you for all you have done for us...
2: yank
3: Prepare for Kaiten battle!!
4: Load the vessels!!

1: This is the control room.
2: Can you hear me, #1?
3: I pray that your charge will yield a critical hit.
4: Do you have any last words?
5: click
6: The rest is in your hands.
7: Now launching.
8: clang
9-11: gyoor

1: Approximately 30 minutes after the 4 Kaiten were launched, a pillar of fire erupted in the center of the anchorage.
2: After the war, it was confirmed that Nishina's group succeeded in sinking the USS Mississinewa, a large oil tanker.
3: They sunk no other ships, and it is not clear which Kaiten collided with the USS Mississinewa.


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