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#11. Military Results, and...

1: Worried about the safety of our country, our rosy-faced, passionate youths
2: went speeding like a great swarm straight into the center of the enemy fleet.
3: Explosions were confirmed at 5:07 am.
4: Then, at 5:11, a pillar of fire was seen in the same direction.
5: At 5:52, dull vibrations were felt within the ship.
6: We expect that those came from the third or fourth impact.
7: On December 2, 1944, a research meeting for the Chrysanthemum Water squad plan was held on the Chikushimaru, a ship from the 6th fleet which was docked in Kure.
8: The Chrysanthemum Water squad reported that three aircraft carriers had been hit head-on and sunk along with two battleships.

1: Since it was a covert operation, these results were not made public,

#11. Military Results, And...

1: but through this, it was decided that the Kaiten Special Attack squad deployment plans would be greatly expanded.

1: You will follow Kuroki and Nishinaaa!!
sfx: fssh x4
2: The next deployment is right in front of our eyes now!!
3: We must step over the corpses of Kuroki and Nishina and move forward!!
4: All of the hopes of the Japanese navy are focused right here, on Otsu Island!!
sfx: fssh fssh
5: We must use our bodies to save Japan from its current plight!!

1: 2nd Petty Officer Aoda, now heading out for his 5th boarding training!!
2: #5 will move at a speed of 30 knots into sea area #3!
3: Close the hatch!!
4: Yes sir!!
5: ratatatat
6: ratatat
7: ratatat

1-4: clang
5-6: bzzzz
7-10: clang
11-13: ratatat
14: 50 trainees from the Yamaguchi aviation corps
15: have safely arrived on the island!!

1: What is this? A torpedo...?
2: Is this the new weapon?
3: Look, Watanabe...
4: More new squad members...
5: Thanks to the success of the Chrysanthemum Water squad, we keep growing and growing.
6: We won't be the newbies for much longer now...
7: Look... at those guys...
8: They look filthy!

1: Tracking ship prepared!!
2: Kaiten launching preparations complete!
3-5: gwoosh
sfx: gwooooooooosh

1: glimmer

1-5: fwish

1: Drawing again?
2: I found a mirror.
3: There's nothing I've felt like drawing lately...
4: Huh...
5: A self portrait?
6: You always impress me.
7: Your hands are so dexterous...
8: It has nothing to do with dexterity.
9: Pictures are drawn with the eyes...

1: First you need to start at your subject...
sfx: fwish x3
2: and study the angle of the light, its shape, its colors...
3: Then you'll start to see what it really looks like, and what it's composed of.
4: Your hand is the tool you use to copy it.
5: Hey, Sekiguchi...
6: How do you feel about the results of the Chrysanthemum Water squad?

1: They say that they sunk two battleships and three aircraft carriers...
2: You really think that's the case?
3: We know better than anyone else how difficult it is to control a Kaiten...
4: Sinking a battleship with one is no easy task.
5: There were 12 Kaiten in the Chrysanthemum Water squad...
6: Only 5 out of those 12 were fired successfully.
7: Out of the 3 submarines with Kaiten...
8: I-37 disappeared yesterday,
9: The remaining two had 8 Kaiten in them...
10: 3 of those failed to fire due to malfunctions.

1: Only 5 Kaiten were fired successfully...
2: Do you think 5 Kaiten could sink an enemy ship?
sfx: splish...
3: But the crew of the sub with the Kaiten apparently heard 5 explosions.
4: It will still sound like two explosions even if the same ship explodes twice.
5: Apparently, the results were confirmed by audio and scout data taken from the submarine...
6: No one saw the ship actually sink.

1: So you're saying that the results they reported are wrong?
2: I don't know...
3: But the one thing I can say... is that the next attack will be impossibly difficult.
4: This plan taught our enemy about the Kaiten...
5: The enemy will most likely tighten the guard around their anchorage, leaving us with no more openings.
6: Lt. Nishina said the same think before he departed.

1: It'll become more difficult for us to attack docked ships like we're doing now...
2: From the next attack onward, we'll have to change our targets to ships that are actually moving...
3: Instead of targeting docked ships...
4: we'll be targeting ones that are actually moving.
5: That's the mission that's been given to us.

1: Heeey! Watanabe!
2: Sekiguchiii!
3: Time to head out!
4: You two are heading out!
5: Commander Sakakura wants to see youuuu!!
6: Orders have been given to attaaack!!

1: I should have no reason to ask you this, but...
2: Are you prepared for this?

1: The second attack squad has been named the Adamantine Squad, based on the land where Kusunoki Masanari did battle.
2: There will be six submarines taking part in this plan, and twice the amount of Kaiten, for a total of 24.
3: Thanks to the glorious results of the first attack squad,
4: the HQ's hopes for us remain unflinching.
5: Failure is not an option...
6: You must all meet the HQ's expectations.
7: I will now announce the details of the plan, as decided by the HQ.
8: The attack will take place on January 20, 1945...
9: The targets will be in the Ulithi atoll, the Seeadler atoll, and Apra Harbor on the island of Guam.

1: We will follow the first squad...
2: and launch a full-scale assault on every enemy ship in the anchorage!!


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